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361. Mott, Henry Y. Mott, Henry Y. Mott, Henry Youmans, 1856-1946; Newfoundland and Labrador--Portraits; Statesmen--Portraits; Judges--Portraits; Lawyers--Portraits; Businessmen--Portraits; Merchant mariners--Portraits This collection consists of reproductions of the portrait photographs of the 139 men who appeared in H. Y. Mott's 1894 publication Newfoundland Men. Coll-327; AMD-EAD0004

362. Mrs. Goodford correspondence Mrs. Goodford correspondence Letter asking for recommendation of a nursemaid, c. 1837 or 1839. MF-037

363. Mullock, John Thomas Mullock, John Thomas Mounted photograph, 8.5 x 5.7 cm. MF-087

364. Munn, Robert S. Munn, Robert S. Autograph letter on HMS Cleopatra letterhead, dated August 21,[1894], signed Assheton G. Curzon-Howe, Commodore of the Cleopatra, concerning employees of Munn Brothers and others from Conception Bay encountered on his trip to Labrador. Envelope and small Christmas card included. MF-121

365. Murphy, J.F. Murphy, J.F. Negative drawings of 'Home Made Fish Meal Outfit', designs for various pieces of machinery and methods for production of fish meal. OMF-037

366. Murray, Alexander Murray, Alexander Form letter from the Canadian Institute giving notice of his election as a member, July 9, 1855. MF-073

367. Murray, Janet Ayre Murray, Janet Ayre The Janet (Miller) Ayre Murray papers consist of material related to her and her family's - involvement in the first World War and the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. It includes material - associated with her service with the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) of the British Red Cross from 1917 - to 1918. This is, however, primarily a collection of correspondence. There is correspondence written by - Janet's brother, Andrew Miller, to Janet and to her mother, Mary, while he served as a soldier with the - Newfoundland Regiment. There is also correspondence and other material related to Eric Ayre and - Bernard Ayre, two brothers who were soldiers during the war. (Janet Miller married Eric Ayre in 1915.) - There are letters written by Bernard Ayre to his mother from the trenches. There is also a small amount of - material, mostly newspaper clippings, associated with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and the Battle - of the Somme at Beaumont Hamel on July 1, 1916. A number of photographs of soldiers and family - members are also included. This collection is of interest to biographers, military historians, social historians and students of women's - history. The correspondence written from the trenches is especially significant. Some of the ephemera - such as Janet Miller's VAD armband and pin are also notable. COLL-158

368. Murray, Myles Murray, Myles The Myles P. Murray collection consists of newspaper clippings and several pieces of correspondence mainly dealing with the political career of Myles Murray, although there are several newspaper columns which Mr. Murray wrote during World War II under the title "The Daily Doings of a Newfoundland Gunner." This material was collected by Mr. Murray's wife, Doreen. When received by the Archives, the clippings were in a three-ring binder with the clippings glued to loose-leaf exercise paper. While many of the items are not dated, the material spans the years 1941 to sometime in the 1960s. For purposes of preservation, the newspaper clippings were photocopied and the originals, which were deteriorating from age and storage in a damp place, were discarded. The items have been left in the same order as they had been in the binder, which was not chronological. The three pieces of correspondence have been placed in separate files, but photocopies have been left with the photocopies of the newspaper clippings where these items were originally located. MF-410

369. Myrick, John Myrick, John Letter (dated June 8, 1898) to Myrick from J. Parsons, Agency of the Marine and Fisheries Department, Ottawa, concerning a request from E. J. Myrick to the Department to erect a house on land belonging to the Government of Canada and stipulations attached. MF-265

370. Neal, George Neal, George This collection consists of the diaries of George Neal Limited, a wholesale grocery business based in St. - John's and Beck's Cove from 1894 to 1992. It includes twenty-nine diaries that span the years between - 1910 and 1947, although nine years are not represented. The diaries contain information on the freight - shipping business done between the St. John's office, Conception Bay and environs. They were written - by David Neal, son of George Neal, and employee George Welsh. Their writing can be distinguished from - each other on the basis that George Welsh's writing is "fancier." The diaries were kept as a business record - in the St. John's office and anyone employed by the company could consult them. The diaries also document - the internation as George Neal Limited was a wholesale grocery business that passed through succeeding - generations of the family until 1992 when it was closed out. - - Also included in the collection are two George Neal Limited want books. These small blank books would - be given to customers to write their orders or "wants" in. - - C0LL-296

