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241. Gwyn, Sandra Gwyn, Sandra The Sandra Gwyn fonds consists of a fairly comprehensive record of the professional and personal life of - a well-respected and award-winning Canadian journalist and social historian. Significant materials from her - early years, including her schooling, are well documented with diaries, essays, yearbooks, - correspondence, and items from the beginning of her career as a journalist. - The development of her writing and research interests are chronicled through research notes, drafts of articles, finished articles - and copies of the actual publications. There is ample material covering her segue from writing magazine - articles to writing books, including research notes, correspondence with informants and publishers, drafts - and completed manuscripts, reading and promotional tours, and copies of book reviews. - The - correspondence is especially strong, both personal and professional: correspondents number, among - others, Adrienne Clarkson, Robert Fulford, Katherine Govier, Charlotte Gray, Elizabeth Longfield, Kevin - Major, Jan Morris, Elizabeth Smart and Jane Urquhart. There is also documentation of her involvement - with the Canadian Conference for the Arts, PEN Canada and other writers' organizations, and more than - 1700 photographs that document all facets and periods of her life. - - COLL-316

242. H.M.S. Rose H.M.S. Rose A journal of the voyages and surveys of HMS Rose under the command of Henry Harvey; kept by midshipman Richard Harvey, it includes maps of Newfoundland harbours. MF-140

243. Harding, William Harding, William Diary of the life of William Harding transcribed by his great-greatgranddaughter into three notebooks. An original ledger - (microfilmed) contains parish records from 1820, given to Harding by Thomas Birkett in 1857 and thereafter used by him as - a journal. Some pages from the Harding family bible containing records of births, deaths and marriages. - - COLL-039

244. Harrington, Michael Harrington, Michael Michael Harrington was a public figure for sixty years: he educated, entertained and - represented the general public on the radio, in print and in political office. Michael Harrington had a - varied career; he was an author, editor, radio personality, political figure, historian, poet, and university - lecturer as well as a "scholar and a gentleman." This collection reflects all these aspects of his life - through documents such as his poetry, radio broadcasts and scripts, National Convention materials, and - The Evening Telegram editorials. Harrington was an avid writer and researcher, and testaments to this - are his two long-standing historical series; the radio show "The Barrelman" on VONF (Voice of - Newfoundland) and his columns "Offbeat History" which appeared in The - Evening Telegram. - - Harrington wrote all his own material for these series. He first became - interested in writing when he won a poetry contest; he continued to write and publish poetry throughout - his life and even helped establish an Arts and Letters contest (through "The Barrelman"), the first of its - kind in Newfoundland. Harrington was a delegate for the 1946 National Convention. This notion of - representation and public office is probably what eventually lead him into the position of editor of The - Evening Telegram. - - The materials in this collection span a number of years; not only are there the - materials which Harrington himself created from 1922-1995; there are those which were sent to - Harrington. During Harrington's positions as "The Barrelman" and "Offbeat History" columnist, many - readers sent in photos and documents dating from the 1880s. The amount of materials sent to Harrington - from others suggests that he played an important role, both in the lives of individuals and in Newfoundland - culture as a whole through his promotion of Newfoundland history in his weekly chronicles. - - The collection contains photos, correspondence and research material relating to - Newfoundland history. Effort was made, where possible, to keep materials in their original order. It is also - notable that if Harrington published an article in a magazine, he often wrote the page number of the article - on the cover or first page. This followed through to some of his research materials and letters that he - received; in this case he often wrote "Offbeat" on them if he selected them for use. - - - - COLL-307

245. Harris, Elizabeth Georgina Harris, Elizabeth Georgina Three holograph manuscripts written by Harris: grammar/arithmetic/composition copy book from Central School, Springdale Street, St. John's, 1892, including a description of the July 8, 1892 St. John's fire; Bible lesson copy book while Sunday School pupil and teacher in Halifax, 1895; 27 pages of autobiography and notes on her life from 1877 to 1907, written in 1946. MF-269

246. Harvey, Moses Harvey, Moses This fonds contains 79 photographs taken by Dr. Wilfred Grenfell (1865-1940), during his initial visit to Newfoundland and Labrador in 1892 and given to Rev. Moses Harvey. They include several pictures of St. John's in the aftermath of the fire that destroyed much of the town on July 8, and many others documenting life in the many small fishing villages along the southern coast of Labrador. A further 30 photographs by St. John's photographer Simeon H. Parsons (1844-1908) depict a number of Newfoundland communities and ice bergs along the coast of the island. - Three scrapbooks contain clippings of many of Harvey's newspaper columns and other items related to happenings in Newfoundland collected and saved by Harvey. A fourth scrapbook, in a similar collecting vein, was compiled by one of Harvey's sons. - There is a bibliography containing a partial list of Harvey's writings in the early 1870s and copies of obituaries of Harvey, one written by Daniel W. Prowse, that appeared in the St. John's Evening Telegram on September 3 and 4, 1901. - - COLL-041

