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ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007
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TitleANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007
SubjectAssociation of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives; Archives--Newfoundland and Labrador; Archivists--Newfoundland and Labrador
PublisherAssociation of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives
Place of PublicationSt. John's, N.L.
Date2007 Summer
ContentsMessage from the ANLA President -- News -- Notes from your PDO -- Policies and Procedures -- Tribute to Doris Saunders -- Local Authors in the Archives -- Intangible Evidence -- Publications -- Info -- About Us -- Application for ANLA membership
NoteANLA Bulletin: The official organ of the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archivists, renamed the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives in 1994, published 1983-current. This site contains issues for the years 1983 to 2005. Issues after this date are available on the website of the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives, Issues include numerous photographs.
LocationCanada--Newfoundland and Labrador
IdentifierFMFA-ANLA-0074; ISSN 0281-7157
SourcePaper copy held at the office of the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA), St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
CollectionAssociation of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives--ANLA Bulletin
SponsorMemorial University of Newfoundland. Faculty of Medicine Founders' Archive; Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives
RightsAll rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part of this site or its contents is prohibited without the expressed written permission of the Editorial Committee, Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives.
TranscriptSummer 2007 A Liesurely August Row Image courtesy of the Archives of the R.C. Archdiocese of St. John's page 5 Love, Napoleon. A large collection of letters written by Napoleon Bonaparte found in a Swiss laundry room. page 11 A New Look for the ANLA Website ANLA's home on the web gets a new look. page 6 The Twillingate Sun Resurfaces The Twillingate Museum and The Maritime History digitize the 120 year old Twillingate Sun. anla A Bulletin for the Association of Newfoundland & Labrador Archives 1 2 ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 Larry Dohey Editor Larry Dohey President Jessie Chisholm Vice-President Elizabeth Fewer Director James Miller Treasurer Heather Wareham Director Stephanie Harlick Director Editor Executive Contact ANLA Office Colonial Building Military Road St. John's, NL T: (709) 726 2867 F: (709) 729 7989 Mailing Address: ANLA Office P.O. Box 23155 R.P.O. Churchill Square St. John's, NL A1B 4J9 Design Terry Sutton ANLA 726-3660 About The Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA) is a provincial organization which represents archives, archivists and individuals committed to the preservation of archival records. ANLA promotes professional standards in procedures and practices through workshops, on-site advisory services and the deveoplent of curriculum materials. The ANLA Bulletin is the official publication of ANLA. All submissions should be accompanied by the sender's name, address, phone number and e-mail address. The editor reserves the right to edit submissions for clar-ity or length. Please send articles, notices and other submissions to: Larry Dohey, Editor(709) - 726-3660 - A Bulletin for the Association of Newfoundland & Labrador Archives Anla Sponsors And Advertisers In the future sponsors and advertisers will play an important part in funding the design and printing of the ANLA Newsletter. We need your help in identifying potential sponsors and advertisers. Please think of any likely sponsors and advertisers and send the company name, contact person, and contact information - snail mail and e-mail address to the ANLA Publications Committee. Larry Dohey @ Terry Sutton @ Inside Message from the ANLA President..................................................... 3 Obituaries.................................................................................................. 4 Opening and dedication of the Archives at Girl Guides.................. 5 Napoleon's Loveletters............................................................................ 5 Colleen Quigley off to Toronto............................................................. 6 The Twillingate Sun Comes to Life....................................................... 6 CBC Host Anne Budgell Retires........................................................... 8 Archives Advisors Unite! ....................................................................... 9 Archival Literature in Review: Reading Archives ............................. 9 A New Look for the ANLA Website..................................................11 New Exhibit for Faculty of Medicine Founders' Archive...............11 Update from The Rooms, Provincial Archives.................................12 The Vatican Archives and the Local Church....................................14 Matthew Byrne Wins Lieutenant Governor's Award.....................15 Workshop: Grant Writing for Small Archives..................................16 Summer • 2007 anla Mary Ellen Wright, Professional Development Officer ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 3 Message from the ANLA President As we approach the ANLA Annual AGM to be held on September 27 –28, 2007 I take this opportunity to thank all of you who have participated in the many activities of the Association over the past year. We have highlighted some of the activities in the pages of this bulletin and will present a more detailed review