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121. Chimmo, William Chimmo, William 'Journal of a Voyage to Labrador in H.M. Ship Gannett by Commander Chimmo', holograph, illustrated, 42 leaves and appended materials, half-leather bound, 32.5 x 40.5 cm. In carrying out a hydrographic survey of the Labrador coast between Indian Harbour and Hopedale Commander Chimmo kept this narrative account, a unique record of social and economic significance. OMF-040

122. Chislett, Anne Chislett, Anne Papers of Anne Chislett were first deposited with the Archives in September of 1992 with subsequent deposits arriving annually and semi-annually from her. The papers were generated during the years 1975-1997 and detail the playwriting activities of Anne Chislett as well as her efforts to get her plays produced across Canada and in one case, on the international scene. - - This collection allows researchers to examine the writing style of Anne Chislett and see how she went from being an unknown playwright to a critically acclaimed writer and producer as well as co-founder of a provinvial theatre company. It also provides financial data to enable researchers to see what expenses and monetary risks are involved with theatrical performances. - - It is not only the details about Anne Chislett that are important however. There are notes and drafts of a majrity of Chislett's plays, some of which never made it to the stage or publisher. Tey are now only available here in this collection. These notes and drafts show how intense the playwriting process was for Anne Chislett, with drafts sometimes being dated years apart. It is material such as this which forms the bulk of the collection and in some instsnces, one may trace the development of each play from earliest notes to the cast lists of each production. - - Apart from literary papers, there are programs and posters from theatres and theatre festivals. These publications offer a broad glimpse of theatre activities is Ontario and across Canada. The photographs, though few in number, display scenes from productions of Chislett's plays. The most numerous are from the Japanese tour of "The Tomorrow Box" (1980). There are also pictures of Chislett, and of social gatherings by her and friends. - - This collection documents the professional life of a woman with a strong desire to share her theatrical skills with others, and being commended for it by friends, fans, and leaders of the Canadian theatre. - COLL-228

123. Church of England School, (Haystack) Church of England School, (Haystack) This collection consists of a log-book kept by teachers at the Church of England School in the community of Haystack, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, during the period from 1914 to 1928. It contains notes written every few days or so by the teachers, and records information on school attendance, reasons for absences, weather conditions, student progress, subjects taught, and visits from the chairman of the school board (who writes his own comments in the book). There are some gaps in the entries, and on several occasions no entries for an entire school year. - The log-book should prove of interest to researchers studying various aspects of the history of Newfoundland including the history of education, the history of the community of Haystack, social history, and women's history. MF-009

124. Classique International Model Management Classique International Model Management Modeling agencies--Newfoundland and Labrador--St. John's This fonds consists of the public relations information and photographic poses from Classique International Model Management, a St. John's based modeling agency, founded in 1988 by Linda and Derek Dunn. It operated for nine years, training over 200 models for the St. John's market. MF-361

125. Cluett, Frances Cluett, Frances Cluett, Frances, 1883-1969; Royal Newfoundland Regiment; Voluntary Aid Detachment (Great Britain); Correspondence; Nurses; World War, 1914-1918; Prisoners of war--Medical care; Volunteer work in medical care; Belleoram (N.L.) This fonds consists mainly of correspondence written by Frances Cluett home to her mother, Matilda Cluett, in Belleoram, Fortune Bay, Newfoundland. The letters were written while she served as a Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) in Europe during World War I and cover the years from 1916 to 1920. Coll-174; ASC-EAD0003

126. Coaker, Sir William Coaker, Sir William Fishermen's Protective Union This collection contains the records of the Fishermen's Protective Union and many of its holdings including the Fishermen Union Trading - Company, Union Export Company, Port Union Shipping Company, Union Electric Light and Power Company, Union Cold Storage - Company Limited, and Union Publishing Company and includes annual reports, minutes of meetings, ledgers, accounts, records, - correspondence, maps, plans, architectural drawings and photographs. COLL-009

