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Godwin, Bill, Part 3. Interview with Bill Godwin, Barr'd Islands.
Descriptive TitleGodwin, Bill, Part 3. Interview with Bill Godwin, Barr'd Islands.
Social beliefs, practices and customs
TopicCod fishing
Commercial fishing
Fishing equipment
Fishing nets
Fishing boats
Knives (cutting tools)
Folk beliefs
Personal experience narratives
KeywordsSnubbies (codfish)
Cod filleting
Cod liver oil
Fish processing
Fishing stages
Salt cod
Split cod
Splitting knives
Splitting tables
Trap skiffs
Person as TopicGodwin, Bill
DescriptionBill Godwin continues to discuss his life in Barr'd Islands; discusses various folk practices and beliefs (signs of good or bad luck, dots painted on doors); feeding dogs and pigs; fishing and processing the fish (cod liver oil; salting; drying; preventing flies, maggots); barter system; grading of fish (three grades: West Indies; Madeira; choice).
CollectorPocius, Gerald L.
Ferguson, Mark
InformantGodwin, Bill
Location Depicted/DiscussedCanada--Newfoundland and Labrador--Fogo Island--Barr'd Islands
RelationContinues: ICHFP00314 (Interview with Bill Godwin, Barr'd Islands, Part 2); Continued by: ICHFP00316 (Interview with Bill Godwin, Barr'd Islands, Part 4)
Extent31:21 minutes
Resource TypeAudio
RepositoryMemorial University of Newfoundland. Folklore and Language Archive. Acc. No 97-881
CollectionIntangible Cultural Heritage Inventory - Central Newfoundland
Log00:35 Snubby, put 'em on a string for good luck -- 00:55 Haddock are bad luck "Got the devil's fingers in its side." -- 01:05 They'd stab it and throw it overboard. -- 01:20 Also bad luck, "Putting out a cod trap on a Friday." -- 01:40 "A snubby is just a cod fish with a little crooked nose." -- 01:50 Hung up inside, not outside -- 02:00 Give 'em to the dog in the spring, dip 'em down in a blubber barrel -- 03:05 Floury water for the pigs, lumps -- 03:45 Fish tails or seal flipper hanging -- 04:30 White dots on the doors -- 05:00 Summer spent on the stage, life back then -- 05:30 Flour, hard bread, loose tea, everything bought at one time -- 06:10 Father was 27 years old before he saw any money -- 06:55 Different grades of fish: West Indies (college?), Medeira or tom cods (?) (number two), and number one = choice fish -- 07:30 Number two fish - maybe blood spot, or knife turned too fast -- 08:10 Worst fish - rain on it, or not enough salt, bone tearing out -- 09:15 Number one - beautiful fish - smooth, clean, no blood, properly split -- 09:50 Dad would average 500 to 600 quintals of fish a trapping season -- 10:35 Story about travelling with father in December by boat -- 11:10 Quality/quantity of fish -- 11:40 One throw of salt -- 12:00 In the pound for a week -- 12:15 Mother worked and then cared for four kids -- 13:05 Knowing how much salt to put on exactly, cleaning the stage, flies -- 13:45 Cleaning off the salt -- 14:25 Time spent on the green boughs or faggots, depending on the weather -- 14:30 Protecting the fish, boughs, seal pelts, bark, clapboard, little houses -- 16:10 Water-rocks (?) fish, drying fish -- 17:00 How many fish to a faggot - 100 to 200 -- 17:30 Fish from stage to store. Fish shipped on a blowy day. -- 18:20 When salt fish went out, but it is still around a bit -- 18:35 Walking through the process of selling fish today -- 19:55 Gill nets, trawls, salmon net, makes four or five thousand dollars in lobsters -- 20:30 Herring for bait -- 20:35 Do you wanna buy some cod? -- 21:05 "He had a bad year." -- 21:25 Long-runner -- 21:40 Trap-skiff -- 21:55 Personal history, traps, story about fishing with his sons, falling over the side -- 24:30 Trawls -- 25:50 Five-foot-long rat -- 26:25 Bait: herring, squid, mackerel (the best) -- 27:55 Scallops -- 28:30 Crab -- 29:10 Long-liners [Mr. Lewis drops in for a visit] -- 29:50 Discussion about who has good stories, who should be talked to, who has been talked to -- 30:30 Story about dogfish
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