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St. John's Daily Star

St. John's Daily Star. Published 1915-1921
The Daily Star contained domestic and foreign news, sports, poetry, fiction, advertisements and other typical features. It was started by H. M. Mosdell and R. Dowden, both of whom were formerly connected with the Fishermen's Advocate. The Advocate claimed it was funded by a few Water Street merchants "in the hope of using it as an anti-Confederate paper in the event of the matter becoming a live issue". The sole purpose of the Daily Star for the first few years appeared to be to assail W. F. Coaker and the Fishermen's Advocate. The Advocate retaliated by publishing a column called "Mosdell's Boomerangs" which quoted Mosdell's earlier statements of praise for the man and his cause. The Star supported the Squires government and stopped attacking Coaker in about 1919, lashing out instead at A. B. Morine and C. J. Fox.

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