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261. Honeygold, Thomas. Honeygold, Thomas. A cancelled British (Newfoundland) passport issued by Governor Sir David Murray Anderson, May 17, 1933. Clergyman. MF-249

262. Hoogendoorn, Robert Hoogendoorn, Robert Typewritten notes and partial draft of a report on the Chinese in St. John's. Research fellow, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Department of Sociology. MF-126

263. Hope-Scott, J.R. Hope-Scott, J.R. Two letters to Hope-Scott concerning the possible appointment of Edward Feild as Anglican Bishop of Newfoundland. MF-051

264. Hortons Plantation Hortons Plantation 'Deed of Release of a certain plantation and premises situate in the Town of Saint John's, Newfoundland, known by the name of Hortons Plantation', signed 13 August 1819 by John Bell, Nathaniel Stevenson, David Graham, James Crawford, John Cunningham, John Tweedie, Archibald Falconer, Alexander Watson, William McNaught, Walter Bain, Jr., William Lang, William Johnston. OMF-051

265. Horwood, Joan Horwood, Joan Scripts for radio program and radio play and publisher's contract for book. Author and broadcaster, of St. John's. COLL-167

266. Horwood, Robert Horwood, Robert Correspondence with Sir Gerald Woolaston concerning the design for the seal and arms for Memorial University of Newfoundland and the grant by letters patent of - armorial bearings from the College of Arms in London, March 1951. - MF-220

267. Howe, Joseph Howe, Joseph Draft copy of a letter to Sir James Hope, 1808-1881, Admiral of the Fleet, concerning a visit by ship to St. John's. From a letter book in the Joseph Howe Papers. MF-053

268. Howlett, Charles Joseph Howlett, Charles Joseph This fonds consists of photographs and documents (copied from originals) belonging to Charles J. Howlett relating to his involvement in operatic theatre in Newfoundland during the 1920s. MF-287

269. Howley Family Howley Family The Howley family papers document more than 200 years in the history of a family which has lived - in Newfoundland since 1810s, when brothers Richard, John and Michael Howley immigrated to St. - John's. These papers mainly relate to Richard Howley's family, his children, grandchildren and - great-grandchildren. The largest single group of papers document the life and activities of Richard's son, - James Patrick Howley, who spent most of his adult life working for the Newfoundland Geological Survey, - and include diaries, field notebooks, correspondence, property and legal papers, maps and drawings, and - his writings: essays, reports and articles on a wide array of subjects. Also included are his reminiscences, - a first-hand account of his life as a geologist. - - There are papers relating to the life and work of several of J. P. Howley's brothers: John - Joseph, a farmer; Richard Vincent, a priest and writer; Michael Francis, Archbishop of St. John's; Thomas, - a medical doctor; and his sister Catherine and her husband, Edward Morris. There are also documents - relevant to the activities of and relationships between J. P. Howley's children and his grandchildren. - - The papers provide an interesting overview of one of the most prominent Irish Roman Catholic - families in Newfoundland, a family whose members made lasting contributions in the fields of science, - religion, politics, and literature. - - COLL-262

270. Hubbard, Mina Hubbard, Mina Hubbard, Mina; Hubbard, Leonidas, 1872-1903; Elson, George; Labrador (N.L.)--Discovery and exploration; Explorers; Women explorers; Diaries; Portraits This fonds consists of the personal papers of Mina Hubbard. It includes personal documents (birth certificate and passports); personal correspondence; a diary kept by Leonidas Hubbard, Jr., her husband, on his fatal expedition into the Labrador interior in 1903 and diaries kept by herself and George Elson, her native guide, on their expedition to Labrador in 1905; an incomplete manuscript that appears to be a religious treatise; newspaper reviews of her book, A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador; material (review and program) pertaining to her lectures in 1936; general invitations; photographs of her expedition to Labrador, her family, and herself; and various miscellaneous items (a portrait of Mina and a locket and compass that she carried on her Labrador expedition). Coll-241; ASC-EAD0006

271. Illuminated Medieval Liturgical Manuscripts Illuminated Medieval Liturgical Manuscripts Illuminated medieval liturgical manuscripts with musical notation. COLL-284

272. Inuit Lithographs Inuit Lithographs Two hand-coloured lithographic views of Inuit life: a family group using a drill; a hunter stalking a seal. MF-277

273. Jacobsen, Johan Adrian Jacobsen, Johan Adrian Part of the diary kept by Captain Jacobsen, agent for Carl Hagenback, founder of the Hamburg Tiergarten and sponsor of exhibitions of 'exotic peoples'; records his journey on the Eisbaer from Greenland to Labrador in search of Inuit for a public display in Europe and thereafter his travels with eight Inuit until their deaths from smallpox in Paris. MF-232

