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Early Days of Memorial University's Medical School, 1967-1979

The Faculty of Medicine Founders' Archive has created a virtual exhibit called, "The Early Days of The Medical School at Memorial University." The Medical School opened in 1967 with the appointment of its first Dean, and then in 1969 the first students entered the medical program. The exhibit contains:

1) Textual Records, e.g., more than 400 newspaper clippings, Newfoundland Medical Association Newsletter articles, and the Faculty of Medicine section in the University Calendar;

2) Graphic Materials, e.g., photographs of Memorial University, the construction of the Health Sciences Centre, and the Official Opening of the Health Sciences Centre; and

3) Moving Images, e.g., videotapes produced in the early years of the Medical School. A chronology of events relevant to the Medical School is also highlighted.

The exhibit concentrates on the period 1967 to 1979.

The website was officially launched as a part of the 40th anniversary of Memorial University's Faculty of Medicine, 22 October 2007.


Memorial University - Faculty of Medicine Founders' Archive

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The Early Days of the Medical School