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141. Rubia, Geraldine Rubia, Geraldine Geraldine Rubia deposited her papers with the Archives and Special Collections in April 1984. These papers were generated during the 1960s and 1970s and reflect the author's involvement in local radio, television and stage productions and her work as a poet, short story writer, columnist and editor. - COLL-050

142. Butt, Grace Butt, Grace Grace Butt first deposited copies of her plays with the Centre for Newfoundland Studies in 1982. - These - were catalogued and are available in the Centre's book collection. At the same time Butt deposited notes, - reviews and correspondence related to her plays and her involvement in Newfoundland theatre in the - Archives and Special Collections. She has continued to make deposits in the intervening years. This - collection reflects - the author's life as a playwright, prose writer and poet, and her involvement in the community through - such groups as the Newfoundland Writers Guild, the St. John's Players and Newfoundland Drama - Festivals. Researchers will be able to trace her writing career, as well as her community involvement. She - has written in many genres including playwriting, poetry, short stories/essays, radio documentaries, book - writing and newspaper/magazine article writing. - - The collection includes correspondence, both general and personal, research notes, drafts, review - articles, programs and other production materials related to her plays and other writings. There is - documentation of her involvement in the theatre and a small number of photographs of stage - productions. It is a very good starting point for research into Butt as a writer, a producer and a theatre - organizer, and into the history of theatre in twentieth century Newfoundland. COLL-032

143. Sparkes, Grace Sparkes, Grace Grace Sparkes first deposited at the Archives and Special Collections in 1994 and again in 1999. They - were generated during the years 1940 to 1999 and detail the life and career of one of Newfoundland's most respected - and talented teachers, activists, and citizens. - - This collection allows researchers to trace the life of a remarkable woman. It contains information on her career, family, - community, and her province as a whole. - - It is not only the information about Grace Sparkes that is important however. She collected information about her home - community of Grand Bank, Newfoundland that sheds light on many aspects of the history of that community. This includes - data on early schooling in Grand Bank, genealogical information and the names and dates of many shipwrecks that - occurred off the shores of Grand Bank or those that involved men and ships from the community. - - Also found within the collection is correspondence and material relating to Grace Sparkes' involvement with Universities - and University organizations, specifically, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Mount Allison University in Nova - Scotia. This material reveals how important post-secondary education was to Grace Sparkes and how the events and - experiences at these institutions affected the course of her life. It also reveals the tremendous contribution she made to - these institutions later in her life, as a member of various alumni, homecoming, and administrative committees for the - Universities. - - This collection documents the life of one of Newfoundland and Labrador's most outstanding and colourful citizens. - Similarly, it also details the way in which a single person can make great contributions to their community, the society in - which they live and to the history of their province. - - - COLL-263

144. Evening Mercury  Evening Mercury Newspapers--Newfoundland and Labrador--St. John's; Hand copied extracts from the Evening Mercury, a daily newspaper published in St. John's, Newfoundland, 1882-1889. The extracts record the 'use of objectionable language on the part of the editor' by an unknown compiler, 1882-1888. MF-030

145. Coombs, Deborah Coombs, Deborah Handbills, programs and posters of Newfoundland theatre productions, mainly high school and university. MF-311

146. Taylor, Gordon Taylor, Gordon Handwritten book of notes taken by Taylor during a course of instruction and training for the Newfoundland Constabulary. MF-256

147. British Library. Manuscript. Additional 13972 British Library. Manuscript. Additional 13972 History and description of the Newfoundland fisheries compiled by Sir Peter Thompson from which excerpts were transcribed including: - Considerations on the State of the British Fisheries in America their consequence to Great Britain, with proposals for the security thereof etc. - ca. 1742; fishing trade statistics for 1615 and 1676: a list of inhabitants from Trepassey to Cape Bonavista, 1677. MF-001

148. Lind, Henry Lind, Henry Holograph diary kept while at Anglican Mission, Sandy Point, St. George's Bay, June 25, 1857-January 8, 1858; November 29, 1861-April 28, 1863; April 1, 1864(?)-May 12, 1864(?). OMF-002

