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301. Lind, Henry Lind, Henry Holograph diary kept while at Anglican Mission, Sandy Point, St. George's Bay, June 25, 1857-January 8, 1858; November 29, 1861-April 28, 1863; April 1, 1864(?)-May 12, 1864(?). OMF-002

302. London Theatre Company London Theatre Company Programs, newspaper clippings, and 1 Black and White photograph relating to the London Theatre Company (London, England) productions which were staged in St. John's during the winter seasons 1951-1957. COLL-128

303. Longside Players Longside Players The collection is composed of administrative material generated 1984-1990, including correspondence, resumes and Player's questionnaires, as well as newspaper articles describing the creation of the 'Longside Player's and their activities. Material related to the theatre group's productions including play programs, publicity, reviews and draft manuscripts as well as page proofs for the anthology of the group's plays, The Cat's Meow, make up the bulk of this collection. Finally, there are photographs of the actors and their activities. The material in this collection would be valuable to anyone researching the activities of disabled persons in Newfoundland. It also chronicles a unique aspect of the performing arts community in this province. COLL-219

304. Lord Taylor of Harlow Lord Taylor of Harlow In 1985 Lord Taylor of Harlow offered his papers to Memorial University and the gift was welcomed - despite the fact that only a minor portion of the collection relates to his tenure as University President, - from 1967-1973. - - The significance of this collection rests in its integrity, spanning as it does a full life-time, and representing - all facets of Taylor's varied career, from his school days, through his medical training at St. Thomas's - Hospital, and his early clinical and psychiatric work. His wartime career with the Home Intelligence - Division of the Ministry of Information and the Wartime Social Survey generated two boxes of reports - which provide a wealth of material on conditions in wartime Britain. - - In political life he held advisory roles in the fields of health, housing, education and commonwealth - relations. - - Specifically these papers chronicle the life of a 'man and his times'. As a Labour M.P., an administrator - and a doctor, Taylor was in the fore-front of much of the social and political reform which took place in - post war Britain, and it is to the biographer and social historian of this era that the collection will prove its - value. - - Of particular interest are the Commonplace Books, a carefully annotated collection of medical, political - and social notes, and news cuttings including many of his Parliamentary speeches, in scrap-book form, - from 1954 to 1974. - - The collection includes personal papers from his career as Director of Home Intelligence and Wartime Social Survey in the British Ministry of Information (1940-1944), as Labour M.P. and policy advisor on National Health, as Medical Director of Harlow Industrial Health Service, as conciliator of the Saskatchewan Medicare debate (1962), and as President and Vice-Chancellor of Memorial University of Newfoundland (1967-1972). Manuscripts of his published writing, principally omedical subjects, and of his autobiography. Commonplace books, 1950-1976, personal correspondence. - COLL-085

305. MacDermott, Hugh MacDermott, Hugh This fonds consists of one chapter of the memoirs of Hugh MacDermott, a congregationalist minister with some medical training which he used in helping the sick of all denominations. MacDermott served the people of Poole's Cove, Fortune Bay from 1904 to 1934. While there, he and his wife were instrumental in advocating for improvements to health and living conditions. They encouraged residents to weave as a means of supplementing their incomes. The improvements made to the community as a result of Rev. MacDermott's initiative were crucial to bettering the lives of the residents. MF-377

306. MacKinnon, A.H. MacKinnon, A.H. Daily journal of equipment used and work carried out on construction of the Trans Canada Highway at Signal Hill, St. John's. MF-170

307. Macpherson, Campbell Macpherson, Campbell This collection consists primarily of the papers of Campbell Macpherson when he served as Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland. There are also papers, - mostly correspondence, that are related to the operation of the Royal Stores, the large retail business owned and operated by the Macpherson family, on Water Street, - St. John's, with branches in Central Newfoundland. There are some items related to other members of the Macpherson family including Macpherson's wife, Faith - Macpherson, his father Dr Cluny Macpherson, and his uncle Harold Macpherson. - - - - COLL-375

308. Maddock, Frederick Bemister  Maddock, Frederick Bemister Silver medal awarded for achievement in French, 1934, and an emblem for outstanding service to Memorial University College. Includes biographical notes by Anne Hart. MF-127

309. Major, Kevin Major, Kevin Manuscripts, correspondence with publishers, production materials, art work, correspondence with writers, research notes, and other materials related to Major's published and unpublished work. COLL-183

310. Matthews, Evelyn Matthews, Evelyn The collection consists of correspondence, reports, essays, notes and draft lectures related to Evelyn Matthews' professional activities (1926-1983), mainly in her role as headmistress of Bishop Spencer College, 1952-1957, and as Professor of Mathematics, Memorial University of Newfoundland. In addition there are programs of theatre productions. COLL-048

