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1. Workshop in Newfoundland Theatre Research Workshop in Newfoundland Theatre Research The collection consists of, primarily, textual material including correspondence, programs, media coverage, and workshop proceedings (1990-1993) Workshop in Newfoundland Theatre Research, June 17-18, 1992. 8 audio cassettes official proceedings workshop. COLL-419

2. Chesshyre, Robert Chesshyre, Robert A letter from Archibald Campbell Tait, (1811-1882) headmaster of Rugby School and later Archbishop of Canterbury, subscribing to the rebuilding of - St. John's Church. Typewritten transcript and biographical note on Tait included. - MF-106

3. Change Islands Theatre Material Collection Change Islands Theatre Material Collection theatre events Change Islands Mothers' Day pageants (1960-1971, 1990), VHS tape "A Year in the Isles: Musical and Dramatic Excerpts" (late 1990s) scripts: Wanted: One Housekeeper and The Hospital Visit. COLL-451

4. Arnold, Mary Ellicott Arnold, Mary Ellicott Mary Ellicott Arnold,1876-1968, from the United States, was an organizer of community - co-operatives in Newfoundland. Her title was Secretary-Manager of the Placentia Bay Regional Special Area Corporation and she was assisted - by Mabel Reed. - This collection consists of the - business and personal letters and papers, reports and reminiscences of her work on the Marystown - resettlement project under the Department - of Rural Reconstruction of the Commission of Government. - - MF-050

5. Johnson, Hazel Johnson, Hazel Manuscript copies of three ballads: 'Loss of the Ella M. Ruddolph', composed by a young resident of Catalina; 'Go and leave me', by Freda Cox of Harrington; and untitled lament from Forteau Bay for Edward Wellman, lost on the ice, March 17th. MF-141

6. Crosbie, John C. Crosbie, John C. The collection consists of John Crosbie's political papers and related government documents he gathered as a municipal politician from 1965 to 1966 and as a provincial politician from 1966 to 1976. The Collection included mostly correspondence, but it also contained maps, photographs and audiovisual materials. It will provide a rich resource for the students of Newfoundland political history. COLL-073

7. Canadian Association of College and University Student Services Canadian Association of College and University Student Services This fonds consists of the administrative files of the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services, 1946-96, and the C.A.C.U.S.S. files of William (Bill) Stewart, Past-President of the Association and past Editor of The Bulletin, 1974-91. COLL-337

8. Anderson, John Murray Anderson, John Murray This collection contains a very miniscule representation of the work of John Murray Anderson, the - Newfoundland-born, New York-based producer and writer of stage musicals and director of motion - pictures: the words and music to the song How High the Moon and the program for a production of - Thumbs Up! - In June 1995 the Archives was able to acquire a second, equally small, amount of material related to John - Murray Anderson. It includes several autographed postcards and the syllabus for his theatre school for - 1927-1928. There were three letters addressed to Anderson's father, two of which concern Anderson's - hobby: autograph collecting. MF-288

9. Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland Incorporated Collection Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland Incorporated Collection The collection primarily consists of textual material relating to the productions of Artistic Fraud, primarily during 1995-2009, including scripts; musical scores; movement grids/scores (kaliedography); promotional material (programs, posters, handbills); and correspondence. The collection also includes audio visual material, 3 VHS video cassettes related to Artistic Fraud productions (Under Wraps: A Spoke Opera; Icycle; and Chekhov Variations). COLL-392

10. Darby, Jessie G.  Darby, Jessie G. Three books of programs for kindergarten classes; one book of origami designs; one book of needlepoint and coloured design creations. COLL-094

11. Cochrane, John Cochrane, John Proceedings of the 8th National Convention of the Association of Catholic Trade Unionists (1953). Minute books of Directors' meetings and annual general meetings of the - Civil - Service Association, 1943-1950. Minute book of the Association of Catholic Trade Unionists, 1949-1950. Minute book of the St. John's Trades and Labour Council, 1948-1956. - Folder containing 18 photographs of union meetings and personalities, correspondence and notes concerning the Newfoundland Government Employees Association, 1956, - Newfoundland Federation of Labour and the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada, St. John's District Trades and Labour Council. - - COLL-055

12. Corner Brook Playmakers Corner Brook Playmakers This collection contains material related to the work of the Corner Brook Playmakers 1957-1984. It includes correspondence and minutes, as well as material related to the rules and regulations of the company, membership information, scholarship information, and correspondence from the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council. There is also information on several drama festivals, including the High School Drama Festival, Newfoundland Drama Festival, One Act Festival, and the Dominion Drama Festival (National). There are scripts from several productions, and reviews and newspaper clippings about many aspects of the life of the Corner Brook Playmakers. There are also a number of photographs. This collection should be of interest to those researching the history of the Corner Brook Playmakers, drama festivals, or the performing arts in Newfoundland. COLL-221