149. Illuminated Medieval Liturgical Manuscripts Illuminated Medieval Liturgical Manuscripts Illuminated medieval liturgical manuscripts with musical notation. COLL-284

150. Roberts, Edward Roberts, Edward In 1986, Edward M. Roberts donated his political papers to Memorial University of Newfoundland for deposit in the Archives and Special Collections. - The papers document Roberts' involvement in political life, mainly in Newfoundland, from 1963 to 1985. They add significantly to the political collections already on - deposit at the Centre, particularly those of Joseph R. Smallwood (in whose Cabinet Roberts served from 1968 to 1972), John C. Crosbie and Dr. Frederick W. Rowe. - - Of particular significance are the political papers for the period 1964 to 1972 when Roberts was closely involved with the Smallwood Administration, first as - Smallwood's Parliamentary Assistant and later as Minister of Public Welfare and Minister of Health. The district files are quite valuable as they cover twenty successive - years of the development of one of the more remote areas of Newfoundland - the White Bay North (later Strait of Belle Isle) District - and provide a rich resource for - students of social and cultural history. The papers relating to Roberts' years as leader of the Liberal Party also complement Smallwood's, as Roberts succeeded - Smallwood as leader. - COLL-078

151. Neary, Stephen Neary, Stephen In July 1985 Stephen Aloysius Neary granted to Memorial University of Newfoundland all of his political papers dealing with his career as a provincial politician - from 1962 to 1985. The Collection included mostly correspondence, but it also contained photographs from 1969-1971 when he was the Minister of Public - Welfare/Social Services and Rehabilitation. It will provide a rich resource for the students of Newfoundland political and social history. COLL-074

152. Snow, Graham Snow, Graham In October 1985, Graham Snow arranged to have his papers donated to the Archives and Special - Collections, and they were received in June of 1987. - - The collection consists mainly of research data for an authoritative work on the history of organized - sport in Newfoundland, which he had been working on for a number of years. The material is in the - form of photocopies from newspaper articles and histories, original news clippings and official reports. - The preliminary manuscript and handwritten notes for the history are also included. - - The data covers all facets of sports development in the province, both in St. John's and outlying areas. - The arrangement of the papers follows the chapter outline of the proposed history fairly closely and - would be of some value to Newfoundland sports historians. - - COLL-088

153. Great Britain. Sovereign: King William's instructions for Colonel Gibson in command of the expedition Great Britain. Sovereign: King William's instructions for Colonel Gibson in command of the expedition to Newfoundland, 1697 Instructions to the Lords Justices of England as also to the Plenipotentiaries, Ambassadors, Envoys, Admirals, Commanders of Squadrons etc. from the year 1692 till the year 1699, containing King William's instructions for Colonel Gibson in command of the expedition to Newfoundland, April 6, 1697, pp.58-64. MF-041

154. Newfoundland Transportation Company Limited Newfoundland Transportation Company Limited Invitation (dated August 24, 1960) to the ribbon-cutting and inaugural run for the MV John Guy on the Portugal Cove-Bell Island Ferry Service, including program, from Hon. George Hees, Minister of Transport (Canada) and The Newfoundland Transportation Company Limited. MF-263

155. Petite, Gordon Petite, Gordon Invoice and customs export forms dated August 1942 for the SS Baccalieu and financial statements for voyages of the MV Isabel Spindler dated June 22 and July 4, 1955, from the records of Jerry Petite and Sons, Ltd. MF-179

