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201. Froude, Eldon. Eldon Froude photographs Froude, Eldon. Eldon Froude photographs Froude, Eldon, 1893-1918--Portraits; Soldiers--Newfoundland and Labrador; World War, 1914-1918--Casualties; This fonds consists of two photographs and a scroll relating to Private Eldon Froude, a Newfoundland soldier who was killed in World War I. These are small threads which connect the living Eldon Froude, brother and soldier, with the dead, a name on a headstone and a piece of paper acknowledging the sacrifice he made for his country. MF-367

202. Furness, Withy and Company Furness, Withy and Company Two dinner menus from Furness Line ship RMS Newfoundland, June 2, 1935 and July 21, 1935. MF-099

203. Gard, Peter Gard, Peter Peter Gard first deposited his journalistic papers with the Archives and Special Collections on December 14, 1989. These papers were generated during the 1980s and reflect the author's career as a contributing writer on predominantly Newfoundland subjects to various newspapers and magazines. The Collection consists of a variety of research notes, research material, drafts, and essays which provided background information for the articles written for these publications as well as originals and copies of the articles themselves. Through this Collection a researcher can discover information on a multitude of issues, as well as trace the varied career of an eclectic writer. COLL-146

204. Gardiner, Dr. Sylvester Gardiner, Dr. Sylvester There were many reports written about Newfoundland for and by British government officials in the 1600s - and 1700s, particularly about the feasibility of settlement and the effect settlement might have on the very - lucrative fishery conducted by the mercantile companies based in the West Country of England. One little - known report was this one, written by Dr. Sylvester Gardiner in 1785. One possible reason for its obscurity - is its recommendations in favour of settlement, something the West Country merchants had discouraged. - Gardiner's report is a very positive one, strongly supporting settlement, the development of judicial and - governmental systems, and promoting agriculture and timber cutting. It presents an optimistic picture of - the potential of Newfoundland as a valuable part of the British Empire, particularly with the recent loss of - the American colonies. MF-035

205. Garland, Charles Garland, Charles This fonds consists of a photograph of a silhouette of a Charles Garland. On the back of the image is - written Surrogate Charles D. Garland / died at Harbour Grace 1810 / 80 years of age. There is an - anomaly here in that Charles D. Garland was not the Charles Garland who was surrogate or who died in - 1810 at age 80. There were three Charles Garlands in Harbour Grace between 1776 and 1810: Charles Garland the - surrogate (1730-1810); his son, Charles Garland (1776-1815); and Charles Davis Garland (1777-?). It would appear that some time after 1895 (D. W. Prowse in A History of Newfoundland (1895) never uses - Davis when referring to Charles Garland the surrogate), Charles Garland the surrogate and Charles Davis - Garland became confused or fused into one person. It is very possible that the fusion has been caused by William A. Munn, who is the author of a series of articles on Harbour Grace, which appeared in The - Newfoundland Quarterly in the 1930s. In one of these articles (NQ, Vol. 35(2), p. 11) he refers to "Charles Davis Garland" who succeeded his father, George Garland, as "Magistrate in Conception Bay about - 1750". This silhouette is reproduced on that page bearing the caption "Surrogate Charles Davis Garland - / Harbour Grace". Written on the back of this picture, in pencil, is the name "Mr. W. A. Munn", leading to - the supposition that this image once belonged to him, and as the handwriting is similar, if Munn wrote his - name on the back to denote ownership, he may also have written the information concerning Garland. - Indeed, this may be the image that was used as the illustration in the The Newfoundland Quarterly article - referred to above. It is most probable that the person referred to in this article and the person pictured in the silhouette is - Charles Garland, the Surrogate Magistrate, who died in 1810 at age 80 and not his contemporary, Charles - Davis Garland, who is not known to have served Newfoundland in any judicial capacity. - The silhouette was a very common form of portraiture in the 18th and early 19th centuries, but had - become virtually obsolete by 1850 as a result of the camera and the photograph. The whereabouts of the - silhouette from which this reproduction was made is unknown. The silhouette appears to be of a man of - middle age and would probably date from the 1770s or 1780s; the photograph is undated but was - probably made between 1900 and 1935. MF-319

206. Garland, John Bingley  Garland, John Bingley With the establishment in the 1990s of the Trinity Trust, which has rebuilt the Garland-Lester House in - Trinity, Newfoundland, interest in John Bingley Garland, who once lived in the house, has been - re-awakened. This fonds contains a copy of Garland's last will and testament dated October 27, 1871, - together with two codicils made on the same date. The will was made many years after Garland had left - Newfoundland to return to England. It provides insight into the man, his treatment of his children and the - dispossession of his property. MF-135

207. Garland, S. E. Garland, S. E. S. E. Garland (Firm); Calendars; Advertising Specimen of an early business calendar distributed to patrons for free, once a common type of advertising in all parts of Newfoundland and Labrador. This calendar, for S. E. Garland which sold books and stationery, is small but attractive, containing a pastoral, farmyard scene. It is for 1901 and the month pad is complete. MF-325

