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ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006
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TitleANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006
SubjectAssociation of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives; Archives--Newfoundland and Labrador; Archivists--Newfoundland and Labrador
PublisherAssociation of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives
Place of PublicationSt. John's, N.L.
Date2006 Fall
ContentsMessage from the ANLA President -- News -- Notes from your PDO -- Policies and Procedures -- Tribute to Doris Saunders -- Local Authors in the Archives -- Intangible Evidence -- Publications -- Info -- About Us -- Application for ANLA membership
NoteANLA Bulletin: The official organ of the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archivists, renamed the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives in 1994, published 1983-current. This site contains issues for the years 1983 to 2005. Issues after this date are available on the website of the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives, Issues include numerous photographs.
LocationCanada--Newfoundland and Labrador
IdentifierFMFA-ANLA-0074; ISSN 0281-7157
SourcePaper copy held at the office of the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA), St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
CollectionAssociation of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives--ANLA Bulletin
SponsorMemorial University of Newfoundland. Faculty of Medicine Founders' Archive; Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives
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TranscriptA Bulletin for the Association of Newfoundland & Labrador Archives ANLA FALL • 2006 Inside Greg Walsh named Provincial Archivist. PAGE 4 A roundup of workshops coming up this fall PAGE 11 Beverly Oda, Federal Minister of Heritage visits province. PAGE 4 Local authors hit the archives PAGE 14 Plus: What's new in print • Mary Ellen dancing with Andy Jones • Photos from ACA 2006• A Tribute to Doris • Professional development news • Archive's publications • And much more! A tribute to Doris Saunders of Them Days Archives PAGE 12 Historic sketches from the archives PAGE 15 ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 1 Larry Dohey Editor Larry Dohey President Jessie Chisholm Vice-President Lucy Drown Secretary James Miller Treasurer Joan Mowbray Director Heather Wareham Director Stephanie Harlick Director Editor Executive Contact ANLA Offi ce Colonial Building Military Road St. John's, NL A1C 5C4 T: (709) 726 2867 F: (709) 729 7989 Design Terry Sutton ANLA 726-3660 About Th e Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA) is a provincial organization which represents archives, archivists and individuals committed to the preservation of archival records. ANLA promotes professional standards in procedures and practices through workshops, on-site advisory services and the deveoplent of curriculum materials. Th e ANLA Bulletin is the offi cial publication of ANLA. All submissions should be accompanied by the sender's name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Th e editor reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity or length. Please send articles, notices and other submissions to: Larry Dohey, Editor(709) - 726-3660 - Inside Message From The ANLA President ........................................................................... 3 New Provincial Archivist ................................................................................................... 4 Minister of Heritage Visits The Province .................................................................. 4 Historian Represents Province in Ottawa .............................................................. 5 Archivists Participate in Avalon Heritage Fair ....................................................... 5 Them Days Hold Fundraiser in St. John's ................................................................ 5 Our Living Heritage: Beyond the 2006 Forum ..................................................... 6 Government Invests in Culture ..................................................................................... 7 Archivists Partner with Newfoundland Historical Society .......................... 9 The Story of the Mercy Congregation ...................................................................12 Notes From Your PDO .......................................................................................................13 Upcoming Workshops ....................................................................................................13 Policies and Procedures ...................................................................................................14 Intangible Evidence ............................................................................................................20 ANLA Fall • 2006 A Bulletin for the Association of Newfoundland & Labrador Archives 2 ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 On June 28 the Association of Newfoundland and Lab-rador Archives (ANLA) welcomed 256 participants to the Annual Conference of the Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA). Th is was a huge undertaking for our relatively small community of archivists to host but we met the challenge and from all reports it was a very successful conference. Exit surveys indicate that the participants at the Con-ference, archivists from 15 diff erent countries, enjoyed the Conference Program described by participants as "challenging and stimulating". Participants also em-braced the life and culture of St. John's and this prov-ince through a social and cultural program prepared by the Local Arrangements Committee (LAC). Th e fi nal numbers for the Conference were 256 participants including 227 delegates, 58 workshop & 9 institute participants, 13 exhibitors/representatives and 12 sponsors. Th ere are many that we must thank for the suc-cess of this conference starting with each member of ANLA who stepped forward in one of many volunteer capacities that was available to them. Th e LAC have many to thank - too many to thank here – but we hope to make contact with all who partnered with us to say thanks in some small way. Th e ACA Conference preoccupied the attention of