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Decorative Nineteenth Century Trade Bindings
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Document Description
TitleEnglish sacred poetry of the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
DescriptionOriginal upper yellow- endpaper bound at the front. Binder's ticket on upper pastedown: ' | Bound | by | Leighton Son and | Hodge | '. Blue horizontal-grain cloth. Gilt edges. Both covers identically blocked in gold, in blind and in relief. Two gold fillets are blocked on the borders, with repeating dots blocked in relief between them. On the inner borders, a wide elaborate patterns of thin stems, hatched leaves and clusters of three small berries is blocked in gold and relief. Inside this, another border of two more gold fillets with semi-circular corners, and a border of repeating dots blocked in relief between them. A pattern of stems and five-petalled flowers is blocked in relief within the central rectangle. A large oval, and a recessed oval are blocked on the centre. The borders of the oval have two groups of three gold fillets, the middle of which is 'cord-shaped'. The words: '| ENGLISH | SACRED | POETRY | WILLMOTT. |' are blocked in gold between these groups of fillets. Within the recessed oval, a piece of pink paper is onlaid, and bordered with a single gold fillet. A lyre and a man in Celtic-type dress are blocked in gold on the onlay. The spine is blocked in gold and in relief. A single thin gold fillet is blocked on the perimeter. Horizontal hatched gold fillets divide the spine into panels. From the head downwards, the decoration is: a thin rectangular panel with small gold decoration blocked within; a semi-circular panel with curling leaves and stems blocked within; the words: '| English |sacred | poetry | [rule] | Illustrated I [rule] Willmott ' are blocked in gold within a panel formed by: 1. a hatch gold fillet; 2. a single thin gold fillet; 3. repeating dots, blocked in relief; 4. a hatch gold fillet; 3. a thin gold fillet; the lower half of the spine has a panel formed by four gold fillets and dots in relief; this panel is semi-circular at its head; it has a pattern of elaborate curling stems and vertical hatch leaves blocked in gold within; beneath this, a small rectangular panel is blocked with the same gold decoration as for the panel at the head; a rectangular panel formed by a single gold fillet has the word: ' | Routledge & Co | ' blocked in gold within; at the tail, a small rectangle is formed by a single gold fillet and five small gold circles are blocked within. This copy is unsigned but the identity of the cover designer is established by the cover of British Museum de Beaumont copy (RdeB.M.2) in which the central vignette is signed 'RD' in gold as separate letters at the lower right.
Cover DesignerDudley, Robert, fl. 1858-1893
AuthorWillmott, Robert Aris, 1809-1863 (editor)
Publisher of OriginalRoutledge, Warne & Routledge
Place of PublicationLondon, England; New York
Date Original1862
PrinterR. Clay, Son, and Taylor
BinderLeighton, Son, and Hodge
EngraverDalziel Brothers
IllustratorHunt, William Holman, 1827-1910
Watson, John Dawson, 1832-1892
Wolf, Joseph, 1820-1899
Gilbert, John, Sir, 1817-1897
Measurements170 x 230 x 42 mm.
Call numberPEATTIE NO.2
Book cloth
Grain patterns
Gold blocking
Relief (Decorative arts)
Style/Period19th century
SubjectBookbinding--England--19th century--Specimens
Design elementFillets (Bookbinding)
Plant-derived motifs
Dots (Art)
Decoration and ornament, Celtic
Floral patterns
Panels (Ornament areas)
Coverage-GeographicEurope--Great Britain--England
Resource TypeBinding
SourcePrint original in the Roger and Marlene Peattie Collection
TypeStill Image
Current repositoryMemorial University of Newfoundland. Libraries
CollectionDecorative Nineteenth Century Trade Bindings
Bibliographic record{001}
Digital Date2005
CONTENTdm file name143.cpd