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401. Nichol, Don Nichol, Don This collection contains Don Nichol's writings up to 1990 Newfoundland connection. writings several genres literary criticism and editorials, songs and lyrics, a sketch, television review columns, short story conference paper. student of Newfoundland literature. Book and television reviews, editorials, sketches, songs, short stories, conference and literary papers. Professor of English Language and Literature, Memorial University of Newfoundland, born Twillingate, Newfoundland. MF-299

402. Norma and Gladys, schooner Norma and Gladys, schooner This fonds consists of photographs of the Norma and Gladys at port in Monaco, Marseille, France and Genoa, Italy during its international tour in 1976. The schooner served as a floating museum, carrying, in its cargo hold, exhibits on the history of the Labrador fishery. MF-397

403. Northern Ranger Logbook Northern Ranger Logbook M.V. "Northern Ranger"; coastal boat; log-book This is just one of many chief engineer's log-books that documented the voyages of the "M. V. Northern - Ranger" during its 30 years of service to coastal Newfoundland and Labrador. As an engineer's log-book - it contains information on the engine, fuel, weather, time between destinations and time spent in port. It - provides a brief glimpse at the operation of such a vessel in the 1950s before they were replaced by other - means of transport. COLL-195

404. Nunaksoamiut Players Nunaksoamiut Players Nunaksoamiut Players; Newfoundland and Labrador Drama Festival; Theater--Newfoundland and Labrador--Labrador; Theater--Reviews; Correspondence This fonds consists of photocopies of the papers of the Nunaksoamiut Players. It includes correspondence, reviews, newspaper clippings, a program and a history of the group dating from 1983 to circa 1988. MF-359; ASC-EAD0021

405. O'Driscoll, Michael O'Driscoll, Michael Diary of the early years (1874-1881) of Rev. Michael O'Driscoll's priesthood in Witless Bay, recording events and conditions on the Southern Shore. Includes a typed transcript. MF-149

406. O'Meara, Terence O'Meara, Terence This collection contains only a small portion of the papers of Terence O'Meara; it contains information relevant to just a particular aspect of O'Meara's career, a short time spent in Newfoundland to co-ordinate the establishment of a Colas plant at Clarenville in 1937. The collection consists of a report, complete with photographic illustrations, of the construction and start up of the plant, various local newspaper clippings concerning the plant, location diagrams for the plant at Clarenville and charts of the runways at the airport under construction at Gander which the plant was built to surface, of the sea-plane base at Botwood and of North Atlantic air routes. The collection should prove beneficial to researchers interested in aviation history, especially the construction of airport runways, industrial development in rural Newfoundland and the history of Clarenville, Botwood and Gander. COLL-239

407. O'Neil, Frankie O'Neil, Frankie Frankie O'Neill has been involved with theatre in Newfoundland since the 1950s, as a performer in stage and film productions, as well as a theatre reviewer. During the 1980s and early 1990s, she reviewed local productions for the CBC Radio programs The Morning Show and Weekend AM and read these on air. As well, in the latter part of the 1980s she wrote a review column for The Evening Telegram newspaper called "Stage Whispers." Most of the plays reviewed were St. John's and Stephenville Festival productions but she also spent several seasons in London, England and reviewed plays there for her Telegram column. The files of reviews also contain notes made during performances, related programs, press releases, newspaper clippings and some correspondence. In 1992, she was chair of the Board of Directors of the Resource Centre for the Arts when a minor catastrophe arose over scheduling difficulties; this incident is documented in the papers. This collection would be of interest to those researching theatre history and theatre administration. COLL-123

408. Oh! You Nasty Nazi Man: Novelty March Song from Newfoundland Oh! You Nasty Nazi Man: Novelty March Song from Newfoundland Donated Archives and Special Collection in 2000 by the J. R. Smallwood estate. Oh! You Nasty Nazi Man: Novelty March Song from Newfoundland written by A.J. Dee published 11 January 1940. J. R. Smallwood Collection Coll-285 and Coll-075 Oh! You Nasty Nazi Man: Novelty March Song from Newfoundland Score Words music MF-586

409. Oil In The Family Radio program Oil In The Family Radio program Chris Brookes deposited the scripts and papers of the National CBC Radio "soap opera" Oil in the Family (1982) with the Archives and Special Collections in February 1989 after having "rescued" them from the CBC offices. The tapes of the shows had already been discarded. COLL-131

410. Outerbridge, Sir Leonard Outerbridge, Sir Leonard Letter from Harry Anderson Winter, March 30, 1940, giving his opinion on Thomas K. Liddell's 'Industrial Survey of Newfoundland', 1940. MF-085

411. Outport Arts Foundation Outport Arts Foundation Minutes of meetings, accounts and funding transactions of the Outport Arts Foundation (1972-1981). COLL-140

412. Palliser, Hugh, Sir Palliser, Hugh, Sir An open letter Palliser recommending Thomas Dodd position surgeon garrison St. John's. engraved portrait of Palliser published 'European Magazine' (1767); holograph document Vice Admiralty Court which ordered seizure ship believed involved in smuggling off Newfoundland (1796). - MF-382

413. Peace-A-Chord Collection Peace-A-Chord Collection The collection consists primarily of textual material related to the activities of the Peace-A-Chord, 1985-2007, including minutes of meetings (general, annual and committee meetings), promotional material (posters and programs), and correspondence. In addition, the collection includes photographic and audio material relating to the annual Peace-A-Chord Festival. COLL-406