the ANLA Executive for much of the past year but as you will fi nd in the pages of this Bulletin - it was not all about ACA. Individual archives and archivists during the past year did some great work. I invite you to read all about what was happening. I look forward to seeing all of you at the ANLA AGM on Friday, October 13, 2006. Please make every eff ort to join us as we review the past year and begin to make plans for the future. Larry Dohey ANLA President Bulletin Editor ANLA FALL • 2006 Bulletin for the Association of Newfoundland & Labrador Archives From the Editor Message From Th e ANLA President Larry Dohey Editor ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 3 4 ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 News Newfoundland and Labrador Welcomes New Provincial Archivist (St. John's) Mr. Greg Walsh has been appointed as the new Director/Provincial Archivist with the Provincial Archives (Rooms Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador), ef-fective July 25th, 2006. Mr. Walsh's career has encompassed a wide range of experience in provincial government, university and aca-demic settings. Before serving for a year as Acting Director/ Provincial Ar-chivist, his most recent positions included Archi-vist (Manuscripts and Cartograph-ic) and Archives Technician with the Provincial Ar-chives. Mr. Walsh also worked in various archives at Memorial Uni-versity of Newfoundland, including the Centre for Newfound-land Studies Archives and the Faculty of Medicine Founders' Archive, prior to joining the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation (Rooms Corporation). Mr. Walsh completed his undergraduate training in History and Newfoundland Studies at Memorial University, as well as graduate training in archival studies at the University of Windsor and Wayne State University. He is a past President of the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives and is a current member of the Newfoundland Historical Society, Association of Canadian Archivists and numerous other professional organizations. As Provincial Archivist, Mr. Walsh is a member of the Public Records Committee, has responsibilities under the Rooms Act and the Management of Information Act and is a senior spokesperson on archival issues and archives within the province and on behalf of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. In 2005, the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador opened in a new facility (Th e Rooms) which united the Province's Art Gallery, Museum and Archives under one roof. For more information visitwww.therooms. ca or telephone 709-757-8000. Minister of Heritage Visits Th e Province (St. John's) Larry Dohey from the Archives of the R.C. Arch-diocese of St. John's welcomed Norm Doyle, Member of Par-liament for St. John's East and Bev Oda, Minister of Heritage and Minister Responsible for the Status of Women to the Archdiocesan Archives on July 18. Minister Oda took time to visit the Basilica Cathe-dral a National Historic Site and talk with the Basilica Parish Restoration Committee about future projects. While at the Basilica Museum Minister Oda took time to look at fi rst editions of Don Quixote published in 1605 and Machiavelli, Th e Prince published in 1599 - books held in the Archives of the Archdiocese. Bev Oda was fi rst elected to Parliament in 2004 and was re-elected in 2006. She has served as the Critic for Ca-nadian Heritage and also been a member ofthe Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage.Prior to her election, Ms. Oda spent more than two decades in the fi elds of public and private broadcasting. In 1999, Ms. Oda was appointed senior Vice-President, Industry Aff airs, at CTV. From 1987 to 1993 she served as a commissioner with the Canadian Radio-tele-vision and Telecommunications Commission. Ms. Oda began her broad-casting career at TV Ontario in 1973. In 1976 she moved to the fi eld of commercial broadcasting. She has also worked as a consultant in the areas of multicul-turalism, diversity and broadcasting. Ms. Oda was born in Th under Bay, Ontario, in 1944. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts. She served as chair of the Lakeridge Health Hospital Network and is a recipient of the Queen's Golden Jubilee medal. 􀁡Greg Walsh at the 2006 ACA Conference. 􀁡Norm Doyle, Larry Dohey, and Bev Oda. ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 5 News Historian Represents Province in Ottawa (St. John's) Historian John FitzGerald who has done exten-sive research in archives in the province and in the Library and Archives of Canada is now serving as the Newfoundland and Labrador government's representative in Ottawa. Premier Danny Williams created the post in 2004 to rep-resent the provincial government's interests in the nation's capital, and to serve eff ectively as an un-offi cial ambassador. FitzGerald is best known as a commentator and writer on Newfound-land and Labrador's politi-cal history, and has been critical of how Confed-eration with Canada was negotiated in the 1940s. He is also a scholar on the history of the Ro-man Catholic Church in Newfoundland. He was Chair of the Basilica Museum and Historical Committee and supported the work of the archival community in the province. Mizzen Heritage Society Th e grand Opening of the Mizzen Heritage Society took place on the weekend of July 14 -16 for the season with a fund raiser "Weekend Around the Bay." Th e weekend in-cluded an adult dance on Friday night , and the whole of Saturday focused on games for children. Sunday featured talent form the local area in a folk festival Th e Society, located in Hearts Content, received support and archival training from ANLA. Th ey have been collecting archival material related to the history of their community over the past twelve years and are now in a position to have their uown Community Archives thanks to ANLA and support from the Canadian Council of Ar-chives. For more information contact: Mizzen Heritage Society, General Delivery, Heart's Content, N A0B 1Z0 582-2237, 596-8955(offi ce) —Jim Rowe, Mizzen Heritage, Archivist New Position at City of St. John's Jennifer Squires graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2004. She holds a BA (with a double Ma-jor in Folklore and Physical Anthropology), and a Diploma in Heritage Resources. She is from the Goulds. Her offi cial title is Records