371. Neary, Stephen Neary, Stephen In July 1985 Stephen Aloysius Neary granted to Memorial University of Newfoundland all of his political papers dealing with his career as a provincial politician - from 1962 to 1985. The Collection included mostly correspondence, but it also contained photographs from 1969-1971 when he was the Minister of Public - Welfare/Social Services and Rehabilitation. It will provide a rich resource for the students of Newfoundland political and social history. COLL-074

372. Neighbourhood Dance Works Neighbourhood Dance Works Fonds consists of material relating to the activities of Neighbourhood Dance Works including classes, workshops, performances, and administrative concerns, dating 1989-2010, predominantly 1989-2001. Fonds consists of promotional material related to the administration of Neighbourhood Dance Works, including correspondence; financial records; documents related to grant applications; newspaper articles and production and programming notes. Much of the material relates to the Festival of New Dance, including programs, promotional material (advertisements, media coverage); reviews; performers' biographies; and programming and production notes. The fonds also consists of photographic and audio visual (2 U-matic video cassettes) material. COLL-391

373. Netten, Theophilus Netten, Theophilus Two notebooks containing a diary of his mission at Rose Blanche, 1872-73; notes of weather, sermons and events in Conception Bay communities while rector at Port de Grave, 1887-1890. MF-152

374. Netten, William Netten, William Two notebooks containing a diary, 1854-1879, of daily events in the Catalina parish and visits to St. John's. Includes a typed transcript. MF-151

375. Nevitt, Joyce Nevitt, Joyce Nevitt, Joyce; Memorial University of Newfoundland. School of Nursing; Nursing--Newfoundland and Labrador; Nurse administrators; Nurses--Photographs; Hospitals--Photographs; This fonds consists of the papers of Joyce Nevitt who was the first director of Memorial University's School of Nursing. A large part of this collection represents her work in organizing the School of Nursing and the establishment of a baccalaureate degree program. It includes adminstrative records, correspondence, reports and research material. The collection also includes research material for her book, White Caps and Black Bands: A History of Nursing in Newfoundland to 1934 which was published in 1978 and includes historical research, photographs, and correspondence.There is a small amount of material relating to her volunteer activities and includes newsletters, lecture notes, minutes of meetings. There is also a notable collection of photographs of nurses and hospitals in Newfoundland and Labrador. Coll-177; ASC-EAD0017

376. Newfie Bullet Newfie Bullet The collection consists of radio scripts (1979-1981) of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) variety series set on the train, The Newfie Bullet, written by David Ross and various contributing writers. It also includes an article by Peter Narvaez about the use of folklore in the program COLL-130

377. Newfoundland Academy of Art Newfoundland Academy of Art Prospectus for Newfoundland Academy of Art, 51 Cochrane Street, St. John's. MF-260

378. Newfoundland Agricultural Society Newfoundland Agricultural Society This fonds consists of a small portion of the papers of the Newfoundland Agricultural Society, which was - formed in January 1842, largely due to the efforts of Dr. William Carson who became the organization's - first president. The documents are a mixture of annual reports, committee reports, wheat sales and - correspondence with two of Newfoundland's governors. - The documents in this fonds give the reader insight into the development and growth of the agricultural - movement in 19th century Newfoundland. - - MF-372

379. Newfoundland and Labrador Drama Festival Newfoundland and Labrador Drama Festival This collection is compiled from several sources and contains material related to the Newfoundland and Labrador Drama Festival, the Dominion Drama Festival, Theatre Canada, the National Multicultural Theatre Festival, and the Atlantic Drama Festival. The bulk of the material consists of programs, directories and newspaper clippings dating from 1949-1997, with a few gaps. The collection would be of interest to researchers of theatre history. COLL-180

380. Newfoundland Association in Aid of the Deep Sea Mission on on Labrador Newfoundland Association in Aid of the Deep Sea Mission on on Labrador Minutes of the annual meetings and minutes of some Executive Committee meetings, held at Government House, St. John's. MF-215
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