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21. Avion Players Avion Players The collection consists primarily of textual material related to Avion Players' activities, 1965-1989, including minutes of meetings (general, annual, and executive meetings), promotional material (posters and programs), and correspondence with granting agencies, The Newfoundland and Labrador Drama Society etc. In addition, the collection includes photographic material relating to the 1989 production of As Loved Our Fathers, and a photocopy of Ross Goldsworthy's scrapbook relating to Avion Players productions 1965-1987. COLL-395

22. Ayre, Ruby Ayre, Ruby Ruby Ayre was a nurse with a detachment of British Red Cross Society, 1915-1918. She married Edward Emerson. - This collections consists of a Scrapbook with mounted photographs kept during her wartime nursing service in the Ascot Auxiliary Military Hospital, a detachment of the - British Red Cross Society. Includes photographs, clippings and mementos of Newfoundlanders in Europe and fellow nurses Janet Ayre, - Mary Rendell and Nell Job. - - - COLL-322

23. Bachelot de la Pylaie Bachelot de la Pylaie Auguste Jean Marie Bachelot de la Pylaie, 1786-1856, Scientist and botanist, of France. - Manuscript of 'Essai Sur la Flore de Terre-Neuve et des Iles St. Pierre et Miclon'. An early and important - contribution to marine botany, published in part as 'Flore de Terre-Neuve et des iles de St. Pierre et Miclon - avec figures dessinaes par l'auteur sur les plants vivantes', Didot, Paris, 1829. - - - COLL-033

24. Bailey, Aaron Bailey, Aaron Aaron Bailey, 1905-1994, business executive, of Port Union. This collection consists of a correspondence to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation concerning its television program on William F. - Coaker; supporting affidavit dated May 13, 1982; correspondence with Noel Murphy, Humber Valley - Broadcasting, 1981; affidavit dated April 5, 1981. - MF-159

25. Baird Family papers Baird Family papers The Baird Family papers consist of a small amount of general family and business-related material. The papers are an eclectic collection which include correspondence from as early as 1791 and financial records which show correspondence from the family members to their agents as well as actual accounts. There is also a collection of histories on Trinity and vicinity which the family has compiled over the years. An interesting part of the collection is the account of Moira Gordon Baird's experience on the S.S. Geraldine Mary, a ship that was torpedoed during the second world war. There are also a few family photographs. See also Coll-157 the Bowring Family papers. Coll-170

26. Banks, Joseph Banks, Joseph Sir Joseph Banks, botanist and naturalist, of Great Britain,1743-1820. This collection consists of: Journal of the voyage of the Endeavour to the South Seas, in two volumes COLL-034

27. Banks, Sir Joseph Banks, Sir Joseph Banks, Joseph,1743-1820--Correspondence; Indians of North America--Newfoundland and Labrador--Prayers A letter to Sir Joseph Banks from John Thompson, midshipman, enclosing the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary written by the 'native Indians of Newfoundland'. MF-003

28. Bannerman, Alexander Bannerman, Alexander The collection consists of transcription of notes found in Bannerman's copy of John Reeves' History of the Government of the Island of Newfoundland, 1793. MF-004

29. Banquo's Ghost Banquo's Ghost Publicity material (brief biographies of band members and song list) related to Banquo's Ghost. MF-419

30. Barban, Andreas Barban, Andreas Barban, Andreas, 1914-1993; Kiwanis Music Festival (St. John's, N.L.); Kiwanis Music Festival (Grand Falls, N.L.); Burin Peninsula Performing Arts Council; Rotary Music Festival (Corner Brook, N.L.); Bell Island Music Festival; Kiwanis Annual Competitive Music Festival (Carbonear, N.L.); Music festivals--Newfoundland and Labrador This fonds consists of programs, syllabi and some related material of music festivals for which Andreas Barban served as adjudicator. These music festivals were sponsored by community service clubs, mainly the Kiwanis Club, but including the Rotary Club and the Burin Peninsula Performing Arts Council. They provided music students and choirs the opportunity to compete with their peers and showcase their talent to an appreciative audience, while receiving constructive criticism from professionals other than their own teachers. The majority of the material is for the St. John's Kiwanis Music Festival and covers 40 years of the festival, from 1952 and 1992. The remainder of the collection is a sampling of material from music festivals in other parts of the province, including Bell Island, Carbonear, Corner Brook, Fortune and Grand Falls. The programs contain notes and annotations by Barban. COLL-323; ASC-EAD0009

31. Barbara Barrett Basement Theatre Barbara Barrett Basement Theatre The collection primarily consists of programs and posters documenting the productions of the Basement Theatre (Barbara Barrett Theatre) during the 1970s and 1980s. COLL-173

