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181. Fishermen's Protective Union Fishermen's Protective Union Letter from W.B. Jennings, Newfoundland Minister of Public Works, enclosing a list of grants allocated to the district of Twillingate for roads, bridges and wharf repair for 1920; agreement and memorandum annexed to the agreement between Bowater's Newfoundland Pulp and Paper Mills Ltd. and the Fishermen's Protective Union, April 26, 1939. MF-168

182. Viscount Henry Dundas Melville correspondence, 1789 Viscount Henry Dundas Melville correspondence, 1789 Letter from William Wyndham Grenville, Secretary of State, advising of the arrival of Irish convicts in - Portsmouth from Newfoundland, November 23, 1789; minutes of the Privy Council examination of D'ewes - Coke, Admiral Mark Milbanke and Richard Robinson, concerning Irish convicts who were liberated at - Newfoundland, November 24, 1789; warrant to John Child, one of HM Messengers in Ordinary, to convey - Irish convicts to Dublin, November 25, 1789; letter from William Wyndham Grenville recommending future - policy, November 25, 1789. MF-065

183. Brother Edwards, Moravian Missionary Brother Edwards, Moravian Missionary Moravian Church--Missions--Newfoundland and Labrador--Labrador Letter of greeting (in German) from the Yorkshire Mission Society. Probably originally a covering letter with reports sent to the Labrador Missions. Typewritten transcript and translation included. MF-029

184. Blathwayt, Sir William Blathwayt, Sir William Blathwayt, William, Sir, 1649-1717--Correspondence; Newfoundland and Labrador--History--To 1763; Fishery management Letter, 1702. Letter from William Phippard, Mayor of Poole, and Solomon Merrett pointing to the need for fortifications to protect the Newfoundland fisheries. MF-008

185. Morris, Ann Morris, Ann Letters from her brother, Richard Morris, in St. John's, agent of the merchant firm of Brown, Hoyles and Co., his wife (nee Catherine McCawley), and family friend John Sanderson giving an interesting glimpse of the hardships and pleasures of life in St. John's. Includes historical notes and observations on postal history by the donor. MF-279

186. Kearney, Joseph Kearney, Joseph Letters home from soldiers during wartime are one the few tangible connections between the soldier - in the - trenches and the family and friends left behind. The letters received are actually written by the soldier and - relate his experiences in his own words (except for the occasional deletion by the official military censor). - The letters often contain information about people met, friends wounded or killed in battle, food rations, - clothing needs, impending furloughs or reports on past ones, or other daily activities. The letters - sometimes contain the innermost feelings of the soldier: sorrow at the loss of a friend, the sadness of - missing family members, the desire to return home, the hope that the war will end soon. - - - The letters home are usually from soldiers on active duty, either in training or at the front. This collection - contains letters like these, but the largest number are from a soldier, Joseph Kearney, after he had been - captured by the enemy and had been assigned to a prison camp. Some of them are in the form of - postcards where the soldier had to select from a number of choices and cross out those not appropriate - to the message he wished to communicate, but most are one-page handwritten letters. They convey - Kearney's attempt to re-assure his parents that he is well and for them to keep faith that he will be home - soon. - - - The collection also contains other letters, mainly to his parents from the British War Office, the Red Cross, - the War Comforts Committee and from a number of family members and friends. There is a small amount of - associated materials: clippings about Kearney and other Newfoundland soldiers, a booklet on Victoria - Cross winners, a Newfoundland Coat of Arms. The collection should prove worthwhile to those interested - in the lives of Newfoundland soldiers, prisoners-of-war during World War II. - - - - COLL-217

187. Guy, John Guy, John London, England, news-sheet dated January 29, 1611, which includes a report on John Guy's attempt to establish a colony in Newfoundland. Receipt book, subscription - list, bank book and invoice relating to the purchase of the news-sheet, which was presented to the Trustees of Memorial University College, 1933. Transcription of the News - Sheet sent by the bookseller. - MF-128

188. Morgan, M.O. Morgan, M.O. M. O. Morgan spent most of his working life as a professor or administrator at Memorial University of Newfoundland. His official papers, documenting - his tenures as dean, vice-president and president of the university, are housed with Memorial's records and archives service. The materials contained in this collection - constitute his private and personal papers. Naturally there is some overlap, as Morgan kept personal copies of his reports to convocation, and other reports and - newspaper clippings related to the university. For the most part, however, this material documents his private life and interests. - The collection contains a small amount of family records and material documenting his personal interests. There are lecture notes and other records from his - university studies at Dalhousie and Oxford universities. There are copies of speeches, essays and articles, many dealing with aspects of Memorial University. There are - items dealing with his interest in the Newfoundland Confederation debate during 1948-1949, and the constitutional debate in Canada, 1989-1992; his membership on - the boards of the Joseph R. Smallwood Heritage Foundation and Newfoundland Hydro; his service on the royal commission into the sinking of the Ocean Ranger - offshore drilling rig, 1982-1985, and the Forget commission into unemployment insurance in Canada, 1985. Together they demonstrate the varied array of his interests - and expertise, and provide a more complete picture of Morgan the man, in contrast to the more common image of Morgan as university administrator. - - COLL-083