in our next publication tentatively scheduled for November. In preparing for our Annual AGM I have consulted with the ANLA Executive members and have concluded from that consul-tation that as an organization we will have to begin to reconsider some of our priorities in light of the demands that are being placed on ANLA Executive members. As it now stands most of the work of the Standing Committees is being done by the ANLA Executive or staff. Participation by ANLA members on committees is want-ing. We have six Standing Committees: the Education Commit-tee (Stephanie Harlick); the Publication Committee (Larry Dohey); The I.T. Committee ( Heather Wareham); The Preservation Com-mittee (Joan Mowbray) The Descriptive Standards Committee (Jessie Chisholm); and The Social Committee ( Elizabeth Fewer). We really need other ANLA members to take time to work on these Committees. Many hands make light work. Please consider contacting the ANLA Office before the AGM to express you inter-est in one of these Committees. This has also been a year of reflection on some staff priori-ties and directions. The ANLA Executive have reviewed all of the ANLA contract positions and we are happy to report that we now have in place a procedure that gives ANLA staff a process to report on their work. This process has allowed our contract workers including Mary Ellen Wright, Miki Lee Colleen Quigley, Terry Sutton and more recently Catherine Rice an opportunity to outline the particular tasks and responsibilities of their posi-tions. This is an era of accountability and the process that we have in place allows for staff to more easily report on the progress of their work. We are excited about the progress on a number of projects but we are particularly excited about the revamping of the ANLA website that will be unveiled at the AGM. These processes involved a rebranding with a new, modern design, colour scheme, graphics, etc. A brand manual will be produced as soon as the second edition of the bullein has been completed and the brochures have been approved by the ANLA executive. This step will ensure that ANLA will have a consistent visual presence throughout the coming years. Also, the website has been brought up to modern standards and now has the capacity to be quickly updated by any mem-ber of the Executive. There is also now a resource area that brings together a wealth of the online exhibits, how-to's, and other resources. We know that communication within any organization is important and as the Editor of the ANLA Bulletin I am cogni-zant that I play an important role in insuring that members across the province are aware of the activities in our association. I have enjoyed working with you as the Editor of our Bulletin and look forward to working with you during the coming year. You will find the submission deadline dates for our next three publications on the publishers page. We have enjoyed working with all of you who have contributed articles for publication and we invite more archivists to write about their work and special projects. We do want to make our bulletin representative of the archival community in the whole of this province, in order to do this, we need your submissions. We would also like you to consider sending photographs and graphics that fit with the articles that you write. We want to bring more life to each page. We look forward working with you in the future and welcome any suggestions that you might have. Looking forward to seeing you at the AGM . From the President anla Summer • 2007 Bulletin for the Association of Newfoundland & Labrador Archives Larry Dohey President 4 ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 News Obituaries Brother Augustus Fidelis BRENNAN Brother Augustus Fidelis BRENNAN, the Archivist for the Congregation of Christian Brothers, passed away suddenly at Mount St. Francis Monastery, Merrymeeting Road, St. John's, NL on Saturday, November 25, 2006, he was 84 years,. Brother Brennan was often described as a "life long leaner". In 2005 he was appointed by the Con-gregation of Christian Brother's to take responsibil-ity for the substantial and historic archival collection of the Congregation in the province. On October 13, 2006 he represented the Congregation at ANLA's Annual Conference and Workshops "determined to meet archival colleagues working in the province and to learn about the archival process." A prominent Newfoundland and Labrador edu-cator, Brother Brennan was a former superintendent of Catholic schools in the Diocese of St. John's and Corner Brook, and served as president of the New-foundland and Labrador Teacher's Association, and the Canadian Teacher's Federation. John Francis O'MARA John Francis O'MARA, 63, passed peacefully away after a short battle with can-cer on Sunday, August 26, 2007 at the L.A. Miller Centre, Pallia-tive Care. O'Mara began his career with the CBC as an announcer in Corner Brook in 1964 and later moved to St. John's. After 20 years in the business, O'Mara worked his way to the top job at CBC Radio in Newfoundland and Labrador, serving as director of radio for nine years. During his time with CBC, he hosted many programs and specials for both radio and television, including On the Go, Newfoundland and Labrador's weekday afternoon radio current events program, from 1973 to 1975, Weekend Arts Magazine from 1976 to 1978, and the popular Fisheries Broadcast, from 1978 to 1979. Since his retirement he had been very active in volunteering in the community and dedicated much of his time to various aspects of Newfoundland and Labrador history. John was well established in the archival com-munity. He was the official archivist for the Royal St. John's Regatta and was active in the archival pro-gram for Scouts Canada in the province. His love of Newfoundland history is