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121. Laurence, Joseph Laurence, Joseph This album of photographs appears to be the work of Simeon H. Parsons (1844-1908), one of Newfoundland's earliest professional, self- - taught and award-winning photographers. The photographs are very much in the style for which Parsons was noted and cover a wide - geographic area, including the Burin Peninsula and coastal Labrador, in addition to more easily accessible areas such as St. John's and eastern - Newfoundland communities. Internal evidence dates some of the images to around 1884-1885, and given that the recipient of the album, - Joseph Laurence, died in October 1886, it would appear safe to assume that the album was compiled during those middle years of the 1880s. - Some of the images may date earlier, possibly from stock photographs Parsons may have had on hand. - - The album contains some rare images of St. John's streets and buildings that were later destroyed in the 1892 fire that ravaged most of the - downtown of the city. It also contains images of people at work in the fishery, particularly on the coast of Labrador; various communities on the - Burin Peninsula and on the east coast of Newfoundland; rural scenes, including rivers, lakes and waterfalls; icebergs; groups of people, - particularly several gatherings of Methodist clergy, some of whom Laurence was probably responsible for sending to Newfoundland. - - The album should prove beneficial to researchers interested in architectural and municipal development, the development of Methodism, the - history of photography, the work of Simeon Parsons, and a variety of other subjects pertaining to Newfoundland in the latter half of the - Nineteenth Century. - - - COLL-199

122. Johnson family Johnson family The Johnson Family Papers consists of correspondence written by George Johnson and his three daughters, Sybil, Estelle, and Dorothy. George Johnson's letters were written during two periods: the first covers the years 1865 to 1870 during which he was a student in England. These letters were written to his father and convey general information about life as a schoolboy: - courses he was taking, summer holidays, visits with his relatives and school reports. The second period covers the years 1871 to 1880 when George was living and working in St. John's. These letters were written to his father and contain a fascinating and informative account of life in St. John's, including personal, professional, political, fishery, religious, social and athletic details. - - The letters by Sybil Johnson cover two distinct periods. The first were written during the years 1902 to 1910 when she was a student in England and in Germany. The second group of letters were written while she was working as a VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) during the first world war, 1916 to 1918. Almost all letters were written to her parents. There are also two diaries kept by Sybil, one while she was in Germany, 1906 to 1908, and one while at the1st Western General Military Hospital, Fozakerley, Liverpool, 1916 to 1918. The letters by Estelle Johnson were written while she was a student in England and Germany, 1904 to 1911, and those by Dorothy Johnson while she was a student in Germany, 1908 to 1910; both girls were writing to their parents. - COLL-201

123. Lewis, Rev. John Lewis, Rev. John Lewis, John, 1788-1866--Diaries; Methodist Church--Clergy--Newfoundland and Labrador; This fonds is comprised of the journals of Reverend John Lewis, a Methodist minister who spent six years (1814-1819) in Newfoundland as an itinerant missionary, stationed in a settlement but with responsibility for a number of other communities in the surrounding area. He spent approximately one year each in (Lower) Island Cove, Old Perlican, Hant's Harbour and Port de Grave. He was then assigned to a new charge based at Burin, the furthest west a missionary had been sent. The journals provide very detailed accounts of Lewis' experiences and of the people he meets in the course of his work, and should be of value to those interested in the communities where he served and the people who lived there; genealogists should be able to obtain much useful family history. His journals should also prove to be of interest to those researching early church history and missionary work in Newfoundland, and should be of particular interest to linguists, as Lewis seems to have created or developed his own system of spelling words, often phonetically. Coll-205; ASC-EAD0012

124. Schwall, Mary Schwall, Mary This collection consists of 135 photographs taken by Mary Schwall or her companions - while on excursions to Newfoundland during 1913 and 1915. They are a pictorial record of a - journey by ship from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland, a train trip from Channel to St. John's, and - a trip from St. John's north around the coast to St. Anthony, across the Strait of Belle Isle to - Labrador and down the west coast of the Great Northern Peninsula. There is evidence that - the photographs were taken during two trips to Newfoundland, as two photographs have the - date 1913 on the back with the caption, while another has the date 1915. The photographs - provide visual documentation of Mary Schwall's vacations, but they also provide valuable - information on Newfoundland communities during the early years of the twentieth century. - Vernacular architecture historians have attested to the fact that several of the photographs - show buildings only previously known through oral accounts. As well there is visual - documentation of people, especially children, which can provide information on lifestyle, dress, - nutrition, disease, and a host of other subjects. - In addition, there are 56 postcards with images covering much the same geographical area as - the photographs, leading one to believe that they were purchased in larger communities during - stopovers, or possibly in St. John's. Most of the postcards were produced for the St. - John's-based companies Ayre & Sons, Ltd. and Dicks & Co.; 31 are coloured. Many - of the - postcards are scenics, but some are of people, especially 10 which depict Labrador natives in - traditional dress or demonstrate aspects of their unique lifestyle. COLL-206