Management/Archives Clerk. She started her new position on June 19, 2006. Archivists Participate in Avalon Heritage Fair Th e Avalon Heritage Fair held on Saturday, May 6th, 2006 at St. Bonaventure's School on Bonaventure Avenue, St. John's saw the participation of archivists in the province at a number of diff erent levels. Many of the students who participated in the fair did some ex-tensive research in archives . A number of archivists served a judges at the event. Th is was the 10th an-nual Heritage Fair. Th em Days Hold Fundraiser in St. John's Th em Days Archives & Publications of Labrador hosted a fundraiser evening on June 29 at the Inco Innovation Centre Lecture Th eatre at MUN in St. John's. Th e event was held to raise awareness of Th em Days magazine as well as raise funds for a much-needed archive room in which to store the vast amount of rare and valuable photos, negatives, taped interviews, books, offi cial records, genealogies and numer-ous fi les of anything and everything to do with Labrador. Th em Days Editor and Curator, Lorne Hollett, host-ed this informative evening, which showcased early photos of Northern Labrador. "Th irty-one years ago, the late Doris Saunders was hired to prepare a book of stories as told by the elders of Labrador" said Mr. Hollett "Doris saw the potential of some-thing great and established an on-going quarterly publica-tion, which we still have today." Th em Days Archives & Publications has been called, "…the greatest source of Labrador archival material in the world" and "the most signifi cant regional archive in the province". For more information on Th em Days at (709) 896-8531 or email them. 􀁡Dr. John FitzGerald 􀁡Sister Marie Whittle and novice at Avalon Heritage Fair 2006. 6 ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 News Our Living Heritage: Beyond the 2006 Forum (St. John's) Newfoundland and Labrador has been shaped by its strong ties to both land and sea, and defi ned by its distinctive beliefs, customs, languages, stories, music, cel-ebrations, foods, knowledge and skills. When any aspect of this thriving heritage is lost in any cultural community, our distinctive identities are diminished — and impor-tant social and economic resources are gone forever. Living heritage is known, on the global scene, as "in-tangible cultural heritage". Th is term refers to all knowledge, stories, customs and skills that are rel-evant to a culture, and that must be passed from one person — or from one generation — to another. Un-like tangible things such as buildings, once any facet of intangible cultural heritage is neglected and lost (that is, not passed on) it cannot be restored. In June, 2006, a Living Heri-tage Forum was held to bring together the provincial heri-tage community with experts from around the globe. Pre-sented by the Association of Heritage In-dustries and held at Memo-rial University and Th e Rooms, this ambitious forum celebrated living heritage, and fostered discussion on ways of safeguarding it. Over 135 participants had the opportunity to hear speakers, to share their concerns and ideas, and to enjoy an array of performances. Catholic Women's League Archives (St. John's ) Th e Catholic Women's League, the largest organization of Catholic women in the country have approached ANLA to look at the possibility of establish-ing an archives for the province to take responsibility for archives of the provincial branch of the group in the province. Peggy Roache, Provincial Past President the Provincial CWL is heading the project on behalf of the local group. "I would certainly like to see this proj-ect undertaken with the support of ANLA" she said. League members have begun the process of collecting the institutional history of their organization, which will be housed in the Archives of the R.C. Archdiocese. ANLA Welcomes New Staff (St. John's) Th e ANLA Executive welcomed two new staff in September to work on two exciting projects. Terry Sutton has been hired to work on a major review process which is designed to streamline the delivery of services both to ANLA member institutions and to members of the gen-eral public. Th is review process will involve: the restructuring of our ANLA news-letter and other outreach tools the redesign of ANLA website the development of more on-line resource material So far ANLA has com-pleted a review of our IT capacity and re-quirements, and in the coming year our asso-ciation plans to expand on these initiatives to more fully develop our outreach resources. Colleen Quigley is excited about her re-newed relationship with ANLA as the Descrip-tive Database Archi-val Assistant. Colleen graduated from York University in 2003, earn-ing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Honours), majoring in Dance. Her previous employment in heritage has included a position at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist Museum as well as several short-term place-ments with ANLA as a participant of the Young Canada Works program and Summer Career Placement. Col-leen hopes to combine her interest in archives and dance; she recently represented ANLA as the only • •• 􀁡Mary Ellen Wright and Andy Jones participate in the Kissing Dance 􀁡Colleen Quigley and Terry Sutton ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 7 member from an archival association/institution at the September 28-29 Grassroots Archiving Dance work-shop in Toronto hosted by Dance Collection Danse. Colleen will be involved in ANLA's proj-ect to revitalise the provincial archival descriptions database, as well as the uploads of RAD-compli-ant descriptions to Archives Canada. Her priority is the visibility of an online template for the submis-sion of descriptions by member institutions. Archivists Partner with Newfoundland Historical Society (Trinity) Th e Newfoundland Historical Society held their annual symposium in Trinity, June 2-3 at the Ris-ing Tide Th eatre in Trinity, At Home and Abroad: Newfoundland and World War I brought to light new elements of social history pertaining to the Great War. Some presentations included POW letters, cor-respondence from medical personnel overseas, and accounts from young soldiers longing to be home. Jessie Chisholm (Th e Rooms, Provincial Archives) and Claude Quigley presented Th e Narra-tives of Newfoundland POWs, sharing accounts of the men from Newfoundland who were captured and