32. Barnes, Arthur Barnes, Arthur Originally a collection of 26 documents from his personal life, the Barnes' Papers have been significantly supplemented by the gift of Ralph Andrews (see Provenance). Hopefully, more of Dr. Barnes papers may come to light in future, but this fragmentary collection should be of interest to educational historians. - COLL-057

33. Barrelman Radio Program Barrelman Radio Program Barrelman (Radio program); O'Leary Newfoundland (Radio Program); Radio broadcasting--Newfoundland and Labrador; Popular culture--Newfoundland and Labrador; Radio scripts; Correspondence This collection contains the papers of The Barrelman radio program, the scripts of which were generated by Joseph R. Smallwood and Michael F. Harrington, the two announcers who served as the Barrelman in St. John's. The St. John's scripts were recycled for the Corner Brook series, which was entitled O'Leary Newfoundland Program and hosted by Stan O'Leary, brother of the program's sponsor, F.M. O'Leary. These vary somewhat from the St. John's scripts and are also included in the collection. This collection will be of interest to historians and biographers researching Smallwood's and Harrington's early careers; those studying the lives of other prominent Newfoundlanders, especially those who made a name for themselves outside Newfoundland; folklorists, who will find a wealth of material on a wide range of folkloristic genres; those interested in early radio programming in Newfoundland, as well as diversions of the time; students of vernacular literature; and anyone seeking a sampling of Newfoundland's history, culture and social life. COLL-028

34. Barrett, Barbara Barrett, Barbara Barbara Barrett has been involved in theatre in Newfoundland since she arrived from England in - 1946. - She started with a children's dance school in Curling and has worked with school children and adults in - Stephenville, Corner Brook, Gander and St. John's. She either formed or nurtured drama troupes in all - these places including the Avion Players of Gander. In 1975 she became artistic director of the Basement - Theatre at the Arts and Culture Centre in St. John's and staged over 1000 performances there before she - retired in 1991. She continues to direct plays on a volunteer basis. Much of this work is documented in - this collection as is her work as a journalist for <italic>The Western Star </italic>newspaper. This latter work included a - war brides' column, a tots and teens column, and feature articles on prominent people stopping over at - Gander airport. The progress of the television station at Harmon Air Force Base is also included. - This collection would be of interest to anyone researching theatre history in the province, especially the - history of the Basement Theatre and should be consulted in conjunction with Coll-173, the Basement - Theatre collection. It would also be of interest to those researching the history of Gander, and early - television history as it relates to Stephenville. COLL-178

35. Barrett, Ida Barrett, Ida This collection consists of the correspondence in which executive director, Manly F. Miner, describes the work of the Jack Miner Migratory Bird Foundation Inc. and some of its supporters. Resident of Windsor, Ontario. MF-250

36. Bartlett, Captain Bob Bartlett, Captain Bob Effie M. Morrissey (Schooner); Captain Robert Abram Bartlett, 1875-1946, was a master mariner and navigator, born Brigus, Newfoundland. -- This collection consists of a signed notecard with drawing of the Effie M. Morrissey, with text: ALS to 'Dear Alfred and Helen' from 'Up North', dated 10 September 1942. MF-111

37. Bartlett, George Bartlett, George George E. Bartlett, District Inspector, Newfoundland Constabulary, ca. 1900. - This collection consists of a fragment of a diary kept by a member of the Newfoundland Constabulary while engaged in enforcing the Bait Act on - board the SS Fiona in Fortune Bay. - - MF-219

38. Battle Harbour, Labrador, Anglican Church Mission Battle Harbour, Labrador, Anglican Church Mission Battle Harbour (N.L.); Anglican Church--Missions--Newfoundland and Labrador--Battle Harbour An unsigned and undated description of life in Battle Harbour, Labrador in 1910 by the Anglican school teacher of the day. MF-005

39. Bay Theatre Community Players Bay Theatre Community Players The collection contains textual documents relating to the activities of Bay Theatre 1976-1993. The collection contains programs, minutes of meetings, and small number (2 photographs and negatives) of photographic material. COLL-412

40. Bell, Robert Bell, Robert Robert Bell, 1841-1917 was a geologist and explorer, of Rathwell, Manitoba. - This collection consists of 42 items relating to various applications for mineral searches and timber rights in - Newfoundland, 1865-1869; a letter from Arthur Waghorne, missionary, Notre Dame Bay, 1899; three letters from James Browning, St. John's, - 1882-1883; letters from D. J. Henderson, St. John's, 1868-1869; letter from Robert A. McKim, St. John's, 1869. - - - MF-119
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