247. Hay, James B. Hay, James B. This ship's log of the H.M.S. Buzzard, dated January to June 1893, is Volume II of a two-volume set which was offered for sale by D and E Lake of Toronto. (Volume I of the set, dated September 1867 to February 1872, has no - Newfoundland content and was not purchased by Archives and Special Collections.) The logs were kept by James B. Hay, Midshipman. On May 13, 1893, the ship was at St. Pierre and from - there went to St. John's, Harbour Grace, Trinity, Seldom-Come-By, Bide Arm, Canada Bay, Northeast Grouse (Degrat), Cape Rouge Harbour, and Croque (Croc). The St. Pierre- - Newfoundland account occupies 19 pages and includes details of a number of inspections, receptions and local personages. There are two pages describing the effects of the 1892 fire in St. John's, Newfoundland: "The town of St. - John's is in the process of being rebuilt after the disastrous fire of the last year, but so far as one can see they have not (unlike Vancouver) proposed thereby to make much - improvement in its design - The houses now being built are chiefly of wood; many of those destroyed were of brick or stone...One of the remarkable things about the fire was the rapidity of its spread...The Town caught fire about 1/3 of its - distance from the West End, and houses, especially the Contagious Diseases Hospital about 1/2 Mile east of the Town on Signal Hill, was on fire almost before it had thoroughly gained - its footing in the Town itself..." Hay includes two views of Newfoundland: "Iceberg and Field Ice off Bell Island N.F. June 9th 1893" and "Englee Harbour from Bide Arm" 12/4/93 - with note: "Sea fog drifting into Canada Harbour N.F." MF-296

248. Hayward, John Hayward, John Three black and white illustrations of mummers scenes and one water colour artist's proof. - MF-229

249. Hearts Content Cable Station Hearts Content Cable Station This fonds consists of a photographic and written report prepared by K.J. O'Neill, superintendent at Signal Hill National Historic Park, on request of the Atlantic Office of National and Historic Parks. Its purpose was to describe and comment on the conditions of the Heart's Content Cable Station buildings as of April 12, 1969. MF-395

250. Hefferton, Samuel Hefferton, Samuel The Hefferton papers are a small collection of correspondence, speeches and miscellaneous drafts - pertaining mainly to his political career as Liberal Minister in the Newfoundland Government - between 1949 and 1956. Probably the result of his own culling and arrangement, these papers might be - of interest - to students of Newfoundland history and politics in the 1950's. There is also an essay on his school days - in Newtown, Bonavista Bay which describes outport life and education in the early 1900's. COLL-018

251. Henley, Edward. Edward Henley photograph collection Henley, Edward. Edward Henley photograph collection World War, 1939-1945--Photographs; Fighter pilots--Newfoundland and Labrador; Flight training; Submarines (Ships)--Germany This fonds consists of 10 photographs documenting the World War II activities of Edward P. Henley, a Newfoundlander who served in this war as a flight commander. Henley completed two tours of duty with anti U-Boat Squadrons. These photographs feature Henley, his plane and his crew. MF-368

252. Hettasch Family Hettasch Family The Hettasch family papers consists of a small amount of material collected and used by Paul - Hettasch and his son, Siegfried Hettasch, while serving as - Moravian missionaries in Labrador during the years 1898 to 1985 as well as church related material - collected by Siegfried during his retirement in Ontario. The bulk of - the collection consists of material used for Sunday church services: sermons, prayers, hymns and orders - of service. There is also correspondence which deals with the - history of the Moravian mission stations in Labrador, the history of the Moravians in general and some - related Labrador material. There are photographs showing - church buildings, landscapes, and portraits and a small number of postcards. There is a diary, written in - German, kept by Siegfried relating three trips he had taken: a - bicycle trip from Holland to Herrnhut, Germany; a trip to St. Anthony, and a camping trip. There are a few - items which were obviously "inherited" by Siegfried Hettasch - such as an account of the final days in Hebron in 1959 when the community was abandoned, possibly - written by an RCMP officer, and the 1841 Hebron annual report. - This collection is important to those researchers interested in Labrador history, Moravian history, aboriginal - history, built heritage, Inuktitut and German - languages, and early settlement in coastal Labrador. COLL-249

253. Higgins, John Higgins, John Maps, drawings and plans relative to land appropriations under Defence Regulations of the Emergency Powers Act at St. John's, Stephenville, Bay Bulls, Quidi Vidi; posters from Oxford-Canadians ice-hockey team, the Great War Veterans Association, Knights of Columbus; documents from the law practice of Sir James Winter; photographs of Knights of Columbus, Canadian Bar Association; and miscellaneous folio certificates. OMF-033

