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The Cadet. Published 1914-1924
Published by the Catholic Cadet Corps.

Christmastide. Published 1907-?
Published by Devine & French St. John's N.F.

Colonial Commerce. Published 1915-1919
Colonial Commerce is a monthly review of the activities of the Board of Trade and the economic news of Newfoundland. It was edited and published by P.K. Devine.

Commercial Annual. Published 1916-1921?
Commercial Annual, issued and published at Christmas time by the Trade Review Publishing Co. P.K. Devine, Editor and Manager.

Curtis Academy Magazine. Published 1944-1956
The Curtis Academy's magazine contains stories, poems, and games submitted by students of the school located in St. John's, Newfoundland. Includes portraits and biographies of members of the Methodist and United Church Board of Education involved with the Curtis Academy. It opened on June 15th, 1944 and was destroyed by fire September 1975.

The Distaff. Published 1916-1917
The Distaff, published by the Royal Gazette of St. John's was sponsored by the Patriotic Association of the Women of Newfoundland (the W.P.A.) and ran from 1916-1917. It contains much about the impact of the Great War on the home front and on women's activities during the war years.

Easter Lily. Published 1917-?
Published by J.P. Gleeson, St. John's, N.F.

Imperial Oil Review. Vol. 25 No. 1 Spring 1941
Published periodically by Imperial Oil Limited. This issue contains Newfoundland content.

Military Gazette. Vol. 60 No. 9 September 1945
A special Newfoundland edition.

New-land Magazine. Published 1962-1990/91
Edited and published by P.J. Wakeham.

Parsons' Xmas Annual. Published 1899-1907?
Publishers, Will Parsons and Wm. K. Pratt.

The Record. Published 1898-?
The Record contains articles on various sporting events which took place between the 1870's and 1890's. Published by Jacob Nichols, St. John's, N.F.

Shortis Papers.
Henry Francis Shortis (1855-1935) was a well-known St. John's journalist. He created volumes of hand-written articles, the originals of which are housed in the Provincial Archives, St. John's, Newfoundland. Newfoundland Premier Joseph R. Smallwood had several of the volumes transcribed and these type-written Shortis Papers are digitized here. The featured texts are mostly of an historical nature, and several are authored by people other than Shortis himself.

Spencerian. Published 1921-1972
Magazine/yearbook of Bishop Spencer College, a Church of England school for girls.

Sports and Pastimes in Newfoundland. Published 1911?-1916?
Published by R. Dowden in December of each year. It provides information on sports and sporting events during the year as well as information on World War I enlistments, casualties and those serving in the war.

TickleAce. Published 1977-2000.
TickleAce featured poetry, fiction and visual art.

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