311. Matthews, Keith Matthews, Keith Notes for a speech delivered to the Newfoundland Marine Technology Society, May 14, 1982, entitled 'Marine Technology in the 19th Century'. MF-161

312. May, Dr. William May, Dr. William This fonds consists of letters and other correspondence relating to the career of Dr. William May. Dr. May - was a key figure in the development of vocational education in Newfoundland from the late 1930s - onward. He was a civil servant with the Newfoundland government, holding positions relating to labour - and vocational education. His years of service on various community, provincial and national boards - resulted in the awarding of many honours, including an honorary doctorate from Memorial University of - Newfoundland in 1978. MF-376

313. McCarthy, John McCarthy, John Membership certificate pledging support for the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, in Renews, dated May 8, 1928. MF-164

314. McCarthy, Olive McCarthy, Olive This fonds consists of Olive McCarthy's photograph album containing photographs taken during the summer of 1921, while she and her daughter, Helen McCarthy, were in Venison Tickle, Labrador teaching under the auspices of the Grenfell Association. COLL-299

315. McDonald, Ian McDonald, Ian This collection consists of 19 of 24 lectures on the history of Newfoundland prepared by Ian McDonald, professor of History at Memorial University of Newfoundland, for taping - and broadcast as part of History 3120, a credit course offered through the University's Extension Service, via the Educational Television unit, in the mid-1970s. The lectures are in - the form of typescripts prepared by McDonald for taping, and some contain handwritten notations for the insertion of slides or other visuals during the taping process. The lectures - provide a comprehensive overview of Newfoundland history from 1500 to 1932. They have been printed in book form by Memorial University (CNS call number FF/1008/M32). - - - COLL-226

316. McGrath, James McGrath, James The James A. McGrath political papers are a record of the political career of Newfoundland's longest serving Member of the Canadian House of Commons. McGrath, a Progressive Conservative, served in the House for almost twenty-five years, in two separate terms: 1957-1963; 1968-1986. Most of that time, except for 1957-1963, 1979-1980 and 1984-1986, was spent on the Opposition side. He had brief stints as a Parliamentary Secretary (1962-1963) and as a Cabinet Minister (1979-1980), but gained considerable experience as a front-bench critic, as a member of the shadow cabinet and as a member of various parliamentary committees. As a senior member of the Progressive Conservative caucus during the 1970s he chaired a number of caucus committees and task forces, and subsequently contributed to the shaping of party policy. - - These papers are primarily from McGrath's second period in the House of Commons, 1968 to 1986, although there is some material from his early years in Ottawa. There is also material related to personal matters, to his family, to some aspects of his business dealings and to his years as Lieutenant-Governor of Newfoundland, 1986-1991. Generically, these are mainly textual documents, but there are also photographs, maps, audio and video tapes and film, scrapbooks and clippings and various artifacts and ephemera. - - The papers present a fairly complete picture of McGrath's career as a Member of the House of Commons, particularly after his re-election in 1968. They will be of interest to historians of Newfoundland and Canadian politics and political systems. One large series relates to McGrath's tenure as chair of a special parliamentary committee charged with Reform of the House of Commons. Another documents his tenure as Canada's Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. The papers also reflect his special interests, ranging from children's rights to the need for improved search and rescue facilities off Newfoundland. A major portion of the papers consist of correspondence: with his constituents; with other Newfoundlanders and Canadians; with organizations and special interests, business leaders and trade unions; and with parliamentarians from all parties and from many countries. The papers are a major source of primary material on the political activities of one politician and they provide insight into the changing role of a Member of Canada's Parliament in the closing decades of the Twentieth Century. - - COLL-156

317. McGrath, Richard Thomas McGrath, Richard Thomas This collection consists of newspaper articles, memorabilia commemorating Bishop McGrath's 25 years in - the priesthood, a photograph of Father Craig Strang of Scarboro Missions and miscellaneous writings. MF-408

318. McGrigor, G.D. McGrigor, G.D. Notes on some species of berries entitled 'Nomenclature of Botanical Species found in Newfoundland'. Two bound photocopies of article entitled "Impressions of Newfoundland". MF-066

319. McNeil, Frances McNeil, Frances Two photographs of McNeil and her family, one an enlargement of part of the other. MF-276

320. Memorandum Concerning the Plantations upon a war with ffrance Memorandum Concerning the Plantations upon a war with ffrance This document appears to have been prepared in the office of the English Secretary of War, William - Blathwayt, sometime shortly after the declaration of war between England and France on May 7, 1689. It - recommends various measures that must be taken to protect England's interests in its North American - colonies: Newfoundland; New England; New York; New Jersey; Bermuda; the Leeward Islands. - - MF-343
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