in-terred in POW camps. Ms. Chisholm took the bulk of her research and presentation content from fi les at the provincial archives, and sewed together rich sto-ries through the personal papers of young POWs. Stephanie Harlick (Memorial University) presented Dr. Cluny Macpherson (1879 - 1966): A Newfoundland Doctor in World War One. Her pre-sentation was largely based on the virtual exhibit, Dr. Cluny Macpherson (1879-1966): Refl ections of a New-foundlander, launched online 17 May 2005. Th e exhibit, created by the Faculty of Medicine Founders' Archive (FMFA), contains the notebooks of Dr. Cluny Macpher-son, who practiced medicine in Newfoundland begin-ning in 1902 when he joined Dr. Wilfred Grenfell's Labrador Mission in Battle Harbour, Labrador. Allan Byrne from the Archives of the R.C. Arch-diocese also participated in the symposium. Allan has al-ways been fascinated with the relationship between folks and their folk music and shared some of his favorite tunes with the symposium delegates at the closing banquet. James Miller, the Treasurer of ANLA, was the local host for the Symposium. ANLA STAFF TO ALASKA (St. John's )Terry Sutton , ANLA's newest staff person will be attending the AMIA (Associa-tion of Moving Image Archivists) Conference in Anchorage, Alaska, October 10-14, 2006. Th e Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) is a non-profi t professional association established to advance the fi eld of moving image archiving by fostering cooperation among individuals and orga-nizations concerned with the acquisition, preserva-tion, exhibition and use of moving image materials. AMIA's members range from those who work solely with moving images to organizations where mov-ing images are only a small part of their collection to individuals who want to protect their personal collection - home movies or small gauge or video - to fi lm buff s concerned with losing our visual heritage. Mr. Sutton's trip is being sponsored in part by the Audio Visual Trust. Th e StonePics Database Th e StonePics database is accessible at Th e Rooms Pro-vincial Archives reference room on Level 3, Th e Rooms. Th e database contains 221,000 records of names and dates from the headstones and monuments of Newfoundland and Labrador and was compiled from 2000-2004. Refer-ence room staff will provide additional assistance with use of the database. For more information, please or contact (709) 757-8000. News 8 ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 (St. John's) Th e promotion and preservation of Newfoundland and Labrador's rich culture and heritage is an important part of the future prosperity of the province. In order to strategi-cally plan for the future of our cultural sector, Premier Danny Williams announced on March 28th an investment of $17.6 million over the next three years to implement the province's fi rst cultural plan. Premier Williams was joined at the an-nouncement at the LSPU Hall by Tom Hedderson, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation, and about 200 individuals from the arts and heritage community. Larry Dohey, President of the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives represented the archival community. Mr. Dohey was part of the process that saw the development of the cultural plan in his capacity as Vice President of the Association of Heritage Industries (AHI). Th e Blueprint for Developing and Investing in Culture, the plan outlines major policies and directions to preserve, support and develop our culture and heritage. Government will commit $760,000 this year to help fund heritage organizations, community museums and ar-chives, as well for research and development in the heritage sector. Th is includes $300,000, doubling last year's budget, in core funding for heritage sites and community museums and archives. It also includes the development of a heritage frame-work, a cultural tourism strategy and expanded archaeology programs. Creative Newfoundland and Labrador: Th e Blueprint for Developing and Investing in Culture, can be found at Th oughts, feedback and suggestions on the plan can be sent to or call toll free 1-888- 520-2244. Government Invests in Promotion and Preservation of Privince's Culture News 􀁡The Blueprint for Development and Investment in Culture 􀁢The Hon. Tom Hedderson, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation Deep within each of us is the pride that unites us and today we have a newsense of pride. There is something precious about New-foundland and Labrador that you cannot fully appreciate until you have lived here; until you come to care for this place so deeply that the thought of losing it is more than you can bear. —Premier Danny Williams, Q.C. ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 9 Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA) P.O. Box 23155, RPO Churchill Sq., St. John's NL, A1B 4J9 Telephone/Fax: 709-726-2867 August 29, 2006 Dear Mr. Walsh: On behalf of the executive of the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives I off er my congratulations on your ap-pointment as the Provincial Archivist for Th e Rooms Provin-cial Archives Division of Newfoundland and Labrador. We look forward to working with you and are happy that you bring your experience as a former President of ANLA to your new po-sition. We see the Provincial Archives Division of Th e Rooms as both partner and leader in this province's archival community and know that you will continue to hold to this philosophy. We look forward to acknowledging and strengthening our relation-ship with Th e Rooms facilitating outreach eff orts and increasing the profi le of the Archives Division – and that of Th e Rooms as a whole – in both the archival and general communities province-wide. Best wishes in your new position. We all look forward to work-ing with you building the archival community in this province. Yours sincerely, Larry Dohey ANLA President 􀁡The ANLA Executive. L-R: Stephanie Harlick, Heather Wareham, James Miller, Jessie Chisholm, Lucy Drown, Larry Dohey, Joan Mowbray. Letters 􀁡A Revolution at The Rooms 􀁢Minister Hedderson congratulates the new Provincial Archivist at the ACA Opening Gala at The Rooms. 