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21. Barrelman Radio Program Barrelman Radio Program Barrelman (Radio program); O'Leary Newfoundland (Radio Program); Radio broadcasting--Newfoundland and Labrador; Popular culture--Newfoundland and Labrador; Radio scripts; Correspondence This collection contains the papers of The Barrelman radio program, the scripts of which were generated by Joseph R. Smallwood and Michael F. Harrington, the two announcers who served as the Barrelman in St. John's. The St. John's scripts were recycled for the Corner Brook series, which was entitled O'Leary Newfoundland Program and hosted by Stan O'Leary, brother of the program's sponsor, F.M. O'Leary. These vary somewhat from the St. John's scripts and are also included in the collection. This collection will be of interest to historians and biographers researching Smallwood's and Harrington's early careers; those studying the lives of other prominent Newfoundlanders, especially those who made a name for themselves outside Newfoundland; folklorists, who will find a wealth of material on a wide range of folkloristic genres; those interested in early radio programming in Newfoundland, as well as diversions of the time; students of vernacular literature; and anyone seeking a sampling of Newfoundland's history, culture and social life. COLL-028

22. Fallon, Luke Fallon, Luke Two log-books containing the daily record of police activity at Harbour Grace headquarters of the Newfoundland Constabulary. COLL-029

23. Royal Commission on Canada's Economic Prospects, 1956 Royal Commission on Canada's Economic Prospects, 1956 Briefs and related exhibits submitted to the Royal Commission on Canada's Economic Prospects of which Dr. Gushue was a member. Drafts of preliminary and final reports, studies commissioned and other working papers. President of Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1952-1966, thereafter President Emeritus. COLL-030

24. Dunfield, Caroline Withers Dunfield, Caroline Withers This is a gift, a very special gift given to Caroline Withers on the occasion of her marriage to Reverend Henry Dunfield on October 10, 1878. It consists - of 49 watercolour paintings depicting scenes from St. John's and environs, painted by William Frederick Rennie, whose daughter, Emma, was married to Caroline's - brother, John. The paintings are affixed in a large scrapbook album and, considering their age, are in very good condition. - This collection of paintings will be of interest to those researching art history and artistic styles practised in St. John's in the 1870s. They shed much light on - Rennie as a painter, as little of his work has survived. The album should also be of assistance to those researching built heritage in St. John's during this period, as it - shows the location of many buildings which no longer exist, as well as some which do. Of particular interest is the painting of "The Billies", Dr. William Carson's house - at Rostellan, a building which had undergone much external alteration following its construction in the 1820s, until it was torn down in 199?. There are also - paintings of scenes outside St. John's, including Manuels and Topsail. - While there is no indication on any of the paintings that they were painted by William Frederick Rennie, a comparison between these and known examples of his work - have resulted in a strong case for attributing them to him. The subject matter, the style, the medium and the time period all point to Rennie as the artist. COLL-031

25. Butt, Grace Butt, Grace Grace Butt first deposited copies of her plays with the Centre for Newfoundland Studies in 1982. - These - were catalogued and are available in the Centre's book collection. At the same time Butt deposited notes, - reviews and correspondence related to her plays and her involvement in Newfoundland theatre in the - Archives and Special Collections. She has continued to make deposits in the intervening years. This - collection reflects - the author's life as a playwright, prose writer and poet, and her involvement in the community through - such groups as the Newfoundland Writers Guild, the St. John's Players and Newfoundland Drama - Festivals. Researchers will be able to trace her writing career, as well as her community involvement. She - has written in many genres including playwriting, poetry, short stories/essays, radio documentaries, book - writing and newspaper/magazine article writing. - - The collection includes correspondence, both general and personal, research notes, drafts, review - articles, programs and other production materials related to her plays and other writings. There is - documentation of her involvement in the theatre and a small number of photographs of stage - productions. It is a very good starting point for research into Butt as a writer, a producer and a theatre - organizer, and into the history of theatre in twentieth century Newfoundland. COLL-032

26. Bachelot de la Pylaie Bachelot de la Pylaie Auguste Jean Marie Bachelot de la Pylaie, 1786-1856, Scientist and botanist, of France. - Manuscript of 'Essai Sur la Flore de Terre-Neuve et des Iles St. Pierre et Miclon'. An early and important - contribution to marine botany, published in part as 'Flore de Terre-Neuve et des iles de St. Pierre et Miclon - avec figures dessinaes par l'auteur sur les plants vivantes', Didot, Paris, 1829. - - - COLL-033

