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161. Byng, John Byng, John Ordnance--Newfoundland and Labrador--Placentia; Newfoundland and Labrador--Population; Newfoundland and Labrador--History--To 1763; Fisheries--Newfoundland and Labrador; Trade regulation--Newfoundland and Labrador; Legal documents John Byng was an Admiral in the Royal Navy and Governor of Newfoundland, 1742. This collection consists of two letters dated February 22, 1742, 1743 reporting on ordnance stores at Placentia, the state of the Newfoundland trade and the inability of Governors to control the many irregularities. Also includes a petition from the fishermen of St. John's and Petty Harbour, as well as an affadavit made before James Wibault, 1743. MF-014

162. Byron, John Byron, John John Byron, 1723-1786, Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy and Governor of Newfoundland, 1769-1772. - This collection consists of a report from Jens Haven at Henley Harbour, Chateau Bay, on three months exploration of the Labrador - Coast, encounters with Eskimaux and Indians, and claiming the land at Noneingnak Cape, Eskimaux Bay - (Nain), for George III and for the Unitas Fratrum. Typed transcription. - - MF-224

163. Glover, Sir John Hawley Glover, Sir John Hawley John Hawley Glover was governor of Newfoundland from 1876 to 1881 and again from 1884 to 1885. This collection consists of three documents pertaining to the administration - of Sir John Hawley Glover. They include the commission appointing him governor in 1876, an address by the House of Assembly of Newfoundland to Glover in 1877, and a written welcome to Glover in 1878 from - the people of Harbour Grace with signatures attached. MF-273

164. Benger, John W.  Benger, John W. Justice, Administration of--Newfoundland and Labrador--History; Newfoundland and Labrador--History--To 1763; Justices of the peace--Newfoundland and Labrador--Ferryland John W. Benger, fl. 1743. Justice of the Peace for Ferryland. Instructions to John W. Benger, one of HM Justices of the Peace for the district of Ferryland, received from Thomas Smith, Governor of Newfoundland, 1743. MF-007

165. Winter, H.M. Winter, H.M. Journal of a sealing trip to the ice, March 17 to April 1, 1910, as a passenger on the SS Florizel. Prints of 37 photographs taken on the voyage. MF-196

166. Mission Church Men's Guild (St. John's, Nfld.: Anglican). Mission Church Men's Guild (St. John's, Nfld.: Anglican). Journal of the proceedings of the Guild during its first two years. The Mission Church later became the Church of St. Michael and all Angels. MF-176

167. Morris, Michael William Morris, Michael William Just a two-page letter to an unknown correspondent but containing a very interesting piece of news: the 2nd Baron Morris was willing, just two months after his father's death, to sell a "family heirloom ... - [for] a reasonable offer". And not just any heirloom, but a piece of Windsor Castle stationery containing the autographs of King George V, Queen Mary, members of the Royal family, the ladies and gentlemen of - the household, the British and Dominion Prime Ministers, and others who were present that weekend in 1917 at the Castle as guests of the King. Sir Edward Morris (Baron Morris's father), then Prime Minister - of Newfoundland, was present, and later had the document framed and hung on the wall of his house in London. - - MF-315

168. Andrews, Donald Andrews, Donald Ledger of accounts, 1869, kept by George Andrews, Ship Cove, Port de Grave. Framed photograph, 40 x 48 cm., taken ca. 1900 by Reverend S. M. Stewart, showing house of Captain Henry V. Dawe in Port de Grave, his wife, and her niece, Flora McLachlan. OMF-025

169. Robert John Kent papers Robert John Kent papers Legal documents related to the Kent family: an indenture between John Kent and William Hart Gaden for the purchase of land in St. John's, May 2, 1842; an indenture between John Kent and Robert Roberts Wakeham, administrator for the estate of William Hart Gaden, for the purchase of land in St. John's, September 2, 1842; a handwritten note from W.J. Ward, Secretary of the Water Company, to John Kent, n.d.; Supreme Court decree naming James M Kent as administrator cum testament annexo de bones non of the estate of Roman Catholic Bishop of Newfoundland Michael Anthony Fleming, with a copy of Fleming's will, June 11, 1850, and Kent's acceptance of the appointment; three documents concerning the estate of Jane Bruce Devereux, Waterford, Ireland, 1913. OMF-047

170. Myrick, John Myrick, John Letter (dated June 8, 1898) to Myrick from J. Parsons, Agency of the Marine and Fisheries Department, Ottawa, concerning a request from E. J. Myrick to the Department to erect a house on land belonging to the Government of Canada and stipulations attached. MF-265

171. Story, James Story, James Letter (probably to William Blathwayt, Council of Trade and Plantations) enclosing an account of the fishing ships, sack ships, planters and boatkeepers from Trepassey to Bonavista and 'intelligence of the French trade' on the South Coast. MF-172

172. Mrs. Goodford correspondence Mrs. Goodford correspondence Letter asking for recommendation of a nursemaid, c. 1837 or 1839. MF-037

173. Dawson, J.W.  Dawson, J.W. Letter concerning copper specimens from Sir Edward Archibald, (1810-1884) seeking advice for exploration on the Burin Peninsula. MF-239

174. Fox, Arthur Fox, Arthur Letter from Commander A. MacDermott, R. N., formerly of the HMS Calypso concerning his re-occupation of Fort Waldegrave in 1916. Letter from Arthur Fox published in The Evening Telegram June 15, 1965 concerning HMS Calypso, renamed Briton. MF-064

175. Sir Charles Douglas papers Sir Charles Douglas papers Letter from Douglas to Captain Henry Harvey, June 1, 1776, praising his tactics in the St. Lawrence River against the Americans and the reply from Captain Harvey. Orders and regulations for the salmon fishery in Newfoundland issued by Robert Duff, Governor of Newfoundland. Orders issued by Douglas concerning the rights of American fishermen on the shores of Nova Scotia, Magdalen Islands and Labrador, 1785. MF-025

176. Davison, Mrs. Ralph Davison, Mrs. Ralph Grenfell Association of America Letter from Dr. Hugh Auchincloss, President of the Grenfell Association of America, concerning the Grenfell Memorial Fund. MF-022

177. Outerbridge, Sir Leonard Outerbridge, Sir Leonard Letter from Harry Anderson Winter, March 30, 1940, giving his opinion on Thomas K. Liddell's 'Industrial Survey of Newfoundland', 1940. MF-085

178. Kennedy, Monsignor Patrick J. Kennedy, Monsignor Patrick J. Letter from Monnie Mansfield, Registrar of Memorial University College, concerning the Roman Catholic Church's position on sterilization. Drafts and typescripts of sermons and journal articles, especially concerning the 100th anniversary of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (Roman Catholic). MF-197

179. Great Britain. Committee for Trade and Plantations: report by Sir William Poole, on conditions in Newfoundland,1677 Great Britain. Committee for Trade and Plantations: report by Sir William Poole, on conditions in Newfoundland,1677 Letter from Sir William Poole to Lords of Trade and Plantations, September 10, 1677, reporting on conditions in Newfoundland following an inspection from Trepassey to Bonavista, including information and statistics on inhabitants, harbours, ships, etc. OMF-019

180. Robert Gear MacDonald correspondence Robert Gear MacDonald correspondence Letter from W.A.Munn to cover a book of poems by Henry St. John and including some biographical information and references to contemporary poets. MF-072
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