156. Duckworth, Sir John Duckworth, Sir John It was said that during the 19th century the sun never set on the British Empire; it is quite possible the same might be said of the papers of Sir John Thomas Duckworth in the 20th century. Scattered throughout repositories in Great Britain and North America, they record the life of a man who served that Empire for almost sixty years. - The Archives and Special Collections contain only a small portion of the Duckworth Papers, but included in this collection are documents which are very significant to the history of Newfoundland, particularly the correspondence from the Society of Merchants petitioning the Governor for removal of the Chief Justice - of the Supreme Court. - This collection has been put together over the last twenty years through individual purchases of single or multi-document packages offered by local and mainland - Canadian dealers. Most of the material relates directly to Newfoundland, but there are several items concerning Duckworth's naval duties in Europe and the Caribbean - which were purchased as part of larger units. There is also a series of correspondence between ships' captains in St. John's Harbour between December 11, 1812 and April 10, 1813 that appear to have no direct connection to Duckworth (his term as Governor of Newfoundland ended on December 2, 1812) but were listed as part of the Duckworth papers by a British dealer. - Listed below are some of the other repositories containing other Duckworth material. - - Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL): Duckworth's Newfoundland Station papers, 1807-1812; Original material: 132.5 cm.; microfilm: 9 reels from PAC. - - Public Archives of Canada (PAC): Duckworth Papers, 1699-1816; Original material: 332 pages; microfilm: 9 reels (includes material at PANL and at other repositories). - - Queen's University Archives, Kingston: Duckworth Papers, 1699-1816; Original material: 1 cm.; microfilm: 9 reels from PAC. (Photocopy of original material contained in this collection.) - - University of Chicago, Joseph Regenstein Library: Duckworth Papers, 1810-1812; Original material relating to the War of 1812 and Newfoundland fisheries. (Photocopy in Archives and Special Collections.) - - National Maritime Museum, London: Duckworth Papers; Original material including Newfoundland squadron papers and official letter book for 1812. - - Public Records Office, London: Duckworth Papers; Original material: Colonial Office dispatches (CO 194/49-53); Admiralty dispatches (ADM 1/477); Admiral's journal from 1810 to 1812 (ADM 50/73); log of his flagship <italic>Antelope </italic>(ADM 51/2123); will (PROB 11/1598/570). COLL-106

157. Gosling, William Gilbert Gosling, William Gilbert It would appear from the small biography written and published by his wife after his death, that there was a much larger collection of the personal papers and manuscripts of William Gilbert Gosling than are evident here. In that book, Armine Gosling refers to letters, commendations, manuscripts, newspaper clippings and other items one might expect to find in a collection of personal papers. What has happened to them is not known. What is available here is a miscellany of Gosling's work, gathered from a variety of sources. Included are correspondence related to a magnetite deposit at Brigus, Newfoundland, a short typescript on the Anglo-American fishery case before the Hague Tribunal in 1911, a longer typescript on the history of American fishing rights in Newfoundland waters, and a bound copy in - draft form of An Act to Amend and Consolidate the Laws in Relation to the Municipal Affairs of the Town of St. John's, 1916, with various inserts and annotations in Gosling's hand. They provide a brief but important glimpse into Gosling's life and work. COLL-297

158. Burt, James Burt, James Real property--Great Britain--Colonies--Newfoundland and Labrador; Plantations--Newfoundland and Labrador--Old Perlican; Deeds James Burt was a planter at Old Perlican, Newfoundland. The papers consist of part of a bill of sale by which a plantation at Old Perlican is transferred from John Durell to James Burt, 1728. Also includes a descriptive article from The Evening Telegram, August 12, 1960: Indenture, 1728. MF-013

159. Cantwell, James Cantwell, James Cantwell, James, fl. 1845; Pilots and pilotage--Newfoundland and Labrador--St. John's; Ryn (Ship); Royal visitors--Newfoundland and Labrador James Cantwell was a harbour pilot of St. John's, Newfoundland. This collection consists of a commendation (in Dutch) signed and sealed by the Captain in Command of the frigate Ryn and Hendrick, Prince of the Netherlands, praising the performance of James Cantwell who guided the Ryn into the harbour of St. John's and out to sea on August 26, 1845. Since then this document has been signed by British monarchs visiting Newfoundland. MF-017

160. Bole, John Bole, John John Bole, fl. 1759, planter of Ferryland. - This collection consists of his will, 1759, by which his estate devolves to his sister, Elizabeth Seale, or nieces, Mary and Elizabeth Bole. MF-236
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