127. Cochrane, John Cochrane, John Proceedings of the 8th National Convention of the Association of Catholic Trade Unionists (1953). Minute books of Directors' meetings and annual general meetings of the - Civil - Service Association, 1943-1950. Minute book of the Association of Catholic Trade Unionists, 1949-1950. Minute book of the St. John's Trades and Labour Council, 1948-1956. - Folder containing 18 photographs of union meetings and personalities, correspondence and notes concerning the Newfoundland Government Employees Association, 1956, - Newfoundland Federation of Labour and the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada, St. John's District Trades and Labour Council. - - COLL-055

128. CODCO CODCO This fonds consists of the papers of CODCO. It includes the company's professional correspondence; contracts; - legal documents; Gemini - Awards; minutes of meetings; financial records; grant applications; transcripts, photographs, audio and video cassettes, - computer diskettes and - other material related to CODCO's stage, film and television productions; papers related to productions in which one or more - CODCO members - were involved; publicity material; material related to the book, The Plays of CODCO; and copies of scholarly papers written - about CODCO. - - - COLL-121

129. Columbus Ladies Association Columbus Ladies Association Women--Societies and clubs; Church societies--Newfoundland and Labrador; Columbus Ladies Association (St. John's, N. L.); Sealing; Balls (Parties); Accounts; Notice of prizes to be drawn in a sweepstake on sealing results, 1922; Grand Ball Programmes, 1926; Treasurer's report, 1925-26; draft constitution and by-laws, 1945. MF-020

130. Community Planning Association of Canada, Newfoundland Division Community Planning Association of Canada, Newfoundland Division Plans, architectural drawings, posters and other oversize items from the Association's records. Urban planning organization, 1953-1976. OMF-021

131. Community Planning Association of Canada. Newfoundland Division Community Planning Association of Canada. Newfoundland Division This collection is the combination of records found in the attic of the LSPU Hall and those left in the keeping of the last active President of the Newfoundland Division of CPAC, Shane O'Dea. - - Superficial cleaning and listing of titles of the files was carried out by Rick Boland in 1983. In August, 1987 an additional box of material was acquired from Ruth Green, and Edythe Goodridge at which time it was decided to carry out a careful arrangement and description of the collection. The administrative changes which took place during the life of the CPAC, were reflected in the arrangement of the files, in which there was little discernible system. - - The original order of the contents of the files was maintained as far as possible, though further sorting could be beneficial. The collection is a valuable resource for sociologists, architects, and historians. - COLL-035

132. Condon, Michael Condon, Michael Despite its relatively small size, the Michael Condon collection will provide insights into the life of a - man who was driven by two obsessive and related ideas. Michael Condon believed in the self-sufficiency - of - Newfoundland through proper management of its resources. To that end he wrote and published The - Fisheries and Resources of Newfoundland (1925), a history cum almanac in which he expounds his - beliefs, while promoting the accomplishments of scores of Newfoundland men, particularly sealing - captains, government and business leaders. The collection contains material relating to the writing and - publication of the book, and to Condon's unsuccessful attempts to publish a second, expanded edition. - - His second obsession was with bled fish. He believed that if a fish was killed and bled soon after it was - caught, it would be of better quality than a fish left to die in the bottom of a trap skiff. To prove his point - he sent samples of dried 'bled fish' to a number of prominent Newfoundlanders, to the Governor, and at - one point to Benito Mussolini, Prime Minister of Italy. The collection contains reactions from these persons - to the fish, and material relating to Condon's attempts to promote his idea. - - The collection also contains biographical notes on a number of families from the northeast coast of - Newfoundland who were involved with the seal hunt including the Barbours, Roberts, Blackmores and - Keans, an article by I.C. Morris entitled The Resources of Newfoundland, a drawing of Condon's Patent - Trap, and miscellaneous correspondence and scrapbooks. The collection is enhanced by a small - number of photographs of Newfoundland men and ships and a number of unused Newfoundland - postcards. - - The Condon collection is mainly centered in the ten-year period between 1922 and 1932. It is illustrative - of a time when the public press was extensively used as a forum for one-sided, often fanatical, - outpourings of people who were prisoners of unfulfilled dreams. - - COLL-084