125. Great Britain Newfoundland Royal Commission 1933 Photographs Great Britain Newfoundland Royal Commission 1933 Photographs These photographs were part of the final report of the Newfoundland Royal Commission appointed by the British Parliament in 1933, at - the request of the Newfoundland government, to investigate the current financial state and future prospects of Newfoundland. The photographs were - probably used to provide the British officials with a pictorial view of selected Newfoundland communities and landscapes. - There are 65 photographs, all black and white. The first 36 are by the noted - Newfoundland photographer Robert Holloway (1850-1904) or by Holloway Studio. Consequently, some of the images may date from the 1890s or early - 1900s. The remainder of the photographs are probably contemporary to 1933. They are aerial photographs and are possibly the work of two different - photographers. - The images are mainly of Newfoundland outport communities and depict architecture and landscape rather than people. Several communities - have since been resettled. There are a number of images of northern Labrador showing the rugged terrain along the coast. The photographs should - prove valuable to researchers interested in the particular communities depicted, and also to those studying vernacular architecture, landscape and land - use, and early exploration of Labrador by air. COLL-207

126. Tucker, George H. Tucker, George H. Smallwood, Joseph Roberts, 1900-1991--Political and social views; Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926; Socialism; Correspondence; This small but extremely important collection of letters were written to George H. Tucker during 1924, when Tucker was an employee of Newfoundland Light and Power Company, St. John's. They were written by Joseph R. Smallwood, who was living in New York City, working for the New York Leader, and involved in campaigning for Eugene Debs, the Socialist Party candidate for President of the United States. - - These letters provide a rare, first-hand account, in Smallwood's own words, of his political philosophy during this period of his life. There is much discussion of Smallwood's desire to return to Newfoundland to establish a socialist movement patterned after the British Labour Party. The last letter is dated February 10, 1925 from Grand Falls, Newfoundland, where Smallwood had gone to organize a branch of the International Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulphite and Paper Mill Workers. Coll-213; ASC-EAD0005

127. Memorial University of Newfoundland Extension Service Visual and Performing Arts Memorial University of Newfoundland Extension Service Visual and Performing Arts The official records of the Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) Extension Service are housed with the MUN Office of Records Management and University Archives. The papers associated with the Visual and Performing Arts Section of Extension were transferred to the Archives and Special Collections because of the latter's mandate to collect material related to Newfoundland and Labrador performing arts. Some overlap of material from this Section and Extension does exist. - The collection contains material (1959-1991) pertaining to both the operation and administration of the Visual and Performing Arts Section. There is correspondence and other documents related to the operation of 77 Bond Street, 345 Duckworth Street, and other working spaces considered for possible use by Extension Service. There is material, mostly class lists and registration information, pertaining to courses and workshops offered by the Section. Correspondence, reports and grant applications make up the bulk of the records on St. Michael's Printshop, the Community Artist Program and the Summer Art Program. Information on the work of the Visual and Performing Arts Section in the music community includes proposals, courses, correspondence, and reports on glee clubs and music camps. The material on crafts largely deals with the 1972 Craft Conference, however, some correspondence and miscellaneous material is also included. Material collected on art exhibitions includes publicity, reports and correspondence related to the Art Gallery, the Annex Gallery and various other places of exhibition. There is material related to the 1986 Arts Conference including information regarding its planning in 1985, funding, grant applications, correspondence, registration, attendance and publicity. There are financial records of the Visual and Performing Arts Section including budgets and grant proposals. Reports outlining the mission of the Section and its operation are also included in this collection. There is publicity material such as posters, articles and schedules for the Section as well as for related organizations and events such as the Resource Centre for the Arts and Sound Symposium. And finally, there are photographs and audio-visual material recording some of the activities of the Section. This collection provides an extensive account of the activities of the Visual and Performing Arts Section and would be of interest to those researching the development of the arts in Newfoundland and Labrador, especially in the 1970s and 1980s. It would also be of value to anyone interested in the history and operation of MUN Extension Service. COLL-214

128. Smith, Lorraine and Jackson, Stephen Smith, Lorraine and Jackson, Stephen This collection contains material related to the theatrical work of Lorraine Smith and Stephen Jackson. It consists of a number of scripts, programs, and correspondence from a variety of productions, as well as information on their theatre company, SOLO Theatre Company. It should be of interest to those researching stage performances and the performing arts in Newfoundland. COLL-215

129. Lewis, Olivia Lewis, Olivia Theater--Newfoundland and Labrador; Plays; Theater--Reviews; Theater programs; Lewis, Olivia, 1955- This collection represents the work of Olivia Lewis in the performing arts of Newfoundland. It contains material relating to the many productions that Lewis was involved in. It should be of interest to those researching local productions, and the performing arts in Newfoundland. COLL-216

