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41. Barnes, Arthur Barnes, Arthur Originally a collection of 26 documents from his personal life, the Barnes' Papers have been significantly supplemented by the gift of Ralph Andrews (see Provenance). Hopefully, more of Dr. Barnes papers may come to light in future, but this fragmentary collection should be of interest to educational historians. - COLL-057

42. Skirving, Harvey Skirving, Harvey Three albums of World War I clippings; one 'kept by Harvey Skirving as a young lad of 12 years old'; two include memorial service programs and other ephemera. Some miscellaneous photographs. COLL-058

43. Berry, Freda Berry, Freda Scrapbook of her career in the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service, 1943-1946; photographs and memorabilia which record her active service as Lieutenant Commander and at subsequent reunions. Teacher and administrator, of St. John's. COLL-061

44. Newfoundland Library Association Newfoundland Library Association The papers of the Newfoundland Library Association comprise a small collection that was - generated during the years 1969 to 1994. It consists of minutes, correspondence, financial records, - membership lists, constitutions, and material relating to special projects such as a directory of - Newfoundland libraries, the Margaret Williams Trust Fund, and Newfoundland Library Week activities. In - particular, there is original submissions (prose, poetry and art work) from the children who participated in - the NLA's project for International Year of the Child in 1979: the publication of My Inside Self: writings and - pictures by children of Newfoundland and Labrador. The collection should be of interest to researchers in - the library professions, the history of libraries and their activities in Newfoundland. - - - COLL-062

45. Stacey, Alec Stacey, Alec Alec Stacey deposited a large collection of newsclippings and related publications with Memorial - University in December 1984. The clippings, from local newspapers between 1968 and 1984, are - mounted in 228 binders which are housed in the Archives and Special Collections. In addition, 800 - volumes of directly related published material have been integrated into the CNS collection. 3 boxes - of Mr. Stacey's "Settlements Collection" are held in the Archives. These statistical studies of - population will provide an important tool for demographers. By creating a synthesis of population - statistics from all sources, Mr. Stacey shows that community "resettlement'' was not a post-confederation - phenomenon but has been a continuous process since the early 17th century. - - COLL-065

46. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Newfoundland Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Newfoundland This fonds consists of the 1954-85 records of the Newfoundland regional producers of performance - programming for CBC Radio and television, especially Paul O'Neill, including individual files of all dramatic - productions and scripts considered, administrative records for arts and entertainment programming, and - school and religious broadcasts. Most files contain a working script, as well as correspondence and - production records for each. These papers provide insight into the influential role of the CBC in the local - arts community, as well as the relationship between the regional and national management. Researchers - should also consult COLL-042, the Paul O'Neill Collection and COLL-107, the W.F. Galgay Collection. - - COLL-066

47. Art Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Art Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Records of the Association including minutes, correspondence, newsletters, programs of exhibitions, constitution, membership lists and newsclippings. Founded May 1960 as the Art Gallery Association of Newfoundland, it changed to its present name in May 1967 and has operated two galleries. COLL-068

48. Rusted, Nigel Rusted, Nigel Correspondence, records, working notes, photographs and clippings used in writing of the book "It's devil deep down there: 50 years ago on the M.V. Lady Anderson, a mobile - clinic on the S.W. coast of Newfoundland", the - story of his year's service as medical officer of the MV Lady Anderson on the South Coast. Early drafts, - typescripts and final proofs. Dr. Kenneth Roberts' correspondence relating to the publication - of this book. - COLL-071

49. Crosbie, John C. Crosbie, John C. The collection consists of John Crosbie's political papers and related government documents he gathered as a municipal politician from 1965 to 1966 and as a provincial politician from 1966 to 1976. The Collection included mostly correspondence, but it also contained maps, photographs and audiovisual materials. It will provide a rich resource for the students of Newfoundland political history. COLL-073

50. Neary, Stephen Neary, Stephen In July 1985 Stephen Aloysius Neary granted to Memorial University of Newfoundland all of his political papers dealing with his career as a provincial politician - from 1962 to 1985. The Collection included mostly correspondence, but it also contained photographs from 1969-1971 when he was the Minister of Public - Welfare/Social Services and Rehabilitation. It will provide a rich resource for the students of Newfoundland political and social history. COLL-074

