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201. McCarthy, John McCarthy, John Membership certificate pledging support for the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, in Renews, dated May 8, 1928. MF-164

202. Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation (Wabana, Nfld.) Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation (Wabana, Nfld.) Memo of iron ore shipments from Wabana, tonnages 1895-1966; graph of ore shipments from Wabana to Canada, Germany, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and other countries, 1895-1946; accounting records of general expenses for January 1948. MF-187

203. Harrington, Michael Harrington, Michael Michael Harrington was a public figure for sixty years: he educated, entertained and - represented the general public on the radio, in print and in political office. Michael Harrington had a - varied career; he was an author, editor, radio personality, political figure, historian, poet, and university - lecturer as well as a "scholar and a gentleman." This collection reflects all these aspects of his life - through documents such as his poetry, radio broadcasts and scripts, National Convention materials, and - The Evening Telegram editorials. Harrington was an avid writer and researcher, and testaments to this - are his two long-standing historical series; the radio show "The Barrelman" on VONF (Voice of - Newfoundland) and his columns "Offbeat History" which appeared in The - Evening Telegram. - - Harrington wrote all his own material for these series. He first became - interested in writing when he won a poetry contest; he continued to write and publish poetry throughout - his life and even helped establish an Arts and Letters contest (through "The Barrelman"), the first of its - kind in Newfoundland. Harrington was a delegate for the 1946 National Convention. This notion of - representation and public office is probably what eventually lead him into the position of editor of The - Evening Telegram. - - The materials in this collection span a number of years; not only are there the - materials which Harrington himself created from 1922-1995; there are those which were sent to - Harrington. During Harrington's positions as "The Barrelman" and "Offbeat History" columnist, many - readers sent in photos and documents dating from the 1880s. The amount of materials sent to Harrington - from others suggests that he played an important role, both in the lives of individuals and in Newfoundland - culture as a whole through his promotion of Newfoundland history in his weekly chronicles. - - The collection contains photos, correspondence and research material relating to - Newfoundland history. Effort was made, where possible, to keep materials in their original order. It is also - notable that if Harrington published an article in a magazine, he often wrote the page number of the article - on the cover or first page. This followed through to some of his research materials and letters that he - received; in this case he often wrote "Offbeat" on them if he selected them for use. - - - - COLL-307

204. Memorial University of Newfoundland. Faculty Council of Education Memorial University of Newfoundland. Faculty Council of Education Minutes of meetings and memoranda circulated to Council members, May 1979-June 1985. COLL-113

205. Outport Arts Foundation Outport Arts Foundation Minutes of meetings, accounts and funding transactions of the Outport Arts Foundation (1972-1981). COLL-140

206. Newfoundland Association in Aid of the Deep Sea Mission on on Labrador Newfoundland Association in Aid of the Deep Sea Mission on on Labrador Minutes of the annual meetings and minutes of some Executive Committee meetings, held at Government House, St. John's. MF-215

207. East End Neighbourhood Improvement Program East End Neighbourhood Improvement Program Minutes, correspondence and working papers of the Executive Committee, East End Neighbourhood Improvement Program records, November 1977 to December 1978. MF-188

208. Zonta Club Zonta Club Minutes, membership lists, reports of the Zonta Club of St. John's and reports and publications of Zonta International. Service organization, of St. John's. COLL-095

209. Davey, John Davey, John Miscellaneous documents. - Globe Steam Laundry Co., Ltd.; - Bank of Montreal. - MF-134

210. Bickerdike, Rhoda Dawson Bickerdike, Rhoda Dawson Most of the material in this collection was generated by Rhoda Dawson when she lived in Newfoundland and Labrador between 1930 and 1935. The collection contains essays, diaries, correspondence, and photographs. The essays are on various aspects of life in Newfoundland and on the coast of Labrador which were drafts for a book she had planned to publish entitled Memoirs of Newfoundland and Labrador. The diaries detail day-to-day life; the correspondence is from residents of Labrador, International Grenfell Association workers, her father in England, and friends and acquaintances. The letters are in three forms: handwritten originals, typed copies and typed copies in a manuscript form apparently in preparation for publishing. The photographs include pictures taken by Dawson during her years in Newfoundland and Labrador and pictures taken after she had returned to England, mainly of her watercolour paintings. COLL-198

211. Memorial University College photograph collection Memorial University College photograph collection Mounted composite photographs of the Newfoundland Memorial University College graduating classes of 1930, 1931, 1932, 1934, 1937, 1941, 1942, 1943(2), 1944, and 1946(2). OMF-011

212. Mullock, John Thomas Mullock, John Thomas Mounted photograph, 8.5 x 5.7 cm. MF-087

213. Bernstein, Muriel Bernstein, Muriel Muriel Bernstein,1901- , Freelance journalist, of New York City, NY. - - Correspondence concerning a gift Bernstein had given the Newfoundland and Labrador Crafts - Development Association in 1990 and four photographs of Major Robert H. Tait taken in 1929 when - Bernstein was visiting Newfoundland. - MF-291

214. Grenville, Nancy Grenville, Nancy Archives--Newfoundland and Labrador; Archivists--Newfoundland and Labrador Nancy Grenville spent over 10 years as archivist at the Archives and Special Collections of Memorial University of Newfoundland Libraries. This fonds comprises a paper entitled "Regional Roots and National Networks for Small Archives" given by Grenville to the London District Chapter of the Ontario Association of Archives in 1990. It concerns her account of and involvement in the development of archival awareness and of the archival profession in Newfoundland; provides documentation of and insight into the problems faced by a small archival community on the outer fringes of the Canadian archival mainstream. MF-323

215. Murphy, J.F. Murphy, J.F. Negative drawings of 'Home Made Fish Meal Outfit', designs for various pieces of machinery and methods for production of fish meal. OMF-037

216. Cave, William Henry Cave, William Henry Newfoundland election campaigns in the period before Confederation with Canada were highly spirited affairs. Many things were said and printed, both in election hand-outs and in newspaper advertising and editorials, that would probably be considered libellous or slanderous by late twentieth century standards. The items contained in this small collection are relatively tame in comparison to some of the statements made during election campaigns, but they do contain some provocative statements. Such campaign material was an integral part of electioneering and provides insight into the way political campaigning was conducted in Newfoundland in the per-confederate era. MF-321

217. Moir, John Moir, John Notes and correspondence pertaining to articles for the Dictionary of Canadian Biography and juvenile biography in MacMillan's 'Great Stories of Canada' series, on the subject of the Kirke Family. MF-181

218. Matthews, Keith Matthews, Keith Notes for a speech delivered to the Newfoundland Marine Technology Society, May 14, 1982, entitled 'Marine Technology in the 19th Century'. MF-161

219. McGrigor, G.D. McGrigor, G.D. Notes on some species of berries entitled 'Nomenclature of Botanical Species found in Newfoundland'. Two bound photocopies of article entitled "Impressions of Newfoundland". MF-066

220. Columbus Ladies Association Columbus Ladies Association Women--Societies and clubs; Church societies--Newfoundland and Labrador; Columbus Ladies Association (St. John's, N. L.); Sealing; Balls (Parties); Accounts; Notice of prizes to be drawn in a sweepstake on sealing results, 1922; Grand Ball Programmes, 1926; Treasurer's report, 1925-26; draft constitution and by-laws, 1945. MF-020
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