reflected in his extensive research forays in archives through-out the country and throughout the world. He was a well established researcher at the Archives atThe Rooms and at the Library and Archives of Canada in Ottawa. While traveling internationally he could not resist the temptation to visit archives to pursue his research interests. In addition to his research in history related to the Royal St. John's Regatta he was considered the final authority on medical archives research in particular 18th century physicians that worked in the province. He also did extensive research on the history Government House. He also immersed himself in researching Irish Catholic history in Newfoundland and his own fam-ily connections to that Irish history. He was respon-sible for a number of exhibits documenting Catho-lic history in exhibits sponsored by the Basilica Museum Historical Committee and the Benevolent Irish Society. In 2006 he was an active member of the Basilica Cathedral 150th Anniversary Commit-tee working on various projects including exhibits and publications celebrating the significant Anni-versary. He edited with Brother J. B. Darcy Volume II of Bishop M.F. Howley's, Ecclesiastical History of Newfoundland in 2006. Mass of Christian Burial took place on Wednes-day, August 29, 2007 from the historic Basilica of St. John the Baptist. ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 5 News Opening and dedication of the Archives at Girl Guides (St. John's) The official opening and dedication of the Archives at Girl Guides Headquarters in Pleas-antville, St. John's took place on December 8, 2006. The Archives Room was dedicated to Isabel Temple-ton who served as Archivist for over 30 years. Thank you to Isabel for her dedication and love for preserving our many treasures of artifacts, books, magazines, photos and uni-forms. Thank you to Larry Dohey at the Basilica Museum for the donation of a mannequin. Doreen and Violet wish to thank ANLA, CCA and the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation for the allocation of grants which helped to purchase the necessary materials to bring the Archives up to recognized standards. Napoleon's Loveletters LONDON (Reuters) - One of the word's great-est collections of historical letters, includ-ing a note written by Napoleon to his lover Josephine, has been found in a filing cabi-net tucked away in a Swiss laundry room. The treasure trove of almost 1,000 docu-ments, collected over 30 years by a wealthy Aus-trian banker, includes letters written by Winston Churchill, Peter the Great, Mahatma Gandhi, Alex-ander Pushkin, John Donne and Queen Elizabeth I. One of the rarest and most touching of the collection is a passionate letter written by an apologetic Napoleon to his wife to be, Jose-phine, the morning after a furious argument. "I send you three kisses -- one on your heart, one on your mouth and one on your eyes" wrote the chastened lover in a spidery scrawl full of corrections and crossings out. The letters, which cover more than 500 years and range across art, sci-ence, literature and philosophy. The owner, Albin Schram, began amass-ing the archive in the early 1970s, steadily build-ing up one of the largest and most comprehen-sive collections outside a major museum. Though an inveterate collector, Schram wasn't interested in conservation or display -- the letters were kept in an old metal cabinet in the laundry room of his villa in Lausanne, Switzerland, ordered by size rather than author or date. When he died in 2005, his family barely knew they were there. Napoleon has a tenuios connection with the archival community in Newfoundland. It is said that Newman's Port that was aged in Newfoundland was the port that the Officers of the H.M.S. Bellero-phon may have toasted the surrender of Napoleon Bonaparte on board the ship on 15 July, 1815. No port stains were found on the archival documents. TOP: Left to right - Doreen Walsh, Isabel Templeton and Violet Moores at the opening of the Isabel Templeton Archives Room. BOTTOM: a selection of Napoleon's Letters. 6 ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 News Colleen Quigley off to Toronto Local teacher, dancer, and former ANLA employee, Colleen Quigley, is heading off to Toronto in the fall to attend U of T's Faculty of Information Studies. Quigley hopes to use her Master's program training to to begin work in archiving dance. Quigley worked with ANLA in 2006-2007. New Archive at Bishop Feild The Bishop Feild Archives Group with the assistance of The Federal Government through The Canadian Council of Archives has established an archive in the school. The archive group consists of Ms. Judy-Gard Puddester (Principal of BFS), Lorraine Brown, Gertie Tilley, Florence Winsor and Peter Chalker. The archive is open every Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM. The archive has over 100 photographs dating from the late 19th century to the present. Also, it houses a large collection of the school magazine, The Feildian, dating from 1893. The is provision made for research. Peter Chalker The Twillingate Sun Comes to Life The Maritime History Archive has partnered with the Twillingate Museum in project to digitize all of the issues of the Twillingate Sun from for the entire eighty year run of the newspaper from 1880- 1952. Funding was provided by CEDP and Memo-rial University for a 10 week project to digitize the newspaper from the original microfilm. Jay McGrath, a Memorial student, has been hired and will work on the project until the scanning has been completed. Then the scans will be included as one of the Maritime History Archive's contribution to Memorial University's Digitial Archive Initiative (see For years the Twillingate Museum housed the microfilm copies of the newspaper but they did not have a microfilm