51. Smallwood, J.R. Smallwood, J.R. This collection consists of the government documents and personal papers that J.R. Smallwood - gathered while Premier of Newfoundland - from 1949 to 1972. In addition to textual material, the collection included many photographs, maps, - engineering and architectural drawings, posters, artifacts, audio-tapes, and over 5,000 published volumes. - - In January 1984, with the assistance of a Research Tools Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities - Research Council of Canada, the Centre for Newfoundland - Studies undertook the task of sorting, arranging and describing this large collection. The initial step was to - remove all the published material and, where appropriate, these - items were added to other collections within the University Library. Each volume has been listed and - those now found in other collections are marked with the Smallwood - bookplate. Except where significant to the informational value of a file, all maps were transferred to the - Map Library. The audio-tapes, together with a portable wire recorder, - were transferred to the Folklore and Language Archive. - - The material which now comprises the Smallwood Collection and is described in this inventory is a rich - lode for the student of Newfoundland political history. Scholars of - many disciplines - economics, geography, sociology, anthropology and geology - will also find a valuable - resource in these papers; genealogists of the twenty-first century - will be tantalized by the District Files. - - - - - - COLL-075

52. Rowe, Frederick. Dr. Frederick Rowe Fonds Rowe, Frederick. Dr. Frederick Rowe Fonds Rowe, Frederick William, 1912-1994; Newfoundland. House of Assembly; Canada. Senate; Correspondence; Photographs; Legislators--Newfoundland and Labrador; Politicians--Newfoundland and Labrador; Education--Newfoundland and Labrador; Newfoundland and Labrador--History Frederick W. Rowe's involvement in the political life of Newfoundland encompasses the first four decades following Confederation with Canada in 1949. He has documented that involvement through the materials contained in this collection. It includes extensive constituency correspondence from his years as Member of the House of Assembly for Labrador (1952-1956), White Bay South (1956-1966) and Grand Falls (1966-1971). There is documentation relating to his responsibilities in a number of Cabinet portfolios, including Education, Highways and Finance. The is also material from his years as a Newfoundland member of the Canadian Senate (1971-1987). COLL-077; ASC-EAD0012

53. Roberts, Edward Roberts, Edward In 1986, Edward M. Roberts donated his political papers to Memorial University of Newfoundland for deposit in the Archives and Special Collections. - The papers document Roberts' involvement in political life, mainly in Newfoundland, from 1963 to 1985. They add significantly to the political collections already on - deposit at the Centre, particularly those of Joseph R. Smallwood (in whose Cabinet Roberts served from 1968 to 1972), John C. Crosbie and Dr. Frederick W. Rowe. - - Of particular significance are the political papers for the period 1964 to 1972 when Roberts was closely involved with the Smallwood Administration, first as - Smallwood's Parliamentary Assistant and later as Minister of Public Welfare and Minister of Health. The district files are quite valuable as they cover twenty successive - years of the development of one of the more remote areas of Newfoundland - the White Bay North (later Strait of Belle Isle) District - and provide a rich resource for - students of social and cultural history. The papers relating to Roberts' years as leader of the Liberal Party also complement Smallwood's, as Roberts succeeded - Smallwood as leader. - COLL-078

54. Morgan, M.O. Morgan, M.O. M. O. Morgan spent most of his working life as a professor or administrator at Memorial University of Newfoundland. His official papers, documenting - his tenures as dean, vice-president and president of the university, are housed with Memorial's records and archives service. The materials contained in this collection - constitute his private and personal papers. Naturally there is some overlap, as Morgan kept personal copies of his reports to convocation, and other reports and - newspaper clippings related to the university. For the most part, however, this material documents his private life and interests. - The collection contains a small amount of family records and material documenting his personal interests. There are lecture notes and other records from his - university studies at Dalhousie and Oxford universities. There are copies of speeches, essays and articles, many dealing with aspects of Memorial University. There are - items dealing with his interest in the Newfoundland Confederation debate during 1948-1949, and the constitutional debate in Canada, 1989-1992; his membership on - the boards of the Joseph R. Smallwood Heritage Foundation and Newfoundland Hydro; his service on the royal commission into the sinking of the Ocean Ranger - offshore drilling rig, 1982-1985, and the Forget commission into unemployment insurance in Canada, 1985. Together they demonstrate the varied array of his interests - and expertise, and provide a more complete picture of Morgan the man, in contrast to the more common image of Morgan as university administrator. - - COLL-083