10 ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 PDO Notes It's been a while since I last spoke to you through the pages of the Bulletin, and as usual the offi ce has been busy. Some of the activi-ties I've been involved with lately: • Association of Heritage Industries' work-shop for heritage training providers: Th is involved learning and reviewing presentation techniques, evaluation skills and other train-the -trainers in-formation. It was very refreshing to be on the "in-structee" side of the desk, and I've approached my own presentation notes with a new perspective. • Canadian Conservation Institute information ses-sion (Newman Wine Vaults, April 26): A senior staff person explained CCI's new service philoso-phy (which, of course, involves cost-return and self-help...). Miki and I contributed to a discussion of what services archival institutions can get from CCI. • Archives advisors meeting during ACA: It's al-ways good to have the chance to exchange infor-mation with colleagues. We have many issues in common with our sister provincial and territorial associations – and a variety of solutions to our com-mon problems of distance and lack of money! • ACA – What can I say? It was a roaring success. Th anks to the many volunteers who off ered their time and expertise. Th anks to the cooperation of the ACA offi ce, ANLA was able to subsidize registra-tion costs for four participants from small archives. • Rooms consultation: We were invited to participate in the consultation for the development of a strategic plan for Th e Rooms. Th is gave us the opportunity to highlight the partnerships that have existed between ANLA and the Provincial Archives and to explore new ideas for cooperation. We'll keep you posted on what develops. Some on-going projects: • Workshop development proceeds apace – watch your mailbox (virtual or actual) for details. • You will be hearing from me about a sur-vey of training needs in the near future. • I have been asked to participate in the Labrador Cre-ative Arts Festival in mid-November. One of the things I'd like to highlight is the connection between families and communities on the island and those in Labrador. As part of the preparation for my presentation, I'd love to hear from member institutions who have Labrador material amongst their holdings. Drop me a line or send me an e-mail – I'd love to know what you have. I've visited quite a few member institutions since my last report, and have kept a lookout for information on our provincial archival community as it turns up on television, radio and on the Web. A few months ago I had the pleasure of seeing one of our ANLA member institutions featured on CBC television's "Here and Now". I was delighted to watch Graham Horwood as he talked about what was involved in preserving the records of Prince of Wales Collegiate in St. John's. He sounded so professional – he hit all the right buttons when it came to preserving and organizing archival holdings. When I teach my session at ANLA's Basic Archives course I always tell the students that volun-teers can aspire to professional standards with just as much success as their peers who draw a salary. Bravo to Graham, and keep up the good work, all of you. —Mary Ellen Upcoming workshops in 2006-2007 will include: • Basic Archival Studies September 18-23, 2006 • Creating a Policies and Procedures Manual correspondence, Fall 2006 • Introduction to Cartographic Records, February 2007 • Exhibiting Paper-Based Archival Materials, October 12-13, 2006 • Freedom of Information Legislation information session, winter 2007 Notes From Your PDO Mary Ellen Wright ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 11 Professional Development Policies and Procedures Fall 2006 Workshops Can't fi nd any donor agreements? Reference requests getting unmanageable? Can't keep the mice out? Don't know who's in charge of what? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then ANLA has a course for you. Under the guidance of ANLA staff members you will work through six sessions that allow you to write your own policies and procedures manual. Many small institutions get into trouble because decisions about donations, loans, hiring and so on are made on an ad hoc basis. Well-established policies and procedures allow your institution to survive staff changes, funding cuts, board disagreements, disasters and even legal challenges. Th is course is designed to help you evaluate your institution's policies and procedures, if you have them, and to create policies and procedures for your institution if you don't have them. Th e target participants for this course include small archives and other institutions with archival holdings, as well as groups who are considering the establishment of an archives Th e initial round of sessions will be off ered via e-mail or postal mail over the course of a three-month period beginning this fall. Participants will submit their exercises to ANLA staff , who will return them with com-ments. At the end of the process, participants should have a workable policy document suitable for submission to a board for approval. Development of the preservation component of this course was funded through the Preservation Infor-mation and Train-ing program of the Canadian Council of Archives. Other components were developed via the Professional Development and Outreach Of-fi cer project, also funded by CCA. Cost of registration for this course is $125 for ANLA members and $150 for non-members. For further information or to register, please contact the ANLA offi ce. Lesson titles include: • Introduction to Policies and Procedures • Opening the Door: Policies about Acquisition, Appraisal and Accessioning • Finding Out What's Inside: Policies about Arrangement, Description and Finding Aides • Welcoming Visitors: Policies about Access, Reference and Services to the Public • Good Housekeeping: Special Policies about Preservation Activities • Job Descriptions and More: Policies about Staff , Volunteers and Board Members, Winter 2007 anla offi ce Colonial Building Military Road St. John's, NL A1C 5C4 t: ()   f: ()   Contact us early to reserve your seat. Correspondence Course on Policies and Pro-cedures for Small Archives 12 ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 When the Labrador Heritage Society hired Doris Saunders to edit interviews for "one book" back in 1975, no one imagined that the project would grow to more than thirty years of quarterly magazines and the most signifi cant regional archives in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. With