reader so their patrons could not access the paper. At the end of this project researchers will have access to this newspaper through the DAI website and the Museum will also have copies of the paper available to their researchers on CD-Rom. Bishop Feild School Excerpt from the Twillingate Sun, 1869 ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 7 News Archives in Newfoundland and Labrador Contribute to (St. John's) Many Canadians are visiting archives from the comfort of their living rooms and the site that they are going to on the world wide web is Archives Canada is a gateway to archival resources found in over 800 repositories across Canada. Larry Dohey, President of the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA) said that " is our your gateway to Canada's collective memory." Through Archives Canada, individuals with access to the internet can search archival holdings across Canada, view digitized photographs, maps, documents and online exhibits developed around Canada's history and find contact information for repositories where these resources are held. Archives Canada is an official archival portal maintained by the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA) and is a joint initiative of CCA, the Provincial – Territorial Archival Networks, and Library and Archives Canada. All archival descriptions and links contained in the searchable database from Newfoundland and Labrador are provided by ANLA. At present there are at this site 55,902 record descriptions available. These last twelve months have also seen the addition of 4 new participating institu-tions to the national database of descriptions from Newfoundland and Labrador. The participants are the Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. John's, the Centre for Newfoundland Stud-ies Archives, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Archives and the Grand Falls Diocesan Archives from Newfoundland and Labrador. Other archival collections that can be found at were contributed by other archives in the province including: Faculty of Medi-cine Founders' Archive, Maritime History Archive, Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive, Newfoundland Historical Society Archives, Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador, (The Rooms), Sports Archives of New-foundland and Labrador and the Trinity Historical Society Archives. Statistics October 2001 — September 2006: since the first year when 451,369 pages were viewed by 25,569 unique visitors, use has grown to 1,567,794 pages viewed by 413,238 visitors last year. French Shore Historical Society Adds New Staff The French Shore Historical Society welcomed Delight Byrne into the organization. In the winter of 2006 the French Shore Historical Society began work on the Archives at the French Shore Inter-pretation Centre in Conche, NL. They received a grant from Canadian Council of Archives to pur-chase proper shelving for the archives and we also purchased a software program from MANL. This program allowed the society to enter all the informa-tion on a database which made it accessible to all the museums in Canada through CHIN. Delight com-pleted the Basic Archives Studies, hosted by ANLA. Photo: French Shore Historical Society website 8 ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 News from Grand Bank Heritage Society. George C. Harris House The George C. Harris House - Museum of Local History has undergone major interior upgrades. The building has an improved look with a fresh coat of paint, new shelving, etc. The museum also has one room designated for the Mariners' Memo-rial Exhibit - designed to give information on Newfoundland & Labrador lost seamen. Thanks to Service Canada and the Provincial Government ‘s Community Enhancement Program for partnering with the Heritage Society to get this work done. Provincial Mariners' Memorial The Provincial Mariners' Memorial, a project of the Grand Bank Heritage Society is now completed. The bronze statue (female figure) was cast by Luben Boykov The unveiling ceremony for the Provincial Mariners' Memorial took place in Grand Bank on Wednesday, August 8, 2007. We encourage you to visit Grand Bank to honour the fishers who were lost at sea while earning a living for their families and to pay trib-ute to the thousands who endured their losses. Contact: 832-1574, e-mail CBC Host Anne Budgell Retires (St. John's) Anne Budgell retired from the CBC on April 27 after a distinguished 34-year career in broadcasting. In her career she performed in almost every on-air job there is. She was a news reporter, the first female host/reporter on the legendary radio program ‘The Fisheries Broadcast', co-anchor of the supper hour TV show ‘Here and Now' and host of the weekly television show ‘On Camera.' She also served for a short time as executive producer of radio news and cur-rent affairs. In the archival com-munity, Budgell is well known for her work with Nigel Markham on their 1985 film Last Days Of Okak - address-ing issues on Native rights and the management of natural resources. Budgell and Markham also directed a film on the effects of the Spanish influenza epi-demic carried by Moravian missionaries devas-tated an Inuit settlement in Labrador in 1919. Budgell is also known in the archival com-munity for working with CBC Archivist – Chris-tine Davis featuring a weekly segment that highlighted archival footage. Often selecting clips from audio productions and transcription from significant speeches, the segment became very popular with Radio Noon listeners. Sod Turning by Mariners' Memorial Chair Frank Crews News Photo: ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 9 (St. John's) Many of you will be aware that I am not the only Professional Development and Outreach Officer in Canada. Most provinces have someone