55. Condon, Michael Condon, Michael Despite its relatively small size, the Michael Condon collection will provide insights into the life of a - man who was driven by two obsessive and related ideas. Michael Condon believed in the self-sufficiency - of - Newfoundland through proper management of its resources. To that end he wrote and published The - Fisheries and Resources of Newfoundland (1925), a history cum almanac in which he expounds his - beliefs, while promoting the accomplishments of scores of Newfoundland men, particularly sealing - captains, government and business leaders. The collection contains material relating to the writing and - publication of the book, and to Condon's unsuccessful attempts to publish a second, expanded edition. - - His second obsession was with bled fish. He believed that if a fish was killed and bled soon after it was - caught, it would be of better quality than a fish left to die in the bottom of a trap skiff. To prove his point - he sent samples of dried 'bled fish' to a number of prominent Newfoundlanders, to the Governor, and at - one point to Benito Mussolini, Prime Minister of Italy. The collection contains reactions from these persons - to the fish, and material relating to Condon's attempts to promote his idea. - - The collection also contains biographical notes on a number of families from the northeast coast of - Newfoundland who were involved with the seal hunt including the Barbours, Roberts, Blackmores and - Keans, an article by I.C. Morris entitled The Resources of Newfoundland, a drawing of Condon's Patent - Trap, and miscellaneous correspondence and scrapbooks. The collection is enhanced by a small - number of photographs of Newfoundland men and ships and a number of unused Newfoundland - postcards. - - The Condon collection is mainly centered in the ten-year period between 1922 and 1932. It is illustrative - of a time when the public press was extensively used as a forum for one-sided, often fanatical, - outpourings of people who were prisoners of unfulfilled dreams. - - COLL-084

56. Lord Taylor of Harlow Lord Taylor of Harlow In 1985 Lord Taylor of Harlow offered his papers to Memorial University and the gift was welcomed - despite the fact that only a minor portion of the collection relates to his tenure as University President, - from 1967-1973. - - The significance of this collection rests in its integrity, spanning as it does a full life-time, and representing - all facets of Taylor's varied career, from his school days, through his medical training at St. Thomas's - Hospital, and his early clinical and psychiatric work. His wartime career with the Home Intelligence - Division of the Ministry of Information and the Wartime Social Survey generated two boxes of reports - which provide a wealth of material on conditions in wartime Britain. - - In political life he held advisory roles in the fields of health, housing, education and commonwealth - relations. - - Specifically these papers chronicle the life of a 'man and his times'. As a Labour M.P., an administrator - and a doctor, Taylor was in the fore-front of much of the social and political reform which took place in - post war Britain, and it is to the biographer and social historian of this era that the collection will prove its - value. - - Of particular interest are the Commonplace Books, a carefully annotated collection of medical, political - and social notes, and news cuttings including many of his Parliamentary speeches, in scrap-book form, - from 1954 to 1974. - - The collection includes personal papers from his career as Director of Home Intelligence and Wartime Social Survey in the British Ministry of Information (1940-1944), as Labour M.P. and policy advisor on National Health, as Medical Director of Harlow Industrial Health Service, as conciliator of the Saskatchewan Medicare debate (1962), and as President and Vice-Chancellor of Memorial University of Newfoundland (1967-1972). Manuscripts of his published writing, principally omedical subjects, and of his autobiography. Commonplace books, 1950-1976, personal correspondence. - COLL-085

