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161. Dickman, Ilka Deutsch Dickman, Ilka Deutsch First and final typescripts of her book describing her appointment as a district nurse in Rencontre West and the South Coast during 1939-1940. Letters of appointment from the Dominions Office, June 1939. MF-186

162. Dicks, Eileen Dicks, Eileen This collection consists of the papers of Eileen Dicks. It includes her writings for and work with the Wabana Little Theatre group and the - Girls' Auxiliary of St. Augustine's Anglican School, Bell Island, as well as mail outs and other material from the Writers' Alliance of Newfoundland - and Labrador. The collection would be of interest to researchers of the history of the performing arts in Newfoundland and Labrador during the - 1950s and 1960s. - - COLL-161

163. Dohaney, M.T. Dohaney, M.T. M.T. Dohaney; author; novels, diaries, correspondence, plays, interviews, Newfoundland; New Brunswick These papers were generated during the years 1987 to 2007 and reflect the author's - work as a - writer of fiction and non-fiction. Through this Collection a researcher can trace the writing - career of MT Dohaney. She worked in a variety of genres including novels, short stories, plays, - autobiography. There is also a large amount of correspondence with her editor and friends. COLL-371

164. Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation (Wabana, Nfld.) Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation (Wabana, Nfld.) Memo of iron ore shipments from Wabana, tonnages 1895-1966; graph of ore shipments from Wabana to Canada, Germany, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and other countries, 1895-1946; accounting records of general expenses for January 1948. MF-187

165. Douglas, Howard Douglas, Howard This manuscript is a fair copy of a report written by Howard Douglas, then a lieutenant in the Royal - Artillery, of the wreck of the British transport ship "Phillis"off the southwest coast of - Newfoundland in - October 1795. Douglas's initial report of the wreck was written shortly after the rescue of the survivors in - November 1795 and was sent to England. This fair copy is based on Douglas's recollections recorded - shortly after rescue and the information contained in his report to General James Pattison in England. It is - dated circa 1800. - - The manuscript includes a one-page introduction by Douglas; a one-page copy of a letter to Douglas from - Pattison, dated April 22, 1796, in response to Douglas's report and informing him that payment for losses - incurred would be forthcoming, pending affidavits from the survivors; a 34-page account of the wreck and - aftermath by Douglas, based on the journal he prepared shortly after the rescue and the report sent to - England. The subject matter covers the period from the sailing of the "Phillis" from England on August 25, - 1795 to Pattison's letter to Douglas, April 22, 1796. - - There is a photocopy of this manuscript at the National Archives of Canada (MG24/A3). There are - additional Douglas papers at the following institutions: - - Metropolitan Toronto Library - letters and related papers, 1827, 54 pages; - Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Fredericton - letters from Douglas - concerning New Brunswick affairs, 1825-1828, 1 reel microfilm - (provenance: Scottish Record Office); - - - University of New Brunswick, Fredericton - Four manuscript letter books, - 1812-1841; various documents related to Douglas, and to his father's naval - career, 1823-1830, 4 feet microfilm (provenance: National Library of - Scotland) MF-338

166. Duckworth, Sir John Duckworth, Sir John It was said that during the 19th century the sun never set on the British Empire; it is quite possible the same might be said of the papers of Sir John Thomas Duckworth in the 20th century. Scattered throughout repositories in Great Britain and North America, they record the life of a man who served that Empire for almost sixty years. - The Archives and Special Collections contain only a small portion of the Duckworth Papers, but included in this collection are documents which are very significant to the history of Newfoundland, particularly the correspondence from the Society of Merchants petitioning the Governor for removal of the Chief Justice - of the Supreme Court. - This collection has been put together over the last twenty years through individual purchases of single or multi-document packages offered by local and mainland - Canadian dealers. Most of the material relates directly to Newfoundland, but there are several items concerning Duckworth's naval duties in Europe and the Caribbean - which were purchased as part of larger units. There is also a series of correspondence between ships' captains in St. John's Harbour between December 11, 1812 and April 10, 1813 that appear to have no direct connection to Duckworth (his term as Governor of Newfoundland ended on December 2, 1812) but were listed as part of the Duckworth papers by a British dealer. - Listed below are some of the other repositories containing other Duckworth material. - - Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL): Duckworth's Newfoundland Station papers, 1807-1812; Original material: 132.5 cm.; microfilm: 9 reels from PAC. - - Public Archives of Canada (PAC): Duckworth Papers, 1699-1816; Original material: 332 pages; microfilm: 9 reels (includes material at PANL and at other repositories). - - Queen's University Archives, Kingston: Duckworth Papers, 1699-1816; Original material: 1 cm.; microfilm: 9 reels from PAC. (Photocopy of original material contained in this collection.) - - University of Chicago, Joseph Regenstein Library: Duckworth Papers, 1810-1812; Original material relating to the War of 1812 and Newfoundland fisheries. (Photocopy in Archives and Special Collections.) - - National Maritime Museum, London: Duckworth Papers; Original material including Newfoundland squadron papers and official letter book for 1812. - - Public Records Office, London: Duckworth Papers; Original material: Colonial Office dispatches (CO 194/49-53); Admiralty dispatches (ADM 1/477); Admiral's journal from 1810 to 1812 (ADM 50/73); log of his flagship <italic>Antelope </italic>(ADM 51/2123); will (PROB 11/1598/570). COLL-106