her death the archival community of this province has lost a pioneer in the collection, organization and preservation of community records. I am sure that, at the beginning, Doris knew very little about archives. Her principal concern was always the voices of the people - listening to them and allowing them to speak in the pages of Th em Days Magazine. She soon realized, however, that the sounds of these voices, and the pictures that il-lustrated their stories, demanded a more thorough protection than the magazine's pages aff orded. Th e precious audiotapes and photographs would need some expert care. Knowing that she did not have the knowl-edge that she needed to care for her growing collec-tion, Doris sought the advice and assistance of the provincial archival community. She was a founding member of the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives in 1984 and was for many years the only source of archival advice and information in Labrador. She was generous with assistance, but she never stepped beyond the boundaries of her own archival abilities. She was always ready to ask for help or to recommend another resource person – a model of behaviour that many archivists could emulate. For most of her archival career Doris was a one-person operation. Her principal focus was the operation of Th em Days Magazine – she managed subscriptions, sold advertising, ran promotional activities, fi lled out grant applications, took and developed most of the photographs, conducted and edited the interviews and maintained the profi le of the magazine in the community. Th at she spared time to think of archival activities at all is a wonder in itself: that she managed to devote any of the magazine's limited resources to inventories and storage containers is a testament to the compulsion she felt to preserve the voices of "them days" for coming generations. Continued on next page Tribute to Doris Saunders Mary Ellen Wright Doris Saunders 1941 - 2006 Tribute Archivist, artist, magazine editor and Labradorean, Doris Saunders served Th em Days Archives in Goose Bay for over 25 years. She died in St. John's in May, 2006 after suff ering from Alzheimer's disease. ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 13 Doris's experience was typical of that of many community-based archivists. She fell into the job but, seeing its value, she did her best to get what she needed to be a careful steward of her holdings, whether that meant learning new skills or arranging to have someone else brought in or trained to do what needed to be done. Most of this was done in isolation – there are few archival collections in Labrador and transportation costs present a barrier to acquiring supplies, on-site assistance or col-legial support. As with many of her colleagues across the country, she was forced – with some success – to make do. Th em Days Magazine has for some time been recognized as an important cultural resource: Th em Days Archives is now starting to get some of the attention it deserves. A campaign is under way to raise funds to build a secure archival space for Doris's treasures; a database is being developed for the thousands of images she collected or captured; preservation re-formatting plans are being made for her interviews. Doris Saunders loved Labrador – its land, its people and its stories. Th em Days Magazine and its archives are fi ne legacies to leave to Labradoreans. Th e Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives would like to convey our sincere sympathy – and our gratitude for Doris's life and contribution to the archi-val community – to her children Gillian, Vivian, and How-ard, and her grandchildren Jilly Dee, Heather and Heidi. Tribute Saunders loved Labrador – its land, its people and , its stories p p Th is article was written by Mary Ellen Wright - Professional Development Offi cer with ANLA. It originally appeared in Th e Telegram, June 2006. Saunders in her offi ce at Them Days Archives in Goose Bay. She fell into the job but, seeing its value, she did her best to get what she needed to be a careful steward of her holdings 14 ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 Th e Story of the Mercy Congregation in Newfoundland and Labrador (St. John��s) Weavers of the Tapestry by Sister Kathrine E. Bel-lamy, RSM, was launched on Saturday, May 13th, at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist Museum. Th is new 963 page history of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of tells the story of the circumstances of the founding; the character, example, and teachings of the foundress; the suff erings, hardships, joys, and triumphs of the members; the accounts of new missions undertaken; and the tales of saintly and not-so-saintly indi-viduals are all elements in a congregational history that has been passed down through the years and is still unfolding. Th e book is the result of years of extensive re-search in the Archives of the Congregation of the Sis-ters of Mercy and other archives in the province. It is an attempt to capture the spirit that called young women to give up home, with all that this implies, in an attempt to bring a little more equality and justice to the world. Th ey did this by educating the young, caring for the poor and the sick, and empowering peo-ple to take control of their own lives and destinies so that all people might live in dignity and peace. In Print Weavers of the Tapestry by Kathrine E. Bellamy, RSM Flanker Press, $29.95 My hope is that it will present in truth and simplicity the story of a group of ordinary women who did ordinary things but who did them extraordinarily well. (St. John's) Having achieved considerable success with his fi rst novel, River Th ieves, Michael Crummey has written a book that is equally stunning and compelling. Th e Wreckage is a truly epic, yet twisted, romance that unfolds over decades and con-tinents. It engages readers on the austere shores of Newfoundland's fi shing villages and drags them across to Japanese POW camps during some of the worst events of the Second World War. Haunting, lyrical, and deeply intimate, Crummey's language fully exposes his characters' vulnerabilities as they struggle to come to terms with their guilt and regret over decisions made during their impulsive youths. Th e Wreckage by Michael Crummey Doubleday, Canada $34.95 Local Authors in the Archives "Extraordinary. . . . [Crummey] explores human nature, charting the moral choices of his characters without passing judgment. . . . [His] gift is to write with compassion, imbuing relationships with complexity and depth. He doesn't make anything simple – or simplistic. Th e Wreck-age shows with profound insight that nothing's fair in love and war." —National Post ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 15 Th e Rooms opened its fi rst cross-divisional, interdisciplin-ary exhibit titled Intangible Evidence, opening on July 14. Drawing on the unique talents of Michael Crummey, Sara Graham, Andy Jones, Alison Norlen, and Graeme Patterson, Intangible Evidence features fi ve unique installations that incorporate various historical artifacts and records from the collections of Th e Rooms Provincial Archives and Museum, and imaginatively uses these artifacts to explore creative forms of cultural research. Developed through the artist residencies with Th e Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, Intangible Evidence uses varying media to explore the documentation of the meanings and stories that lie beyond the historical objects and archival documents. Th is exhibit crosses the genres of drawing, animation, installation, audio, and text, highlighting the blurred lines of history and memory, fact and fi ction, offi cial and vernacular cultures. Refl ecting the diversity of creative practice as well as artistic forms of cultural research, the unique experiences of each artist inevitably infuse and have shaped both their selection of artifacts, as well as the work they have developed in response those artifacts. — Exhibits (St. John's) Th e Basilica Museum durng the past summer featured an exhibit of rare drawings, sketches and maps. Th e exhibit titled "THIS IS MY HOME, MY NATIVE LAND" featured illustrations that appeared in pre 1892 publications in Canada, Europe and the United States. In the late 1800's most international publications would send illustrators with their writers to help tell a par-ticular story. Th ese illustrations from the Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. John's are married with maps, drawings, photographs and text panels created to convey the story. Catherine Rice the curator for the exhibit said that this exhibit was a wonderful example of a museum working with an archives – marrying the two forms to create a great exhibit – that tells the story of the province in image and text. —Larry Dohey 􀁡Alison Norlen, 2006, from Mirage series. Series of illlustrations from This is My Home, My Native Land. Intangible Evidence Th e Rooms - Level 4 July 14 to October 8, 2006 Th is is My Home, My Native Land Th e Basilica Museum July - November, 2006 16 ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 Publications Th e ANLA Resource Binder For Small Archives (1998) A manual of archival practice for the small archival institution. It is a useful introduction to the world of archives that is directed towards volunteer and part-time archivists, students and oth-ers who need to manage their organi-zation's records. Th e Binder includes se ctions on appraisal, arrangement, de-scription, basic preservation measures, emergency and disaster preparedness and other special topics of inter-est to the small archival institution. Price: $40.00 (tax included) plus $3.00 postage (ANLA OFFICE) Th e Binder has been reviewed in Archivaria (no.49, Winter 2000). Re-viewer Michael Gourlie of the Archives Society of Alberta says that the Binder " lls a critical gap in current archival literature as one of the few up-to-date, inexpensive sources that explains the full range of archival functions". Th e Binder has received favourable reviews from a number of provincial archival organizations across the country. Th e Archival Association of British Colum-bia (AABC) has recommended it as a replacement for its Manual for Small Archives. ANLA Preservation Policies And Procedures Manual For Small Archives (2000) A handbook for the small archival institution. Its aim is to provide guid-ance for small archives as they de-velop an administrative framework for the preservation of their hold-ings. Th e manual includes sections on preventive conservation, envi-ronment and storage, staff training, user policies, copying and reformat-ting and other preservation issues. Price: $10.00 (tax included) plus $3.00 postage (ANLA OFFICE) Directory of ANLA Member Institutions Th e directory includes alphabetical and thematic listings of ANLA member in-stitutions. Individual entries include information on location, holdings, ac-cess, services and other information of use to researchers and the general public. Th e Directory is accessible on the ANLA website. (ANLA OFFICE) Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada is a fully searchable CD containing data on the vessels, captains and crews of Great Britain and Atlantic Canada, 1787-1936.It contains information on the shipping industry of Atlantic Canada, derived from two British re-cord series, structured as three inter-active databases that allow the user to search, sort and query the data. Price: $49.95 (Can) plus shipping and han-dling, $5.00. Canadian residents add 6% GST for a total of $58.25. (Maritime History Archive) Births, Deaths & Marriages in New-foundland Newspapers, 1810 – 1890 Births, Deaths & Marriages in New-foundland Newspapers, 1810 - 1890 is a fully searchable CD containing more than 40,000 entries for births, deaths and marriages transcribed from 43 Newfoundland newspapers, 1810- 1890. Price: $49.95 (Can) plus ship-ping and handling, $5.00 (Maritime History Archive ) Year of Joy Th e Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. John's in an attempt to preserve old fi lm in its collection has begun transferring fi lm from the original 16 mm to the more manage-able DVD format. Th e fi lm ‘Year of Joy' which features in full color 68 minutes of fi lm taken in St. John's in 1955 was the fi rst in the archival collection to be transferred to the new format. Th e fi lm highlights the events around the Centenary Celebrations of the Basilica Cathedral in 1955. Th e fi lm will is now available to the general public. A limited number of copies are available in the DVD for only $25.00 per copy. Order your copy now by contacting the Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. John's. 