130. Kearney, Joseph Kearney, Joseph Letters home from soldiers during wartime are one the few tangible connections between the soldier - in the - trenches and the family and friends left behind. The letters received are actually written by the soldier and - relate his experiences in his own words (except for the occasional deletion by the official military censor). - The letters often contain information about people met, friends wounded or killed in battle, food rations, - clothing needs, impending furloughs or reports on past ones, or other daily activities. The letters - sometimes contain the innermost feelings of the soldier: sorrow at the loss of a friend, the sadness of - missing family members, the desire to return home, the hope that the war will end soon. - - - The letters home are usually from soldiers on active duty, either in training or at the front. This collection - contains letters like these, but the largest number are from a soldier, Joseph Kearney, after he had been - captured by the enemy and had been assigned to a prison camp. Some of them are in the form of - postcards where the soldier had to select from a number of choices and cross out those not appropriate - to the message he wished to communicate, but most are one-page handwritten letters. They convey - Kearney's attempt to re-assure his parents that he is well and for them to keep faith that he will be home - soon. - - - The collection also contains other letters, mainly to his parents from the British War Office, the Red Cross, - the War Comforts Committee and from a number of family members and friends. There is a small amount of - associated materials: clippings about Kearney and other Newfoundland soldiers, a booklet on Victoria - Cross winners, a Newfoundland Coat of Arms. The collection should prove worthwhile to those interested - in the lives of Newfoundland soldiers, prisoners-of-war during World War II. - - - - COLL-217

131. Brown, Lois Brown, Lois This collection contains material related to the theatrical career of Lois Brown. It reflects her life as a drama student at the University of Alberta, a drama teacher at Prince of Wales Collegiate, and her involvement with a number of theatre groups, including Neighbourhood Dance Works and the Flashpoint / East Coast Improvisational Theatre Company during the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s. It should be of interest to those researching high school drama productions, dance and choreography, and the performing arts in Newfoundland. COLL-218

132. Longside Players Longside Players The collection is composed of administrative material generated 1984-1990, including correspondence, resumes and Player's questionnaires, as well as newspaper articles describing the creation of the 'Longside Player's and their activities. Material related to the theatre group's productions including play programs, publicity, reviews and draft manuscripts as well as page proofs for the anthology of the group's plays, The Cat's Meow, make up the bulk of this collection. Finally, there are photographs of the actors and their activities. The material in this collection would be valuable to anyone researching the activities of disabled persons in Newfoundland. It also chronicles a unique aspect of the performing arts community in this province. COLL-219

133. Stagg, Bruce Stagg, Bruce This collection consists of material related to the theatrical works of Bruce Stagg (1980-1993). It includes scripts of several of his plays, as well as information on his book of plays Three One Act Plays, and a copy of his book A Segunda Vinda: A Roaring Cove Christmas Story. Also included is information on the Arts and Letters Competition and newspaper clippings about Bruce Stagg. It should be of interest to those researching high school drama productions, high school drama festivals, or the performing arts in Newfoundland. COLL-220

134. Corner Brook Playmakers Corner Brook Playmakers This collection contains material related to the work of the Corner Brook Playmakers 1957-1984. It includes correspondence and minutes, as well as material related to the rules and regulations of the company, membership information, scholarship information, and correspondence from the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council. There is also information on several drama festivals, including the High School Drama Festival, Newfoundland Drama Festival, One Act Festival, and the Dominion Drama Festival (National). There are scripts from several productions, and reviews and newspaper clippings about many aspects of the life of the Corner Brook Playmakers. There are also a number of photographs. This collection should be of interest to those researching the history of the Corner Brook Playmakers, drama festivals, or the performing arts in Newfoundland. COLL-221

135. McDonald, Ian McDonald, Ian This collection consists of 19 of 24 lectures on the history of Newfoundland prepared by Ian McDonald, professor of History at Memorial University of Newfoundland, for taping - and broadcast as part of History 3120, a credit course offered through the University's Extension Service, via the Educational Television unit, in the mid-1970s. The lectures are in - the form of typescripts prepared by McDonald for taping, and some contain handwritten notations for the insertion of slides or other visuals during the taping process. The lectures - provide a comprehensive overview of Newfoundland history from 1500 to 1932. They have been printed in book form by Memorial University (CNS call number FF/1008/M32). - - - COLL-226