who educates, advises and encourages its member archives. Titles vary, but CCA tends to refer to us as archives advisors. This year, many of us were able to take advantage of the ACA conference in St. John's to arrange a meet-ing where we could discuss our common concerns. We agreed that there were many things that we could share as a network. We also decided that we could focus some of our efforts on definite goals to help the archival com-munity in general. Diane Haglund, Archives Advi-sor from Manitoba, Anne LeClair, Archives Advisor from New Brunswick, and Carolyn Bart-Riedstra volunteered to work with CCA to plan a face-to-face meeting of all advisors from across Canada. Thanks to the generous support from Library Archives Canada, this meeting took place on Octo-ber 30-31, 2006, following the CCA's annual gen-eral meeting. Diane and Carolyn set up an agenda with the invaluable assistance of Christina Nichols, Executive Director of CCA and Louise Charle-bois, Archives Advisor Program Manager. Topics discussed included a round table on activities and responsibilities of the advisors as well as an explora-tion of the similarities and differences of the needs and activities of each provincial and territorial asso-ciation. At the end of the two day session we decided that we would structure the advisors as a working group under the CCA umbrella. Some of our goals were: • to create a terms of reference for the working group • to provide an overview of the types of statistics each association is recording and reporting, both to its council and to CCA • to create an online toolkit for the archives advisors, identifying various websites and other resources that advi-sors should know about both for themselves and their clients. One of the other projects was to find out who cel-ebrates Archives Awareness Week, when they celebrate it and what activities they have used to promote it. This was initiated by a request from the Bureau of Canadian Archivists, who would like the advisors' group to look at the feasibility of a coordinated nationally celebrated Archives Awareness Week event. Since the October meeting we have had confer-ence calls each month. Various subcommittees have been struck to work on the different activities identi-fied above. Diane and Carolyn are working on the terms of reference and hope to have the final version of this document ready by March at the latest. This has been a wonderful opportunity for the advisors to get to know each other, share knowledge, solutions for problems and provide the CCA and LAC information that will help them identify the archival services needed throughout Canada. Archival Literature in Review: Reading Archives About five years ago I was fortunate enough to attend the Association of Canadian Archivists annual Institute. The instructor was Dr. Richard J. Cox. Dr. Cox, Professor in Library and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Sciences, where he is responsible for PDO Notes Notes From Your PDO Mary Ellen Wright Archives Advisors Unite! 10 ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 the archives concentration. More to the point for this exercise, he is an omnivorous reader who is able to assimilate vast quantities of printed material and link it to the world of archives. In October of 2006 a mes-sage appeared in my e-mail, announcing the debut of Dr. Cox's blog, Reading Archives, at http://read-ingarchives. . Recalling the breadth of his knowledge, I decided to check the site out – and I was hooked. It is now on my "favourites" list – I check it every day and there is almost always some-thing new. New Media and Archives In his introductory note, Cox tells us that he is planning to offer us his observations on scholarly and popular literature analyzing the nature of archives or contributing to our understanding of archives in society. "Everywhere we look" he remarks there is something to remind us about archives, as repository and as documentary assemblage. Newspapers feature stories about the use, meaning, and value of archives. School groups visit museum exhibitions featuring documents, as instructional evidence and memory device. Self-help manuals tout the importance of writing life histories or compiling scrapbooks as therapeutic process and as supplements to personal archives. Video and computer games often lead us, in our imaginary role, into archives to discover clues. Movies pull the hero and villain into an archival repository to resolve mysteries. And scholars study archives as foundations for cultural memory and to resolve or extend debates about particular interpreta-tions of the past. Cox does not use this blog to review or com-ment on basic practice manuals, technical guides, or best practice reports – he has other venues for that. What he does here is to explore a wide range of topics that are relevant to the ways we see, use and understand the archival record. And the topics are certainly wide-ranging – a book on the evolution of the handbag; an essay from the New Yorker about the use of software to electronically document every aspect of a person's life; a popular work on Abraham Lincoln's use of the telegraph as an administrative tool; a collection of essays on the scrapbook in Amer-ican life. Cox's point in the essays on this blog are not so much about how archives work as about what archives mean and how the essence of the archival record is entwined with every aspect of society. The Miners of Wabana Gail Weir For seventy-one years, iron ore was mined at Wabana, Bell Island: half the out-put was used in Canada; the other half was shipped around the world. When the mine shut down on June 30, 1966, it was Can-ada's oldest, continuously operating iron mine. The miners worked three miles under the ocean in Conception Bay, in what was, during its