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181. Rees, Rainer Rees, Rainer Rees, Rainer, 1926-1993; Music; Sonatas This fonds consists of 42 original music compositions, written by Rainer Rees between 1988 and 1992, as well as research on Rees's life and work. Coll-333; ASC-EAD0014

182. Troake, Gary Troake, Gary This fonds consists of the photographs which were copied from originals belonging to Gary Troake. Subjects include Twillingate, Grand Falls / Windsor, other unidentified communities, boats, lighthouses, houses, moving houses, a mine site, and people in work and social situations. Most of the photographs are probably of the Twillingate area, however, they have not been identified as such. COLL-334

183. Blake, Maurice Blake, Maurice Diary and scrapbook kept by Maurice Blake, son of Sir Henry Blake, Governor of Newfoundland, 1887-1888. Records the daily life of the nine year old in Newfoundland, the Bahamas and later in Jamaica. COLL-335

184. Canadian Association of College and University Student Services Canadian Association of College and University Student Services This fonds consists of the administrative files of the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services, 1946-96, and the C.A.C.U.S.S. files of William (Bill) Stewart, Past-President of the Association and past Editor of The Bulletin, 1974-91. COLL-337

185. Kean, Job Kean, Job This collection consists of 234 Christmas cards, 7 Easter cards, and 47 greeting cards and postcards. There is also material related to the Kean business such as receipts, bills, and insurance polices and material related to the Methodist Church in Newfoundland. (The Methodist Church became the United Church of Canada in 1925.) - - COLL-339

186. S.H. Parsons Photograph Collection S.H. Parsons Photograph Collection This fonds consists of a photograph album entitled Views of Newfoundland, containing 80 monochrome photographs (78 mounted, 2 loose) taken by Simeon H. Parsons, c. 1890-1900. Several of the photos have title captions followed by the initials "S.H. P." A few have an embossed stamp: "S.H. Parsons, St. John's, NF." A few have pencilled titles naming locations. Most of the photographs are horizontal, but some are vertical views. Coll-343

187. Frost, Charles Sydney Frost, Charles Sydney The photographs in this album were collected by Charles Sydney Frost during his service with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in the First World War. Most of the photographs were taken between 1914 and 1918. They are snapshots of Regiment officers while in the United Kingdom and France. The majority of these men were from "B" Company and it is likely that the photos of these men were taken while C.S. Frost presided over that company as Captain. Also contained in the album are reproductions of the 12 Newfoundland stamps that were issued to honor the Regiment's service in World War One. COLL-346

188. Williamson, Tony Williamson, Tony Williamson, Tony (H. Anthony); Memorial University of Newfoundland. Extension Service; Labrador Inuit Association; Naskapi-Montagnais Innu Association; Fogo Island Process; Community development--Newfoundland and Labrador; Labrador (N.L.)--Research; Correspondence; Diaries The Tony Williamson papers consist of research papers, publications, correspondence, reports, diaries, notebooks, maps, audiotapes, slides and photographs. These papers were generated over a period of almost 50 years, beginning with Williamson's university student days and ending with his employment at Memorial University. Coll-347; ASC-EAD0023

189. Ecke, Robert Ecke, Robert On March 8 2006 the papers of Dr. Robert Ecke were received at Archives and Special Collections of the Queen Elizabeth II Library. They were received from John McGee Jr., the lawyer for the estate of Dr. Ecke. These papers cover the entirety of Dr. Ecke's life, from his early childhood in New York to his medical practice in the United States and in Newfoundland, to his military service, writing and retirement. Over a century is represented by these documents, as this collection also contains keepsakes that pre-date Dr. Ecke's birth in 1909, and also contains material from the year he died in 2001 - - This collection also contains the papers of Kathryn Ecke, Dr. Ecke's sister. They were contained within the boxes received, and have been assembled as a series in Dr. Ecke's papers. Kathryn was an officer in the Air Force and served in Japan in the 1950s. There are many photographs of this time in the collection. - - A large portion of this collection is Dr. Ecke's personal correspondence with friends and family over seven decades. There are letters written to and written by Dr. Ecke. There is also a significant volume of medical and military documents, as well as material from his years with the Institute for Contemporary Russian Studies. There are many photographs and home movies, including color footage of Twilingate, where he worked for a number of years, in the late 1930s or early 1940s. - - Dr. Ecke's years in Twilingate working at the Notre Dame Bay Memorial Hospital with Dr. John Olds are represented in letters, photos, and journals. This collection contains many of Dr. Ecke's personal diaries, including those that cover his time in Newfoundland. These journals were published in 2000 as a memoir called Snowshoe and Lancet: Memoirs of a Frontier Newfoundland Doctor, 1937-1948. Drafts and other material related to the publication of this book comprise a section of this collection as well. - - The documents in this collection will be of interest to researchers of Newfoundland history, specifically the Notre Dame Bay and medical/hospital history. The military material, including Kathryn Ecke's, may offer insight to World War II researchers. The correspondence and diaries provide intriguing access to a long and fruitful life, and the photographs and videos enhance what is provided by the textual records. - - COLL-355

