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Godwin, Bill, Part 1. Interview with Bill Godwin, Barr'd Islands.
Descriptive TitleGodwin, Bill, Part 1. Interview with Bill Godwin, Barr'd Islands.
Social beliefs, practices and customs
TopicCod fishing
Commercial fishing
Fishing equipment
Personal experience narratives
KeywordsBully boats
Cod filleting
Fish processing
Fishing premises
Fishing stages
Fishing stores
Salt cod
Split cod
Splitting knives
Splitting tables
Person as TopicGodwin, Bill
DescriptionBill Godwin discusses fishing and fish splitting and salting as it was done in the past on Barr'd Islands; discusses working on the flakes, drying and salting fish; the role of women in the work; the need to bring fresh water from Joe Batt's Arm. Includes Godwin's own experience working in the woods, moving to Toronto and later Montreal, where he worked several different jobs; returning to Barr'd Island where he fished for many years. Discusses family and life in the community.
CollectorPocius, Gerald L.
Ferguson, Mark
InformantGodwin, Bill
Location Depicted/DiscussedCanada--Newfoundland and Labrador--Fogo Island--Barr'd Islands
RelationContinued by: ICHFP00314 (Interview with Bill Godwin, Barr'd Islands - Part 2)
Extent18:47 minutes
Resource TypeAudio
RepositoryMemorial University of Newfoundland. Folklore and Language Archive. Fogo Island Collection
CollectionIntangible Cultural Heritage Inventory - Central Newfoundland
Log00:00 Stage built in late 1920, by Arthur Godwin -- 00:20 There used to be flakes... a hundred feet long -- 00:55 Wharf put in 12-14 years ago -- 01:20 When you were young, did you make salt fish? -- 01:25 "I remember when I was ten years old..." -- 01:40 Bullies (boats) -- 01:55 The big storm -- 02:10 Bill's role in fish cleaning when a child (cut-throat) -- 02:30 Picked up fish that had fallen through the flakes -- 02:45 112 pounds = 1 quintal fish = $1.40 then, $200 now -- 03:05 Transportation of fish -- 03:10 The Liver Man -- 03:35 The women woudl get the liver money -- 03:50 The women were the workers, the men going fishing -- 04:00 200 or 300 quintals of fish, every rock, every flake -- 04:15 Fish guts on gardens -- 04:25 "Worked like dogs! But they didn't mind." -- 04:35 "My mom only had 8 children." -- 04:40 Getting water (had to go to Joe Batt's Arm) -- 05:05 Pump for the bathroom now -- 05:15 Nine or ten buckets for a shower or bath -- 05:30 A lot of deaths, young boys drowning -- 05:45 Hanging around, throwing fish at each other, helping dad -- 06:00 No hang-outs for youngsters -- 06:10 Story about being punished at school, clothes-pin on nose, strap across hand -- 06:50 How he started off, beginning of personal history -- 07:00 $400 for 6 months logging -- 07:10 Born in '37 -- 07:30 Professions of rest of family -- 07:50 Train travel to Toronto -- 08:20 Four years in Toronto, then to Detroit -- 08:40 Willard's Chocolate Factory -- 08:55 Hospital in Montreal -- 09:10 All together, twenty years on Toronto -- 09:25 Came back twenty years ago, in August past -- 09:30 Four children, 142 year old house -- 09:40 Wife left last week, after 32 years marriage -- 09:55 "I might look tough on the outside, but deep inside it really hurts." -- 10:45 "People do talk, and people hurts." -- 10:50 Illustration of local gossip -- 11:25 "How do you know the house is 142 years old exactly?" -- 11:50 Acme -- 12:00 Personal fishing history *** -- 12:40 "I come in one week with over $1300 in me boat. But that's all gone now." -- 12:55 Overfishing foreigners - not all their fault "I'm a fisherman." -- 13:30 Goverment of Canada don't know the difference. -- 13:50 Salting small fish - rounders -- 14:15 What did the boys talk about when working? The time they had the night before, old times, the future. -- 14:30 Could be there for hours without a word spoken -- 14:45 One man salting, one man the splitter, two cutthroaters -- 15:15 Amounts of fish got a day -- 15:50 A barrel of fish = 300 pounds. Used to get 80 barrels a day. -- 16:05 Come up for a cup of tea, molasses, go back to work -- 16:45 Mother is still alive, 81 years old -- 17:00 Bill talks about him mom -- 17:30 Furniture back then -- 17:45 Boys and girls back in the day - go for walks -- 18:10 "At that time there was no kissing on the lips, it was always on the cheek." -- 18:25 Ten other guys would also have a crush on her
Topic.LCSHBarr'd Island (N.L.)--Social life and customs
Fishers--Family relationships--Newfoundland and Labrador
Personal narratives
Youth--Newfoundland and Labrador
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