lifetime, the world's most extensive submarine iron mine. This is the story of the miners, of their workday, of the conditions in the mines, the story of the horses and the rats, of the fun that relieved the tedium and of the tragedies. Available through BreakwaterBooks. In Print (Continued from previous page) ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 11 It's spring at last – and, in the familiar tradition of Newfoundland and Labrador households, it's time for a good thorough housecleaning of the ANLA website. It's a big job to rework a website. As in home decor, colours and layouts become dated and need rethink-ing. Content, too, needs to be reworked to reflect the changing priori-ties of our orga-nization and the changing demands of its members. New technology presents a range of new possibilities – and a lot of headaches! ANLA Executive member Heather Wareham of the Maritime History Archives is spearheading the website project and admits it was time for ANLA to have a new presence on the web. "In order to be rele-vant to our members we needed a new home on the web as a base for our services" Wareham said. On the technical side, Terry Sutton, ANLA's IT Advisor, is providing the technical expertise. Mary Ellen Wright provides the reworked con-tent – most of you will have heard from her about your directory entries. The project has also benefited from the editorial skills of ANLA member Tanya Saunders of the Maritime History Archives. Some of the new features of our refurbished website: fresh colours, new graphics – featuring images from ANLA member institutions – and a new, modern feel. There will be more interactive capacity for things like surveys, advocacy campaigns and so on. We have plans in the near future for on-line question-and-answer forums about arrange-ment and description. You will want to check the site on a regular basis to get all the latest updates! The new website can be updated from the ANLA office, so information on workshops, employ-ment opportunities and events in the archival com-munity can be posted as soon as they come in to the ANLA office. The ANLA Directory can now be updated direct to the website, ensuring that correct contact information for institutional members is always avail-able. Remember – this is your website. Let us know what you think of our new look. Tell us what you want to see, or what you wish you could do online. Faculty of Medicine Founders' Archive Set to Launch New Exhibit (St. John's) The Faculty of Medicine Founders' Archive is creating a virtual exhibit called, "The Early Days of The Medical School at Memorial University." The Medical School opened in 1967 with the appointment of its first Dean, and then in 1969 the first students entered the medical program. The exhibit will contain textual records in the form of newspaper clippings, Newsletter articles, and Faculty of Medicine's section of the first ten years in the University Calendar. The exhibit will also feature photographs of the Official Opening of the Health Sciences Centre and of the construction of the Health Sciences Centre; and Moving Images, produced in the early years of the Medical School. A timeline of events relevant to the Medical School and medicine in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador will also be highlighted. The project will be completed in the Spring, 2007. Stephanie Harlick, Archivist, Faculty of Medicine Founders' Archive A New Look for the ANLA Website News 12 ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 With the start of another new year and with the end of the 2006-2007 fiscal year coming to a close, the staff of The Rooms, Provincial Archives are busy with new and existing projects, exhibits and special initiatives. In this issue of the Bulletin, I would like to provide an overview of some current work areas and key priorities. Description In terms of arrangement and descriptive projects, Cath-erine Rice, Elizabeth Fewer and Beverly Gleeson are busy working on an ambitious project to improve access on the records of the Colonial Secretary's Office. Led by Descriptive Standards Archivist Jessie Chisholm and Conservator Bev Lambert, this project is making great progress to improve access to one of the old-est and most valuable collections at the Archives. Incredible discoveries and improvements are being made with this complex collection of records and although much work remains, researchers can expect expanded search capacity, improved physi-cal arrangement and new descriptive tools for these records in the future. The ongoing cooperative project between the Pro-vincial Archives and the International Grenfell Associa-tion to improve access on the IGA records at the Archives is also continuing. With Phase 1 of the Colonial Secretary project scheduled to finish in March, work on the IGA project will resume shortly afterwards. Stay tuned for future news of this exciting project. Exhibits In terms of exhibits, the Provincial Archives is part-nering with the Provincial Art Gallery and Provin-cial Museum to present Rocky Shores and Stormy Seas (The Atlantic Region): The Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana – an exhibit from Library and Archives Canada. Guest curator Manfred Bucheit brings a new exhibit to our space on the 3rd floor at The Rooms this summer. It will feature amazing images selected from our Still and Moving Images section created by the historic Holloway family of photographers. New Staff In terms of staffing and organi-zational news, two new Archi-vist positions in our Still and Moving images section and Manuscript/Cartographic sec-tion have been filled. Like the other divisions of the Rooms Corporation, the Provincial Archives will have a new Advi-sory Committee in place in the near future. With new terms of reference and new