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University of New Brunswick - Board of Governors Minutes

This collection currently consists of two sets of minutes:

The College of New Brunswick Board of Governors

The College of New Brunswick Board of Governors and Trustees was the governing body of the College of New Brunswick. The College of New Brunswick, a predecessor to the University of New Brunswick, was created by a Provincial Charter on 12 February 1800. It was the first time that a college in Canada was so recognized. The College graduated its first and last three graduates on 21 February 1828; it ceased to exist when Kings College opened on 1 January 1829.

University of New Brunswick Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the University of New Brunswick's primary governing body. Presently comprised of 34 voting and 10 non-voting members, the Board has "all powers necessary to achieve the objects and purposes of the University." (University of New Brunswick Act, 1984, Section 36)

The Board of Governors was created in 1968. The University of New Brunswick Act was revised that year in response to the 1966 Duff Berdahl report on University Government in Canada. As a result of the report, the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick was asked to secure several amendments to the UNB Act. The formation of a Board of Governors was among them.

Prior to the 1968 Act revisions, the University Council, constituted by the UNB Act of 1952, dealt with the academic aspects of the University and reported to the Senate. At that time, the Senate was the ultimate decision making body for academic issues as well as all administrative and financial functions of the University, and had been since the University was created on 13 April 1859. In effect, the 1968 revisions to the Act replaced the Senate with a Board of Governors, responsible for finances and overall management. A new Senate, responsible for academic issues, replaced the University Council.


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