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141. Cox, Dudley Cox, Dudley One photograph of Prime Minister Sir William Lloyd of Newfoundland examining a Whippet tank in France during World War I and two of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during training at Pleasantville, St. John's. MF-056

142. Crawford, James Crawford, James This is a small collection of material mainly related to the collector's interest in heraldry and genealogy, - particularly the heraldry and genealogy of the European (mainly British) royal families, and the heraldry - associated with the Church of England around the world. Much of the material would appear to be notes, - charts and manuscripts for a book on heraldry which Crawford was preparing. There are copies of - photographs of British monarchs and thirteen published booklets on associated subjects. The collection - should be of interest to students of heraldry and the genealogy of Britain's royal family. - - COLL-027

143. Crosbie, John C. Crosbie, John C. The collection consists of John Crosbie's political papers and related government documents he gathered as a municipal politician from 1965 to 1966 and as a provincial politician from 1966 to 1976. The Collection included mostly correspondence, but it also contained maps, photographs and audiovisual materials. It will provide a rich resource for the students of Newfoundland political history. COLL-073

144. Crowley, Mary. Mary Crowley papers Crowley, Mary. Mary Crowley papers Caribou (Ship); Torpedoes; World War, 1939-1945--Casualties--Newfoundland and Labrador; Port-aux-Basques (N.L.) This file consists of a single document, an account of tragedy and its effect on a small Newfoundland town during the Second World War. The S.S. Caribou, a passenger ship which ran between North Sydney, Nova Scotia and Port-aux-Basques, Newfoundland was torpedoed by a German submarine in the early morning of October 14, 1942. Of the 238 passengers and crew, only 101 survived. Mary E. Crowley was a resident of Port-aux-Basques from 1940 until 1947. Her story, "The Tragedy of the Caribou" gives specific references to the time of the torpedoing, the loss of life, the rumours surrounding the incident and the feelings of bitterness among residents of Port-aux-Basques. MF-347; ASC-EAD0020

145. Cyrus West Field correspondence Cyrus West Field correspondence An engraved invitation to the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the formation of the Ocean Telegraph Company; on verso two clippings describing the event. Messages sent by United States President Andrew Johnson and W.H. Seward, United States Secretary of State to Cyrus Field, July 1866 on the successful laying of the transatlantic cable. Messages between Queen Victoria and President Johnson, 1866. Additional notes by Arthur Fox, 1965. MF-201

146. Da Slyme (Band) Da Slyme (Band) Contains lyrics from St. John's based punk rock band, Da Slyme late 1970's-early 1980's. MF-421

147. Darby, Jessie G.  Darby, Jessie G. Three books of programs for kindergarten classes; one book of origami designs; one book of needlepoint and coloured design creations. COLL-094

148. Davey, John Davey, John Miscellaneous documents. - Globe Steam Laundry Co., Ltd.; - Bank of Montreal. - MF-134

149. Davidson, Sir Walter Edward Davidson, Sir Walter Edward This small collection contains two items from Sir Walter Edward Davidson, the man who served as - Governor of Newfoundland during - World War I: a handwritten Christmas card and an autograph card. The Christmas card contains a - photograph of Davidson's daughters, Diana - and Daphne, in a cart being pulled by a Newfoundland dog. The card is undated and the photographer is - not identified; however, a very similar - picture, possibly taken around the same time, appeared in the Spring 1914 issue of The Newfoundland - Quarterly MF-248

150. Davison, Mrs. Ralph Davison, Mrs. Ralph Grenfell Association of America Letter from Dr. Hugh Auchincloss, President of the Grenfell Association of America, concerning the Grenfell Memorial Fund. MF-022

151. Dawe, Hugh Maxwell Dawe, Hugh Maxwell Scope and Content: Two letters from Sir Richard Squires, dated September 7 and October 10, 1936, dealing with the history of education in Newfoundland, his role in the founding of Memorial University College, the fishery scientific research program, and the contribution of Dr. Arthur Barnes to the development of education policy. A letter from A.B. Perlin, July 21 1958; clippings concerning Barnes. MF-142