414. Pelley, Marina Pelley, Marina This fonds consists of 38 photographic postcards. Ten of the photographic postcards depict the destruction caused by the tidal wave which hit the Burin Peninsula on November 18, 1929. These ten postcards were numbered 350-359. Twenty of the photographic postcards are of the SS Sagona and its crew on a mission to rescue the survivors of the SS Viking explosion, March, 1931. A further three postcards are of Corner Brook, three of St. John's and one of Pouch Cove. MF-391

415. Percy, John Percy, John This manuscript file consists of records kept by John Percy, Methodist minister at Brigus, Newfoundland. The records are dated from 1804 to 1820, spanning almost all of Percy's career as a minister in the town of his birth. He was likely the first ordained Methodist minister to - come from Newfoundland. The records kept by Percy are in typescript and consist of 17 pages noting baptisms, deaths and marriages. He also included a notes column in which he wrote any other details he felt were pertinent to those he ministered. MF-353

416. Perlin, Rae Perlin, Rae Rae Perlin first deposited papers at Archives and Special Collections in 1983. A second deposit of photographic material, collected by Anne Hart, followed in 1994. The largest deposit was made by John Perlin on March 25, 1998. The papers were generated during the years 1910 to 1997 and detail various aspects of her life, particularly her art activities including oil painting, watercolour and sketching.This collection allows researchers to examine the artistic styles of Rae Perlin and see how her travels and studies were reflected in her artworks. There are sketchbooks and drawings done by Perlin that are exclusive to this collection. These were done by Perlin all over the world, as were the journals and diaries that are included in the collection. Both the sketches and the journals provide a wealth of information on the artist as well as a record of the Perlin family's daily and yearly activities. The journals and diaries, in particular, offer a valuable glimpse of a Jewish family functioning in a Predominantly non-Jewish environment as the Perlins did in St. John's. It is not only the information on Perlin's artistic endeavours that is important however. There are literary materials relating to the publication of Not a Still Life: The Art and Writings of Rae Perlin, which was compiled and edited by Marian Francis White and published by Killick Press of St.John's in 1991. There are notes, plans and a draft of the book, as well as correspondence with publishers and bookstores. The collection contains Perlin's correspondence with charities, religious groups, politicians and many non-government agencies, addressing a variety of causes. This correspondence reveals much about her personal character, through the causes that she remained committed to for many years. In addition to literary and personal papers, there are photographs dating from 1920. These show Perlin in a variety of places, ranging from Guelph, Ontario to Placentia, Newfoundland. They contain images of a youthful Rae Perlin, as well as her in later years, spending time with family members as recent as 1996. There are also photographs of other members of the Perlin family. This collection documents the life of a woman with a range of artistic and literary talents. She was successful both as an artist and critic, and earned for herself a secure place in the arts scene of this province. COLL-053

417. Perlin. Albert Perlin. Albert This fonds consists of the papers of Albert Benjamin Perlin, spanning the time period c. 1920 to 1977. It includes biographical material, drafts of his writings, newspaper clippings of his columns and speeches, the booklet The Newfoundland Story, some correspondence, a small amount of his research, and research on his work done by others. Researchers should also consult Coll-075, file 3.05.008 for correspondence between A. B. Perlin and J. R. Smallwood. COLL-328

418. Petite, Gordon Petite, Gordon Invoice and customs export forms dated August 1942 for the SS Baccalieu and financial statements for voyages of the MV Isabel Spindler dated June 22 and July 4, 1955, from the records of Jerry Petite and Sons, Ltd. MF-179

419. Peyton Family Peyton Family Peyton Family; Law--Newfoundland and Labrador--Sources; Voting registers--Newfoundland and Labrador--Twillingate; Twillingate (N.L.)--Census; Fogo Island (N.L.)--Census; Twillingate Region (N.L.)--Surveys; Aids to navigation--Newfoundland and Labrador; Beothuk Indians--Newfoundland and Labrador; Notre Dame Bay (N.L.)--History--19th century; This fonds consists of a variety of records concerning the Peyton family which date from 1806-1908 and which include unique historical documents concerning the history of Newfoundland, the Peyton family, and the early settlement of Notre Dame Bay in the 19th Century. John Peyton Senior (1747-1827), the progenitor of the family, played a prominent role in Newfoundland history. His son, John Peyton, Junior (1793-1879), and his grandson, Thomas Peyton were magistrates and residents of Exploits Island and Twillingate. Included are a number of legal journals; wills, notary work for shipping wrecks, and writs issued for the Supreme Court. There are two voters lists for Twillingate district (1882 and 1889); the 1836 nominal census for Twillingate and Fogo area; and a register of fishing rooms (1806-1828) which is a rare treasure. Also included are memorials of indentures generated through the Deputy Surveyor's Office, Twillingate, from 1851 to 1908; and, navigational aids for sailing from Newfoundland to Spain, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and the West Indies. Later additions consist of several hundred original, hand-drawn, surveys of land in the Twillingate area, as well as a large number of government forms; and two manuscript files (formerly MF-194 and MF-118) with excerpts from Thomas Peyton's diary; and photographs of a letter to John Peyton from William Epps Cormack concerning Shawnadithit, respectively. Coll-150; ASC-EAD0001

420. Philip Bromfield  Philip Bromfield Philip Bromfield, fl.1788, Midshipman, Royal Navy. This collection consists of the Log of the proceeding of HM ship Salisbury,, Rear-Admiral John Elliott, Esq., Erasmus Gower, Esq., Commander, in her passage from Newfoundland to England, 1788. Bound with 'Geometry: definitions and principles etc.', an exposition of problems of navigation lists and records of crew, 1795; sailing directions and notes on Mediterranean ports, ca. 1790. MF-278
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