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381. Newfoundland Colonial Secretary Office Census of Newfoundland 1911-1921 Newfoundland Colonial Secretary Office Census of Newfoundland 1911-1921 This collection contains a small portion of the 1911 and 1921 nominal census for Newfoundland and Labrador. The 1911 Census contains the enumeration for St. John's East and part of Bonavista Bay, mainly Greenspond and area. The 1911 census lists individuals by name, age, nationality, religion and occupation. The 1921 Census contains only two booklets both from the Greenspond area. The 1921 Census lists individuals by name, age and religion only. There are very few nominal census in existence before 1921, the year in which the government of Newfoundland began retaining its nominal census booklets. The 1921, 1935 and 1945 nominal census are available on microfilm at the Centre for Newfoundland Studies and the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador. These are the last three census returns before Newfoundland became part of Canada. COLL-196

382. Newfoundland Constabulary and Fire Department Newfoundland Constabulary and Fire Department Circular announcing pay raises to all ranks of the Newfoundland Constabulary and Fire Department, August 28, 1940. Detail of Duties for Constabulary, Regulations governing Journalists and Motion and Still Photographers and Traffic Regulations and Directions during the visit of HRH Duke of Kent, September 9, 1941. MF-074

383. Newfoundland Election Trials, a drawing Newfoundland Election Trials, a drawing At an auction held in St. John's in December 1996, the Archives and Special Collections acquired a copy - of a drawing captioned "The Newfoundland Election Trials: Mr. Justice Little Delivering Judgment". - Pictured is a courtroom scene: on the bench at the left are Mr. Justice Joseph I. Little, Chief Justice Sir - Frederick Carter and Mr. Justice James S. Winter. Facing them on the right side of the centre table are - Robert Bond, James Watson and Sir William Whiteway, the three members for Trinity, who are listening to - Mr. Justice Little deliver the verdict. The date is July 25, 1894. - Whiteway and Bond were found guilty of - bribery and corruption in the 1893 Newfoundland election campaign, unseated and disqualified from - running again; Watson, was also found guilty and unseated, but not disqualified. Lawyers, court officials - and members of the public, some of whom are recognizable, fill out the scene. - The drawing appeared in a - British newspaper, probably <italic>The Illustrated London News</italic>. There is a signature in the lower left corner, - possibly H Johnson, who may be the artist. There is also the name Meisenbach in the lower right corner, - possibly the engraver. The drawing is one of few, perhaps the only illustration of the trials arising from the - infamous "Election Petitions of 1894". MF-339

384. Newfoundland Hotel (St. John's, Nfld.) Newfoundland Hotel (St. John's, Nfld.) Dinner menu for Newfoundland Hotel for June 12, 1934. MF-266

385. Newfoundland Library Association Newfoundland Library Association The papers of the Newfoundland Library Association comprise a small collection that was - generated during the years 1969 to 1994. It consists of minutes, correspondence, financial records, - membership lists, constitutions, and material relating to special projects such as a directory of - Newfoundland libraries, the Margaret Williams Trust Fund, and Newfoundland Library Week activities. In - particular, there is original submissions (prose, poetry and art work) from the children who participated in - the NLA's project for International Year of the Child in 1979: the publication of My Inside Self: writings and - pictures by children of Newfoundland and Labrador. The collection should be of interest to researchers in - the library professions, the history of libraries and their activities in Newfoundland. - - - COLL-062

386. Newfoundland Outport Nurses and Industrial Association (NONIA) Newfoundland Outport Nurses and Industrial Association (NONIA) The records of the Newfoundland Outport Nursing and Industrial Association were deposited in the Archives and Special Collections on January 25, 1991. These records were generated from - 1925 to 1990 and reflect the social and business history of the Association. The records, however, are - incomplete. The annual reports cover the years 1925 to 1978 but the remainder of the reports and - minutes of meetings cover only the years from the 1950s to the present. - - - The collection includes annual reports, Presidents' reports, financial reports, correspondence, - advertising and promotional brochures, records of the NONIA store, records of the Corner Brook branch - operations, manuscript histories, and photographs. A very interesting document is the Visitors Guest Book - which was kept in the NONIA store from 1933 to 1951 and contains signatures of thousands of - customers during that period including the wife of British Prime Minister Ramsey MacDonald. - - - The records were kept intermittently at the NONIA store at 286 Water Street, St. John's, for a - number of years and at the residences of some of the past presidents of NONIA. The records reveal a - fascinating insight into nursing history, life in the outports, and a successful business venture of - Newfoundland cottage industry. COLL-151

387. Newfoundland Performing Arts Scripts Newfoundland Performing Arts Scripts This collection contains copies of scripts of local theatrical productions written for the stage, radio and television. The collection commenced in 1982 when actor Rick Boland was employed for a short period to help set up the Newfoundland Performing Arts Archive Project, a joint project of the Centre for Newfoundland Studies of the Queen Elizabeth II Library and the Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive. The collection would document original script writing in Newfoundland. - - Many of the scripts are radio plays which were photocopied from those contained in collections in the Archives and Special Collections. As collections from theatre companies, individual actors and writers are received by the Archives, scripts from the collections are copied for inclusion in the Script Collection. - - Researchers should be aware that partial scripts and notes towards scripts are to be found in various collections and these should be checked if a script is not listed in this finding aid. The collection will be of interest to students of Newfoundland drama and has grown into a valuable resource for academic researchers as well as those restaging productions. - - COLL-144

