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1. Neal, George Neal, George This collection consists of the diaries of George Neal Limited, a wholesale grocery business based in St. - John's and Beck's Cove from 1894 to 1992. It includes twenty-nine diaries that span the years between - 1910 and 1947, although nine years are not represented. The diaries contain information on the freight - shipping business done between the St. John's office, Conception Bay and environs. They were written - by David Neal, son of George Neal, and employee George Welsh. Their writing can be distinguished from - each other on the basis that George Welsh's writing is "fancier." The diaries were kept as a business record - in the St. John's office and anyone employed by the company could consult them. The diaries also document - the internation as George Neal Limited was a wholesale grocery business that passed through succeeding - generations of the family until 1992 when it was closed out. - - Also included in the collection are two George Neal Limited want books. These small blank books would - be given to customers to write their orders or "wants" in. - - C0LL-296

2. Effie M. Morrissey ship Effie M. Morrissey ship This collection contains only a small portion of the records of the Effie M. Morrissey, a ship still in - active service over 100 years after it was built. The records consist mainly of engineers' logs for the period - 1942-1943 when the vessel was in the service of the United States government. These logs give a very - comprehensive account of the vessel's engine room operations, speed, distance covered, weather and - other conditions. There are a few related documents: manifests, tally sheets, invoices, schematics. These - records provide a brief, but interesting, glimpse of the workings of the engine room on a ship originally built - and operated as a sailing vessel. There are also 12 colour slides and a brochure concerning the ship - which date from 1987, and copies of three sheets of line drawings done of the ship while it was on - drydock in New York in 1931. COLL-001

3. Child Welfare Association Child Welfare Association These are not the complete records of the Child Welfare Association but only a small portion of the records which were in the possession of the last president of the association, Pat Russell. Coll-002; The Child Welfare Association; Women's Patriotic Association

4. Thompson Family Thompson Family This small collection consists of the genealogical information of the Thompson family of Harbour - Grace. Contained in the collection is a privately published book, - "A History of the Thompson Family", several photocopies of photographs, letters, documents and three - tintypes of Thompson family members. Also in the collection is - a piece of cable with a tag bearing the name Cyrus Field. Field was owner of the Atlantic Telegraph - Company, which laid the original trans-Atlantic telegraph cable. The - majority of the documents and all of the photographs relate to Dr. Ian Maclaren Thompson, former Head - of the Department of Anatomy at the University of Manitoba. - - COLL-003

5. Great Britain. Colonial Office: Annual returns of the Colony of Newfoundland 1830, 1832 and 1835 Great Britain. Colonial Office: Annual returns of the Colony of Newfoundland 1830, 1832 and 1835 Annual returns of the Colony of Newfoundland containing financial statements of revenue and expenditure, imports and exports, duties and fees, reports on population, education, churches, prisons and the composition of the establishment, military and civil for the years 1830, 1832 and 1835. COLL-004

6. Pinsent, Gordon Pinsent, Gordon This collection consists of a screenplay and publicity material for one of Gordon Pinsent's best known works, The Rowdyman. It includes original and edited manuscripts, biographies of cast members, a poster, theme sheet music, and critiques of the screenplay. The collection should be of interest to those researching the writings of Gordon Pinsent, Newfoundland performing arts, and acting in Canada. COLL-005

7. Dunfield, Sir Brian Dunfield, Sir Brian Sir Brian Dunfield's Papers are mainly from the years 1925 to 1968 and consist of a wide variety of documents, manuscripts and correspondence from the latter half of his career. They should prove to be of interest to political and social historians. COLL-006

8. Leyton, Elliott Leyton, Elliott This collection contains the literary and academic papers of Elliott Leyton. At the beginning of his - career, Leyton researched and wrote - about subjects that his academic discipline dictated were worthy of study. Over the years, he has eased - his way into areas that held more of a - personal interest for him. Through this collection, a researcher can trace Leyton's growth from his - academic beginnings in the anthropological - research of an Irish village, through his research of a Newfoundland village of Irish descendants and - subsequent publications on industrial - disease, on through to his interest in juvenile delinquency and then to mass murderers and children who - murder their families. During the 1970s - when he was writing about industrial disease and its affect on two Newfoundland communities and about - juvenile delinquency, theatre groups all - across Canada were writing and performing plays based on just such community-based issues. Leyton - collaborated with the Mummers Troupe - to dramatize his book "Dying Hard". (See Coll-126.) He later collaborated with Codco to - produce "We're No Match for No One," (see Coll-125) - based on The Myth of Delinquency. - - - - In most instances there are field notes, transcriptions of interviews, working notes, several drafts, - manuscripts and revisions. There are some - audio and video tapes. There is also a rich collection of correspondence with friends, colleagues, agents - and publishers, which gives insight into - the development of the books and the influences on the writer. This collection would be of interest to - students of sociology, anthropology, - criminology, drama and writing. COLL-008

9. Coaker, Sir William Coaker, Sir William Fishermen's Protective Union This collection contains the records of the Fishermen's Protective Union and many of its holdings including the Fishermen Union Trading - Company, Union Export Company, Port Union Shipping Company, Union Electric Light and Power Company, Union Cold Storage - Company Limited, and Union Publishing Company and includes annual reports, minutes of meetings, ledgers, accounts, records, - correspondence, maps, plans, architectural drawings and photographs. COLL-009

