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161. Great Eastern (Radio) Great Eastern (Radio) COLL-268

162. Rompkey, William Rompkey, William This fonds consists of the political papers of William Rompkey during the 23 years he served as one of Newfoundland's members in the Canadian House of Commons. It includes extensive constituency correspondence, correspondence and other documentation from his years (1980-1984) as a member of the federal Cabinet, his parliamentary secretary's files, some Senate and his correspondence with federal government departments on various issues related to Newfoundland. There are also materials from his various election campaigns. COLL-269

163. Frew and Tessier Frew and Tessier These two photograph albums contain black and white photographs, mostly of St. John's and - surrounding area, and were probably collected by the Frew family of St. John's. They appear to be taken - around the turn of the century and contain several good images of St. John's after the Great Fire of 1892. - On the inside back cover there is written "G.J. Tessier, Amateur photographer". - - - The albums were apparently also used as scrapbooks and contains paper images of, - possibly, - Africa. - - COLL-276

164. Grenfell Labrador Medical Mission Grenfell Labrador Medical Mission This collection consists of over 100 photographs, postcards and magazine clippings relating to the Grenfell Mission at St. Anthony, Newfoundland during 1920's. There are images of the children under the care of the Grenfell mission, the day to day activities of the people of the area, photographs of the school and hospital established by the International Grenfell Association, and pictures and postcards depicting the rugged beauty of Northern Newfoundland and Labrador. COLL-281

165. Illuminated Medieval Liturgical Manuscripts Illuminated Medieval Liturgical Manuscripts Illuminated medieval liturgical manuscripts with musical notation. COLL-284

166. Smallwood, J.R. Smallwood, J.R. The Joseph R. Smallwood papers represent a partial record of the political career and personal life of Newfoundland's longest serving - premier. Smallwood, one of the forces behind Newfoundland's joining confederation, was first involved in journalism and later radio as the host - of the hugely popular Barrelman radio program . He entered the political arena in June 1946 as a member of the National Convention to decide - the country's future. Smallwood had campaigned openly as a Confederate and, once elected, appointed himself the champion of this cause. - He constantly brought the issue up in the debates in the Colonial Building. Through his efforts and those of the pro-confederates he - surrounded himself with, Smallwood convinced a majority of Newfoundlanders that Confederation with Canada would bring huge benefits. His - campaign to do so thrust him into the local as well as the Canadian spotlight. When the first provincial election was called his Liberal party won a - resounding victory and Smallwood went on to serve as Premier of the Newfoundland from 1949 to 1971. He remained active in politics until - 1977 when he retired to a career of writing and publishing the Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador. - - The papers in this collection span most of Smallwood's life, starting with correspondence from the 1920s when he was a journalist in New York. - They continue through his political career and beyond. There are over one hundred files from the Department of Economic Development, dating - from the early 1950s, when Smallwood was the department's minister and Alfred Valdmanis the director. Together, they were responsible for - the new industries which sprang up in the province during that time. Also notable are the hundreds of telegrams Smallwood kept from those - who supported his strong stand in the International Wood Workers Association (I.W.A.) strike of 1959. The fact that Smallwood kept these - items among his personal papers speaks to his own intimate involvement. In 1977, Smallwood retired from politics but he remained interested in - all things relating to Newfoundland. His work on his autobiographies and the encyclopedia also reflect the close relationship between his own - personal history and that of his nati - ve land. - - Smallwood's life from the time of his involvement in Newfoundland politics has been well documented but less is known about his early years. - This collection is able to fill in some of the gaps that have persisted through the publication of his autobiographies. Researchers using these - papers will be able to catch a glimpse of Smallwood's personal side especially his love of reading and writing, his journalistic adventures, and his - relationships with friends and family members. An avid collector, Smallwood emerges from these papers as a man of intense loves and hates, - passionate about his province above all else. - - COLL-285

167. Freeman, Charles Freeman, Charles Postcards, photogaphs, travel diaries and correspondence documenting Freeman's years as United States Foreign Service official at St. Pierre, 1898-1907. Charles Freeman was United States commercial agent and consul at St. Pierre from 1898 to 1907. COLL-294

