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Hart, Martin, Part 2. Interview with Martin Hart, Deep Bay.
Descriptive TitleHart, Martin, Part 2. Interview with Martin Hart, Deep Bay.
Cod filleting
Fishing premises
Fishing stages
Fishing stores
Salt cod
Splitting knives
Splitting tables
Person as TopicHart, Martin
DescriptionMartin Hart discusses his stage and his history with fish in Newfoundland
CollectorPocius, Gerald L.
Ferguson, Mark
InformantHart, Martin
Recording LocationCanada--Newfoundland and Labrador--Fogo Island--Deep Bay
Resource TypeAudio
RepositoryMemorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA), Acc. No 97-881
CollectionIntangible Cultural Heritage Inventory - Central Newfoundland
Log00:10 Where the beams came from 00:25 Two-man splitting table 01:00 Pens, salt vs. fresh 01:35 Salt has gone out 01:50 "Salt fish cooperation takes care of all that now" 02:05 Still fishing, four fly-traps, 02:30 Bad summer - the worst 03:00 Squid jigging 03:35 Women helping with squid 04:25 Drying squid - three days, put them on lines 04:50 Over the door of the store: caribou antlers 05:40 Fellow with the moustache - Cecil Hart, his son. Has a daughter. 06:05 Leslie's son Morely 06:20 The roof 07:20 The walls and windows 07:35 The floor - heading hole 08:05 The doors - sliding 08:55 Taking up the stage head, ballast 10:00 Other stages in the area 10:10 Where people used to live years ago, but no longer 10:45 Old community stage stories (taken down now) 12:00 Lots of flakes over there 12:10 Difference between hand flake and current flakes (moveable) 12:40 Coverings, traps, lobsters, salmon 13:40 Spending time down in the stage now, stage vs. house 15:00 Talk and chat at the stage - fishing 15:50 Youngsters coming down 16:05 The oldest stage in Deep Bay - Frank Waterman's 17:05 Other stages in the area - Fred Coles 18:45 "Flakes everywhere." 19:20 Stories about his father 19:55 "How did you get into fishing?" 20:10 "I liked fishing, always did. It's a crime to see how fishing has gone." *** 20:25 Personal work history 24:10 "Then I got into the trapping business." 24:40 --- Audio quality improves dramatically --- 24:55 Lost $80, 000 worth of equipment in a fire 25:15 "I can build anything." 25:50 Traps 27:10 "Gone. Sin, boy, sin. They gave away too much of our fish." 27:30 "I don't think anybody should be fishing in wintertime." 27:40 "The cod fish is the only fish that got no protection." The problem with lack of restrictions. Destryoing spawning grounds. *** 29:15 Why the governement won't set restrictions 29:45 "Nothing lives forever." 30:15 38-foot-long squid, caught long ago 30:55 "A dollar a look, I'd be a millionaire in no time."
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