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"Coffee and Culture" at The Rooms, Part Two. November 3, 2011, St. John's
Descriptive Title"Coffee and Culture" at The Rooms, Part Two. November 3, 2011, St. John's
CategoryFestive events and games
Social beliefs, practices and customs
DescriptionAlanna Wicks interviews George Day, Dennis Flynn, and Thaddeus Symmonds about their Bonfire Night memories as part of a public program hosted by Memorial University's Public Folklore 6740 graduate class and The Rooms.
CollectorGould, Jillian
Braye, Crystal
Hillyard Amanda-Marie
Penney, Nicole
Stewart, Sandi
Wicks, Alanna
InformantDay, George
Flynn, Dennis
Simmons, Thaddeus
Location Depicted/DiscussedCanada-Newfoundland and Labrador
Recording LocationCanada—Newfoundland and Labrador—St. John's
Extent45:56 minutes; 42.0 MB
Resource TypeAudio
CollectionIntangible Cultural Heritage Inventory - Social Practices, Rituals and Festive Events
Log"Coffee and Culture" at The Rooms, Part Two. November 3, 2001, St. John's. Alanna introduces guests; Dennis speaks about variance in bonfire traditions amongst religions in NL (Catholic on Discovery Day on June 24th - Protestant bonfire on November 5th); George tells story about collecting kindling for the fire; George has no memory of tire rolling; Thaddeus recalls a "Flynn's Beach" as a local spot; talks about collecting wood for the fire; Dennis recalls his childhood making bonfires on his grandparents property on November 5th; Dennis speaks about the "Running Brook Men" and their rivals competing to build the biggest fire; George remembers that if people "left things out" it was "fair game"; tells story about taking an apple barrel full of cans; never would take anything that would be valuable for livelihood; Thaddeus remembers adults being watchful over the kids so they would not take items to burn; Dennis tells story about whale oil barrels; George talks about canvas; Dennis talks about "old man's beard"; Thaddeus talks about "blasty bows"; George mentions being a small child and having a small fire in the garden; making potatoes at the fire; Dennis talks about "Clean Fire" and "Dirty Fire"; food at bonfire night; Thaddeus talks about "Dirty Fire"; food at bonfires; George talks about potatoes at bonfires; audience members says she did that in Scotland; Dennis mentions corn in the husk at bonfires in Quebec; George not allowed to attend "old guys bonfire"; story about taking an outhouse; taking old boats; talking about Methodists at bonfire night; Dennis talks about recent bonfire nights and how the numbers are different than when he was growing up; Thaddeus talking about where he grew up; Catholic community but still did bonfires on Nov. 5; George relates that they did not know who Guy Fawkes was when they celebrated bonfire night; Thaddeus talks about how people in Conche are moving away so the tradition is dwindling; Dennis talking about recitations at bonfire night; performs the recitation; learning about Guy Fawkes but not really implementing the spirit; neutralizing the tradition; George started as a child; Thaddeus started as a small child in his yard; different stages of being allowed to participate in the night; Dennis started as a child, 5 -6; stopped around ages 14 15; Thaddeus relates it was a good place to meet girlfriends; George talks about "up the mount" and "lower end" in his hometown; competition between the sides; eventually coming together; Dennis talks about his Grandmother Dawson; how she would go out (1930s) and have "moonlight parties"; Thaddeus talking about music at bonfires; George does not remember music at bonfire night; no story telling; Dennis talks about radial tires/ tires with inner tubes; George talks about girls going to the bonfire but not involved with gathering the supplies; Thaddeus talks about it being mainly males who did the collecting of materials; Dennis talking about tagging along with his uncles; gathering supplies (tires) by NL pony; not many girls helped with getting supplies; George recalls being 13 14; went away at 16 so did not experience the older people's traditions; Thaddeus states that there was no rivalries in Conche; Dennis there was some rivalries but he did not attend those fires; Thaddeus states that getting to be on your own was the best part of bonfire night; Dennis agrees with Thaddeus; favorite memory is the people who have passed away that he experienced the bonfires with; George's favorite memory is the potato baking at the fire; Dennis talks about the first time he saw an effigy burned at a bonfire during his time in Harlow, UK; George never remembers effigies at bonfires; talking about putting aerosol cans in the fire; Dennis talks about NL pony named Guy Fawkes; Thaddeus talks about burning an old boat (with permission); burning an old abandoned shed; Dennis talks about no one really caring about the fires; took it "in stride"; Thaddeus thinks it is a rite of passage; Dennis talks about it being almost primitive; Thaddeus talking about differences between living in urban and rural NL; Dennis thinks children are missing out now on bonfire night; something about it goes back to the roots of humanity; George thinks that community fires are a good idea; diversity of population; how it is hard to control in an urban area without the background of history; for Thaddeus bonfire night is the memory of being ‘home'; George agrees with Thaddeus; freedom of exploring and making decisions; remembering it as history; Dennis agrees as well; sentiment of being part of a community; closing remarks by Alanna.
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