167. Duder, Edwin Duder, Edwin The Edwin F. Duder papers are a meagre remnant of what must have been, at one time, a much - larger body of material. It contains the manuscript material for one of his published books of poetry, The Whimsical Goat, and several unpublished manuscripts, both poetry and prose. The manuscript for his - other published volume of poetry, Time is a Gypsy, is not present. It seems likely that he returned many - collected letters to his correspondents, as he did with Florence Miller. Literary historians will find a clearer - picture of Duder emerges from the Florence Miller Papers, Coll-016. A number of published books by other writers, which are autographed and contain marginal notes by - Duder, have been kept with the collection. A number of other items from Duder's desk have been - removed from the collection; these are listed at the end of the finding aid. COLL-037

168. Duggan, Alphonsus Gregory Duggan, Alphonsus Gregory This paper contains short account life man instrumental organization Trades and Labour Council of Newfoundland, Newfoundland Federation of Labour. juxtaposition socialist-unionist beliefs religious beliefs, facing labour leaders brought up Roman Catholic Church. MF-326

169. Duley, Margaret Duley, Margaret Margaret Duley wrote at least five novels, a non-fiction book, a number of short stories, poems, radio - broadcast scripts and volumes of correspondence. Yet very little of that body of material has survived. It - is believed that she destroyed her own manuscripts and other writings and much of her incoming - correspondence. That some of her work has survived is probably due more to oversight than intention. - What is included in this collection is mainly outgoing correspondence, written by Duley to her sister, aunt - and cousin. It is those people who are responsible for its survival. This collection consists of correspondence between Margaret Duley and her aunt, Alice Duley Jefferies, - and her cousin, Freda Jefferies, both living in England, covering approximately the 10-year period - between 1952 and 1962. There is also a second correspondence in the form of a continuing letter - journal which Duley wrote almost daily to her sister, Gladys Courtney, in North Carolina, during Duley's - European trip in 1953. Other items include two formal family pictures, one of the five Duley children and - one of the parents and children with extended family members, both taken around 1898. There is a small - amount of Margaret Duley's original writing: drafts of short stories; a novel fragment; a notebook, which - provide a brief glimpse into her creative abilities. COLL-248

170. Dunfield, Caroline Withers Dunfield, Caroline Withers This is a gift, a very special gift given to Caroline Withers on the occasion of her marriage to Reverend Henry Dunfield on October 10, 1878. It consists - of 49 watercolour paintings depicting scenes from St. John's and environs, painted by William Frederick Rennie, whose daughter, Emma, was married to Caroline's - brother, John. The paintings are affixed in a large scrapbook album and, considering their age, are in very good condition. - This collection of paintings will be of interest to those researching art history and artistic styles practised in St. John's in the 1870s. They shed much light on - Rennie as a painter, as little of his work has survived. The album should also be of assistance to those researching built heritage in St. John's during this period, as it - shows the location of many buildings which no longer exist, as well as some which do. Of particular interest is the painting of "The Billies", Dr. William Carson's house - at Rostellan, a building which had undergone much external alteration following its construction in the 1820s, until it was torn down in 199?. There are also - paintings of scenes outside St. John's, including Manuels and Topsail. - While there is no indication on any of the paintings that they were painted by William Frederick Rennie, a comparison between these and known examples of his work - have resulted in a strong case for attributing them to him. The subject matter, the style, the medium and the time period all point to Rennie as the artist. COLL-031

171. Dunfield, Sir Brian Dunfield, Sir Brian Sir Brian Dunfield's Papers are mainly from the years 1925 to 1968 and consist of a wide variety of documents, manuscripts and correspondence from the latter half of his career. They should prove to be of interest to political and social historians. COLL-006

172. Earle, Fred Earle, Fred The Fred Earle collection consists mostly of the records he generated while working as a field - worker with Memorial University's Extension Service. These records include correspondence, reports, audiotapes, videotapes, films. - photographs and other material related to this work. Mr Earle was stationed in Lewisporte. - - According to the 1970 Memorial University Calendar, the Extension Service was founded in 1959 to - provide participation in community and social development at the local level. It was a way to provide - continuing education that went beyond the provision of courses. - Extension Offices were established at Stephenville, Lewisporte, Port au Choix, Corner Brook, Grand - Bank, Placentia, Labrador City, Churchill Falls and Cartwright. These Offices worked in cooperation with - the churches, agencies of government and volunteer associations to set up permanent local - development organizations. These organizations in turn worked to improve the educational, social and - economic needs of those communities. University field workers were stationed in these communities. - - In addition to the MUN Extension papers there is a small amount of personal material including family - correspondence and photographs. There is also material related to his - interest in photography and publication of postcards, and correspondence and reports related to the - Anglican Church and the building of the Anglican Church in Lewisporte. There are quite a few cook books that - may have belonged to his wife or mother. - Other interesting documents include original 1921 Census for the Fogo District. - - - Coll-399

