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181. Faris, James Faris, James This collection consists of anthropological research done by Dr. James Faris during the 1960s and 1970s in Lumsden, (Cat Harbour). It includes textual material, correspondence, black and white photographs and 35 mm coloured slides. - Coll-422

182. Fay, C.R. Fay, C.R. Draft of four chapters of 'Life and Labour in Newfoundland', a series of lectures based on two tours of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1952 and 1953 and delivered at Memorial University in 1953. Published by University of Toronto Press, 1956. MF-139

183. Feild, Edward Feild, Edward Autographed letter from Feild to an unknown person, in reply to a request for an autograph, and a woodcut portrait. MF-207

184. Fenwick, Peter Fenwick, Peter The Peter Fenwick Papers were generated during the years 1984 to 1989 when Fenwick was the New Democratic Party Member of the Newfoundland House of Assembly for Menihek, Labrador. The collection consists mainly of correspondence, press releases, and speeches written by Fenwick. There are also diaries written by Fenwick when he was a guest of Her Majesty at the West Coast Correctional Centre in Stephenville in December 1986. COLL-181

185. Fishermen's Protective Union Fishermen's Protective Union Letter from W.B. Jennings, Newfoundland Minister of Public Works, enclosing a list of grants allocated to the district of Twillingate for roads, bridges and wharf repair for 1920; agreement and memorandum annexed to the agreement between Bowater's Newfoundland Pulp and Paper Mills Ltd. and the Fishermen's Protective Union, April 26, 1939. MF-168

186. Fishery Products Limited (Nfld.). Fishery Products Limited (Nfld.). Signed copy of a collective agreement between Fishery Products Ltd. and the Federal Labour Union Local No. 24702, Canadian Labour Congress of Port Union, dated April 1, 1963. MF-174

187. Forsey, Marie Forsey, Marie Diary, photographs and documents of Marie Forsey. MF-404

188. Foss, Harvey Freeman Foss, Harvey Freeman This fonds consists of an essay, which provides the history of Tilt Cove, a community in the western part of Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland. The "History of Tilt Cove in the Olden Days," was written by Harvey Freeman Foss, a resident of Tilt Cove, in 1966. The history recounts the origins of Tilt Cove and who its first settlers were. There are also interesting anecdotes of adventures and mishaps of residents of the community. The fonds includes reproductions of five photographs of Tilt Cove in the late 1800s. MF-392

189. Fox, Arthur Fox, Arthur Letter from Commander A. MacDermott, R. N., formerly of the HMS Calypso concerning his re-occupation of Fort Waldegrave in 1916. Letter from Arthur Fox published in The Evening Telegram June 15, 1965 concerning HMS Calypso, renamed Briton. MF-064

190. France. Archives de la Marine, Crew Agreement France. Archives de la Marine, Crew Agreement Agreement, 1896, between owner and crew of ships from the port of Fecamp to the Newfoundland Banks. MF-243

191. France. Archives de la Marine: Documents France. Archives de la Marine: Documents Five documents concerning the French codfishery on the coast of Newfoundland: muster-roll of the schooner la Comtesse de Medine, September 10, 1790; annual report of ships from the port of St. Malo at the Newfoundland, Grand Bank and St. Pierre codfishery during 1784; permit to occupy L'Anse a Bois on the west coast of Newfoundland, 1829; blank application form for the drawing of places to occupy on the Newfoundland coast, from the port of Saint-Servan under the regulation of November 21, 1821; 'Instructions' for Captains going to the Newfoundland codfishery, Versailles, l'Imprimerie Royale, 1789. OMF-027

192. France. Commissaire du Departement. France. Commissaire du Departement. A blank form, in three parts, used to record authority granted to French naval captains to occupy certain Newfoundland ports for the purpose of fishing. MF-120

193. Fraser, Rev. Donald Allan Fraser, Rev. Donald Allan Biographical material, tributes, letters and the will of the Reverend Donald Allan Fraser, first Presbyterian minister in Newfoundland. MF-166

