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61. Zonta Club Zonta Club Minutes, membership lists, reports of the Zonta Club of St. John's and reports and publications of Zonta International. Service organization, of St. John's. COLL-095

62. Duckworth, Sir John Duckworth, Sir John It was said that during the 19th century the sun never set on the British Empire; it is quite possible the same might be said of the papers of Sir John Thomas Duckworth in the 20th century. Scattered throughout repositories in Great Britain and North America, they record the life of a man who served that Empire for almost sixty years. - The Archives and Special Collections contain only a small portion of the Duckworth Papers, but included in this collection are documents which are very significant to the history of Newfoundland, particularly the correspondence from the Society of Merchants petitioning the Governor for removal of the Chief Justice - of the Supreme Court. - This collection has been put together over the last twenty years through individual purchases of single or multi-document packages offered by local and mainland - Canadian dealers. Most of the material relates directly to Newfoundland, but there are several items concerning Duckworth's naval duties in Europe and the Caribbean - which were purchased as part of larger units. There is also a series of correspondence between ships' captains in St. John's Harbour between December 11, 1812 and April 10, 1813 that appear to have no direct connection to Duckworth (his term as Governor of Newfoundland ended on December 2, 1812) but were listed as part of the Duckworth papers by a British dealer. - Listed below are some of the other repositories containing other Duckworth material. - - Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL): Duckworth's Newfoundland Station papers, 1807-1812; Original material: 132.5 cm.; microfilm: 9 reels from PAC. - - Public Archives of Canada (PAC): Duckworth Papers, 1699-1816; Original material: 332 pages; microfilm: 9 reels (includes material at PANL and at other repositories). - - Queen's University Archives, Kingston: Duckworth Papers, 1699-1816; Original material: 1 cm.; microfilm: 9 reels from PAC. (Photocopy of original material contained in this collection.) - - University of Chicago, Joseph Regenstein Library: Duckworth Papers, 1810-1812; Original material relating to the War of 1812 and Newfoundland fisheries. (Photocopy in Archives and Special Collections.) - - National Maritime Museum, London: Duckworth Papers; Original material including Newfoundland squadron papers and official letter book for 1812. - - Public Records Office, London: Duckworth Papers; Original material: Colonial Office dispatches (CO 194/49-53); Admiralty dispatches (ADM 1/477); Admiral's journal from 1810 to 1812 (ADM 50/73); log of his flagship <italic>Antelope </italic>(ADM 51/2123); will (PROB 11/1598/570). COLL-106

63. Gough, William Gough, William Records of his career as a radio announcer, television producer, television writer, poet, lyricist and novelist. Includes scripts, drafts and correspondence. Television producer and writer. COLL-108

64. Woods Labour Board Woods Labour Board Five ledgers containing the Minutes of the Woods Labour Board from its inception, March 26, 1940, to its dissolution, April 25, 1958. Includes signed copies of annual agreements among its members: Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company, Ltd., Bowaters Newfoundland Pulp and Paper Mills, Ltd., Fishermen's Protective Union, Newfoundland Labourers' Union, Newfoundland Lumbermen's Association, Workers' Central Protective Union, and representatives othe two concerned provincial departments, latterly Labour and Mines and Resources. One file of miscellaneous correspondence, 1948-1958. COLL-110

65. Memorial University of Newfoundland. Faculty Council of Education Memorial University of Newfoundland. Faculty Council of Education Minutes of meetings and memoranda circulated to Council members, May 1979-June 1985. COLL-113

66. Brown, Cassie Brown, Cassie Brown, Cassie; Farrell, Mary Lou, 1942-; Mouland, Cecil, 1893-1978; Vincent, John, b. 1885; Barbour, Job Kean, b. 1898; Kean, Abram, 1855-1945; Authors--Newfoundland and Labrador; Shipwrecks--Newfoundland and Labrador; Newfoundland (Ship); Wilkes (Ship); Florizel (Ship); Pollux (Ship); Truxton (Ship); Caribou (Ship); Search and rescue operations--Newfoundland and Labrador; Theater--Newfoundland and Labrador; World War, 1914-1918; World War, 1939-1945; This collection contains the literary papers of Cassie Brown collected over her thirty-five years as a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. Arranged in series that reflect the various stages of her writing career, the collection includes research materials, drafts, manuscripts, galleys, page proofs,and correspondence relating to her three major published works ('Death on the Ice', 1972; 'A Winter's Tale', 1976; 'Standing into Danger', 1979); research materials, drafts and manuscripts of her unpublished books, short stories, plays, etc.; materials related to her journalism career; and photographs used as illustrations for her books and articles. COLL-115

67. Whiteley, George Whiteley, George This is a small portion of the life work and writings of George Carpenter Whiteley, junior. It contains only materials related to the publication of his book Northern Seas, Hardy Sailors - including the original typed manuscript, the page proofs, some illustrations and a small amount of design and layout. The illustration (photographs, drawings and maps) are a very valuable - contribution as many are originals created by Whiteley for the book. Also included is an alphabetic index which did not appear in the published text. COLL-117

68. CODCO CODCO This fonds consists of the papers of CODCO. It includes the company's professional correspondence; contracts; - legal documents; Gemini - Awards; minutes of meetings; financial records; grant applications; transcripts, photographs, audio and video cassettes, - computer diskettes and - other material related to CODCO's stage, film and television productions; papers related to productions in which one or more - CODCO members - were involved; publicity material; material related to the book, The Plays of CODCO; and copies of scholarly papers written - about CODCO. - - - COLL-121

