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81. British Library. Manuscript. Egerton 921, State of the Trade to Newfoundland,1705-1706 British Library. Manuscript. Egerton 921, State of the Trade to Newfoundland,1705-1706 British Library. Manuscript. Egerton 921, State of the Trade to Newfoundland, 1705-1706. This collection consists of 'Answer of the - Commissioners of Trade and Plantations to an order of the Honourable the House of Commons. Anno 1705-6' including an 'Account of the - Trade and Fishery of Newfoundland and of the Planters' for the years 1698-1705. - - MF-040

82. British Library. Manuscript. Sloan 3662, ff. 24-26, Calvert family papers, 1670 British Library. Manuscript. Sloan 3662, ff. 24-26, Calvert family papers, 1670 British Library. Manuscript. Sloan 3662, ff. 24-26, Calvert family papers, 1670. This collection consists of the Calvert family account of their colonizing ventures at Ferryland. MF-173

83. Brother Edwards, Moravian Missionary Brother Edwards, Moravian Missionary Moravian Church--Missions--Newfoundland and Labrador--Labrador Letter of greeting (in German) from the Yorkshire Mission Society. Probably originally a covering letter with reports sent to the Labrador Missions. Typewritten transcript and translation included. MF-029

84. Brothers, Richard. Richard Brothers prints Brothers, Richard. Richard Brothers prints Brothers, Richard, 1757-1824; Prophets This collection consists of seven images of the likeness of Richard Brothers, a religious enthusiast who was born in Newfoundland in 1757. Brothers was convinced that he was the nephew of God and a direct descendant of King David. He espoused his views and made numerous prophecies in his two books, which met with considerable success in both Europe and North America. The inscription on several of the images indicates that they were published in London on April 16, 1795 by one of Brother's followers, William Sharp. All contain the same black and white image of Brothers and are thirteen centimeters in length and twelve centimeters in width. There are, however, variations among them. MF-351

85. Brown Family Brown Family Real property--Great Britain--Colonies--Newfoundland and Labrador; Brown family--Correspondence; Legal documents; Land settlement--Newfoundland and Labrador--Bonavista; Newfoundland and Labrador--History Fonds comprises legal documents and letters concerning the holdings of the Brown family, planters, of Bonavista, Newfoundland, 1780-1821. MF-010

86. Brown, Cassie Brown, Cassie Brown, Cassie; Farrell, Mary Lou, 1942-; Mouland, Cecil, 1893-1978; Vincent, John, b. 1885; Barbour, Job Kean, b. 1898; Kean, Abram, 1855-1945; Authors--Newfoundland and Labrador; Shipwrecks--Newfoundland and Labrador; Newfoundland (Ship); Wilkes (Ship); Florizel (Ship); Pollux (Ship); Truxton (Ship); Caribou (Ship); Search and rescue operations--Newfoundland and Labrador; Theater--Newfoundland and Labrador; World War, 1914-1918; World War, 1939-1945; This collection contains the literary papers of Cassie Brown collected over her thirty-five years as a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. Arranged in series that reflect the various stages of her writing career, the collection includes research materials, drafts, manuscripts, galleys, page proofs,and correspondence relating to her three major published works ('Death on the Ice', 1972; 'A Winter's Tale', 1976; 'Standing into Danger', 1979); research materials, drafts and manuscripts of her unpublished books, short stories, plays, etc.; materials related to her journalism career; and photographs used as illustrations for her books and articles. COLL-115

87. Brown, Lois Brown, Lois This collection contains material related to the theatrical career of Lois Brown. It reflects her life as a drama student at the University of Alberta, a drama teacher at Prince of Wales Collegiate, and her involvement with a number of theatre groups, including Neighbourhood Dance Works and the Flashpoint / East Coast Improvisational Theatre Company during the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s. It should be of interest to those researching high school drama productions, dance and choreography, and the performing arts in Newfoundland. COLL-218

