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Document Description
TitleIntersensory integration of information
AuthorKenney, Terry Myron.
DescriptionThesis (M.Sc) -- Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1977. Psychology
Paginationv, 118 leaves : ill.
SubjectSensory stimulation; Learning, Psychology of;
Degree GrantorMemorial University of Newfoundland. Dept. of Psychology
NotesBibliography : leaves 85-91.
AbstractThe presentation of identical information to two sensory modalities improves a respondent's performances over his unisensory performance. Prevalent models of stimulus processing treat this performance facilitation as resulting from the improvement of primary channel (sense) function by a modification of primary channel operation caused by the input to the auxiliary channel. It is argued here that the second channel does not modify the first, but that a merging of information occurs. A model built on this assumption is presented. Two choice reaction time experiments are reported in which both auditory and visual presentation of information is given to subjects. The visual information is critical to the choice, but it is found that the auditory stimuli alter the subject's response time in accordance with the informational content of the auditory stimuli. This is taken to indicate that the subjects analyzed the information content of both stimuli, and is used in support of the new model which proposes an information merger.
Resource TypeElectronic thesis or dissertation
FormatImage/jpeg; Application/pdf
SourcePaper copy kept in the Centre for Newfoundland Studies, Memorial University Libraries
Local Identifier76005948
RightsThe author retains copyright ownership and moral rights in this thesis. Neither the thesis nor substantial extracts from it may be printed or otherwise reproduced without the author's permission.
CollectionElectronic Theses and Dissertations
Scanning StatusCompleted
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