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21. H.M.S. Rose H.M.S. Rose A journal of the voyages and surveys of HMS Rose under the command of Henry Harvey; kept by midshipman Richard Harvey, it includes maps of Newfoundland harbours. MF-140

22. Chesshyre, Robert Chesshyre, Robert A letter from Archibald Campbell Tait, (1811-1882) headmaster of Rugby School and later Archbishop of Canterbury, subscribing to the rebuilding of - St. John's Church. Typewritten transcript and biographical note on Tait included. - MF-106

23. L'Anse au Clair (Labrador). Church of England Women's Association. L'Anse au Clair (Labrador). Church of England Women's Association. A letter from Canon John Thomas Richards, Port de Grave, December 18, 1949. MF-062

24. Miss Lefroy collection Miss Lefroy collection A letter from Major William Howe Greene, author of 'Wooden Walls among the Ice Floes', defending his writing and the sealers against world-wide anti-sealing criticism. Also a typewritten carbon copy, with manuscript notes of 'Jowler Zeb: an epic poem of the ice floe and a sealer's yarn'. MF-046

25. De Fourquevaux papers De Fourquevaux papers A letter in French from Henry Duthier, cousin of Alfonso, Duke of Ferrara, concerning preparation for a battle in the war between Pope Paul IV and King Philip II of Spain, dated October 23, 1556. Transcription and covering letter from the National Archives of Canada, 1962. MF-132

26. Scott, David Scott, David A letter of acknowledgement from Admiral Sir Richard King, Governor of Newfoundland, 1792-1793. MF-060

27. Griffith, Mrs. Charles, International Grenfell Association Griffith, Mrs. Charles, International Grenfell Association A letter of appointment from Frederick E. Shnyder, Chairman of the Staff Selection Committee of the International Grenfell Association for the summer of 1935. MF-047

28. Thomas Miles correspondence, 1858 Thomas Miles correspondence, 1858 A letter signed by Dr. David Livingstone concerning a supply of beads, and written by him from Birkenhead shortly before leaving for East Africa. MF-116

29. Banks, Sir Joseph Banks, Sir Joseph Banks, Joseph,1743-1820--Correspondence; Indians of North America--Newfoundland and Labrador--Prayers A letter to Sir Joseph Banks from John Thompson, midshipman, enclosing the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary written by the 'native Indians of Newfoundland'. MF-003

30. Union Mining Company Union Mining Company A photocopy blueprint (93.6 x 68.5 cm.) and photographic reprint (49.9 x 37.6 cm.) of the vertical plan of mining operations on the west side of Tilt Cove Mine, November 1882 with additions thereto as reported on June 25, 1883. OMF-028

31. Soulsby, Gladys E. Gladys E. Soulsby papers Soulsby, Gladys E. Gladys E. Soulsby papers A recipe book kept by Mrs. W. Keppel White when her husband was rector of the Church of England at Harbour Breton, ca. 1840; correspondence between her granddaughter (Soulsby) and Premier Joseph R. Smallwood. Photograph of Rev. John Cunningham and wife, Burgeo. MF-216

32. Bird, Will Bird, Will A short story, entitled 'Farlands', excerpted from The Toronto Star Weekly, August 15, 1931. OMF-049

33. Bailey, Aaron Bailey, Aaron Aaron Bailey, 1905-1994, business executive, of Port Union. This collection consists of a correspondence to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation concerning its television program on William F. - Coaker; supporting affidavit dated May 13, 1982; correspondence with Noel Murphy, Humber Valley - Broadcasting, 1981; affidavit dated April 5, 1981. - MF-159

34. Taylor, Marguerite Taylor, Marguerite Accounts to Fannie Lind, residual beneficiary of the estate of John Esau Miles from the Public Trust Office of New Zealand. Letters to George R. Warren used by the collector for her book 'Adventure with John Esau', Creative Printers, 1985. MF-229

35. STAGE Project Collection STAGE Project Collection administration activities STAGE project 1992-present. administrative files, funding applications, promotional material, notes, correspondence, and the interview transcripts recordings (audio cassettes, electronic files DVDs CDs) COLL-370

36. St. John's Auxiliary Fire Service St. John's Auxiliary Fire Service Administrative instructions, suggested syllabus of training and registration form for St. John's Auxiliary Fire Service. MF-097

37. Montaqu, John Montaqu, John Admiral John Montagu's personal papers may exist in an archives, library or personal collection. The major source of information about him, however, comes from public - records: government, naval, vital statistics. This collection contains one item, a letter from Montagu to a Captain Talbot issuing formal instructions for Talbot to follow. It provides little - information, except to provide Montagu's full title and commission at that particular time: Rear Admiral of the Blue and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels - Employ[ed] and to be employ'd in the River St. Lawrence and along the Coasts of Nova Scotia, the Islands of St. John and Cape Breton and thence to Cape Florida and the - Bahama Islands. - - - MF-335

38. The Resource Foundation for the Arts. (Mummers Troupe) The Resource Foundation for the Arts. (Mummers Troupe) After completion of his book, A Public Nuisance: A History of the Mummers Troupe, Chris Brookes deposited the papers of - the Resource Foundation for the Arts/Mummers Troupe in the Archives and Special Collections in August 1988. These files had been stored - in no apparent order and kept in open cardboard boxes so that most of them were fairly dusty and tattered. It was - necessary to rearrange the files and re-organize some to more clearly document the history of the company. - These papers were generated between 1972 - 1982, a period of political and social awakening both in Newfoundland and - the world in general. In Canada, the Mummers were on the leading edge of a new kind of theatre in which established - institutions are questioned and satirized, and the plight of common people is brought to the forefront. Through the - correspondence and the production notes and research material the researcher will be able to trace both the growth of the - troupe and the development of theatre in Newfoundland as a social consciousness raiser. Researchers should also look at - Coll-125, Resource Centre for the Arts, Coll-124, Richard M. Boland collection and other arts groups and individuals who - may have had dealings with RFA. - - - COLL-126

39. France. Archives de la Marine, Crew Agreement France. Archives de la Marine, Crew Agreement Agreement, 1896, between owner and crew of ships from the port of Fecamp to the Newfoundland Banks. MF-243

40. Stacey, Alec Stacey, Alec Alec Stacey deposited a large collection of newsclippings and related publications with Memorial - University in December 1984. The clippings, from local newspapers between 1968 and 1984, are - mounted in 228 binders which are housed in the Archives and Special Collections. In addition, 800 - volumes of directly related published material have been integrated into the CNS collection. 3 boxes - of Mr. Stacey's "Settlements Collection" are held in the Archives. These statistical studies of - population will provide an important tool for demographers. By creating a synthesis of population - statistics from all sources, Mr. Stacey shows that community "resettlement'' was not a post-confederation - phenomenon but has been a continuous process since the early 17th century. - - COLL-065
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