254. Higgins, John Gilbert Higgins, John Gilbert The papers of John Gilbert Higgins, QC, MA were given to Memorial University Library by his son Gilbert Edward Higgins over a period of years starting in 1963. Monographs and periodicals were added to the book collections of the Library and the Centre for Newfoundland Studies, but for twenty years the boxes and filing cabinets of archival material remained unsorted. Some found their way into the Maritime History Archive but have since been reunited with those which were stored in the Library. In 1983 we began the process of organizing the collection which was of increasing interest to students of the Confederation period, but it was not possible to pursue this work continuously until 1986. The arrangement has now reached a point where it is possible to describe it in a finding aid and to make the collection accessible for research. There remains much that might profitably be done to refine this arrangement and to list material more fully for future access and security, especially in Series 2 which concerns the Board of Arbitration under Defence (Requisitioning of Land) Regulations of the Emergency Powers (Defence) Act. This inventory is a preliminary effort. - - John Gilbert Higgins was born a collector and at an early age demonstrated due respect for the historical record. From scrapbooks began at the age of four to lists of artifacts and paintings in his Senatorial office very little of the paper record of his life had been discarded; and his life consisted of many layers, some of which are more fully documented than others. As a mirror of Newfoundland society there is 60 years of personal correspondence in Series 5 and the records of many of the organizations with which he was affiliated in Series 4. Historians will find significant material in Series 3.1 (the Responsible Government League) and Series 2 (Board of Arbitration records). Series 1 and 6 contain an important sample of the work of the legal profession in this period. - - Photographs and memorabilia, plans, posters and a large selection of legal documents from the practice of Sir James Winter in the nineteenth century make this a collection visually interesting for exhibitors, and genealogists will find a wealth of family history in Series 2. Manuscripts, drafts and working notes for his own writing in prose and poetry on a wide variety of subjects is also in Series 5. In short, almost all aspects of Newfoundland life in the first 60 years of the 20th Century may be glimpsed or illuminated in the papers of John Gilbert Higgins. - COLL-087

255. Hiscock, Arthur Hiscock, Arthur A handwritten memorial, 38.5 x 49.8 cm., presented to Arthur Hiscock by members of the St. John's Regatta Committee on the occasion of his marriage and his election as President of the Regatta Committee, with water-coloured lettering and decorative scenes from the Regatta. Contains the names of 53 subscribers. OMF-046

256. Hiscock, Eugene Hiscock, Eugene Eugene Hiscock deposited his papers in the Archives and Special Collections on September 10, 1991. These - papers were generated during the years 1979 to 1989 when Hiscock was a Member of the Newfoundland House of - Assembly for the District of Eagle River. It consists mainly of political papers, including general correspondence, - constituency correspondence, constituency projects, dealings with government departments, both provincial and federal, - dealings with businesses, crown corporations, service groups and organizations, reports and commissions, and with others - with interests in the constituency. It also includes Hiscock's handwritten notebooks, briefs and submissions, Liberal caucus - research material and material relating to committee work, particularly the 1980 Select Committee, established to design a - new provincial flag. There is material related to the Liberal Party, mainly the provincial party but also some federal party - material. There is also material dealing with his various election campaigns in the Eagle River district. There is a small - amount of personal material, some photographs and blueprints. - - COLL-182

257. Hodder, George Hodder, George This fonds consists of photocopies of several documents, all relating to George Hodder of Twillingate, Newfoundland. It includes mining licences granted to George Hodder, in 1906 and 1908, giving him and his associates (James Jones, Stanley Jones, William Cook) the right to mine in areas of Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland. Also contained in the fonds are mining claims and mining indentures and one piece of correspondence from Morison and Hunt, Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries, to George Hodder regarding the sale of antimony from Hodder's mine. - As these documents are photocopies, many are barely legible. Therefore, any photocopying from these copies will probably be unreadable. - MF-400

258. Hodgins, Charles Hodgins, Charles This is a small collection of notebooks and diaries of a person who is a unique individual in many ways: a - clergyman attached to a regiment of soldiers during World War II. He is Charles Hodgins. His notebooks - contain field notes, ideas for sermons and some of the sermons themselves, orders of services, poems, or - bits and pieces of poetry, and other assorted items. His diaries contain some of his personal thoughts and - feelings as well as a day-by-day account of his activities. There are seven letters from St. John's - residents: parents, usually mothers, whom he had notified of the death of their sons. There is also a slim - notebook containing handwritten poems which does not appear to be written in Hodgins' hand. The - notebook bears the initials MGT. This should prove to be an interesting collection of material for - researchers investigating the role of the clergy in wartime. - - COLL-171

259. Holme, Randle Fynes Wilson Holme, Randle Fynes Wilson This collection contains the first-hand account of Randle Fynes Wilson Holme, who, in 1887, was one of the first Europeans to explore the interior of - Labrador. It is well-documented, with photographs taken on the expedition, and supplemented with various published items by Holme and by others. There is also a - small amount of biographical information and some correspondence. The contents should prove of interest to researchers of Labrador and of exploration, while the - physical format should interest those studying journal and diary keeping and photographic history. COLL-022

260. Holmes, John Holmes, John The collection includes programs and reviews of productions in which John Holmes was involved - as either director or actor, as well as reviews he prepared for CBC Radio and The Evening - Telegram for other productions, including various drama festivals, throughout the 1980s, and 90s. There is also material - related to his position as Vice-Chairman of the Ceremonies Committee of the 1977 Canada Summer - Games, which were held in St. John's. There is a chronological listing of his CBC Radio reviews and - The Evening Telegram columns. There is an alphabetical listing of programs in sub-series - 1.03. The - collection should be of interest to anyone researching the performing arts in Newfoundland. COLL-127
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