88. Browne, Patrick W. Browne, Patrick W. Catholic Church--Newfoundland and Labrador--History; Mullock, John Thomas, 1806-1869; O'Donel, James Louis, 1737-1811; Lambert, Patrick, 1754-1816; Fleming, Michael Anthony, 1792-1850; Roche, Edward Patrick, 1874-1950; Scallan, Thomas, 1763-1830; Power, Thomas Joseph, 1830-1893; Howley, M.F. (Michael Francis), 1843-1914. Patrick W. Browne is acclaimed as a scholar of the history of the Roman Catholic church in North America. He was both a noted teacher and an accomplished writer, with many publications to his credit. This fonds contains the typescript of an unpublished history of the Roman Catholic Church in Newfoundland entitled "Catholic Footprints in the Ancient Colony" written in the 1930s. The typescript consists of 257 numbered leaves, typed on one side only, together with an additional 21 leaves of end-notes and appendix, bound in a simple black cardboard stock with cloth spine. There is no title page, but there appears to have been one or two pages torn from the front of the text; these may have included a title page. The only comprehensive account of the history of the Roman Catholic Church in Newfoundland between Archbishop Michael Howley's Ecclesiastical History of Newfoundland (1888) and Paul O'Neill's Upon this Rock (1984). . COLL-187

89. Browne, William J. Browne, William J. William Joseph Browne, 1897-1989, politician, of St. John's. This collection consists of miscellaneous notes and papers: material for - speeches; petitions; copies of acts and bills; notes and clippings, from Browne's years as a member of the Newfoundland House of Assembly. - - MF-109

90. Browning, Thomas Blair Browning, Thomas Blair Thomas Blair Browning, lawyer and author, born St. John's 1848. Notes, both loose and entered in a ledger on 1) the Franco-Newfoundland controversy and the - Newfoundland fishery, ca. 1895 and 2) artificial fish breeding. Includes a letter from Percy William Bunting, London, England, December 1895. MF-011

91. Bruton, Francis Archibald Bruton, Francis Archibald Francis Archibald Bruton, 1860-1930, naturalist. This collection consists of a manuscript of an article entitled 'Cormack's List of the Plants of Newfoundland', apparently written by Bruton for a St. John's newspaper. - MF-199

92. Buchanan, Archibald Buchanan, Archibald Land settlement--Newfoundland and Labrador--History; Real property--Great Britain--Colonies--Newfoundland and Labrador; This fonds consists of a photocopy of the original holograph manuscript of Buchanan's 1786 report to the British Government entitled Concerning Landed Property in Newfoundland together with a typed transcript of the document. MF-012

93. Buchanan, Roberta Buchanan, Roberta Roberta Buchanan, Professor of English Language and Literature, Memorial University of Newfoundland. This collection consists of poems and monologues written by Buchanan and performed in 'The Meeting' at the LSPU Hall, and correspondence. - - MF-251

94. Buehler, Richard Buehler, Richard Richard Buehler first deposited his papers with Archives and Special Collections in 1990, after - approximately 20 years of involvement with local amateur theatre productions. A second deposit was - made in 1993. The collection includes programs and scripts of productions, both for radio and stage, in - which he performed or assisted in some way. The papers of The Open Group theatre company comprise - an important part of this collection. The collection would be of interest to those researching the performing - arts in Newfoundland. - - COLL-162

95. Burrows, Ruth Burrows, Ruth The fonds consists of a manuscript, "The Unforgettable Newfoundland", written by Ruth Burrows, biographical information and photographs of her experiences in Newfoundland MF-413

96. Burry, Dean Michael Burry, Dean Michael This collection contains the music and words of one-act opera "Unto the Earth" and related publicity materials. Written by music student, - Dean Burry of Gander. Burry was a music student at Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick at the - time he wrote and produced the opera. It also contains the poster and program of the March 18-20, 1993 production at - Tweedie Hall, Trueman House, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick. - Also contains photocopies of photographs. MF-303

97. Burt, James Burt, James Real property--Great Britain--Colonies--Newfoundland and Labrador; Plantations--Newfoundland and Labrador--Old Perlican; Deeds James Burt was a planter at Old Perlican, Newfoundland. The papers consist of part of a bill of sale by which a plantation at Old Perlican is transferred from John Durell to James Burt, 1728. Also includes a descriptive article from The Evening Telegram, August 12, 1960: Indenture, 1728. MF-013

