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201. Kennedy, Monsignor Patrick J. Kennedy, Monsignor Patrick J. Letter from Monnie Mansfield, Registrar of Memorial University College, concerning the Roman Catholic Church's position on sterilization. Drafts and typescripts of sermons and journal articles, especially concerning the 100th anniversary of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (Roman Catholic). MF-197

202. Blackmore, Martin Blackmore, Martin Diary kept by Rev. Martin Blackmore, Church of England clergyman in Burgeo in the 1840s. MF-295

203. Hortons Plantation Hortons Plantation 'Deed of Release of a certain plantation and premises situate in the Town of Saint John's, Newfoundland, known by the name of Hortons Plantation', signed 13 August 1819 by John Bell, Nathaniel Stevenson, David Graham, James Crawford, John Cunningham, John Tweedie, Archibald Falconer, Alexander Watson, William McNaught, Walter Bain, Jr., William Lang, William Johnston. OMF-051

204. Bishop, Samuel James Bishop, Samuel James Samuel James Bishop. This collection consists of an acknowledgement of a donation to the Sunday School Orphanage League of the - Church of England, St. John's, signed by Bertha Harvey, January 19, 1918. Notes on verso concern confirmations in 1934. - - MF-131

205. Bartlett, George Bartlett, George George E. Bartlett, District Inspector, Newfoundland Constabulary, ca. 1900. - This collection consists of a fragment of a diary kept by a member of the Newfoundland Constabulary while engaged in enforcing the Bait Act on - board the SS Fiona in Fortune Bay. - - MF-219

206. Bishop, E.I. Bishop, E.I. E.I Bishop, Photographer, of Grand Falls. This collection consists of a postcard with Bishop's photograph of Charles and Anne Lindbergh and Bishop's autograph. - - MF-194

207. Holmes, John Holmes, John The collection includes programs and reviews of productions in which John Holmes was involved - as either director or actor, as well as reviews he prepared for CBC Radio and The Evening - Telegram for other productions, including various drama festivals, throughout the 1980s, and 90s. There is also material - related to his position as Vice-Chairman of the Ceremonies Committee of the 1977 Canada Summer - Games, which were held in St. John's. There is a chronological listing of his CBC Radio reviews and - The Evening Telegram columns. There is an alphabetical listing of programs in sub-series - 1.03. The - collection should be of interest to anyone researching the performing arts in Newfoundland. COLL-127

208. Bird, Will Bird, Will A short story, entitled 'Farlands', excerpted from The Toronto Star Weekly, August 15, 1931. OMF-049

209. Bay Theatre Community Players Bay Theatre Community Players The collection contains textual documents relating to the activities of Bay Theatre 1976-1993. The collection contains programs, minutes of meetings, and small number (2 photographs and negatives) of photographic material. COLL-412

210. Hiscock, Eugene Hiscock, Eugene Eugene Hiscock deposited his papers in the Archives and Special Collections on September 10, 1991. These - papers were generated during the years 1979 to 1989 when Hiscock was a Member of the Newfoundland House of - Assembly for the District of Eagle River. It consists mainly of political papers, including general correspondence, - constituency correspondence, constituency projects, dealings with government departments, both provincial and federal, - dealings with businesses, crown corporations, service groups and organizations, reports and commissions, and with others - with interests in the constituency. It also includes Hiscock's handwritten notebooks, briefs and submissions, Liberal caucus - research material and material relating to committee work, particularly the 1980 Select Committee, established to design a - new provincial flag. There is material related to the Liberal Party, mainly the provincial party but also some federal party - material. There is also material dealing with his various election campaigns in the Eagle River district. There is a small - amount of personal material, some photographs and blueprints. - - COLL-182

211. Bickerdike, Rhoda Dawson Bickerdike, Rhoda Dawson Most of the material in this collection was generated by Rhoda Dawson when she lived in Newfoundland and Labrador between 1930 and 1935. The collection contains essays, diaries, correspondence, and photographs. The essays are on various aspects of life in Newfoundland and on the coast of Labrador which were drafts for a book she had planned to publish entitled Memoirs of Newfoundland and Labrador. The diaries detail day-to-day life; the correspondence is from residents of Labrador, International Grenfell Association workers, her father in England, and friends and acquaintances. The letters are in three forms: handwritten originals, typed copies and typed copies in a manuscript form apparently in preparation for publishing. The photographs include pictures taken by Dawson during her years in Newfoundland and Labrador and pictures taken after she had returned to England, mainly of her watercolour paintings. COLL-198

212. Bell, Robert Bell, Robert Robert Bell, 1841-1917 was a geologist and explorer, of Rathwell, Manitoba. - This collection consists of 42 items relating to various applications for mineral searches and timber rights in - Newfoundland, 1865-1869; a letter from Arthur Waghorne, missionary, Notre Dame Bay, 1899; three letters from James Browning, St. John's, - 1882-1883; letters from D. J. Henderson, St. John's, 1868-1869; letter from Robert A. McKim, St. John's, 1869. - - - MF-119

