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101. Byng, John Byng, John Ordnance--Newfoundland and Labrador--Placentia; Newfoundland and Labrador--Population; Newfoundland and Labrador--History--To 1763; Fisheries--Newfoundland and Labrador; Trade regulation--Newfoundland and Labrador; Legal documents John Byng was an Admiral in the Royal Navy and Governor of Newfoundland, 1742. This collection consists of two letters dated February 22, 1742, 1743 reporting on ordnance stores at Placentia, the state of the Newfoundland trade and the inability of Governors to control the many irregularities. Also includes a petition from the fishermen of St. John's and Petty Harbour, as well as an affadavit made before James Wibault, 1743. MF-014

102. Byron, John Byron, John John Byron, 1723-1786, Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy and Governor of Newfoundland, 1769-1772. - This collection consists of a report from Jens Haven at Henley Harbour, Chateau Bay, on three months exploration of the Labrador - Coast, encounters with Eskimaux and Indians, and claiming the land at Noneingnak Cape, Eskimaux Bay - (Nain), for George III and for the Unitas Fratrum. Typed transcription. - - MF-224

103. Cabot, John Cabot, John Shows antecedents and descendants of Giovanni Cabotto (John Cabot); compiled by Captain M. Cabot, a master mariner in Vancouver, British Columbia and signed by Allan M. Cabot, Master Mariner, May 1984. OMF-042

104. Cahill, Tom Cahill, Tom The Thomas Cahill papers were among the first collections acquired by the Performing Arts Archives Project when it was started in 1982. They were - generated over a period of thirty years and consist mainly of typescripts of Cahill's original works for stage, radio and television. Originally the clippings and - programs were filed separately from the scripts and some of the programs had been transferred to the Programs Collection. These were retrieved and - reintegrated into the files in order to maintain the integrity of the fonds. While they are not a complete record of Cahill's work in the performing arts, these - records do allow the researcher an overview of his growth as a playwright during the first thirty years of his career. COLL-122

105. Cameron, Don Cameron, Don Don Cameron (1940- ), aeronautical engineer, of England. This collection consists of a certificate carried in the helium/hot air balloon Zanussi on its attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean, departing from St. John's, July 26, 1978, and signed by pilot Don Cameron and co-pilot Major Christopher Davey. - MF-165

106. Canadian Association of College and University Student Services Canadian Association of College and University Student Services This fonds consists of the administrative files of the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services, 1946-96, and the C.A.C.U.S.S. files of William (Bill) Stewart, Past-President of the Association and past Editor of The Bulletin, 1974-91. COLL-337

107. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Newfoundland Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Newfoundland This fonds consists of the 1954-85 records of the Newfoundland regional producers of performance - programming for CBC Radio and television, especially Paul O'Neill, including individual files of all dramatic - productions and scripts considered, administrative records for arts and entertainment programming, and - school and religious broadcasts. Most files contain a working script, as well as correspondence and - production records for each. These papers provide insight into the influential role of the CBC in the local - arts community, as well as the relationship between the regional and national management. Researchers - should also consult COLL-042, the Paul O'Neill Collection and COLL-107, the W.F. Galgay Collection. - - COLL-066

108. Canadian Sealers' Union Canadian Sealers' Union Canadian Sealers' Union. This collection consists of letters of support and hate mail sent to members of the Canadian Sealers' Union at - St. Anthony during the protests against the seal hunt in 1977 and 1978. - MF-255

109. Cantwell, James Cantwell, James Cantwell, James, fl. 1845; Pilots and pilotage--Newfoundland and Labrador--St. John's; Ryn (Ship); Royal visitors--Newfoundland and Labrador James Cantwell was a harbour pilot of St. John's, Newfoundland. This collection consists of a commendation (in Dutch) signed and sealed by the Captain in Command of the frigate Ryn and Hendrick, Prince of the Netherlands, praising the performance of James Cantwell who guided the Ryn into the harbour of St. John's and out to sea on August 26, 1845. Since then this document has been signed by British monarchs visiting Newfoundland. MF-017

