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121. Cave, William Henry Cave, William Henry Newfoundland election campaigns in the period before Confederation with Canada were highly spirited affairs. Many things were said and printed, both in election hand-outs and in newspaper advertising and editorials, that would probably be considered libellous or slanderous by late twentieth century standards. The items contained in this small collection are relatively tame in comparison to some of the statements made during election campaigns, but they do contain some provocative statements. Such campaign material was an integral part of electioneering and provides insight into the way political campaigning was conducted in Newfoundland in the per-confederate era. MF-321

122. Carroll, William Joseph Carroll, William Joseph William Joseph Carroll (1861-1940), Sheriff of Newfoundland, 1932-1934; born St. John's. This collection consists of a letter, dated February 7, 1909, to Carroll from C. G. Davis, New York City, concerning articles by Davis in Forest and Stream magazine. - - MF-261

123. Carbery, Ellen Carbery, Ellen This poem is but a single example of the work of Ellen Carbery. It is important not only as illustrative of her work, but also of a discontinued practice of having poems printed on card stock, with ornate decoration; particularly poems which commemorated particular events or people. These were given to people who may have had some connection with the event or person. Sometimes they would be for sale. - None of Carbery's original manuscripts are known to have survived. This poem, together with the poems and articles that were published in various newspapers and magazines are all that is known of her life as a writer. There is even less to document her life as a prominent St. John's business woman in the decades just before and after the turn of the 19th century. This poem should be of interest to students of literature of her period. The intrinsic value of the format should not be overlooked. MF-332

124. Cox, Dudley Cox, Dudley One photograph of Prime Minister Sir William Lloyd of Newfoundland examining a Whippet tank in France during World War I and two of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during training at Pleasantville, St. John's. MF-056

125. Browning, Thomas Blair Browning, Thomas Blair Thomas Blair Browning, lawyer and author, born St. John's 1848. Notes, both loose and entered in a ledger on 1) the Franco-Newfoundland controversy and the - Newfoundland fishery, ca. 1895 and 2) artificial fish breeding. Includes a letter from Percy William Bunting, London, England, December 1895. MF-011

126. Buchanan, Roberta Buchanan, Roberta Roberta Buchanan, Professor of English Language and Literature, Memorial University of Newfoundland. This collection consists of poems and monologues written by Buchanan and performed in 'The Meeting' at the LSPU Hall, and correspondence. - - MF-251

127. British Library. Manuscript, Additional 5795 British Library. Manuscript, Additional 5795 Warrant for ordnance and list of officers for the Newfoundland Expedition, 1696-7. - - Warrant for ordnance and list of gunners and officers for Newfoundland, 1705. - MF-043

128. Memorial University of Newfoundland, Department of Geography Memorial University of Newfoundland, Department of Geography Correspondence and accounts concerning the Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting held at Memorial University of Newfoundland, August 18 to August 22, 1969; Local Arrangements Committee chaired by Alan C. Macpherson. Typescript of the papers published as 'Colloquium on Regional Economic Development'. Notes and correspondence of Dr. William Summers concerning his book 'The Geography of Newfoundland'. COLL-047

129. Memorial University of Newfoundland, Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER Memorial University of Newfoundland, Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER Papers concerning a research project conducted by the Institute on the rural labour force in Newfoundland together with miscellaneous papers on the early days of ISER. MF-257

130. McNeil, Frances McNeil, Frances Two photographs of McNeil and her family, one an enlargement of part of the other. MF-276

131. McGrath, James McGrath, James The James A. McGrath political papers are a record of the political career of Newfoundland's longest serving Member of the Canadian House of Commons. McGrath, a Progressive Conservative, served in the House for almost twenty-five years, in two separate terms: 1957-1963; 1968-1986. Most of that time, except for 1957-1963, 1979-1980 and 1984-1986, was spent on the Opposition side. He had brief stints as a Parliamentary Secretary (1962-1963) and as a Cabinet Minister (1979-1980), but gained considerable experience as a front-bench critic, as a member of the shadow cabinet and as a member of various parliamentary committees. As a senior member of the Progressive Conservative caucus during the 1970s he chaired a number of caucus committees and task forces, and subsequently contributed to the shaping of party policy. - - These papers are primarily from McGrath's second period in the House of Commons, 1968 to 1986, although there is some material from his early years in Ottawa. There is also material related to personal matters, to his family, to some aspects of his business dealings and to his years as Lieutenant-Governor of Newfoundland, 1986-1991. Generically, these are mainly textual documents, but there are also photographs, maps, audio and video tapes and film, scrapbooks and clippings and various artifacts and ephemera. - - The papers present a fairly complete picture of McGrath's career as a Member of the House of Commons, particularly after his re-election in 1968. They will be of interest to historians of Newfoundland and Canadian politics and political systems. One large series relates to McGrath's tenure as chair of a special parliamentary committee charged with Reform of the House of Commons. Another documents his tenure as Canada's Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. The papers also reflect his special interests, ranging from children's rights to the need for improved search and rescue facilities off Newfoundland. A major portion of the papers consist of correspondence: with his constituents; with other Newfoundlanders and Canadians; with organizations and special interests, business leaders and trade unions; and with parliamentarians from all parties and from many countries. The papers are a major source of primary material on the political activities of one politician and they provide insight into the changing role of a Member of Canada's Parliament in the closing decades of the Twentieth Century. - - COLL-156