189. Goudie, Elizabeth Goudie, Elizabeth Manuscript and typescript (edited by David Zimmerly) of her autobiography 'Woman of Labrador', published in 1973 by Peter Martin Associates. MF-148

190. Johnson, Hazel Johnson, Hazel Manuscript copies of three ballads: 'Loss of the Ella M. Ruddolph', composed by a young resident of Catalina; 'Go and leave me', by Freda Cox of Harrington; and untitled lament from Forteau Bay for Edward Wellman, lost on the ice, March 17th. MF-141

191. Speck, Frank. Frank G. Speck papers Speck, Frank. Frank G. Speck papers Manuscript items pertaining to Labrador from the Speck Collection. MF-182

192. Wilson, Edward Wilson, Edward Manuscript of 'With the Harmony to Labrador', published in 1975. Final page missing. MF-123

193. Major, Kevin Major, Kevin Manuscripts, correspondence with publishers, production materials, art work, correspondence with writers, research notes, and other materials related to Major's published and unpublished work. COLL-183

194. Merasheen Island map Merasheen Island map Map of Big and Little Merasheen entitled 'Who lived where in Merasheen' and 'Have you forgotten', sold at the 1985 Merasheen reunion and drawn by Captain Billy Ennis. MF-234

195. Higgins, John Higgins, John Maps, drawings and plans relative to land appropriations under Defence Regulations of the Emergency Powers Act at St. John's, Stephenville, Bay Bulls, Quidi Vidi; posters from Oxford-Canadians ice-hockey team, the Great War Veterans Association, Knights of Columbus; documents from the law practice of Sir James Winter; photographs of Knights of Columbus, Canadian Bar Association; and miscellaneous folio certificates. OMF-033

196. Duley, Margaret Duley, Margaret Margaret Duley wrote at least five novels, a non-fiction book, a number of short stories, poems, radio - broadcast scripts and volumes of correspondence. Yet very little of that body of material has survived. It - is believed that she destroyed her own manuscripts and other writings and much of her incoming - correspondence. That some of her work has survived is probably due more to oversight than intention. - What is included in this collection is mainly outgoing correspondence, written by Duley to her sister, aunt - and cousin. It is those people who are responsible for its survival. This collection consists of correspondence between Margaret Duley and her aunt, Alice Duley Jefferies, - and her cousin, Freda Jefferies, both living in England, covering approximately the 10-year period - between 1952 and 1962. There is also a second correspondence in the form of a continuing letter - journal which Duley wrote almost daily to her sister, Gladys Courtney, in North Carolina, during Duley's - European trip in 1953. Other items include two formal family pictures, one of the five Duley children and - one of the parents and children with extended family members, both taken around 1898. There is a small - amount of Margaret Duley's original writing: drafts of short stories; a novel fragment; a notebook, which - provide a brief glimpse into her creative abilities. COLL-248

197. Arnold, Mary Ellicott Arnold, Mary Ellicott Mary Ellicott Arnold,1876-1968, from the United States, was an organizer of community - co-operatives in Newfoundland. Her title was Secretary-Manager of the Placentia Bay Regional Special Area Corporation and she was assisted - by Mabel Reed. - This collection consists of the - business and personal letters and papers, reports and reminiscences of her work on the Marystown - resettlement project under the Department - of Rural Reconstruction of the Commission of Government. - - MF-050

198. Timothy Gallavan papers Timothy Gallavan papers Master shoreman's contract between Timothy Gallavan of Trinity and his employer, Robert Slade of Poole, Dorset, 1810. MF-034

199. Stuart R. Godfrey papers Stuart R. Godfrey papers Material related to Godfrey's singing career and his involvement with a number of St. John's-based glee clubs and music festivals. - This manuscript file contains material related to the performances of Stuart Godfrey. It should be of interest to those researching Godfrey's musical contribution to Newfoundland's music history, or the musical and choral history of Newfoundland in general. MF-333

200. Godfrey, Stuart Godfrey, Stuart Material related to Godfrey's singing career and his involvement with a number of St. John's-based glee clubs and music festivals 1936-1956, and 1991. - This manuscript file contains material related to the performances of Stuart Godfrey. It should be of interest to those researching Godfrey's musical contribution to Newfoundland's music history, or the musical and choral history of Newfoundland in general. MF-333
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