133. Cook, James Cook, James Original coverboards to 'The North American Pilot', 1779, replaced when the folio volume was conserved and rebound, March 1983. OMF-022

134. Cook, Maxwell collection Cook, Maxwell collection This collection consists of one photograph album which contains 205 black and white photographs. The photographs were taken by Maxwell Cook when he served with the Royal Canadian Air Force in World War II. Coll-415

135. Coombs, Deborah Coombs, Deborah Handbills, programs and posters of Newfoundland theatre productions, mainly high school and university. MF-311

136. Cooper, Georgiana Cooper, Georgiana This fonds consists of many of the writings of Georgiana Cooper, a Newfoundland born writer and artist. She wrote most poems simple black notebook and her short stories in a green one. Cooper things most familiar used them in her writings. Many of Cooper's stories were tragic; accidental deaths, sailors lost at sea, sickness and poverty present same story. Depicting cruel and unpredictable nature of life Newfoundland constant her poems and short stories. Also present sense Cooper's love Newfoundland, particularly, abandoned community of Inglewood Forest, Trinity Bay, place birth. MF-370

137. Cooper, Georgiana Cooper, Georgiana This fonds consists of many of the writings of Georgiana Cooper, a Newfoundland born writer and artist. - She wrote most of her poems in a simple black notebook and her short stories in a green one. Cooper - drew on the things most familiar to her and used them in her writings. Many of Cooper's stories were - tragic; accidental deaths, sailors lost at sea, sickness and poverty were often present in the same story. - Depicting the sometimes cruel and unpredictable nature of life in Newfoundland is a constant throughout - her poems and short stories. Also present is a sense of Cooper's love for Newfoundland, particularly, the - abandoned community of Inglewood Forest, Trinity Bay, the place of her birth - - MF-370

138. Cormack, William Eppes Cormack, William Eppes This copy of a pencil drawing of William Eppes Cormack is the only known portrait of a man whose thirst for adventure took him from Newfoundland to Australia, New Zealand, California and British Columbia. It is a portrait of Cormack late in his life, probably after he had settled in British Columbia in the 1860s. It is quite a contrast to the image one gets, after reading of Cormack's exploits, of the young man who walked across the interior of Newfoundland in 1822. MF-318

139. Corner Brook Playmakers Corner Brook Playmakers This collection contains material related to the work of the Corner Brook Playmakers 1957-1984. It includes correspondence and minutes, as well as material related to the rules and regulations of the company, membership information, scholarship information, and correspondence from the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council. There is also information on several drama festivals, including the High School Drama Festival, Newfoundland Drama Festival, One Act Festival, and the Dominion Drama Festival (National). There are scripts from several productions, and reviews and newspaper clippings about many aspects of the life of the Corner Brook Playmakers. There are also a number of photographs. This collection should be of interest to those researching the history of the Corner Brook Playmakers, drama festivals, or the performing arts in Newfoundland. COLL-221

140. Corner Brook, Armorial Bearings Corner Brook, Armorial Bearings This file consists of a single document, the armorial bearings of the city of Corner Brook, Newfoundland. It is dated October 8, 1976 and signed by Patrick Griffin who was mayor of Corner Brook at that time. The armorial bearings were first presented during the official opening of Corner Brook City Hall in 1956. - - The armorial bearings were designed to reflect things of significance in Corner Brook's history. The shield on the coat of arms has a background in the shape of an inverted V, the upper part in green and the lower part is eight wavy blue and silver bars. This symbolizes the forests and the waters of Humber Arm where Corner Brook is situated. In the chief position is a wavy blue stripe between two golden uprooted Newfoundland fir trees. The border is quartered in blue and silver, showing eight upright maple leaves in their autumn colours. The crest is a silver and green wreath supporting a green hill, representing Corner Brook, on which stands Newfoundland's provincial flower, a northern pitcher plant. - MF-350
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