388. Newfoundland Performing Arts Theatre Reviews Newfoundland Performing Arts Theatre Reviews This collection was started in November 1991 when Denyse Lynde, professor of English Language and Literature at Memorial University, was preparing a paper on theatre reviews in the 1960s and 1970s. Lynde had two English graduate students, Lisa Stowe and Bruce Brenton, search the Evening Telegram and the Daily News for that period. Reviews were copied from microfilm and the students prepared a data sheet for each review containing key information from the review. Unfortunately, the project proved more time consuming than had been anticipated, so they began skipping the several months of each year when there were normally no reviews. They scanned papers for 1960 - 1964, 1967 and - 1970 - 1973. - - In 1993, Bruce Brenton began a new search of Michael Cook reviews for his own thesis research. It was arranged to have copies of these reviews also deposited into this collection. The Michael Cook reviews begin in 1966. COLL-169

389. Newfoundland Savings Bank Newfoundland Savings Bank War Savings Information booklet and child's savings stamps book. MF-244

390. Newfoundland Stamp Exchange Newfoundland Stamp Exchange A folder of materials (glassine envelopes, approval booklets, ordering blanks) used in stamp collecting. MF-254

391. Newfoundland Transportation Company Limited Newfoundland Transportation Company Limited Invitation (dated August 24, 1960) to the ribbon-cutting and inaugural run for the MV John Guy on the Portugal Cove-Bell Island Ferry Service, including program, from Hon. George Hees, Minister of Transport (Canada) and The Newfoundland Transportation Company Limited. MF-263

392. Newfoundland Travelling Theatre Company Newfoundland Travelling Theatre Company These papers were generated during the 1970s (1971-1976) when a new generation of Newfoundland actors and playwrights were experimenting with novel ideas for theatre production in the province. The Newfoundland Travelling Theatre Company (NTTC) was the first company to tour in the smaller provincial communities. The NTTC produced scripted plays usually by one, but sometimes two, Newfoundland playwrights, such as Dudley Cox, Michael Cook and Tom Cahill. COLL-129

393. Newfoundland-Spanish Cod Fisheries, 1583. Newfoundland-Spanish Cod Fisheries, 1583. Copies of a deposition in the Court of Lequieto by the Master of the vessel Catalina, sailing from Pasajes to the 'fishing grounds of Terra Nova' outlining the profits and conditions for his crew, entitled 'How were recruited in the 16th century in the north coast of Spain crews for the cod fishing in Newfoundland'. MF-052

394. Newfoundland. Board of Liquor Control: permit, 1923-1960. Newfoundland. Board of Liquor Control: permit, 1923-1960. Seven individual liquor permit books, two individual liquor permit identification cards and two physician's prescriptions for spirits and wines. MF-281

395. Newfoundland. Department of Assessor: income tax forms Newfoundland. Department of Assessor: income tax forms Two blank Newfoundland income tax forms. MF-076

396. Newfoundland. Dept. of Defence Newfoundland. Dept. of Defence Quarterly statements from Colonel Walter F. Rendell, Secretary for Defence, showing enlistments, casualties and disposition of Newfoundlanders in the Royal Navy, Royal Artillery and Royal Air Force. Correspondence with the Commissioner for Defence, the Dominions' Office and the Trade Commissioner for Newfoundland. MF-227

397. Newfoundland. Dept. of Education Newfoundland. Dept. of Education Form letter (dated May 25, 1939) from H. L. Pottle, Chairman of the Board of Examiners for Summer School informing applicants of acceptance to summer school. MF-267

398. Newfoundland. Dept. of Public Welfare, Labrador Services Division Newfoundland. Dept. of Public Welfare, Labrador Services Division Records of the depot operating costs and trading statistics from Northern Labrador coastal depots at Nain, Hopedale, Davis Inlet, Nutak, Hebron and Makkovik, mainly for 1942-1954. MF-175

399. Newfoundland. House of Assembly, Newfoundland Railway report, 1897 Newfoundland. House of Assembly, Newfoundland Railway report, 1897 Report of a Select Committee of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland, appointed to consider the completion of the Newfoundland Railway from Harbour Grace to Carbonear (Chairman, William Duff). Letter from John Southey, ADC and Private Secretary to the Governor of Newfoundland, covering correspondence and dispatches forwarded to the House of Assembly, May 5, 1897. MF-077

400. Newfoundland. Royal Newfoundland Regiment. Newfoundland. Royal Newfoundland Regiment. Program for trooping the colour of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment at Corner Brook, May 9, 1960. [Includes explanation of trooping the colour; officers and colour party; drill movements and music; brief history of the Regiment and list of battle honours]. Program for 50th Anniversary Celebration, 1964. MF-264
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