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Primmer, Doug, Part 2. Interview with Doug Primmer, Barr'd Islands.
Descriptive TitlePrimmer, Doug, Part 2. Interview with Doug Primmer, Barr'd Islands.
TopicVernacular architecture
Cod fishing
Fish culture
Commercial fishing
Fishing equipment
Knives (cutting tools)
Cod filleting
Fish processing
Fishing premises
Fishing stages
Fishing stores
Salt cod
Split cod
Splitting knives
Splitting tables
Person as TopicPrimmer, Doug
DescriptionDoug Primmer discusses flakes, stages, and fishing in Newfoundland
CollectorPocius, Gerald L.
Ferguson, Mark
InformantPrimmer, Doug
Location Depicted/DiscussedCanada--Newfoundland and Labrador--Fogo Island--Barr'd Islands
RelationContinues: ICHFP 00701 (Interview with Doug Primmer, Barr'd Islands, Part 1); Continued by: ICHFP 00703 (Interview with Doug Primmer, Barr'd Islands, Part 3)
Extent31:20 minutes
Resource TypeAudio
RepositoryMemorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA), Acc. No 97-881
CollectionIntangible Cultural Heritage Inventory - Central Newfoundland
Log00:05 Overflow 00:20 The size of fish has changed 01:00 Scientists and regulations 01:45 Swab - cleaning the punt, washing fish 02:05 Handle belonging to a pump 02:15 Sound tags (?) fish tags 03:15 Helicopters chasing people 03:30 Hand bar - for carrying fish 03:45 Topics of discussion during fish cleaning 04:00 How often would you get a snubby (two or three a year) 04:35 Pounds 05:00 Twenty kettels of fish per pound (112 pounds a kettel) (kennel? kettel?) 05:35 Logistics of stage, walkway, pounds, etc. 06:20 Straps 06:50 Terms for cod fish (cod or fish) 07:10 Fishes dripping in the pounds 07:25 The smell 07:40 Planks under the longers 08:10 Rocks 08:30 Cleat (?) a foot or so long, nailed up to the rafters 09:00 They are exploring the space 09:30 Descriptions of the outside area, poles, etc. 11:00 Flakes, boughs, longers 11:20 Preparation of spruce boughs 12:10 Time table of where drying fish go 12:30 Piles and faggots 13:30 Selling to the merchants 13:45 Cart it over in the boat, all the time 14:20 Different grades of fish: number 1, number 2, number 3 15:10 Fourteen-thousand kettels one summer 15:45 Did cats or dogs get to the fish 16:10 Cutting longers, beams, boughs, etc. 16:45 Stagehead rails - taking down the stage every year 17:30 Ice and protection 18:10 Cleaning up after working 18:25 Willow broom - its use and history 19:20 Stegadome? A bar? 19:55 Use and manufacture of buckets - galvanized or wooden 20:20 Puncheons 20:55 Bark nets, bark pot, etc. 21:30 Net-mending at the store, after Christmas 22:00 Same crew, stuck together as a team, sometimes would change 22:35 More discussion of longers 23:05 "Dubber" (?) for chopping longers 23:45 Pitsaws 24:00 Who built the stage, (his dad) 24:25 Discussion of a photograph of his father 24:50 They decide to go up to the store 25:10 Platform 25:40 An old row-punt, cold tar 26:30 Part of the old house, they pass by, Old Jon Primmer's (?) house 27:15 They enter or pass by the twine store 28:00 "Leggies" ? Tiny little codfish, salted whole 28:30 Discussion of the space 29:00 Router 29:30 Where they would work in the store, storage 30:05 "This house was moved" 30:20 More discussion of things in the house, history 31:00 Stove
Topic.LCSHFishery processing
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