190. Asssociation of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador Asssociation of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador The fonds consists of minutes, reports, correspondence, acts of legislation, as well as supporting documents such as newsletters, speeches, newspaper clippings, position/discussion papers, and promotional material relating to the activities of the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador (ARNNL). The fonds also consists of a photograph collection and audio visual material. Coll-359

191. Winter, Gordon Winter, Gordon Newfoundland and Labrador--History--Union with Canada, 1949; Nationalism; Federal-provincial relations--Canada; Terms of Union of Newfoundland with Canada This fonds contains minutes of meetings, reports, financial statements, correspondence, and photographs, related to the negotiations between Canada and Newfoundland that resulted in Newfoundland's entry into the Canadian confederation. It also includes Gordon Winter's copy of the Terms of Union and the pen he used in signing it. Coll-363; ASC-EAD0002

192. Air Raid Precautions Note Book Air Raid Precautions Note Book Air defenses--Newfoundland and Labrador; Air raid wardens--Newfoundland and Labrador; World War, 1939-1945--Newfoundland and Labrador This fonds consists of a hand-bound booklet containing the published A.R.P. Note Book issued by the Director of Civil Defence, St. John's, Newfoundland, February, 1942, which gives the "functions and duties of an air raid warden," as well as blackout regulations and emergency procedures. Additional typed pages contain location and contact information for the air raid zones in St. John's. COLL-364

193. STAGE Project Collection STAGE Project Collection administration activities STAGE project 1992-present. administrative files, funding applications, promotional material, notes, correspondence, and the interview transcripts recordings (audio cassettes, electronic files DVDs CDs) COLL-370

194. Dohaney, M.T. Dohaney, M.T. M.T. Dohaney; author; novels, diaries, correspondence, plays, interviews, Newfoundland; New Brunswick These papers were generated during the years 1987 to 2007 and reflect the author's - work as a - writer of fiction and non-fiction. Through this Collection a researcher can trace the writing - career of MT Dohaney. She worked in a variety of genres including novels, short stories, plays, - autobiography. There is also a large amount of correspondence with her editor and friends. COLL-371

195. Macpherson, Campbell Macpherson, Campbell This collection consists primarily of the papers of Campbell Macpherson when he served as Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland. There are also papers, - mostly correspondence, that are related to the operation of the Royal Stores, the large retail business owned and operated by the Macpherson family, on Water Street, - St. John's, with branches in Central Newfoundland. There are some items related to other members of the Macpherson family including Macpherson's wife, Faith - Macpherson, his father Dr Cluny Macpherson, and his uncle Harold Macpherson. - - - - COLL-375

196. Neighbourhood Dance Works Neighbourhood Dance Works Fonds consists of material relating to the activities of Neighbourhood Dance Works including classes, workshops, performances, and administrative concerns, dating 1989-2010, predominantly 1989-2001. Fonds consists of promotional material related to the administration of Neighbourhood Dance Works, including correspondence; financial records; documents related to grant applications; newspaper articles and production and programming notes. Much of the material relates to the Festival of New Dance, including programs, promotional material (advertisements, media coverage); reviews; performers' biographies; and programming and production notes. The fonds also consists of photographic and audio visual (2 U-matic video cassettes) material. COLL-391

197. Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland Incorporated Collection Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland Incorporated Collection The collection primarily consists of textual material relating to the productions of Artistic Fraud, primarily during 1995-2009, including scripts; musical scores; movement grids/scores (kaliedography); promotional material (programs, posters, handbills); and correspondence. The collection also includes audio visual material, 3 VHS video cassettes related to Artistic Fraud productions (Under Wraps: A Spoke Opera; Icycle; and Chekhov Variations). COLL-392

198. Sound Symposium Sound Symposium The collection consists primarily of textual material (programs, calendar of events, newsletters, reports, and reviews) related to the Sound Symposium's activities including the bi-annual Sound Symposium and other events such as the Harbour Symphony. Coll-394

199. Avion Players Avion Players The collection consists primarily of textual material related to Avion Players' activities, 1965-1989, including minutes of meetings (general, annual, and executive meetings), promotional material (posters and programs), and correspondence with granting agencies, The Newfoundland and Labrador Drama Society etc. In addition, the collection includes photographic material relating to the 1989 production of As Loved Our Fathers, and a photocopy of Ross Goldsworthy's scrapbook relating to Avion Players productions 1965-1987. COLL-395

200. Vey, James Vey, James This collection consists of a large scrapbook that was compiled by Alice Vey (1852-1922), the wife of photographer James Vey. It contains photographs, correspondence, - invitations, and newspaper clippings relating to James Vey covering the period from c. 1901 to 1911. There is also a Vey family tree constructed by Liz Runacres, the granddaughter - of James Vey. COLL-397
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