13. Butt, Grace Butt, Grace Grace Butt first deposited copies of her plays with the Centre for Newfoundland Studies in 1982. - These - were catalogued and are available in the Centre's book collection. At the same time Butt deposited notes, - reviews and correspondence related to her plays and her involvement in Newfoundland theatre in the - Archives and Special Collections. She has continued to make deposits in the intervening years. This - collection reflects - the author's life as a playwright, prose writer and poet, and her involvement in the community through - such groups as the Newfoundland Writers Guild, the St. John's Players and Newfoundland Drama - Festivals. Researchers will be able to trace her writing career, as well as her community involvement. She - has written in many genres including playwriting, poetry, short stories/essays, radio documentaries, book - writing and newspaper/magazine article writing. - - The collection includes correspondence, both general and personal, research notes, drafts, review - articles, programs and other production materials related to her plays and other writings. There is - documentation of her involvement in the theatre and a small number of photographs of stage - productions. It is a very good starting point for research into Butt as a writer, a producer and a theatre - organizer, and into the history of theatre in twentieth century Newfoundland. COLL-032

14. Another Time 1991, press kit Another Time 1991, press kit Publicity material relating to the release of the musical recording Another Time. A recording of traditional Newfoundland songs featuring local performers, produced and distributed by Pigeon Inlet Productions in 1991. MF-230

15. CBC Great Newfoundland Novel Contest CBC Great Newfoundland Novel Contest This collection consists of documents pertaining to the "Great Newfoundland Novel Contest" sponsored in March 1995 by the Canadian - Broadcasting Corporation's Newfoundland-based radio program Radio Noon. The contest required entrants to write the first - page of a novel that would deal with issues relevant to Newfoundland. The collection includes the sixty-one entries that were submitted as well - as a list of all those who entered. One winner was chosen along with three runners-up. - MF-228

16. Dawe, Hugh Maxwell Dawe, Hugh Maxwell Scope and Content: Two letters from Sir Richard Squires, dated September 7 and October 10, 1936, dealing with the history of education in Newfoundland, his role in the founding of Memorial University College, the fishery scientific research program, and the contribution of Dr. Arthur Barnes to the development of education policy. A letter from A.B. Perlin, July 21 1958; clippings concerning Barnes. MF-142

17. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Newfoundland Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Newfoundland This fonds consists of the 1954-85 records of the Newfoundland regional producers of performance - programming for CBC Radio and television, especially Paul O'Neill, including individual files of all dramatic - productions and scripts considered, administrative records for arts and entertainment programming, and - school and religious broadcasts. Most files contain a working script, as well as correspondence and - production records for each. These papers provide insight into the influential role of the CBC in the local - arts community, as well as the relationship between the regional and national management. Researchers - should also consult COLL-042, the Paul O'Neill Collection and COLL-107, the W.F. Galgay Collection. - - COLL-066

18. Avalon Glee Club Avalon Glee Club Avalon Glee Club: Resolutions from a meeting concerning the Avalon Glee Club held June 20, 1861, founded 1861. - MF-285

19. Johnson family Johnson family The Johnson Family Papers consists of correspondence written by George Johnson and his three daughters, Sybil, Estelle, and Dorothy. George Johnson's letters were written during two periods: the first covers the years 1865 to 1870 during which he was a student in England. These letters were written to his father and convey general information about life as a schoolboy: - courses he was taking, summer holidays, visits with his relatives and school reports. The second period covers the years 1871 to 1880 when George was living and working in St. John's. These letters were written to his father and contain a fascinating and informative account of life in St. John's, including personal, professional, political, fishery, religious, social and athletic details. - - The letters by Sybil Johnson cover two distinct periods. The first were written during the years 1902 to 1910 when she was a student in England and in Germany. The second group of letters were written while she was working as a VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) during the first world war, 1916 to 1918. Almost all letters were written to her parents. There are also two diaries kept by Sybil, one while she was in Germany, 1906 to 1908, and one while at the1st Western General Military Hospital, Fozakerley, Liverpool, 1916 to 1918. The letters by Estelle Johnson were written while she was a student in England and Germany, 1904 to 1911, and those by Dorothy Johnson while she was a student in Germany, 1908 to 1910; both girls were writing to their parents. - COLL-201

20. De Fourquevaux papers De Fourquevaux papers A letter in French from Henry Duthier, cousin of Alfonso, Duke of Ferrara, concerning preparation for a battle in the war between Pope Paul IV and King Philip II of Spain, dated October 23, 1556. Transcription and covering letter from the National Archives of Canada, 1962. MF-132
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