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1. Andersen, Raoul Andersen, Raoul Working manuscripts; copies of the corrected galleys for the 1976 draft of the introductory essay and the - draft of the flaptext of 'North Atlantic Maritime Cultures', The Hague, Mouton, 1979, edited by Raoul - Andersen. - COLL-015

2. Garland, John Bingley  Garland, John Bingley With the establishment in the 1990s of the Trinity Trust, which has rebuilt the Garland-Lester House in - Trinity, Newfoundland, interest in John Bingley Garland, who once lived in the house, has been - re-awakened. This fonds contains a copy of Garland's last will and testament dated October 27, 1871, - together with two codicils made on the same date. The will was made many years after Garland had left - Newfoundland to return to England. It provides insight into the man, his treatment of his children and the - dispossession of his property. MF-135

3. Carroll, William Joseph Carroll, William Joseph William Joseph Carroll (1861-1940), Sheriff of Newfoundland, 1932-1934; born St. John's. This collection consists of a letter, dated February 7, 1909, to Carroll from C. G. Davis, New York City, concerning articles by Davis in Forest and Stream magazine. - - MF-261

4. Browne, William J. Browne, William J. William Joseph Browne, 1897-1989, politician, of St. John's. This collection consists of miscellaneous notes and papers: material for - speeches; petitions; copies of acts and bills; notes and clippings, from Browne's years as a member of the Newfoundland House of Assembly. - - MF-109

5. Taylor, Captain Joseph Taylor, Captain Joseph When the seventeenth-century fishing fleets left England for Newfoundland in the spring of each year, a - commodore was appointed as commander of the sailing convoy. With the appointment of John Berry in - 1675, the commodores were given various judicial and administrative functions in Newfoundland, - including assisting the fishing admirals in the maintenance of law and order and compiling statistics on the - fishery for the British government. One such commodore was Captain Joseph Taylor. This small - collection of his papers contains his official appointment as commodore for 1709, together with a number - of subsidiary documents, a letter sent to Taylor by Captain John Moody, Lieutenant Governor at - Placentia, concerning Taylor's having appointed one John Collins as governor of Newfoundland when - Taylor returned to England in the fall of 1709, and Taylor's caustic reply to Moody. There are eight naval - appointments assigning Taylor to specific ships and specific ranks, dated between 1692 and 1704. - These documents provide insight into Taylor's naval career and his administrative functions as - commodore of Newfoundland. MF-130

6. British Library. Manuscript, Additional 5795 British Library. Manuscript, Additional 5795 Warrant for ordnance and list of officers for the Newfoundland Expedition, 1696-7. - - Warrant for ordnance and list of gunners and officers for Newfoundland, 1705. - MF-043

7. Newfoundland Savings Bank Newfoundland Savings Bank War Savings Information booklet and child's savings stamps book. MF-244

8. The Boys of St. Vincent The Boys of St. Vincent Child abuse--Newfoundland and Labrador; Child sexual abuse by clergy--Newfoundland and Labrador; Congregation of Christian Brothers; Orphanages Videocassette of a film dramatization, loosely based on events which occurred at an orphanage operated by the Irish Christian Brothers religious order in St. John's, Newfoundland, in the 1970s; and on subsequent revelations from former residents of orphanages in Ontario, and natives in religious schools on reserves in Western Canada. The film, with a screenplay by Des Walsh, won numerous awards, including seven Gemini Awards in 1994. MF-327

9. Keen, William Keen, William Very little of William Keen's papers and business records are known to have survived, except for official correspondence to the British - government included in the records of the Council for Trade and Plantations, which was responsible for the administration of Newfoundland from - 1672 to 1782. There may also be correspondence and reports written by Keen in other British government records and in the private papers of - British officials. A small amount of original material remains in Newfoundland in particular the report Keen wrote of his imprisonment by the - French during the winter of 1708-1709. - - MF-059

10. Hoogendoorn, Robert Hoogendoorn, Robert Typewritten notes and partial draft of a report on the Chinese in St. John's. Research fellow, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Department of Sociology. MF-126

11. Rouleau, Ernest Rouleau, Ernest Typescript of 'A List of the Vascular Plants Recorded from the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador'. MF-211

12. Whiteley, Albert Whiteley, Albert Typescript dated at Ottawa entitled 'Quebec-Labrador Cod Fishery: One Hundred Years of Life and - Work, The Story of the Whiteley Family in an Isolated Community', later published as 'A Century on Bonne - Esperance,' Sheraton Graphics, Ottawa, 1977. - MF-113

13. Day, James Wentworth Day, James Wentworth typescript book Newfoundland:The Fortress Isle written by James Wentworth Day in 1960. published Government New Brunswick Press. book presents history Newfoundland special emphasis post-Confederation era. forward book, J.R. Smallwood, then premier Newfoundland, written The Case for Newfoundland he makes a policy statement interpretation Term 29 of the Confederation Treaty signed in 1949 between Canada and Newfoundland. MF-304

14. McNeil, Frances McNeil, Frances Two photographs of McNeil and her family, one an enlargement of part of the other. MF-276

15. Netten, William Netten, William Two notebooks containing a diary, 1854-1879, of daily events in the Catalina parish and visits to St. John's. Includes a typed transcript. MF-151

16. Netten, Theophilus Netten, Theophilus Two notebooks containing a diary of his mission at Rose Blanche, 1872-73; notes of weather, sermons and events in Conception Bay communities while rector at Port de Grave, 1887-1890. MF-152

17. Memorial University of Newfoundland photographs Memorial University of Newfoundland photographs Two mounted photographs: a closeup of the platform of the Newfoundland Railway Station, St. John's and a closeup of the 4th Station of the Cross at St. John's College Chapel, Memorial University of Newfoundland, taken by William H. Coultas. OMF-012

18. Fallon, Luke Fallon, Luke Two log-books containing the daily record of police activity at Harbour Grace headquarters of the Newfoundland Constabulary. COLL-029

19. Langdon, John Langdon, John Two letters, a bill of lading and an account of lumber sold, related to a voyage of the brig Brittania to St. Pierre and Newfoundland, May 1764. MF-063

20. Sedier, G. Sedier, G. Two letters, [probably to Colonial Office], describing the weakness of the defences in St. John's and a successful British landing near Louisbourg. Endorsed by W. Sedier. MF-098
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