194. Frecker, G.A. Frecker, G.A. The papers of George Alain Frecker were generated during the years 1934 to 1979 when Frecker worked with the Newfoundland Government as a public servant or served as an elected representative. Frecker had a long and distinguished career in the field of education as university lecturer, senior civil servant, Minister of Education and university chancellor. His papers reflect this long association with Newfoundland educational institutions and policy makers. - - The collection consists mainly of papers, correspondence and other material relating to the development of education in Newfoundland. There is a large collection of speeches (some of which he wrote for others), lectures and essays written by Frecker covering a variety of topics from events of the day to the dominant themes and issues in education. He wrote forewords and articles for many school yearbooks and journals and delivered numerous graduation addresses. As an educator he was a member of many education associations both locally and nationally. - - Two important educational influences are found throughout these papers: Frecker's adherence to the Roman Catholic faith and his affinity with the French islands of St. Pierre et Miquelon. Both Catholicism and bilingualism are evident in much of his work. Predominant themes which re-occur in his writings are the development of vocational education, audio visual education (especially the introduction of radio and television in the 1950s), and the role of religion in the Newfoundland school system. - - From 1964 to 1971 Frecker was Minister of Provincial Affairs. Here he was able to put into effect several projects that had long been of interest to him. The papers from this period reflect his involvement in developing several historic properties including Castle Hill in Placentia, the Newman Building in St. John's and the Norse site in L'Anse aux Meadows. There is correspondence with Burnham Gill, the provincial archivist, who supplied Frecker with copies of historical documents relating to the history of Newfoundland. - - There is a small amount of material related to the Liberal Party, mainly provincial party conventions and Frecker's three election campaigns. There is a small amount of personal material, photographs and blueprints. - - Frecker was essentially dedicated to the serenity of academe rather than the turmoil of politics: this is evident in his papers. They present a fairly complete picture of his career as an educator. They will be of interest to historians of the Newfoundland education system especially during the change from Commission of Government to Canadian province. - COLL-193

195. Frecker, Helena Frecker, Helena This small collection of papers consists of personal material, educational material including her Master's thesis from the University of Toronto and lecture notes from her days teaching at Memorial University College, detailed household accounts, records of the Independent Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE), and speeches and essays which she wrote. The household accounts cover the years 1933 to 1953 and provide a detailed listing of all the goods and services, from a pound of butter to a school uniform, used in the Frecker house and their cost. Although a small collection it provides an interesting glimpse into the life of one St. John's woman in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. COLL-192

196. Freeman, Charles Freeman, Charles Postcards, photogaphs, travel diaries and correspondence documenting Freeman's years as United States Foreign Service official at St. Pierre, 1898-1907. Charles Freeman was United States commercial agent and consul at St. Pierre from 1898 to 1907. COLL-294

197. Frew and Tessier Frew and Tessier These two photograph albums contain black and white photographs, mostly of St. John's and - surrounding area, and were probably collected by the Frew family of St. John's. They appear to be taken - around the turn of the century and contain several good images of St. John's after the Great Fire of 1892. - On the inside back cover there is written "G.J. Tessier, Amateur photographer". - - - The albums were apparently also used as scrapbooks and contains paper images of, - possibly, - Africa. - - COLL-276

198. Friede, Natan  Friede, Natan Tentatively identified by Rev. Dr. Frederick W.Peacock as a sermon in Inuttut given at the 150th anniversary of the Hopedale Moravian Congregation. Probably written and delivered by Natan Friede. MF-033

199. Frost, Charles Sydney Frost, Charles Sydney The photographs in this album were collected by Charles Sydney Frost during his service with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in the First World War. Most of the photographs were taken between 1914 and 1918. They are snapshots of Regiment officers while in the United Kingdom and France. The majority of these men were from "B" Company and it is likely that the photos of these men were taken while C.S. Frost presided over that company as Captain. Also contained in the album are reproductions of the 12 Newfoundland stamps that were issued to honor the Regiment's service in World War One. COLL-346

200. Froude, Donald Froude, Donald This collection of black and white photographs and colour postcards belonged to Donald Froude, who lives in New York. His father was born in Newfoundland. The photographs depict Newfoundland scenes and events. COLL-317
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