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Decorative Nineteenth Century Trade Bindings
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Document Description
TitleLyra germanica : hymns for the Sundays & chief festivals of the Christian year
Uniform titleVersuch eines allgemeinen gesang und gebetbuchs. English. Selections
DescriptionText sewn on two tapes. Bevelled boards. Gilt edges. Brown pebble-grain cloth, with red pebble-grain cloth onlay, which forms the mandorla. Both covers identically blocked in gold and blind and relief. On the borders, the fillets are blocked in gold, the outermost with dog-tooth pattern. Inside this, intersecting pairs of three fillets are blocked in gold on the borders. Between the pairs, a repeating pattern is blocked of stars in gold and five dots in relief. The heads of a man, a lion, an ox and an eagle are blocked on the four corners. Strapwork weaves around these heads. In the mandorla, a crowned angel is blocked at prayer, with an open book in front. The angel's wings rise to form the outer edge of a lyre, with the points of the angel's crown rising to become the strings of the lyre. The title: '| Lyra | Germanica |'is blocked in gold above and below the lyre. The border of the mandorla contains the quotes, blocked in gold: | 'SING UNTO THE LORD. BLESS HIS NAME. SHOW FORTH HIS SALVATION FROM DAY TO DAY. GIVE THANKS UNTO THE LORD FOR HE IS GOOD. FOR HIS MERCY ENDURETH FOREVER.' A small trefoil formed by a gold fillet, plus hatch gold within is blocked at the head, tail and sides of the mandorla. The trefoil at the head has the word: '| IHS |' in relief within the trefoil; at the tail, the trefoil has: '| INRI | L |' in relief. The trefoil on the left contains a serpent winding round a cross blocked within. The trefoil on the right has a heart blocked in gold which contains a Byzantine cross in relief. The spine has an upper panel consisting of two horizontal fillets blocked in gold enclosing strapwork of two thin outer fillets and a thick inner fillet. The central rectangular panel has a border fillet blocked in gold in which there is a repeating pattern of dots blocked in relief. Within the panel is strapwork consisting of intersecting semi-circles which form three consecutive mandorlas and, outside each at the head and tail, triangles blocked in gold. The triangles each contain a single trefoil blocked in relief. The mandorlas consist of a thin outer fillet blocked in gold, a thick inner fillet blocked in gold containing a repeating pattern of dots blocked in relief pattern. Within this are from outer to inner 1) another thin fillet, blocked in gold, a thin double fillet containing a repeating pattern of dots blocked in gold; and 3) a thin fillet blocked in gold. In the topmost mandorla are in relief each on a separate solid panel blocked in gold, the words: '| Lyra | Germanica | WINKWORTH |'. In the central mandorla is a cross pattée consisting of four arms outlined in a fillet blocked in gold and an inner filling of parallel fillets blocked in gold. The figure of a dove blocked in gold extends diagonally in four directions from the centre of the cross. At the head and foot of the cross is the five-pointed star blocked in gold with star-points blocked in relief at each of its interstices. In the lowest mandorla is a shield blocked in gold on which, blocked in relief, are the words: '| Illustrated | by | JOHN | LEIGHTON | etc.|' The lowest panel is an intricate pattern of tracery consisting of two thin fillets and one central fillet blocked in gold intersecting with a thick fillet decorated with a repeating pattern of dots blocked in relief. On this pattern is superimposed a cartouche bearing the words: '¦LONDON¦LONGMAN¦AND CO¦'
Cover DesignerLeighton, John, 1822-1912
AuthorBunsen, Christian Karl Josias, Freiherr von, 1791-1860
Winkworth, Catherine, 1827-1878 (translator)
Publisher of OriginalLongman, Green, Longman and Roberts
Place of PublicationLondon, England
Date Original1861
EngraverBolton, Thomas, fl. 1851-1893
Cooper, James Davis, 1823-1904
DeWilde, G.
Green, W., engraver
Harral, Horace
Leighton, H., engraver
Murden, W., engraver
Pearson, G., engraver
Swain, James B. (James Barrett), 1820-1895
Armitage, Edward, 1817-1896
Flaxman, John, 1755-1826
Lawless, Matthew James, 1837-1864
Keene, Charles, 1823-1891
Marks, S.
Dalziel, Edward, 1817-1905
Dalziel, George, 1815-1902
IllustratorLeighton, John, 1822-1912
Measurements172 x 230 x 30 mm.
Call numberPEATTIE No. 18
Pebble grain
Book cloth
Blind blocking
Gold blocking
Relief (Decorative arts)
Style/Period19th century
SubjectBookbinding--England--19th century--Specimens
Design elementFillets (Bookbinding)
Dots (Art)
Heart (Shape)
Cartouches, Ornamental (Decorative arts)
Panels (Ornament areas)
Coverage-GeographicEurope--Great Britain--England
Resource TypeBinding
SourcePrint original in the Roger and Marlene Peattie Collection
TypeStill Image
Current repositoryMemorial University of Newfoundland. Libraries
CollectionDecorative Nineteenth Century Trade Bindings
Bibliographic record{001}
Digital Date2005
CONTENTdm file name238.cpd