69. Cahill, Tom Cahill, Tom The Thomas Cahill papers were among the first collections acquired by the Performing Arts Archives Project when it was started in 1982. They were - generated over a period of thirty years and consist mainly of typescripts of Cahill's original works for stage, radio and television. Originally the clippings and - programs were filed separately from the scripts and some of the programs had been transferred to the Programs Collection. These were retrieved and - reintegrated into the files in order to maintain the integrity of the fonds. While they are not a complete record of Cahill's work in the performing arts, these - records do allow the researcher an overview of his growth as a playwright during the first thirty years of his career. COLL-122

70. O'Neil, Frankie O'Neil, Frankie Frankie O'Neill has been involved with theatre in Newfoundland since the 1950s, as a performer in stage and film productions, as well as a theatre reviewer. During the 1980s and early 1990s, she reviewed local productions for the CBC Radio programs The Morning Show and Weekend AM and read these on air. As well, in the latter part of the 1980s she wrote a review column for The Evening Telegram newspaper called "Stage Whispers." Most of the plays reviewed were St. John's and Stephenville Festival productions but she also spent several seasons in London, England and reviewed plays there for her Telegram column. The files of reviews also contain notes made during performances, related programs, press releases, newspaper clippings and some correspondence. In 1992, she was chair of the Board of Directors of the Resource Centre for the Arts when a minor catastrophe arose over scheduling difficulties; this incident is documented in the papers. This collection would be of interest to those researching theatre history and theatre administration. COLL-123

71. Boland, Rick Boland, Rick Rick Boland deposited his papers with the Archives and Special Collections in the fall of 1982 - when he was working with the Archives in the establishment of the Newfoundland Performing Arts Archives Project. The papers were generated during the 1970s and 80s and reflect his involvement in the local performing arts scene in the areas of stage, film and radio, as well as his interest in the preservation of aspects of these media. His work has included acting, directing, playwriting and archiving. - COLL-124

72. The Resource Foundation for the Arts. (Mummers Troupe) The Resource Foundation for the Arts. (Mummers Troupe) After completion of his book, A Public Nuisance: A History of the Mummers Troupe, Chris Brookes deposited the papers of - the Resource Foundation for the Arts/Mummers Troupe in the Archives and Special Collections in August 1988. These files had been stored - in no apparent order and kept in open cardboard boxes so that most of them were fairly dusty and tattered. It was - necessary to rearrange the files and re-organize some to more clearly document the history of the company. - These papers were generated between 1972 - 1982, a period of political and social awakening both in Newfoundland and - the world in general. In Canada, the Mummers were on the leading edge of a new kind of theatre in which established - institutions are questioned and satirized, and the plight of common people is brought to the forefront. Through the - correspondence and the production notes and research material the researcher will be able to trace both the growth of the - troupe and the development of theatre in Newfoundland as a social consciousness raiser. Researchers should also look at - Coll-125, Resource Centre for the Arts, Coll-124, Richard M. Boland collection and other arts groups and individuals who - may have had dealings with RFA. - - - COLL-126

73. Holmes, John Holmes, John The collection includes programs and reviews of productions in which John Holmes was involved - as either director or actor, as well as reviews he prepared for CBC Radio and The Evening - Telegram for other productions, including various drama festivals, throughout the 1980s, and 90s. There is also material - related to his position as Vice-Chairman of the Ceremonies Committee of the 1977 Canada Summer - Games, which were held in St. John's. There is a chronological listing of his CBC Radio reviews and - The Evening Telegram columns. There is an alphabetical listing of programs in sub-series - 1.03. The - collection should be of interest to anyone researching the performing arts in Newfoundland. COLL-127

74. London Theatre Company London Theatre Company Programs, newspaper clippings, and 1 Black and White photograph relating to the London Theatre Company (London, England) productions which were staged in St. John's during the winter seasons 1951-1957. COLL-128

75. Newfoundland Travelling Theatre Company Newfoundland Travelling Theatre Company These papers were generated during the 1970s (1971-1976) when a new generation of Newfoundland actors and playwrights were experimenting with novel ideas for theatre production in the province. The Newfoundland Travelling Theatre Company (NTTC) was the first company to tour in the smaller provincial communities. The NTTC produced scripted plays usually by one, but sometimes two, Newfoundland playwrights, such as Dudley Cox, Michael Cook and Tom Cahill. COLL-129

76. Newfie Bullet Newfie Bullet The collection consists of radio scripts (1979-1981) of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) variety series set on the train, The Newfie Bullet, written by David Ross and various contributing writers. It also includes an article by Peter Narvaez about the use of folklore in the program COLL-130

77. Oil In The Family Radio program Oil In The Family Radio program Chris Brookes deposited the scripts and papers of the National CBC Radio "soap opera" Oil in the Family (1982) with the Archives and Special Collections in February 1989 after having "rescued" them from the CBC offices. The tapes of the shows had already been discarded. COLL-131

78. Department of Theatre, Grenfell Campus, MUN Department of Theatre, Grenfell Campus, MUN The collection consists posters (transferred to Coll-143), programs publicity materials (1988-2003) productions staged by the Department of Theatre, Grenfell Campus (formerly Sir Wilfred Grenfell College), Corner Brook. COLL-133

79. Goldie, Terry Goldie, Terry This collection contains theatre reviews by Terry Goldie of St. John's productions. From 1979-1985, he read his reviews on CBC Radio; from 1986-1988, he published them in The Sunday Express newspaper. The collection will be of interest to students of drama and those restaging plays. COLL-134

80. Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador Theatre programs, posters, photographs and publicity materials from company productions. COLL-136
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