152. Dawson, J.W.  Dawson, J.W. Letter concerning copper specimens from Sir Edward Archibald, (1810-1884) seeking advice for exploration on the Burin Peninsula. MF-239

153. Day, James Wentworth Day, James Wentworth typescript book Newfoundland:The Fortress Isle written by James Wentworth Day in 1960. published Government New Brunswick Press. book presents history Newfoundland special emphasis post-Confederation era. forward book, J.R. Smallwood, then premier Newfoundland, written The Case for Newfoundland he makes a policy statement interpretation Term 29 of the Confederation Treaty signed in 1949 between Canada and Newfoundland. MF-304

154. Day, James Wentworth Day, James Wentworth This is the typescript for the book Newfoundland:The Fortress Isle which was written by James Wentworth Day in 1960. It was published by the Government of New - Brunswick Press. The book presents a history of Newfoundland with special emphasis on the post-Confederation era. In the foreward of the book, J.R. Smallwood, then premier of - Newfoundland, has written The Case for Newfoundland in which he makes a policy statement on the interpretation of Term 29 of the Confederation Treaty signed in - 1949 between Canada and Newfoundland. - - MF-304

155. De Fourquevaux papers De Fourquevaux papers A letter in French from Henry Duthier, cousin of Alfonso, Duke of Ferrara, concerning preparation for a battle in the war between Pope Paul IV and King Philip II of Spain, dated October 23, 1556. Transcription and covering letter from the National Archives of Canada, 1962. MF-132

156. Demarest, Voorhis Demarest, Voorhis This collection contains seven photographs, believed to have been taken by Voorhis Demarest, and 12 postcards he acquired during visits to Newfoundland during 1916-1917 and 1919. They include - photographs of Frederick Raynham and C.F.W. Morgan preparing for their attempt to make the first - non-stop trans-Atlantic crossing by airplane, photographs and photo-postcards of St. John's, Quidi Vidi - and Conception Bay localities. - - MF-358

157. Department of Theatre, Grenfell Campus, MUN Department of Theatre, Grenfell Campus, MUN The collection consists posters (transferred to Coll-143), programs publicity materials (1988-2003) productions staged by the Department of Theatre, Grenfell Campus (formerly Sir Wilfred Grenfell College), Corner Brook. COLL-133

158. Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, White Hills Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, White Hills Canada. Department of Fisheries and Oceans. This collection consists of three aerial views of the White Hills, St. - John's, site of Department of Fisheries and Oceans, showing Pleasantville and Quidi Vidi Lake in the - background. - - MF-208

159. Devine, Marie Devine, Marie This collection contains material related to the theatrical work of Marie Devine 1952-1992. It consists of a number of provincial and national drama festival programs, as well as related newspaper clippings and other programs. It also contains photographs and slides from Devine's work on the CBC television series "Yesterday's Heroes", and productions staged by the St. John's Players. This collection should be of interest to those researching the television series "Yesterday's Heroes", the St. John's Players, or the performing arts in Newfoundland. COLL-229

160. Dickenson, Ethel Dickenson, Ethel Dickenson, Ethel, 1880-1918; Photographs This portrait photograph of Ethel Dickenson is a prime example of the work of photographer Elsie Holloway (1882-1971), who founded the Holloway Studio Limited, St. John's, in 1908 and operated it until 1946. Elsie Holloway carried on the tradition of excellence established by her father, Robert E. Holloway (1850-1904), who was recognized as the pre-eminent Newfoundland photographer of his generation. Elsie's talent as a black and white portrait photographer is clearly evident in this example, with its subtle contrasts and shading, its clarity of image and its naturalness of pose. The strikingly recognizable "Holloway" signature in the lower right corner gives authenticity to the portrait, a work that Holloway was quite willing to identify as hers. MF-329; ASC-EAD0010
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