110. Carbery, Ellen Carbery, Ellen This poem is but a single example of the work of Ellen Carbery. It is important not only as illustrative of her work, but also of a discontinued practice of having poems printed on card stock, with ornate decoration; particularly poems which commemorated particular events or people. These were given to people who may have had some connection with the event or person. Sometimes they would be for sale. - None of Carbery's original manuscripts are known to have survived. This poem, together with the poems and articles that were published in various newspapers and magazines are all that is known of her life as a writer. There is even less to document her life as a prominent St. John's business woman in the decades just before and after the turn of the 19th century. This poem should be of interest to students of literature of her period. The intrinsic value of the format should not be overlooked. MF-332

111. Carew, S.J. Carew, S.J. This collection consists of over 1000 photographs as well as scrapbooks and tapes - compiled by Dr. Stan Carew while working at Memorial University. Dr Hugh Anderson, Carew's colleague at MUN, was the photographer. The audiotapes are housed at Memorial University Folklore and Language Archives. Coll-012

112. Carroll, William Joseph Carroll, William Joseph William Joseph Carroll (1861-1940), Sheriff of Newfoundland, 1932-1934; born St. John's. This collection consists of a letter, dated February 7, 1909, to Carroll from C. G. Davis, New York City, concerning articles by Davis in Forest and Stream magazine. - - MF-261

113. Carson, William Carson, William Three photographs, one each of the title page, half-title page and fly leaf of the 'Pharmacopoeia Universalis', the personal copy of Dr. William Carson, with his signature on the title page and fly leaf. MF-191

114. Cave, William Henry Cave, William Henry Newfoundland election campaigns in the period before Confederation with Canada were highly spirited affairs. Many things were said and printed, both in election hand-outs and in newspaper advertising and editorials, that would probably be considered libellous or slanderous by late twentieth century standards. The items contained in this small collection are relatively tame in comparison to some of the statements made during election campaigns, but they do contain some provocative statements. Such campaign material was an integral part of electioneering and provides insight into the way political campaigning was conducted in Newfoundland in the per-confederate era. MF-321

115. CBC Great Newfoundland Novel Contest CBC Great Newfoundland Novel Contest This collection consists of documents pertaining to the "Great Newfoundland Novel Contest" sponsored in March 1995 by the Canadian - Broadcasting Corporation's Newfoundland-based radio program Radio Noon. The contest required entrants to write the first - page of a novel that would deal with issues relevant to Newfoundland. The collection includes the sixty-one entries that were submitted as well - as a list of all those who entered. One winner was chosen along with three runners-up. - MF-228

116. Chancey, Margaret Mayo Chancey, Margaret Mayo Chancey, Margaret Mayo, 1871-1941; Gower Street Methodist Church (St. John's, N.L.); St. John's (N.L.)--Social life and customs; Diaries This diary was kept by a young woman in her mid-twenties during the year 1897. It contains a brief entry for each day; ordinary events in the life of a young woman living in St. John's as the end of a century approached. She records the weather, what she did each day, shopping expeditions, church services, tea parties, staying at home with her mother. But the physical diary tells as much about the young woman as what she writes. Her literacy and writing ability attest to a good education. On the cover of the diary she has written her name and address. The family home was located at 31 Cookstown Road, a street which was up over the hill from downtown, running north through LeMarchant Road. This diary should prove to be of interest to social historians, students of autobiography and women's studies, and all who are curious about the writings of a young woman in the St. John's of 1897. MF-150; ASC-EAD0013

117. Change Islands Theatre Material Collection Change Islands Theatre Material Collection theatre events Change Islands Mothers' Day pageants (1960-1971, 1990), VHS tape "A Year in the Isles: Musical and Dramatic Excerpts" (late 1990s) scripts: Wanted: One Housekeeper and The Hospital Visit. COLL-451

118. Chesshyre, Robert Chesshyre, Robert A letter from Archibald Campbell Tait, (1811-1882) headmaster of Rugby School and later Archbishop of Canterbury, subscribing to the rebuilding of - St. John's Church. Typewritten transcript and biographical note on Tait included. - MF-106

119. Chichester, Charles Chichester, Charles MF-026

120. Child Welfare Association Child Welfare Association These are not the complete records of the Child Welfare Association but only a small portion of the records which were in the possession of the last president of the association, Pat Russell. Coll-002; The Child Welfare Association; Women's Patriotic Association
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