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Colonial Papers

This collection contains primary sources pertaining to Newfoundland's colonial relationship with Great Britain:

D'Alberti papers. (Correspondence, incoming and outgoing, between the Colonial Office and the Governor's Office in Newfoundland)
This 34 volume set contains typewritten copies of handwritten transcripts of Newfoundland material obtained from the Colonial Office Records (C.O. 194) in the Public Record Office, London, 1780-1825. Notes: An index is present at the beginning of each volume; the years 1785-1789 are missing.

Despatches from the Governor of Newfoundland to the Secretary of State [for the Colonies], 1800-1826
Despatches received by the Governor of Newfoundland from the Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1800-1825
These two sets contain typewritten copies of handwritten transcripts of despatches sent between the Secretary of State for the Colonies in the British Colonial Office and the Governor of Newfoundland, 1800-26. Note: volumes are organized in date order with an index at the beginning.

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