appointments, it is hoped this committee will offer advice and guidance to the staff and management of the Provincial Archives in the future, especially throughout the ongoing strategic and operational planning process being undertaken by The Rooms Corporation. Government Records The Rooms, Provincial Archives is also currently engaged in several important initiatives with the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). Through its Government Services section, Archives staff are assisting with the Government Records Ini-tiative project – a project to clear existing backlogs of government records in government owned build-ings around the city and province. Led and funded by the OCIO, this project is ensuring that important archival material within these collections are find-ing their way to the Archives, and that non-archival material is disposed of in an efficient and proper manner. Other cooperative work with the OCIO includes participating in committee and working groups concerned with Information Management News Update from The Rooms, Provincial Archives ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 13 News (St. John's) The Terra Nova Council (1452) of the Knights of Columbus in St. John's, have a new museum and archive at its clubrooms on St. Clare Avenue, St. John's . Terra Nova Council is the second oldest Knights of Columbus council in the province, having been formed in November, 1909. The museum and archive is the result of a year's work on the part of Knights Jim Power and Kevin Dormody. The project had its start quite by accident in June 2005 when then Grand Knight John Power asked Jim Power to help clean out the main office and put things in storage in the basement. "Stored in the basement they discovered a lot of old material and items pertaining to the Knights of Columbus and in particular Terra Nova Council. At that point, Jim approached me to give him a hand in culling the material to determine what was good and what was not" Dormody says. Following that, Jim Power came up with the idea of starting an archive so that the old documents and artifacts could be put on permanent display in the clubrooms. The museum/archives also contains many pho-tos including shots of the original K of C club on St. Clare Avenue, a photo of Thomas Armstrong, and pictures of the funeral procession for victims of the 1942 K of C Hostel Fire. One of the biggest hurdles that faced Jim Power and Kevin Dormody was trying to identify the many old photos they found in the basement. In fact, many of the photos have yet to be identified. When Jim Power and Kevin Dormody got near the stage of being ready to put things on display, they realized they really had no idea of the best way to proceed. "We consulted archivist Larry Dohey with the Roman Catholic Archdiocesan Archives. He in turn suggested that exhibit designer Catherine Rice could lend her expertise in developing the actual displays" Dormody says. Rice designed the space by selecting paint, cur-tains, blinds, and over-saw the hanging of pictures and arranging of artifacts in display cases. New Archive for Knights Of Columbus within the Government of Newfoundland and Lab-rador, advising on policy documents and guides for e-mail management, working with departments on the ongoing management of semi-active government records, facilitating the operations of the Govern-ment Records Centre and the Public Records Com-mittee, etc. Finally, regular archival operations are continu-ing to improve and expand. Impressive numbers of clients and researchers are visiting The Rooms daily, valuable donations and additions to the Archives holdings are increasing and we are engaged in a comprehensive review of existing policies and procedures around copyright, donations, access, forms management, etc. – all in an effort to improve services throughout our areas of archival operations. With creative & hard working staff and dedicated volunteers, there is much activity happening at The Rooms, Provincial Archives. All these projects, plans and developments are too numerous to mention but we hope to focus on more specific news and updates in future issues of the ANLA Bulletin. Greg Walsh Director/Provincial Archivist New Staff at the Rooms The Archives at the Rooms added two new staff members this past spring. Amanda Jamieson has been hired as the new Manuscript/Cartographic Archivist, and Blythe Koreen now heads the Still and Moving Images collections. (Update - Continued from previous page) 14 ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 The Vatican Archives and the Local Church (St. John's) The Archives of the R.C. Archdiocese (ARCASJ) partnered with the Office of the Arch-bishop of St. John's on May 24 offering a lecture to sixty guests on some of the activities and programs of the church archives. The lecture was presented b y Monsignor Francis Coady. In June 2002 Monsignor Coady was appointed by Pope John Paul 11 as a Consultant to the Pon-tifical Commission for the Cultural Goods of the Church, for a term of five years. The Pontifical Com-mission is responsible for preserving the artistic and historical heritage of the entire Church, including the Vatican Archives and the Vatican Library. Monsignor Coady will focused his talk on the wealth of documents and artifacts of historic and artistic significance in the Archdiocese of St. John's. During his presentation he pointed out some statistics about the researchers who use the resources of the Archdiocesan Archives. In 2006 the Archdiocesan Archives welcomed 529 research requests. During the past year the larger proportion were again genealogists – (260 requests) we had an increase in the number of public historians, (110) more demand from the academic community at Memorial, (80) an increase from students working on school projects - such