208. Gillingham, Daphne Gillingham, Daphne Student paper entitled 'Newfoundland. Britain's Oldest Colony, Canada's Newest Province', with illustrations written for English VII at Philips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, with material supplied by Joseph R. Smallwood. MF-217

209. Gledhill, Joseph Gledhill, Joseph Correspondence concerning the fortifications at Placentia, including: estimates of repairs by Gabriel Fournier, 1743; authorization to carry out repairs on the old fort by Governor Thomas Smith, 1743; petition for assistance signed by traders of the Placentia area, 1744. MF-036

210. Glover, Sir John Hawley Glover, Sir John Hawley John Hawley Glover was governor of Newfoundland from 1876 to 1881 and again from 1884 to 1885. This collection consists of three documents pertaining to the administration - of Sir John Hawley Glover. They include the commission appointing him governor in 1876, an address by the House of Assembly of Newfoundland to Glover in 1877, and a written welcome to Glover in 1878 from - the people of Harbour Grace with signatures attached. MF-273

211. Godfrey, Stuart Godfrey, Stuart Material related to Godfrey's singing career and his involvement with a number of St. John's-based glee clubs and music festivals 1936-1956, and 1991. - This manuscript file contains material related to the performances of Stuart Godfrey. It should be of interest to those researching Godfrey's musical contribution to Newfoundland's music history, or the musical and choral history of Newfoundland in general. MF-333

212. Goldie, Terry Goldie, Terry This collection contains theatre reviews by Terry Goldie of St. John's productions. From 1979-1985, he read his reviews on CBC Radio; from 1986-1988, he published them in The Sunday Express newspaper. The collection will be of interest to students of drama and those restaging plays. COLL-134

213. Gosling, Armine Nutting Gosling, Armine Nutting This collection consists of two photographs and one negative of Armine Nutting while she was principal of the Church of England Girls' School in St. John's. MF-409

214. Gosling, William Gilbert Gosling, William Gilbert It would appear from the small biography written and published by his wife after his death, that there was a much larger collection of the personal papers and manuscripts of William Gilbert Gosling than are evident here. In that book, Armine Gosling refers to letters, commendations, manuscripts, newspaper clippings and other items one might expect to find in a collection of personal papers. What has happened to them is not known. What is available here is a miscellany of Gosling's work, gathered from a variety of sources. Included are correspondence related to a magnetite deposit at Brigus, Newfoundland, a short typescript on the Anglo-American fishery case before the Hague Tribunal in 1911, a longer typescript on the history of American fishing rights in Newfoundland waters, and a bound copy in - draft form of An Act to Amend and Consolidate the Laws in Relation to the Municipal Affairs of the Town of St. John's, 1916, with various inserts and annotations in Gosling's hand. They provide a brief but important glimpse into Gosling's life and work. COLL-297

215. Gosse family papers Gosse family papers Correspondence, excerpts from newspapers, records and interviews concerning a genealogical search conducted by Nimshi C. Crewe as Research Officer for the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador. MF-155

216. Goudie, Elizabeth Goudie, Elizabeth Manuscript and typescript (edited by David Zimmerly) of her autobiography 'Woman of Labrador', published in 1973 by Peter Martin Associates. MF-148

217. Gough, William Gough, William Records of his career as a radio announcer, television producer, television writer, poet, lyricist and novelist. Includes scripts, drafts and correspondence. Television producer and writer. COLL-108

218. Grand Bank Performing Arts Collection Grand Bank Performing Arts Collection The collection consists of printed material related to performing arts activity in Grand Bank 1970-1990s. COLL-410

219. Great Britain Newfoundland Royal Commission 1933 Photographs Great Britain Newfoundland Royal Commission 1933 Photographs These photographs were part of the final report of the Newfoundland Royal Commission appointed by the British Parliament in 1933, at - the request of the Newfoundland government, to investigate the current financial state and future prospects of Newfoundland. The photographs were - probably used to provide the British officials with a pictorial view of selected Newfoundland communities and landscapes. - There are 65 photographs, all black and white. The first 36 are by the noted - Newfoundland photographer Robert Holloway (1850-1904) or by Holloway Studio. Consequently, some of the images may date from the 1890s or early - 1900s. The remainder of the photographs are probably contemporary to 1933. They are aerial photographs and are possibly the work of two different - photographers. - The images are mainly of Newfoundland outport communities and depict architecture and landscape rather than people. Several communities - have since been resettled. There are a number of images of northern Labrador showing the rugged terrain along the coast. The photographs should - prove valuable to researchers interested in the particular communities depicted, and also to those studying vernacular architecture, landscape and land - use, and early exploration of Labrador by air. COLL-207

220. Great Britain. Admiralty: fisheries reports, French Shore, and Labrador, 1871 and 1872 Great Britain. Admiralty: fisheries reports, French Shore, and Labrador, 1871 and 1872 Tabular statistical reports of the fisheries on the French Shore and on the coast of Labrador for the seasons of 1871 and 1872. OMF-001
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