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41. Bemister, John Bemister, John This fonds consists of a music book belonging to John Bemister, a politician who was the Member of the House of Assembly for the district of Bay de Verde between 1855 and 1870. MF-378

42. Benevolent Irish Society, St. John's Benevolent Irish Society, St. John's Irish Benevolent Society (St. John's, N. L.); Charities--Newfoundland and Labrador--St. John's; Irish--Newfoundland and Labrador--St. John's; Poor--Newfoundland and Labrador--St. John's The Benevolent Irish Society, believed to be one of the oldest charitable social organizations in North America, was founded in St. John's, Newfoundland in 1806 by a number of Irish residents of the town. This fonds comprises an account book entitled 'Charity of B.I. Society Book' containing minutes of meetings, names of Society members and the names of recipients of food and money donated for the poor of the Irish community of St. John's, 1862-1875. MF-006

43. Benger, John W.  Benger, John W. Justice, Administration of--Newfoundland and Labrador--History; Newfoundland and Labrador--History--To 1763; Justices of the peace--Newfoundland and Labrador--Ferryland John W. Benger, fl. 1743. Justice of the Peace for Ferryland. Instructions to John W. Benger, one of HM Justices of the Peace for the district of Ferryland, received from Thomas Smith, Governor of Newfoundland, 1743. MF-007

44. Benjamin Latrobe Benjamin Latrobe Autograph letter from Lindsay House, possibly to Reverend James Stillingfleet of Hotham, Yorkshire, concerning the first permanent mission to Labrador. MF-195

45. Bennett, Myra Bennett, Myra The Myra Bennett collection consists of papers both personal and professional that relate to her life as a nurse and midwife in the community of Daniel's Harbour and includes correspondence, biographical material, diares and journals. - COLL-254

46. Benson, David Benson, David David Benson, 1955-, fisheries officer and author, of St. John's. - This collection conists of one Newfoundland Constabulary hat badge from the reign of George V; one audio tape of the "Ode to - Newfoundland" by the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery Band, pre-unification; three photographs, two - of the HMS Calypso, one of a Naval Fire Service plaque; and one program of the commissioning ceremony of HMCS Ojibwa - , 1965. - - MF-092

47. Benson, William Benson, William Benson, William J., 1899-1918; Benson, Irene, b. 1904; World War, 1914-1918; Soldiers--Newfoundland and Labrador; War casualties--France; Correspondence This fonds represents a very small portion of the short life of William J. Benson. It consists of letters home to his sister, Irene Benson, from several of the locations where he was stationed during the last year of World War I; official government correspondence informing Irene of her brother's death; personal correspondence from people who had met Benson in Europe; photocopies of official war diary for October 1918, the month in which Benson was wounded and died; two photographs; various other pieces of memorabilia associated with his war service or with his childhood. Coll-324; AMD-EAD0007

48. Bernstein, Muriel Bernstein, Muriel Muriel Bernstein,1901- , Freelance journalist, of New York City, NY. - - Correspondence concerning a gift Bernstein had given the Newfoundland and Labrador Crafts - Development Association in 1990 and four photographs of Major Robert H. Tait taken in 1929 when - Bernstein was visiting Newfoundland. - MF-291

49. Berry, Freda Berry, Freda Scrapbook of her career in the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service, 1943-1946; photographs and memorabilia which record her active service as Lieutenant Commander and at subsequent reunions. Teacher and administrator, of St. John's. COLL-061

50. Bickerdike, Rhoda Dawson Bickerdike, Rhoda Dawson Most of the material in this collection was generated by Rhoda Dawson when she lived in Newfoundland and Labrador between 1930 and 1935. The collection contains essays, diaries, correspondence, and photographs. The essays are on various aspects of life in Newfoundland and on the coast of Labrador which were drafts for a book she had planned to publish entitled Memoirs of Newfoundland and Labrador. The diaries detail day-to-day life; the correspondence is from residents of Labrador, International Grenfell Association workers, her father in England, and friends and acquaintances. The letters are in three forms: handwritten originals, typed copies and typed copies in a manuscript form apparently in preparation for publishing. The photographs include pictures taken by Dawson during her years in Newfoundland and Labrador and pictures taken after she had returned to England, mainly of her watercolour paintings. COLL-198

51. Bird, Will Bird, Will A short story, entitled 'Farlands', excerpted from The Toronto Star Weekly, August 15, 1931. OMF-049

52. Bishop, E.I. Bishop, E.I. E.I Bishop, Photographer, of Grand Falls. This collection consists of a postcard with Bishop's photograph of Charles and Anne Lindbergh and Bishop's autograph. - - MF-194

53. Bishop, Samuel James Bishop, Samuel James Samuel James Bishop. This collection consists of an acknowledgement of a donation to the Sunday School Orphanage League of the - Church of England, St. John's, signed by Bertha Harvey, January 19, 1918. Notes on verso concern confirmations in 1934. - - MF-131

54. Blackmore, Martin Blackmore, Martin Diary kept by Rev. Martin Blackmore, Church of England clergyman in Burgeo in the 1840s. MF-295