98. Butler, Samuel Russell Butler, Samuel Russell Samuel Russell Butler, botanist, from Maine. This collection consists of a handwritten journal of a student scientific expedition to Labrador - led by Professor Paul Ansel Chadbourne of Williams and Bowdoin - Colleges and including A.S. Packard (whose 'Labrador Coast' deals in part with this expedition). Appended is a synopsis of W.P. Alcott's - journal of a Greenland expedition. Transcription. - - MF-169

99. Butt, A.B. Butt, A.B. The papers of Albert Boyle Butt provide a picture of a man who was involved with several of the major events which shaped the political - history of Newfoundland during the Twentieth Century. Butt was a high-level civil servant with the Commission of Government which replaced - responsible government from 1934 to 1949 and an elected member of the National Convention which sat from 1946 to 1948. The Commission - of Government series encompasses an interesting variety of papers including speeches by Thomas Lodge, the Commissioner for Public Utilities - (1934-1937), and a provocative letter by Lodge to a St. John's newspaper c.1949 in which he states the Newfoundland people deserve an - apology from the British Government for the imposition of Commission of Government especially in view of the subsequent futility of that body. - - The National Convention was elected in 1946 to determine the political future of Newfoundland. Its 45 members sat for two years and debated - the options available to Newfoundlanders. These options were placed before the voters of Newfoundland in two separate referenda during 1948 - with the result that Newfoundland joined the confederation of Canada in 1949. This series contains a variety of papers relating to the - Convention including Butt's admittance card, speeches in favour of responsible government by Butt, a proposed provincial budget by J. R. - Smallwood, and a letter to Orangemen concerning the Roman Catholic Church's attempt to influence the referendum of July 16, 1948. - - After confederation, Butt was instrumental in organizing the Progressive Conservative Party in Newfoundland. This series consists of materials - relating to that organization: a draft constitution; poll booth organization; minutes of meetings; newspaper clippings; election handbills; and - correspondence. - - Butt's career also entailed work in arbitration and conciliation. This series includes research material relating to twenty-five cases he mediated - between 1959 and 1977 covering primarily labour disputes and land expropriations. - - The collection also includes personal papers pertaining to Butt's involvement with associations and interest groups such as the National Institute - for the Blind, the Playground and Recreation Association of St. John's, the Methodist College Literary Institute and the St. John's Housing - Corporation. - - This collection will be of interest to researchers in various aspects of Newfoundland political, social and labour history in the middle years of the - Twentieth Century. - - Papers related to his work with the Newfoundland Commission of Government, as a member of the Newfoundland National Convention (1946- - 1948), as an organizer and candidate for the Newfoundland Progressive Conservative Party, his work as a labour arbitrator Civil servant and - politician, born Carbonear, Nfld. - - COLL-155

100. Butt, Grace Butt, Grace Grace Butt first deposited copies of her plays with the Centre for Newfoundland Studies in 1982. - These - were catalogued and are available in the Centre's book collection. At the same time Butt deposited notes, - reviews and correspondence related to her plays and her involvement in Newfoundland theatre in the - Archives and Special Collections. She has continued to make deposits in the intervening years. This - collection reflects - the author's life as a playwright, prose writer and poet, and her involvement in the community through - such groups as the Newfoundland Writers Guild, the St. John's Players and Newfoundland Drama - Festivals. Researchers will be able to trace her writing career, as well as her community involvement. She - has written in many genres including playwriting, poetry, short stories/essays, radio documentaries, book - writing and newspaper/magazine article writing. - - The collection includes correspondence, both general and personal, research notes, drafts, review - articles, programs and other production materials related to her plays and other writings. There is - documentation of her involvement in the theatre and a small number of photographs of stage - productions. It is a very good starting point for research into Butt as a writer, a producer and a theatre - organizer, and into the history of theatre in twentieth century Newfoundland. COLL-032
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