57. Higgins, John Gilbert Higgins, John Gilbert The papers of John Gilbert Higgins, QC, MA were given to Memorial University Library by his son Gilbert Edward Higgins over a period of years starting in 1963. Monographs and periodicals were added to the book collections of the Library and the Centre for Newfoundland Studies, but for twenty years the boxes and filing cabinets of archival material remained unsorted. Some found their way into the Maritime History Archive but have since been reunited with those which were stored in the Library. In 1983 we began the process of organizing the collection which was of increasing interest to students of the Confederation period, but it was not possible to pursue this work continuously until 1986. The arrangement has now reached a point where it is possible to describe it in a finding aid and to make the collection accessible for research. There remains much that might profitably be done to refine this arrangement and to list material more fully for future access and security, especially in Series 2 which concerns the Board of Arbitration under Defence (Requisitioning of Land) Regulations of the Emergency Powers (Defence) Act. This inventory is a preliminary effort. - - John Gilbert Higgins was born a collector and at an early age demonstrated due respect for the historical record. From scrapbooks began at the age of four to lists of artifacts and paintings in his Senatorial office very little of the paper record of his life had been discarded; and his life consisted of many layers, some of which are more fully documented than others. As a mirror of Newfoundland society there is 60 years of personal correspondence in Series 5 and the records of many of the organizations with which he was affiliated in Series 4. Historians will find significant material in Series 3.1 (the Responsible Government League) and Series 2 (Board of Arbitration records). Series 1 and 6 contain an important sample of the work of the legal profession in this period. - - Photographs and memorabilia, plans, posters and a large selection of legal documents from the practice of Sir James Winter in the nineteenth century make this a collection visually interesting for exhibitors, and genealogists will find a wealth of family history in Series 2. Manuscripts, drafts and working notes for his own writing in prose and poetry on a wide variety of subjects is also in Series 5. In short, almost all aspects of Newfoundland life in the first 60 years of the 20th Century may be glimpsed or illuminated in the papers of John Gilbert Higgins. - COLL-087

58. Snow, Graham Snow, Graham In October 1985, Graham Snow arranged to have his papers donated to the Archives and Special - Collections, and they were received in June of 1987. - - The collection consists mainly of research data for an authoritative work on the history of organized - sport in Newfoundland, which he had been working on for a number of years. The material is in the - form of photocopies from newspaper articles and histories, original news clippings and official reports. - The preliminary manuscript and handwritten notes for the history are also included. - - The data covers all facets of sports development in the province, both in St. John's and outlying areas. - The arrangement of the papers follows the chapter outline of the proposed history fairly closely and - would be of some value to Newfoundland sports historians. - - COLL-088

59. Russell, Ted and Dora Russell, Ted and Dora The Ted Dora Russell Collection consists literary papers two writers who are very distinct style, yet very related form. Both wrote extensively mass media, Ted mainly radio, Dora mainly newspapers, each tended cross over other's domain time to time. Both were limited by outside constraints. Ted by six minutes available to him on CBC radio, Dora number of column inches available Evening Telegraph each was able to use these restrictions advantageously to produce short, concise literary creations which can stand on their own or easily become part of writer's much larger corpus. Ted Russell is primarily known creator Chronicles Uncle Mose, a six minute CBC radio program which ran Newfoundland 1953 to 1961. author of eight radio plays number short stories newspaper articles. This collection contains copies of 350 of 'Uncle Mose' scripts (some handwritten), handwritten typed drafts copies eight plays, copies other articles mainly reprint form. accompanied number scrapbooks Russell compiled political career, his literary career, his university career. There are also a number of photographs, awards citations,correspondence between Russell's daughter, Elizabeth Miller, various people who helped her researching material for her biography of her father. Dora Russell first women's editor of St. John's newspaper, Evening Telegram. regular reporter proceedings National Convention during 1946 1947, addition her regular responsibilities Women's Editor. This collection contains copies columns "Woman of Week", "The Woman's Angle", "Day by Day", "Spec-tatler", well scrapbooks containing her coverage of National Convention. short stories radio plays. joint collection rare opportunity researchers study career husband wife who pursued similar interests while maintaining their creative independence literary styles. collection also includes two audio tapes, one an interview which Elizabeth Miller conducted J.R. Smallwood father's political career, other a reading of play "To God... Who Gave It". Both have been deposited Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore Language Archive. COLL-089

60. Darby, Jessie G.  Darby, Jessie G. Three books of programs for kindergarten classes; one book of origami designs; one book of needlepoint and coloured design creations. COLL-094
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