173. East End Neighbourhood Improvement Program East End Neighbourhood Improvement Program Minutes, correspondence and working papers of the Executive Committee, East End Neighbourhood Improvement Program records, November 1977 to December 1978. MF-188

174. Ecke, Robert Ecke, Robert On March 8 2006 the papers of Dr. Robert Ecke were received at Archives and Special Collections of the Queen Elizabeth II Library. They were received from John McGee Jr., the lawyer for the estate of Dr. Ecke. These papers cover the entirety of Dr. Ecke's life, from his early childhood in New York to his medical practice in the United States and in Newfoundland, to his military service, writing and retirement. Over a century is represented by these documents, as this collection also contains keepsakes that pre-date Dr. Ecke's birth in 1909, and also contains material from the year he died in 2001 - - This collection also contains the papers of Kathryn Ecke, Dr. Ecke's sister. They were contained within the boxes received, and have been assembled as a series in Dr. Ecke's papers. Kathryn was an officer in the Air Force and served in Japan in the 1950s. There are many photographs of this time in the collection. - - A large portion of this collection is Dr. Ecke's personal correspondence with friends and family over seven decades. There are letters written to and written by Dr. Ecke. There is also a significant volume of medical and military documents, as well as material from his years with the Institute for Contemporary Russian Studies. There are many photographs and home movies, including color footage of Twilingate, where he worked for a number of years, in the late 1930s or early 1940s. - - Dr. Ecke's years in Twilingate working at the Notre Dame Bay Memorial Hospital with Dr. John Olds are represented in letters, photos, and journals. This collection contains many of Dr. Ecke's personal diaries, including those that cover his time in Newfoundland. These journals were published in 2000 as a memoir called Snowshoe and Lancet: Memoirs of a Frontier Newfoundland Doctor, 1937-1948. Drafts and other material related to the publication of this book comprise a section of this collection as well. - - The documents in this collection will be of interest to researchers of Newfoundland history, specifically the Notre Dame Bay and medical/hospital history. The military material, including Kathryn Ecke's, may offer insight to World War II researchers. The correspondence and diaries provide intriguing access to a long and fruitful life, and the photographs and videos enhance what is provided by the textual records. - - COLL-355

175. Effie M. Morrissey ship Effie M. Morrissey ship This collection contains only a small portion of the records of the Effie M. Morrissey, a ship still in - active service over 100 years after it was built. The records consist mainly of engineers' logs for the period - 1942-1943 when the vessel was in the service of the United States government. These logs give a very - comprehensive account of the vessel's engine room operations, speed, distance covered, weather and - other conditions. There are a few related documents: manifests, tally sheets, invoices, schematics. These - records provide a brief, but interesting, glimpse of the workings of the engine room on a ship originally built - and operated as a sailing vessel. There are also 12 colour slides and a brochure concerning the ship - which date from 1987, and copies of three sheets of line drawings done of the ship while it was on - drydock in New York in 1931. COLL-001

176. Ellis, Harold F. Ellis, Harold F. Five letters of commendation, six photographs and one clipping concerning Ellis's employment as a supervisor in various capacities at Pepperrell Air Force Base (USA), St. John's, Nfld. MF-177

177. Ernestina (Ship) Ernestina (Ship) Twelve colour slides and a brochure of the Ernestina, formerly the Effie M. Morrissey. - MF-259

178. Evans, Sir Francis Henry Evans, Sir Francis Henry This collection consists of a copy of a deposition given by Francis Henry Evans, in his capacity as - receiver and manager of the Southern Division of the Newfoundland Railway, to agents of the Supreme - Court of Newfoundland at London, England on July 17 and 18, 1896, in a case by Evans against the - Government of Newfoundland for breach of contract. In addition to the 15 pages of testimony there are - copies of a number of pieces of correspondence relevant to the case and a copy of a petition from Evans - to the Newfoundland Governor seeking restitution. MF-357

179. Evening Mercury  Evening Mercury Newspapers--Newfoundland and Labrador--St. John's; Hand copied extracts from the Evening Mercury, a daily newspaper published in St. John's, Newfoundland, 1882-1889. The extracts record the 'use of objectionable language on the part of the editor' by an unknown compiler, 1882-1888. MF-030

180. Fallon, Luke Fallon, Luke Two log-books containing the daily record of police activity at Harbour Grace headquarters of the Newfoundland Constabulary. COLL-029
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