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81. Summers, Elizabeth Summers, Elizabeth Copy of "The Historical Development of Public Health Nursing in Newfoundland, Canada, 1920-1950", by Elizabeth Summers, a dissertation submitted to the School of Nursing, the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. MF-290

82. Memorial University of Newfoundland, Department of Geography Memorial University of Newfoundland, Department of Geography Correspondence and accounts concerning the Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting held at Memorial University of Newfoundland, August 18 to August 22, 1969; Local Arrangements Committee chaired by Alan C. Macpherson. Typescript of the papers published as 'Colloquium on Regional Economic Development'. Notes and correspondence of Dr. William Summers concerning his book 'The Geography of Newfoundland'. COLL-047

83. Willoughby, Sir Percival Willoughby, Sir Percival Correspondence and business documents concerning the Newfoundland Company's settlement at Cupids. Journal kept by Henry Croute of Cupids, September 1, 1612 to May 13, 1613. MF-114

84. Morgan, Herbert B. Morgan, Herbert B. Correspondence and documents relating to Canadian jurisdiction over the Continental Shelf. MF-274

85. Witham, William Witham, William Correspondence as agent and solicitor for the Newfoundland House of Assembly in the matter of attempting to delay passage of the Newfoundland Bill, 1842, and in the case of Keilley versus Carson, before the Privy Council, 1843-1844. MF-209

86. British Library. Manuscript. Additional 15492 Vol. 1-22 Admiralty correspondence, 1696-1697 British Library. Manuscript. Additional 15492 Vol. 1-22 Admiralty correspondence, 1696-1697 Correspondence between the Admiralty and the Transport Office relating to the expedition to Newfoundland for the protection of the fishery against increasing French harassment. MF-038

87. Winter, Harry Winter, Harry Correspondence between the Hon. H. A. Winter, St. John's, and Ira Wild, Ruislip, Middlesex, England, former Commissioner of Finance in Newfoundland, concerning Winter's political memoirs, a work in progress. MF-115

88. Victor Du Prae papers Victor Du Prae papers Correspondence between Victor Du Pre and Dr. John Hewson of Memorial University of Newfoundland concerning their search for information on 'Oubee', the Beothuk girl taken to England in 1792. Letter to J.R. Smallwood with information on Newfoundland history and folklore. Interviews with residents of Trinity Bay, 1968. MF-028

89. Gushue-Taylor, George Gushue-Taylor, George Correspondence concerning pensions, retirement, will and letters probate; clippings and biographical material. MF-158

90. Gledhill, Joseph Gledhill, Joseph Correspondence concerning the fortifications at Placentia, including: estimates of repairs by Gabriel Fournier, 1743; authorization to carry out repairs on the old fort by Governor Thomas Smith, 1743; petition for assistance signed by traders of the Placentia area, 1744. MF-036

91. Wise,Thomas Wise,Thomas Correspondence from Parzival Copes to Wise on re-organization of Memorial University of Newfoundland Department of Economics - (1962); correspondence between Wise and the Labour College of Canada (1963); correspondence between Wise and the Newfoundland - Department of Labour (1963). - - MF-258

92. Horwood, Robert Horwood, Robert Correspondence with Sir Gerald Woolaston concerning the design for the seal and arms for Memorial University of Newfoundland and the grant by letters patent of - armorial bearings from the College of Arms in London, March 1951. - MF-220

93. Gosse family papers Gosse family papers Correspondence, excerpts from newspapers, records and interviews concerning a genealogical search conducted by Nimshi C. Crewe as Research Officer for the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador. MF-155

94. Memorial University of Newfoundland. School of Graduate Studies Academic Council. Memorial University of Newfoundland. School of Graduate Studies Academic Council. Correspondence, minutes of Council meetings, papers relating to the work of the Council collected by a succession of Council members from the University Library. COLL-021

95. Rusted, Nigel Rusted, Nigel Correspondence, records, working notes, photographs and clippings used in writing of the book "It's devil deep down there: 50 years ago on the M.V. Lady Anderson, a mobile - clinic on the S.W. coast of Newfoundland", the - story of his year's service as medical officer of the MV Lady Anderson on the South Coast. Early drafts, - typescripts and final proofs. Dr. Kenneth Roberts' correspondence relating to the publication - of this book. - COLL-071

96. MacKinnon, A.H. MacKinnon, A.H. Daily journal of equipment used and work carried out on construction of the Trans Canada Highway at Signal Hill, St. John's. MF-170

97. Benson, David Benson, David David Benson, 1955-, fisheries officer and author, of St. John's. - This collection conists of one Newfoundland Constabulary hat badge from the reign of George V; one audio tape of the "Ode to - Newfoundland" by the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery Band, pre-unification; three photographs, two - of the HMS Calypso, one of a Naval Fire Service plaque; and one program of the commissioning ceremony of HMCS Ojibwa - , 1965. - - MF-092

98. Condon, Michael Condon, Michael Despite its relatively small size, the Michael Condon collection will provide insights into the life of a - man who was driven by two obsessive and related ideas. Michael Condon believed in the self-sufficiency - of - Newfoundland through proper management of its resources. To that end he wrote and published The - Fisheries and Resources of Newfoundland (1925), a history cum almanac in which he expounds his - beliefs, while promoting the accomplishments of scores of Newfoundland men, particularly sealing - captains, government and business leaders. The collection contains material relating to the writing and - publication of the book, and to Condon's unsuccessful attempts to publish a second, expanded edition. - - His second obsession was with bled fish. He believed that if a fish was killed and bled soon after it was - caught, it would be of better quality than a fish left to die in the bottom of a trap skiff. To prove his point - he sent samples of dried 'bled fish' to a number of prominent Newfoundlanders, to the Governor, and at - one point to Benito Mussolini, Prime Minister of Italy. The collection contains reactions from these persons - to the fish, and material relating to Condon's attempts to promote his idea. - - The collection also contains biographical notes on a number of families from the northeast coast of - Newfoundland who were involved with the seal hunt including the Barbours, Roberts, Blackmores and - Keans, an article by I.C. Morris entitled The Resources of Newfoundland, a drawing of Condon's Patent - Trap, and miscellaneous correspondence and scrapbooks. The collection is enhanced by a small - number of photographs of Newfoundland men and ships and a number of unused Newfoundland - postcards. - - The Condon collection is mainly centered in the ten-year period between 1922 and 1932. It is illustrative - of a time when the public press was extensively used as a forum for one-sided, often fanatical, - outpourings of people who were prisoners of unfulfilled dreams. - - COLL-084

99. Blake, Maurice Blake, Maurice Diary and scrapbook kept by Maurice Blake, son of Sir Henry Blake, Governor of Newfoundland, 1887-1888. Records the daily life of the nine year old in Newfoundland, the Bahamas and later in Jamaica. COLL-335

100. Robert William Facey papers Robert William Facey papers Diary entries, February and March 1892, describing events and listing survivors of the Trinity Bay sealing disaster. Report of the Trinity Bay Relief Committee to the Governor, 1892. Excerpts from the log of the brig Dart, 1873-4. Clippings of the 1892 sealing disaster, 1957, 1966. MF-031
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