􀁡ANLA off ers congratulations to Jerry Dick and Eleanor Dawson on their new appoin-ments as the Directors of Heritage and Cul-ture for the province. Jerry brings a wealth of knowledge about the archival commu-nity to his new position. He was formerly the Director of the Association of Heritage Industries. Eleanor Dawson from the Deptarment of Tourism, Culture and Recreation has been very supportive of the archival community. ANLA off ers both their congratulations on their new appoinments. ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 17 Info ANLA Offi ce Colonial Building Military Road St. John's, NL A1C 5C4 T: (709) 726 2867 F: (709) 729 0578 All submissions should be accompanied by the sender's name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Th e edi-tor reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity or length. Please send articles, notices and other submissions to: Larry Dohey, Editor Archives of the RC Archdiocese P.O. Box 1363 St. John's, NL (709) 726-3660 Larry Dohey, President Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese P.O. Box  St. John's, NL () - Jessie Chisholm, Vice-President Provincial Archives of New-foundland and Labrador Th e Rooms Corporation Colonial Building St. John's, NL () - Lucy Drown, Secretary P.O. Box , Stn C St. John's, NL () - chrb@nfl James Miller, Treasurer Trinity Historical Society P.O. Box  Trinity, NL Telephone/Fax: () - james_ or Joan Mowbray, Director Provincial Archives of New-foundland and Labrador Colonial Building, Military Rd. St. John's, NL AC C () - Heather Wareham, Director Maritime History Archive Memorial University of Newfoundland St. John's, NL () - Stephanie Harlick Faculty of Medicine Founders' Archive Memorial University of Newfoundland St. John's, NL () - Executive Contact Submissions Membership ANLA presents training in archival skills and practices through workshops, seminars, and lectures. We also off er professional advice through consultations by mail, telephone or e-mail, and by on-site visits. Th e ANLA Bulletin, a regular publication of the Association, is provided free of charge to ANLA members. Please see attached application for membership if you or your institution wish become a member of ANLA. Staff Mary Ellen Wright Professional Development Offi cer: ()   Miki Lee Preservation Offi cer ()   Colleen Quigley Descriptive Standards Terry Sutton, IT - 18 ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 About Us ANLA Education and Training Program ANLA provides an education and training program consist-ing of introductory workshops in professional principles and practices, complemented by two-day workshops in specialized topics. Th e education and training program is directed by the ANLA Education Committee and organized by the Professional Development and Outreach Offi cer (PDO). A fi ve-day workshop, Basic Archives, is off ered annually. Other workshops refl ect the interests and requirements of the membership. Limited fi nancial assistance is frequently available to members. ANLA has worked to develop an overall preserva-tion strategy for the organization and its members. Past preservation initiatives, funded by CCA, have included the production of an Emergency and Disaster Planning Template (1998), and a Preservation Policies and Proce-dures Manual (1999). Our preservation activities in 2000 have focused on preservation activities as recommended to member institutions by the ANLA Preservation Offi cer. Th e ANLA Preservation Offi cer • prepares global preservation assessments and collection condition surveys for selected mem-ber institutions, according to CCA guidelines • implements ANLA's emergency and disaster pre-paredness program, including the preparation of institu-tional plans and the establishment of regional teams • provides preservation advisory services through on site assistance and workshops • performs related duties, as required Preservation Contact List Please contact the ANLA Offi ce to enquire about local preservation professionals. Preservation Policies and Procedures Preservation policies and procedures provide comprehen-sive guidelines for the preservation activities of an archive. Th ey refl ect the institution's commitment to the preser-vation of its holdings and the integration of preservation concerns into all aspects of archival activities. For assistance in developing and implementing preservation policies and procedures, consult the ANLA Preservation Policies and Procedures for Small Archives Handbook. Emergency and Disaster Planning ANLA has stressed the importance of emergency and di-saster preparedness through workshops and through its newsletter. ANLA will assist member institutions to develop their own plans using the Newfoundland and Labrador Emergency Procedure Template For Archives and Librar-ies. Th is template, based on the "Plan-Builder" Disaster Preparedness Plan Template" produced by Maines & As-sociates, N.Y. , has been customized by ANLA staff to fi t local conditions. Member institutions may fi le copies of their completed disaster plans at the ANLA offi ce for safe-keeping. Member archives may contact the ANLA Offi ce for further information about this template and other resource materials in our library. anla's Preservation Offi cer, Miki Lee and Catherine Rice of Th e Rooms will be off ering a workshop on exhibiting archival material from October 12-13 during anla's agm. 􀁡Greg Walsh, Miki Lee, and Mary Ellen Wright at the Carees in Heritage Fair 2006 ANLA Bulletin, Fall 2006 19 About Us ACA June 28 - July 1, 2006 A Pictoral Refl ection TOP LEFT: Michael Crummy TOP RIGHT: Larry Dohey, Greg WALSH, HON. Tom Hedderson ACROSS: ACA Softball Game BOTTOM: ACA Kitchen Party Name: Institutional Affi liation: (if applicable) Address: Postal Code: (home) (offi ce) ( fax) Email: Mail To: ANLA PO Box 23155 St. John's, NF A1C 4J9 Fax: (709) 729-7989 Membership Fee Individual or Institutional $25 􀂅 Religious 􀂅 Municipal 􀂅 Folklore/Oral History 􀂅 Women's Archives 􀂅 Museum/Archives 􀂅 Transportation 􀂅 Francophone 􀂅 Medical Archival Interests Application for ANLA Membership TOP: Paul Hebbard, Miki Lee, Helen Miller MIDDLE: Penny Holden, Loyola Hearn, Federal Minister of Fisheries BOTTOM: Jack Harris, former NDP Leader, Carmen Carrol Photos from the annual Old Christmas Day Party. Call the ANLA offi ce for this year's date.
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