136. Chislett, Anne Chislett, Anne Papers of Anne Chislett were first deposited with the Archives in September of 1992 with subsequent deposits arriving annually and semi-annually from her. The papers were generated during the years 1975-1997 and detail the playwriting activities of Anne Chislett as well as her efforts to get her plays produced across Canada and in one case, on the international scene. - - This collection allows researchers to examine the writing style of Anne Chislett and see how she went from being an unknown playwright to a critically acclaimed writer and producer as well as co-founder of a provinvial theatre company. It also provides financial data to enable researchers to see what expenses and monetary risks are involved with theatrical performances. - - It is not only the details about Anne Chislett that are important however. There are notes and drafts of a majrity of Chislett's plays, some of which never made it to the stage or publisher. Tey are now only available here in this collection. These notes and drafts show how intense the playwriting process was for Anne Chislett, with drafts sometimes being dated years apart. It is material such as this which forms the bulk of the collection and in some instsnces, one may trace the development of each play from earliest notes to the cast lists of each production. - - Apart from literary papers, there are programs and posters from theatres and theatre festivals. These publications offer a broad glimpse of theatre activities is Ontario and across Canada. The photographs, though few in number, display scenes from productions of Chislett's plays. The most numerous are from the Japanese tour of "The Tomorrow Box" (1980). There are also pictures of Chislett, and of social gatherings by her and friends. - - This collection documents the professional life of a woman with a strong desire to share her theatrical skills with others, and being commended for it by friends, fans, and leaders of the Canadian theatre. - COLL-228

137. Devine, Marie Devine, Marie This collection contains material related to the theatrical work of Marie Devine 1952-1992. It consists of a number of provincial and national drama festival programs, as well as related newspaper clippings and other programs. It also contains photographs and slides from Devine's work on the CBC television series "Yesterday's Heroes", and productions staged by the St. John's Players. This collection should be of interest to those researching the television series "Yesterday's Heroes", the St. John's Players, or the performing arts in Newfoundland. COLL-229

138. Tait, Robert H. The Robert H. Tait Fonds Tait, Robert H. The Robert H. Tait Fonds Transatlantic flights; Aeronautics--Newfoundland and Labrador--History; Correspondence; Photographs Robert H. Tait had a lengthy career as a soldier, lawyer, civil servant, writer and lecturer. The collection consists of a typescript written by Tait on Newfoundland's role in pioneer transAtlantic aviation between 1919 and 1937, recording each of the attempts to cross the Atlantic using Newfoundland or Labrador as a starting, ending, or stop-over point. There are 73 photographs depicting the planes and the people involved in these flights. Includes a map and a chart detailing the successful flights and the attempts, and as well as correspondence between Tait and Sir Arthur Whitten Brown (of Alcock and Brown fame). COLL-232; ASC-EAD0018

139. Ruggles, C.F. Ruggles, C.F. This collection consists, mainly, of photographs taken by Fred Ruggles during the Royal Visit of Princess - Elizabeth and Prince Philip to St. John's, Newfoundland in 1951, the last stop on their tour of Canada. - The visit lasted just 26 hours, from 10:15 a.m. on November 11, Remembrance Day, to 12:15 noon on - November 12, and involved ceremonies at the St. John's waterfront, the St. John's War Memorial, the - Church of England Cathedral, Feildian Grounds and Government House. - Ruggles's photographs - document these activities and the people who were involved in them. There are also several other - photographs, one of which documents the "Visualizer", a machine invented by Ruggles. There are - clippings about Ruggles and a copy of a postage stamp which has an image created from a Ruggles - photograph. This material should be of interest to researchers in the history of photography in - Newfoundland and in the 1951 Royal Visit. COLL-234

140. Bond, Rev. George Bond, Rev. George George Bond spent his working life as a clergyman in the Methodist Church in Newfoundland and - in Canada. Most of the materials contained in this collection reflect his work in the church. There are over - 200 sermons, messages to congregations, and copies of various articles and essays which reflect his - involvement with a number of church publications. There is an eclectic array of memorabilia of the - Methodist church in Newfoundland and various items that Bond collected during a missionary visit to - China in 1907-1908. -
</br> - Bond family members were prolific letter writers. The collection contains an interesting collection of - correspondence between the various members. In particular there are letters from Lucy Bond to her - husband, George, which provide fresh insights into life in St. John's. On a sadder note, they also - document an apparent breakdown suffered by Lucy Bond in 1886 and her subsequent treatment in - Scotland. - There is a variety of material from other members of the Bond family including financial records, wills, prints - and scrapbooks. There are also a large number of photographs, glass slides, and glass negatives of - family members in Newfoundland, and of visits to the Holy Land, China and Japan. - - George Bond was also a writer, both of fiction and non-fiction. The collection contains drafts of books, - short stories, speeches, essays and lectures, for both published and unpublished works. - This collection should prove useful to students of history, theology, literature, and social studies. In - addition to their Christian theology and - philosophy, George Bond's sermons, in particular, reveal thoughtful insights into contemporary events of - the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
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