as Heritage Fairs, (80) and an increase of requests from media. (39) He told his audience that as more researchers become aware of the archives he anticipates that more demands will be placed on the resources of the archives. St. Bonaventure's College is one of the oldest and most recognized educational facilities in St. John's, Newfoundland. Designed by James Purcell and built by Patrick Keough, the school opened in 1856 and con-tinues to prosper today. Graduates of St. Bon's have held leading positions in the educational world, the political sphere, the business world, and the literary scene. The alumni also include eleven Bishops and Archbishops, and over one hundred priests and Monsi-gnori. This work tells the story of the building, the students, the teachers and the history behind this institution. Brother Darcy completed exten-sive research in the Archives of the Congregation and the Archives of the R.C. Archdiocese of St. John's in the process of writing the book. The book is available in most book stores in the province. Noble To Our View The Saga of St. Bonaventure's College News Monsignor Francis Coady ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 15 Matthew Byrne Wins Lieutenant Governor's Award ANLA wishes to extend congratulations to Matthew Byrne for his recent Manning award, the Dr. Paul O'Neill Scholarship. The scholarship, given annually to students who excel in the area of Newfoundland Studies, was given to Matthew for his work with the History department during the past two years of his undergraduate degree. Matthew has just completed Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in History, with a minor in Newfoundland History. His honours paper looked at the local protest movement in the province in the early 1960s. During his studies, Matthew made extensive use of the records at the Centre for Newfound-land Studies, and has worked at the Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese in St. John's. He is beginning a master's degree in History this coming fall. ANLA Employee Wins Arts and Letter's Award Terry Sutton, ANLA's contract Network Advisor, was named one of the winners in this year's Arts and Let-ter's Awards. Beginning in 1951, the awards have showcased the province's rich visual, musical, literary, and performing art. By providing cash prizes, adjudica-tion, and publication of winning entries, the Awards have given a creative outlet for both professional and amateur artists. Terry's winning entry was a photograph submit-ted in the Visual Art category. His still life, Industrial Eggs, was chosen as one of this year's fifteen winners. Provincial Archivist – Saint's and Birth (St. John's) Provincial Archivist, Greg Walsh, and his wife Karla (Smith) have announced the birth of their first child a precious baby girl, Shannon Denise, weighing 8 lbs. 5.5 ozs., arriving safely on Friday, August 10, 2007. The date has significance in the archival com-munity – in the Christian tradition - August 10 is the feast day of St. Lawrence the Patron Saint of Archi-vists. He is a third century saint and martyr (died AD 258) who had responsibility for the written archives and records of the early church. As librarian and archivist, Lawrence was thought to have a list of all the members of the early church, and the locations of all the mythical hid-den hoards of gold belonging to the Vatican. He was given only two days to bring all the treasures to the imperial palace. Lawrence gathered up the all the diseased, orphaned or crippled Christians on the appointed day, brought them to the palace, and told the startled emperor that "These are the treasures of the church!" According to tradition, for his presumed impu-dence, Lawrence was then slowly roasted on a grill on the site of the Basilica di San Lorenzo in Rome, His feast day is August 10th, and is usually celebrated by ABOVE; Matthew Byrne receives his award from Paul O'Neill. BELOW: Industrial Eggs, 2007 Arts and Letters Awards winner. Awards 16 ANLA Bulletin, Summer 2007 Application for ANLA Membership Mail To: ANLA PO Box 23155 St. John's, NF A1C 4J9 Fax: (709) 729-7989 Membership Fee Individual or Institutional $25  Religious  Municipal  Folklore/Oral History  Women's Archives  Museum/Archives  Transportation  Francophone  Medical Archival Interests Workshop: Grant Writing for Small Archives September 28, 2007 (9 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.) The Rooms, St. John's This workshop is held in conjunction with ANLA's Annual General Meeting on September 27, 2007 Fellow archivists, grants adjudicators and other experts in the language and administration of grants will lead you through the sometimes arcane world of funding agencies. • Find out how to determine if a granting program is right for your institution • Match your objectives with those of a granting program • Interpret the language of granting agencies • Think creatively about how to match grant mon-ies • Discover sources for grants and contributions Participants will complete and adjudicate mock grant applications from several agencies to gain hands-on experience of these bureaucracies. Instructors: Mary Ellen Wright (Professional Devel-opment and Outreach Officer, Association of New-foundland and Labrador Archives) and a panel of grant experts from the archival community of New-foundland and Labrador. Fees: : Members: $50 Non-members: $75 Registration Deadline: September 17 Some financial assistance for transportation costs is available for members. Please contact the ANLA office for more information: Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA) P.O. Box 23155, St. John's NL, A1B 4J9 Telephone: 709-726-2867 E-mail: Name Institutional Affiliation (if applicable) Address Telephone: E-mail: Membership
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