274. Janes, Percy Janes, Percy Percy Janes has been referred to by many as Newfoundland's pre-eminent novelist and his second novel House of Hate has been singled out as "the great Newfoundland novel". This collection of literary papers - will provide much insight into the validity of these judgements. The collection contains manuscript (both holograph and typed) editions of all his major literary works, - including one novel and several plays which have never been published or performed. Many of the longer works have synopses of plot, story line and character development, some quite detailed; all were done in - preparation for the writing assignments to follow and demonstrate the amount of thought Janes put into a proposed work before he actually began to write it. There are also drafts and rewrites, some spanning - many years, which show the development and change of a work in progress. - - Janes's papers also include an extensive collection of correspondence, mainly with other writers, some of - whom he sent various writings to for comments and criticism. There is also correspondence with - publishing companies, indicative of a writer's frustration in trying to get early works published. Of particular - interest to literary historians and biographers is Janes's journals or diaries which begin in 1953 and - continue, uninterrupted, to 1996. The collection gives a complete picture of Janes the writer, and through - his writing, of Janes the man. - COLL-014

275. Jeffers, George William Jeffers, George William This collection contains only a small portion of the papers of George Jeffers, who as a teacher, scientist and writer, must have amassed a large body of materials in his lifetime. Some of his papers were dispersed in an estate sale in Virginia sometime after his death; there whereabouts are unknown, nor is there any knowledge of other papers in an archive in Virginia or some other American institution. - - The largest items contained in this collection are two studies on the capelin, the small food fish which spawns on the coasts of Newfoundland each spring. Both were written by Jeffers, one as his doctoral dissertation for the University of Toronto in 1931.The collection also contains photographs of capelin, capelin fishing and fishermen, probably from the Conception Bay area where Jeffers grew up. There are several other photographs, clippings, two pieces of correspondence and some miscellaneous items, all related to Newfoundland. - - This collection should prove beneficial to those interested in the capelin and in Jeffers study of these important links in the food chain. MF-055

276. Jellison, Earle Jellison, Earle This collection contains nine items concerning the career of J. Earle Jellison, a former bush pilot in Labrador, who later did survey work over Newfoundland. It contains four photographs related to aviation as well as a letter of recommendation from Canadian Airways Limited on his joining the Royal Canadian Air Force. MF-298

277. Joanna Gosse Collection Joanna Gosse Collection Photocopy of scrapbook of Gosse's activities in the performning arts 1954-1999, VHS copy of Dear Dollface (1994), and scripts for Dear Dollface (1994), and Ms. Laurier (1990) Coll-414

278. Johnson family Johnson family The Johnson Family Papers consists of correspondence written by George Johnson and his three daughters, Sybil, Estelle, and Dorothy. George Johnson's letters were written during two periods: the first covers the years 1865 to 1870 during which he was a student in England. These letters were written to his father and convey general information about life as a schoolboy: - courses he was taking, summer holidays, visits with his relatives and school reports. The second period covers the years 1871 to 1880 when George was living and working in St. John's. These letters were written to his father and contain a fascinating and informative account of life in St. John's, including personal, professional, political, fishery, religious, social and athletic details. - - The letters by Sybil Johnson cover two distinct periods. The first were written during the years 1902 to 1910 when she was a student in England and in Germany. The second group of letters were written while she was working as a VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) during the first world war, 1916 to 1918. Almost all letters were written to her parents. There are also two diaries kept by Sybil, one while she was in Germany, 1906 to 1908, and one while at the1st Western General Military Hospital, Fozakerley, Liverpool, 1916 to 1918. The letters by Estelle Johnson were written while she was a student in England and Germany, 1904 to 1911, and those by Dorothy Johnson while she was a student in Germany, 1908 to 1910; both girls were writing to their parents. - COLL-201

279. Johnson, Hazel Johnson, Hazel Manuscript copies of three ballads: 'Loss of the Ella M. Ruddolph', composed by a young resident of Catalina; 'Go and leave me', by Freda Cox of Harrington; and untitled lament from Forteau Bay for Edward Wellman, lost on the ice, March 17th. MF-141

280. Jones, Andy Jones, Andy This collection consists of the personal and professional papers of Andy Jones. It includes personal correspondence, writings, and publicity material; correspondence and background material for arts committees and organizations in which he has been involved; scripts, publicity and other material for stage and screen productions on which he has worked, including his CODCO work and the film The Adventure of Faustus Bidgood; and publication proofs and other material for The Plays of CODCO. The collection would be of interest to researchers of the history of theatre and the arts in Newfoundland and Labrador from the 1970s to the 1990s. COLL-240
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