10. Carew, S.J. Carew, S.J. This collection consists of over 1000 photographs as well as scrapbooks and tapes - compiled by Dr. Stan Carew while working at Memorial University. Dr Hugh Anderson, Carew's colleague at MUN, was the photographer. The audiotapes are housed at Memorial University Folklore and Language Archives. Coll-012

11. Porter, Helen Porter, Helen Porter, Helen, 1930-; Authors; St. John's (N.L.) These papers were generated during the years 1960 to 1989 and reflect the author's involvement in community life and her work as a writer of fiction and non-fiction. Through this fonds a researcher can trace the writing career of Helen Porter as well as her active involvement in the local community. She worked in a variety of genres including short stories, poetry, essays, plays, journalism, and commentary. Coll-013; ASC-EAD0016

12. Janes, Percy Janes, Percy Percy Janes has been referred to by many as Newfoundland's pre-eminent novelist and his second novel House of Hate has been singled out as "the great Newfoundland novel". This collection of literary papers - will provide much insight into the validity of these judgements. The collection contains manuscript (both holograph and typed) editions of all his major literary works, - including one novel and several plays which have never been published or performed. Many of the longer works have synopses of plot, story line and character development, some quite detailed; all were done in - preparation for the writing assignments to follow and demonstrate the amount of thought Janes put into a proposed work before he actually began to write it. There are also drafts and rewrites, some spanning - many years, which show the development and change of a work in progress. - - Janes's papers also include an extensive collection of correspondence, mainly with other writers, some of - whom he sent various writings to for comments and criticism. There is also correspondence with - publishing companies, indicative of a writer's frustration in trying to get early works published. Of particular - interest to literary historians and biographers is Janes's journals or diaries which begin in 1953 and - continue, uninterrupted, to 1996. The collection gives a complete picture of Janes the writer, and through - his writing, of Janes the man. - COLL-014

13. Andersen, Raoul Andersen, Raoul Working manuscripts; copies of the corrected galleys for the 1976 draft of the introductory essay and the - draft of the flaptext of 'North Atlantic Maritime Cultures', The Hague, Mouton, 1979, edited by Raoul - Andersen. - COLL-015

14. Miller, Florence Miller, Florence Miller, Florence, 1889-1979; Duder, Edwin F.; United Church of Canada (Topsail, N.L.); Topsail (N.L.); Diaries; Correspondence; Poetry; Greeting cards; The papers of Florence Miller (1889-1979) consist primarily of daily diaries and poetry written by Miller at her home in Topsail, Newfoundland, covering the years 1928 to 1979. In addition there is a large number of short verses that she wrote and submitted to greeting card companies. There are short stories, local histories and genealogical material, a few photographs, as well as one play. There is a small amount of material relating to the United Church in Topsail. There is a significant collection of correspondence with a variety of people, including her good friend and fellow Newfoundland poet, Edwin Duder. And finally, although not directly related, there are articles written by Mary MacNeill-Duder, the wife of Edwin Duder. Coll-016; ASC-EAD0008

15. Hefferton, Samuel Hefferton, Samuel The Hefferton papers are a small collection of correspondence, speeches and miscellaneous drafts - pertaining mainly to his political career as Liberal Minister in the Newfoundland Government - between 1949 and 1956. Probably the result of his own culling and arrangement, these papers might be - of interest - to students of Newfoundland history and politics in the 1950's. There is also an essay on his school days - in Newtown, Bonavista Bay which describes outport life and education in the early 1900's. COLL-018

16. A.H. Murray Short Story Contest A.H. Murray Short Story Contest Short stories, Canadian--Newfoundland and Labrador; Literature--Competitions--Newfoundland and Labrador Thirty entries from twenty-five different authors to a short story contest sponsored by A.H. Murray Company, St. John's, and broadcast over radio station CJON. COLL-020

17. Memorial University of Newfoundland. School of Graduate Studies Academic Council. Memorial University of Newfoundland. School of Graduate Studies Academic Council. Correspondence, minutes of Council meetings, papers relating to the work of the Council collected by a succession of Council members from the University Library. COLL-021

18. Holme, Randle Fynes Wilson Holme, Randle Fynes Wilson This collection contains the first-hand account of Randle Fynes Wilson Holme, who, in 1887, was one of the first Europeans to explore the interior of - Labrador. It is well-documented, with photographs taken on the expedition, and supplemented with various published items by Holme and by others. There is also a - small amount of biographical information and some correspondence. The contents should prove of interest to researchers of Labrador and of exploration, while the - physical format should interest those studying journal and diary keeping and photographic history. COLL-022

19. Whiteway, Sir William Whiteway, Sir William Whiteway, William Vallance, Sir, 1828-1908; Politicians--Newfoundland and Labrador; Premiers (Canada)--Newfoundland and Labrador; Railroads--Newfoundland and Labrador; Correspondence; The Whiteway Collection contains letters from Whiteway's colleagues and his constituents, deeds and documents from his public and private life, and correspondence on such dominant subjects as the railway and the French Shore; as well as newspaper clippings from many parts of the world on issues of concern to Newfoundland; and monographs, photographs and broadsides of more specialized interest. COLL-026

20. Crawford, James Crawford, James This is a small collection of material mainly related to the collector's interest in heraldry and genealogy, - particularly the heraldry and genealogy of the European (mainly British) royal families, and the heraldry - associated with the Church of England around the world. Much of the material would appear to be notes, - charts and manuscripts for a book on heraldry which Crawford was preparing. There are copies of - photographs of British monarchs and thirteen published booklets on associated subjects. The collection - should be of interest to students of heraldry and the genealogy of Britain's royal family. - - COLL-027
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