27. Banks, Joseph Banks, Joseph Sir Joseph Banks, botanist and naturalist, of Great Britain,1743-1820. This collection consists of: Journal of the voyage of the Endeavour to the South Seas, in two volumes COLL-034

28. Community Planning Association of Canada. Newfoundland Division Community Planning Association of Canada. Newfoundland Division This collection is the combination of records found in the attic of the LSPU Hall and those left in the keeping of the last active President of the Newfoundland Division of CPAC, Shane O'Dea. - - Superficial cleaning and listing of titles of the files was carried out by Rick Boland in 1983. In August, 1987 an additional box of material was acquired from Ruth Green, and Edythe Goodridge at which time it was decided to carry out a careful arrangement and description of the collection. The administrative changes which took place during the life of the CPAC, were reflected in the arrangement of the files, in which there was little discernible system. - - The original order of the contents of the files was maintained as far as possible, though further sorting could be beneficial. The collection is a valuable resource for sociologists, architects, and historians. - COLL-035

29. Aid to New Newfoundlanders '79 Aid to New Newfoundlanders '79 Aid to New Newfoundlanders '79 (Organization); Refugee families; Voluntarism--Newfoundland and Labrador--St. John's The Aid to New Newfoundlanders '79 papers consist of the correspondence, minutes of meetings and newsletters of a private group which was formed in August 1979 in St. John's to sponsor a family of Southeast Asian refugees into Canada. The papers chronicle the preparations for the arrival of the family, their schooling and employment and eventual departure to live in Toronto in the fall of 1980. COLL-036

30. Duder, Edwin Duder, Edwin The Edwin F. Duder papers are a meagre remnant of what must have been, at one time, a much - larger body of material. It contains the manuscript material for one of his published books of poetry, The Whimsical Goat, and several unpublished manuscripts, both poetry and prose. The manuscript for his - other published volume of poetry, Time is a Gypsy, is not present. It seems likely that he returned many - collected letters to his correspondents, as he did with Florence Miller. Literary historians will find a clearer - picture of Duder emerges from the Florence Miller Papers, Coll-016. A number of published books by other writers, which are autographed and contain marginal notes by - Duder, have been kept with the collection. A number of other items from Duder's desk have been - removed from the collection; these are listed at the end of the finding aid. COLL-037

31. Harding, William Harding, William Diary of the life of William Harding transcribed by his great-greatgranddaughter into three notebooks. An original ledger - (microfilmed) contains parish records from 1820, given to Harding by Thomas Birkett in 1857 and thereafter used by him as - a journal. Some pages from the Harding family bible containing records of births, deaths and marriages. - - COLL-039

32. Harvey, Moses Harvey, Moses This fonds contains 79 photographs taken by Dr. Wilfred Grenfell (1865-1940), during his initial visit to Newfoundland and Labrador in 1892 and given to Rev. Moses Harvey. They include several pictures of St. John's in the aftermath of the fire that destroyed much of the town on July 8, and many others documenting life in the many small fishing villages along the southern coast of Labrador. A further 30 photographs by St. John's photographer Simeon H. Parsons (1844-1908) depict a number of Newfoundland communities and ice bergs along the coast of the island. - Three scrapbooks contain clippings of many of Harvey's newspaper columns and other items related to happenings in Newfoundland collected and saved by Harvey. A fourth scrapbook, in a similar collecting vein, was compiled by one of Harvey's sons. - There is a bibliography containing a partial list of Harvey's writings in the early 1870s and copies of obituaries of Harvey, one written by Daniel W. Prowse, that appeared in the St. John's Evening Telegram on September 3 and 4, 1901. - - COLL-041

33. Sons of Temperance. Grand Division of Newfoundland. Grand Bank Division Sons of Temperance. Grand Division of Newfoundland. Grand Bank Division Recording Scribe's Book (minutes), January 4, 1864 to January 12, 1865. Photograph of members, date uncertain. 'Holy Bible', 1865, presented to the Grand Bank Division, Sons of Temperance by Rev. Stephen T. Teed, February 6, 1868. COLL-044