132. Bond, Sir Robert Bond, Sir Robert The papers of Sir Robert Bond, Prime Minister of Newfoundland from 1900 to 1909, are a mixture of personal and political papers ranging from before his birth to after his death. The - papers before his birth relate to Bond's father, John Bond, and include correspondence and a diary. The papers after Bond's death relate to the disposition of his estate and the interpretation - of his will. There are papers documenting his education, legal training and practice, financial and business dealings, mineral and timber speculation, various personal interests, and - ownership of the Grange, his estate at Whitbourne. There is extensive correspondence with his brother George, a Methodist clergyman, and with other family members. The bulk of the papers are concerned with Bond's involvement in Newfoundland politics from - 1882 when he was first elected to the Newfoundland House of Assembly to 1914 when he resigned. There are political papers after that date which reflect his interest in Newfoundland - politics after he had ceased to be an active participant. The political papers cover both constituency and government affairs, and include material related to various election - campaigns, the Liberal Party, the fishery, the railway, mineral exploration, the economy, and foreign policy. There is correspondence between Bond and the major political figures of the - time, including Sir William V. Whiteway, Sir William F. Coaker, Sir Edward P. Morris, Sir William Horwood, George Shea, Sir Alfred B. Morine, Governor Sir Cavendish Boyle, Governor Sir - William MacGregor, Governor Sir Henry Blake and a host of others. There is also correspondence from his constituents and other Newfoundlanders concerned with national and - local issues. Specific issues documented in these papers include the Bait Act of 1888, the controversy with Great Britain and France over the French Shore, and negotiations on free trade with the United - States (Bond-Blaine Convention in 1890 and Bond-Hay Convention in 1902), all of which are intertwined with the coastal fishery. There is also documentation of Bond's political involvement - with education, agricultural and mineral development, trade, native peoples, relations between Newfoundland and Canada, the Bank Crash, and the development of transportation and - communication. There are extensive newspaper clippings, both in books and loose, which Bond kept; some were grouped by subject, others by date. Photographs in the collection provide a visual record of Bond from a small child to an elderly - man. Photographs also document the Grange, various Newfoundland communities, special occasions, and family members. Biographers, political historians, social historians, political scientists and researchers interested - in almost any aspect of Newfoundland between 1880 and 1930 will find this is an important and valuable body of material. COLL-237

133. Burry, Dean Michael Burry, Dean Michael This collection contains the music and words of one-act opera "Unto the Earth" and related publicity materials. Written by music student, - Dean Burry of Gander. Burry was a music student at Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick at the - time he wrote and produced the opera. It also contains the poster and program of the March 18-20, 1993 production at - Tweedie Hall, Trueman House, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick. - Also contains photocopies of photographs. MF-303

134. Methodist Church Sunday School, Bonavista Methodist Church Sunday School, Bonavista Two class attendance books and one superintendent's record book of the Methodist Church Sunday School, Bonavista. MF-283

135. Memorial University of Newfoundland. Library. Memorial University of Newfoundland. Library. Three ledgers containing accounts entitled Appropriation Control, and itemizing Library expenditures for the years 1957/58 to 1962/63. The Architects' Guild floor plans for the Queen Elizabeth II Library dated July 28, 1978. OMF-009

136. Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association. Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association. Four buttons which were distributed in anticipation of a strike by Memorial University faculty and librarians. MF-284

137. British Library. Manuscript. Captain Edward Wynne letters, 1630 British Library. Manuscript. Captain Edward Wynne letters, 1630 British Library. Manuscript. Royal 17ALVII, ff. 7, 9. Captain Edward Wynne letters, 1630. - - Letters from Captain Edward Wynne to 'Most dread and gratious Soveraign' and the Honourable and renowned Knight Sir Kenelm Digby - concerning the promising prospects for development in Newfoundland. MF-171

138. Mission Church Men's Guild (St. John's, Nfld.: Anglican). Mission Church Men's Guild (St. John's, Nfld.: Anglican). Journal of the proceedings of the Guild during its first two years. The Mission Church later became the Church of St. Michael and all Angels. MF-176

139. British Library. Manuscript. Additional 5489, F. 41. British Library. Manuscript. Additional 5489, F. 41. Papers of Abraham Hill (1635-1721), one of the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations. Six suggestions for merchants sending ships to the Newfoundland fishery. Signed by Hugh Lamy and - Peter le Pravost. MF-002

140. Burrows, Ruth Burrows, Ruth The fonds consists of a manuscript, "The Unforgettable Newfoundland", written by Ruth Burrows, biographical information and photographs of her experiences in Newfoundland MF-413
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