168. Gosling, William Gilbert Gosling, William Gilbert It would appear from the small biography written and published by his wife after his death, that there was a much larger collection of the personal papers and manuscripts of William Gilbert Gosling than are evident here. In that book, Armine Gosling refers to letters, commendations, manuscripts, newspaper clippings and other items one might expect to find in a collection of personal papers. What has happened to them is not known. What is available here is a miscellany of Gosling's work, gathered from a variety of sources. Included are correspondence related to a magnetite deposit at Brigus, Newfoundland, a short typescript on the Anglo-American fishery case before the Hague Tribunal in 1911, a longer typescript on the history of American fishing rights in Newfoundland waters, and a bound copy in - draft form of An Act to Amend and Consolidate the Laws in Relation to the Municipal Affairs of the Town of St. John's, 1916, with various inserts and annotations in Gosling's hand. They provide a brief but important glimpse into Gosling's life and work. COLL-297

169. McCarthy, Olive McCarthy, Olive This fonds consists of Olive McCarthy's photograph album containing photographs taken during the summer of 1921, while she and her daughter, Helen McCarthy, were in Venison Tickle, Labrador teaching under the auspices of the Grenfell Association. COLL-299

170. Harrington, Michael Harrington, Michael Michael Harrington was a public figure for sixty years: he educated, entertained and - represented the general public on the radio, in print and in political office. Michael Harrington had a - varied career; he was an author, editor, radio personality, political figure, historian, poet, and university - lecturer as well as a "scholar and a gentleman." This collection reflects all these aspects of his life - through documents such as his poetry, radio broadcasts and scripts, National Convention materials, and - The Evening Telegram editorials. Harrington was an avid writer and researcher, and testaments to this - are his two long-standing historical series; the radio show "The Barrelman" on VONF (Voice of - Newfoundland) and his columns "Offbeat History" which appeared in The - Evening Telegram. - - Harrington wrote all his own material for these series. He first became - interested in writing when he won a poetry contest; he continued to write and publish poetry throughout - his life and even helped establish an Arts and Letters contest (through "The Barrelman"), the first of its - kind in Newfoundland. Harrington was a delegate for the 1946 National Convention. This notion of - representation and public office is probably what eventually lead him into the position of editor of The - Evening Telegram. - - The materials in this collection span a number of years; not only are there the - materials which Harrington himself created from 1922-1995; there are those which were sent to - Harrington. During Harrington's positions as "The Barrelman" and "Offbeat History" columnist, many - readers sent in photos and documents dating from the 1880s. The amount of materials sent to Harrington - from others suggests that he played an important role, both in the lives of individuals and in Newfoundland - culture as a whole through his promotion of Newfoundland history in his weekly chronicles. - - The collection contains photos, correspondence and research material relating to - Newfoundland history. Effort was made, where possible, to keep materials in their original order. It is also - notable that if Harrington published an article in a magazine, he often wrote the page number of the article - on the cover or first page. This followed through to some of his research materials and letters that he - received; in this case he often wrote "Offbeat" on them if he selected them for use. - - - - COLL-307

171. Bowring Park Photograph Albums by Rudolph Cochius Bowring Park Photograph Albums by Rudolph Cochius This collection consists of two photograph albums with photos by Rudolph Cochius showing the creation of Bowring Park from 1912 to1914. COLL-311

172. Royal Newfoundland Regiment Royal Newfoundland Regiment This collection consists of copies of photographs taken of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment from 1917 to1918, while the Regiment served in France during World War One. The photographs depict various aspects of the soldiers' daily lives including inspection by senior officers and the awarding of medals to several officers. COLL-314

173. Gwyn, Sandra Gwyn, Sandra The Sandra Gwyn fonds consists of a fairly comprehensive record of the professional and personal life of - a well-respected and award-winning Canadian journalist and social historian. Significant materials from her - early years, including her schooling, are well documented with diaries, essays, yearbooks, - correspondence, and items from the beginning of her career as a journalist. - The development of her writing and research interests are chronicled through research notes, drafts of articles, finished articles - and copies of the actual publications. There is ample material covering her segue from writing magazine - articles to writing books, including research notes, correspondence with informants and publishers, drafts - and completed manuscripts, reading and promotional tours, and copies of book reviews. - The - correspondence is especially strong, both personal and professional: correspondents number, among - others, Adrienne Clarkson, Robert Fulford, Katherine Govier, Charlotte Gray, Elizabeth Longfield, Kevin - Major, Jan Morris, Elizabeth Smart and Jane Urquhart. There is also documentation of her involvement - with the Canadian Conference for the Arts, PEN Canada and other writers' organizations, and more than - 1700 photographs that document all facets and periods of her life. - - COLL-316