55. Blake, Maurice Blake, Maurice Diary and scrapbook kept by Maurice Blake, son of Sir Henry Blake, Governor of Newfoundland, 1887-1888. Records the daily life of the nine year old in Newfoundland, the Bahamas and later in Jamaica. COLL-335

56. Blathwayt, Sir William Blathwayt, Sir William Blathwayt, William, Sir, 1649-1717--Correspondence; Newfoundland and Labrador--History--To 1763; Fishery management Letter, 1702. Letter from William Phippard, Mayor of Poole, and Solomon Merrett pointing to the need for fortifications to protect the Newfoundland fisheries. MF-008

57. Boland, Rick Boland, Rick Rick Boland deposited his papers with the Archives and Special Collections in the fall of 1982 - when he was working with the Archives in the establishment of the Newfoundland Performing Arts Archives Project. The papers were generated during the 1970s and 80s and reflect his involvement in the local performing arts scene in the areas of stage, film and radio, as well as his interest in the preservation of aspects of these media. His work has included acting, directing, playwriting and archiving. - COLL-124

58. Bole, John Bole, John John Bole, fl. 1759, planter of Ferryland. - This collection consists of his will, 1759, by which his estate devolves to his sister, Elizabeth Seale, or nieces, Mary and Elizabeth Bole. MF-236

59. Bond, Rev. George Bond, Rev. George George Bond spent his working life as a clergyman in the Methodist Church in Newfoundland and - in Canada. Most of the materials contained in this collection reflect his work in the church. There are over - 200 sermons, messages to congregations, and copies of various articles and essays which reflect his - involvement with a number of church publications. There is an eclectic array of memorabilia of the - Methodist church in Newfoundland and various items that Bond collected during a missionary visit to - China in 1907-1908. -
</br> - Bond family members were prolific letter writers. The collection contains an interesting collection of - correspondence between the various members. In particular there are letters from Lucy Bond to her - husband, George, which provide fresh insights into life in St. John's. On a sadder note, they also - document an apparent breakdown suffered by Lucy Bond in 1886 and her subsequent treatment in - Scotland. - There is a variety of material from other members of the Bond family including financial records, wills, prints - and scrapbooks. There are also a large number of photographs, glass slides, and glass negatives of - family members in Newfoundland, and of visits to the Holy Land, China and Japan. - - George Bond was also a writer, both of fiction and non-fiction. The collection contains drafts of books, - short stories, speeches, essays and lectures, for both published and unpublished works. - This collection should prove useful to students of history, theology, literature, and social studies. In - addition to their Christian theology and - philosophy, George Bond's sermons, in particular, reveal thoughtful insights into contemporary events of - the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

60. Bond, Sir Robert Bond, Sir Robert The papers of Sir Robert Bond, Prime Minister of Newfoundland from 1900 to 1909, are a mixture of personal and political papers ranging from before his birth to after his death. The - papers before his birth relate to Bond's father, John Bond, and include correspondence and a diary. The papers after Bond's death relate to the disposition of his estate and the interpretation - of his will. There are papers documenting his education, legal training and practice, financial and business dealings, mineral and timber speculation, various personal interests, and - ownership of the Grange, his estate at Whitbourne. There is extensive correspondence with his brother George, a Methodist clergyman, and with other family members. The bulk of the papers are concerned with Bond's involvement in Newfoundland politics from - 1882 when he was first elected to the Newfoundland House of Assembly to 1914 when he resigned. There are political papers after that date which reflect his interest in Newfoundland - politics after he had ceased to be an active participant. The political papers cover both constituency and government affairs, and include material related to various election - campaigns, the Liberal Party, the fishery, the railway, mineral exploration, the economy, and foreign policy. There is correspondence between Bond and the major political figures of the - time, including Sir William V. Whiteway, Sir William F. Coaker, Sir Edward P. Morris, Sir William Horwood, George Shea, Sir Alfred B. Morine, Governor Sir Cavendish Boyle, Governor Sir - William MacGregor, Governor Sir Henry Blake and a host of others. There is also correspondence from his constituents and other Newfoundlanders concerned with national and - local issues. Specific issues documented in these papers include the Bait Act of 1888, the controversy with Great Britain and France over the French Shore, and negotiations on free trade with the United - States (Bond-Blaine Convention in 1890 and Bond-Hay Convention in 1902), all of which are intertwined with the coastal fishery. There is also documentation of Bond's political involvement - with education, agricultural and mineral development, trade, native peoples, relations between Newfoundland and Canada, the Bank Crash, and the development of transportation and - communication. There are extensive newspaper clippings, both in books and loose, which Bond kept; some were grouped by subject, others by date. Photographs in the collection provide a visual record of Bond from a small child to an elderly - man. Photographs also document the Grange, various Newfoundland communities, special occasions, and family members. Biographers, political historians, social historians, political scientists and researchers interested - in almost any aspect of Newfoundland between 1880 and 1930 will find this is an important and valuable body of material. COLL-237
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