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Godwin, Bill, Part 4. Interview with Bill Godwin, Barr'd Islands.
Descriptive TitleGodwin, Bill, Part 4. Interview with Bill Godwin, Barr'd Islands.
Social beliefs, practices and customs
TopicCod fishing
Commercial fishing
Personal experience narratives
KeywordsCod filleting
Fish processing
Fishing premises
Fishing stages
Fishing stores
Salt cod
Split cod
Person as TopicGodwin, Bill
DescriptionBill Godwin continues to discuss life in Barr'd Islands Newfoundland years ago, recounting fishing anecdotes; fishing grounds viewed as property; experience working away in Toronto; personal life and hardships; discussion of construction of the fishing stage and various tools and equipment kept there.
CollectorPocius, Gerald L.
Ferguson, Mark
InformantGodwin, Bill
Location Depicted/DiscussedCanada--Newfoundland and Labrador--Fogo Island--Barr'd Islands
RelationContinues: ICHFP00315 (Interview with Bill Godwin, Part 3)
Extent30:28 minutes
Resource TypeAudio
RepositoryMemorial University of Newfoundland. Folklore and Language Archive Acc. No 97-881
CollectionIntangible Cultural Heritage Inventory - Central Newfoundland
Log00:00 Continuation of story -- 02:40 Traditions regarding respect for space, first-come, first-served, marks -- 04:15 Rotating 6 man crews, sharing out caplin, a story about a fight *** 06:15 General chatting between Mr. Lewis and Bill -- 07:10 "We don't consider ourselves Joe Batters, see, we're from Barr'd Island." -- 07:40 "Mother Nature's very powerful..." -- 08:20 More general chatting -- 09:55 "We should dart out and get you a few more beers." He invites them for supper. Supper discussion. -- 11:00 Discussion about how the fishing is (bad) -- 11:20 Mr. Lewis speaks about history, equipment, fishing, traps, tough times -- 12:50 Jerry and Mark are asked about where they were born, grew up -- 13:00 Toronto -- 13:25 "What a future I had in mind..." Bill talks about living and working in Toronto, story about lying about education to get a job -- 15:45 More general chatting, Brass Lake -- 16:30 "We used to go out, fill the boat full of beer." Reminiscing. -- 17:55 They go outside, walk, discuss the area and a boat. -- ----- 18:50 At this point the group goes outside and the wind makes the audio inaudible. -- 21:30 Wind stops -- ----- 21:35 Discussion of the stage, splitting fish, hole in the table -- 22:15 Salt pounds -- 22:35 Worked in the store during the winter -- 23:30 Back inside, onions bags, when there's no bait on the go -- 24:20 Old timbers, stove for heat, trap-hauling -- 25:15 Lobster pots, window, salmon, bags with years on them -- 26:45 Description of a choice Number One Fish *** 28:25 Creepers (?) -- 29:15 Fish-boxes -- 30:15 "Luxuries is not everything in life."
Topic.LCSHFishery processing
Barr'd Island (N.L.)--Social life and customs
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