213. Berry, Freda Berry, Freda Scrapbook of her career in the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service, 1943-1946; photographs and memorabilia which record her active service as Lieutenant Commander and at subsequent reunions. Teacher and administrator, of St. John's. COLL-061

214. Higgins, John Gilbert Higgins, John Gilbert The papers of John Gilbert Higgins, QC, MA were given to Memorial University Library by his son Gilbert Edward Higgins over a period of years starting in 1963. Monographs and periodicals were added to the book collections of the Library and the Centre for Newfoundland Studies, but for twenty years the boxes and filing cabinets of archival material remained unsorted. Some found their way into the Maritime History Archive but have since been reunited with those which were stored in the Library. In 1983 we began the process of organizing the collection which was of increasing interest to students of the Confederation period, but it was not possible to pursue this work continuously until 1986. The arrangement has now reached a point where it is possible to describe it in a finding aid and to make the collection accessible for research. There remains much that might profitably be done to refine this arrangement and to list material more fully for future access and security, especially in Series 2 which concerns the Board of Arbitration under Defence (Requisitioning of Land) Regulations of the Emergency Powers (Defence) Act. This inventory is a preliminary effort. - - John Gilbert Higgins was born a collector and at an early age demonstrated due respect for the historical record. From scrapbooks began at the age of four to lists of artifacts and paintings in his Senatorial office very little of the paper record of his life had been discarded; and his life consisted of many layers, some of which are more fully documented than others. As a mirror of Newfoundland society there is 60 years of personal correspondence in Series 5 and the records of many of the organizations with which he was affiliated in Series 4. Historians will find significant material in Series 3.1 (the Responsible Government League) and Series 2 (Board of Arbitration records). Series 1 and 6 contain an important sample of the work of the legal profession in this period. - - Photographs and memorabilia, plans, posters and a large selection of legal documents from the practice of Sir James Winter in the nineteenth century make this a collection visually interesting for exhibitors, and genealogists will find a wealth of family history in Series 2. Manuscripts, drafts and working notes for his own writing in prose and poetry on a wide variety of subjects is also in Series 5. In short, almost all aspects of Newfoundland life in the first 60 years of the 20th Century may be glimpsed or illuminated in the papers of John Gilbert Higgins. - COLL-087

215. Bernstein, Muriel Bernstein, Muriel Muriel Bernstein,1901- , Freelance journalist, of New York City, NY. - - Correspondence concerning a gift Bernstein had given the Newfoundland and Labrador Crafts - Development Association in 1990 and four photographs of Major Robert H. Tait taken in 1929 when - Bernstein was visiting Newfoundland. - MF-291

216. Bemister, John Bemister, John This fonds consists of a music book belonging to John Bemister, a politician who was the Member of the House of Assembly for the district of Bay de Verde between 1855 and 1870. MF-378

217. Hettasch Family Hettasch Family The Hettasch family papers consists of a small amount of material collected and used by Paul - Hettasch and his son, Siegfried Hettasch, while serving as - Moravian missionaries in Labrador during the years 1898 to 1985 as well as church related material - collected by Siegfried during his retirement in Ontario. The bulk of - the collection consists of material used for Sunday church services: sermons, prayers, hymns and orders - of service. There is also correspondence which deals with the - history of the Moravian mission stations in Labrador, the history of the Moravians in general and some - related Labrador material. There are photographs showing - church buildings, landscapes, and portraits and a small number of postcards. There is a diary, written in - German, kept by Siegfried relating three trips he had taken: a - bicycle trip from Holland to Herrnhut, Germany; a trip to St. Anthony, and a camping trip. There are a few - items which were obviously "inherited" by Siegfried Hettasch - such as an account of the final days in Hebron in 1959 when the community was abandoned, possibly - written by an RCMP officer, and the 1841 Hebron annual report. - This collection is important to those researchers interested in Labrador history, Moravian history, aboriginal - history, built heritage, Inuktitut and German - languages, and early settlement in coastal Labrador. COLL-249

218. Benjamin Latrobe Benjamin Latrobe Autograph letter from Lindsay House, possibly to Reverend James Stillingfleet of Hotham, Yorkshire, concerning the first permanent mission to Labrador. MF-195

219. Benson, David Benson, David David Benson, 1955-, fisheries officer and author, of St. John's. - This collection conists of one Newfoundland Constabulary hat badge from the reign of George V; one audio tape of the "Ode to - Newfoundland" by the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery Band, pre-unification; three photographs, two - of the HMS Calypso, one of a Naval Fire Service plaque; and one program of the commissioning ceremony of HMCS Ojibwa - , 1965. - - MF-092

220. Harris, Elizabeth Georgina Harris, Elizabeth Georgina Three holograph manuscripts written by Harris: grammar/arithmetic/composition copy book from Central School, Springdale Street, St. John's, 1892, including a description of the July 8, 1892 St. John's fire; Bible lesson copy book while Sunday School pupil and teacher in Halifax, 1895; 27 pages of autobiography and notes on her life from 1877 to 1907, written in 1946. MF-269
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