174. Froude, Donald Froude, Donald This collection of black and white photographs and colour postcards belonged to Donald Froude, who lives in New York. His father was born in Newfoundland. The photographs depict Newfoundland scenes and events. COLL-317

175. Micmac Prayer Book Micmac Prayer Book Photographic facsimile of original Micmac prayer book. 152 sheets, unbound in an archival box. Coll-318

176. Ayre, Ruby Ayre, Ruby Ruby Ayre was a nurse with a detachment of British Red Cross Society, 1915-1918. She married Edward Emerson. - This collections consists of a Scrapbook with mounted photographs kept during her wartime nursing service in the Ascot Auxiliary Military Hospital, a detachment of the - British Red Cross Society. Includes photographs, clippings and mementos of Newfoundlanders in Europe and fellow nurses Janet Ayre, - Mary Rendell and Nell Job. - - - COLL-322

177. Barban, Andreas Barban, Andreas Barban, Andreas, 1914-1993; Kiwanis Music Festival (St. John's, N.L.); Kiwanis Music Festival (Grand Falls, N.L.); Burin Peninsula Performing Arts Council; Rotary Music Festival (Corner Brook, N.L.); Bell Island Music Festival; Kiwanis Annual Competitive Music Festival (Carbonear, N.L.); Music festivals--Newfoundland and Labrador This fonds consists of programs, syllabi and some related material of music festivals for which Andreas Barban served as adjudicator. These music festivals were sponsored by community service clubs, mainly the Kiwanis Club, but including the Rotary Club and the Burin Peninsula Performing Arts Council. They provided music students and choirs the opportunity to compete with their peers and showcase their talent to an appreciative audience, while receiving constructive criticism from professionals other than their own teachers. The majority of the material is for the St. John's Kiwanis Music Festival and covers 40 years of the festival, from 1952 and 1992. The remainder of the collection is a sampling of material from music festivals in other parts of the province, including Bell Island, Carbonear, Corner Brook, Fortune and Grand Falls. The programs contain notes and annotations by Barban. COLL-323; ASC-EAD0009

178. Benson, William Benson, William Benson, William J., 1899-1918; Benson, Irene, b. 1904; World War, 1914-1918; Soldiers--Newfoundland and Labrador; War casualties--France; Correspondence This fonds represents a very small portion of the short life of William J. Benson. It consists of letters home to his sister, Irene Benson, from several of the locations where he was stationed during the last year of World War I; official government correspondence informing Irene of her brother's death; personal correspondence from people who had met Benson in Europe; photocopies of official war diary for October 1918, the month in which Benson was wounded and died; two photographs; various other pieces of memorabilia associated with his war service or with his childhood. Coll-324; AMD-EAD0007

179. Mott, Henry Y. Mott, Henry Y. Mott, Henry Youmans, 1856-1946; Newfoundland and Labrador--Portraits; Statesmen--Portraits; Judges--Portraits; Lawyers--Portraits; Businessmen--Portraits; Merchant mariners--Portraits This collection consists of reproductions of the portrait photographs of the 139 men who appeared in H. Y. Mott's 1894 publication Newfoundland Men. Coll-327; AMD-EAD0004

180. Perlin. Albert Perlin. Albert This fonds consists of the papers of Albert Benjamin Perlin, spanning the time period c. 1920 to 1977. It includes biographical material, drafts of his writings, newspaper clippings of his columns and speeches, the booklet The Newfoundland Story, some correspondence, a small amount of his research, and research on his work done by others. Researchers should also consult Coll-075, file 3.05.008 for correspondence between A. B. Perlin and J. R. Smallwood. COLL-328
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