34. Memorial University of Newfoundland, Department of Geography Memorial University of Newfoundland, Department of Geography Correspondence and accounts concerning the Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting held at Memorial University of Newfoundland, August 18 to August 22, 1969; Local Arrangements Committee chaired by Alan C. Macpherson. Typescript of the papers published as 'Colloquium on Regional Economic Development'. Notes and correspondence of Dr. William Summers concerning his book 'The Geography of Newfoundland'. COLL-047

35. Matthews, Evelyn Matthews, Evelyn The collection consists of correspondence, reports, essays, notes and draft lectures related to Evelyn Matthews' professional activities (1926-1983), mainly in her role as headmistress of Bishop Spencer College, 1952-1957, and as Professor of Mathematics, Memorial University of Newfoundland. In addition there are programs of theatre productions. COLL-048

36. Rubia, Geraldine Rubia, Geraldine Geraldine Rubia deposited her papers with the Archives and Special Collections in April 1984. These papers were generated during the 1960s and 1970s and reflect the author's involvement in local radio, television and stage productions and her work as a poet, short story writer, columnist and editor. - COLL-050

37. St. John's Folk Arts Council St. John's Folk Arts Council Financial records, receipts and invoices, annual reports, executive minutes, address lists, some working notes, publicity, photographs. COLL-051

38. Women's Association of Memorial University of Newfoundland (WAMUN) Women's Association of Memorial University of Newfoundland (WAMUN) This collection consists of the papers of the Women's Association of Memorial University of Newfoundland, including newsletters, membership lists, constitution, history, scholarship fund and newspaper clippings concerning the work of the organization. This is an ongoing organization and it is anticipated that more papers will be added in coming years. COLL-052

39. Perlin, Rae Perlin, Rae Rae Perlin first deposited papers at Archives and Special Collections in 1983. A second deposit of photographic material, collected by Anne Hart, followed in 1994. The largest deposit was made by John Perlin on March 25, 1998. The papers were generated during the years 1910 to 1997 and detail various aspects of her life, particularly her art activities including oil painting, watercolour and sketching.This collection allows researchers to examine the artistic styles of Rae Perlin and see how her travels and studies were reflected in her artworks. There are sketchbooks and drawings done by Perlin that are exclusive to this collection. These were done by Perlin all over the world, as were the journals and diaries that are included in the collection. Both the sketches and the journals provide a wealth of information on the artist as well as a record of the Perlin family's daily and yearly activities. The journals and diaries, in particular, offer a valuable glimpse of a Jewish family functioning in a Predominantly non-Jewish environment as the Perlins did in St. John's. It is not only the information on Perlin's artistic endeavours that is important however. There are literary materials relating to the publication of Not a Still Life: The Art and Writings of Rae Perlin, which was compiled and edited by Marian Francis White and published by Killick Press of St.John's in 1991. There are notes, plans and a draft of the book, as well as correspondence with publishers and bookstores. The collection contains Perlin's correspondence with charities, religious groups, politicians and many non-government agencies, addressing a variety of causes. This correspondence reveals much about her personal character, through the causes that she remained committed to for many years. In addition to literary and personal papers, there are photographs dating from 1920. These show Perlin in a variety of places, ranging from Guelph, Ontario to Placentia, Newfoundland. They contain images of a youthful Rae Perlin, as well as her in later years, spending time with family members as recent as 1996. There are also photographs of other members of the Perlin family. This collection documents the life of a woman with a range of artistic and literary talents. She was successful both as an artist and critic, and earned for herself a secure place in the arts scene of this province. COLL-053

40. Cochrane, John Cochrane, John Proceedings of the 8th National Convention of the Association of Catholic Trade Unionists (1953). Minute books of Directors' meetings and annual general meetings of the - Civil - Service Association, 1943-1950. Minute book of the Association of Catholic Trade Unionists, 1949-1950. Minute book of the St. John's Trades and Labour Council, 1948-1956. - Folder containing 18 photographs of union meetings and personalities, correspondence and notes concerning the Newfoundland Government Employees Association, 1956, - Newfoundland Federation of Labour and the Trades and Labour Congress of Canada, St. John's District Trades and Labour Council. - - COLL-055
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