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1. Royal Newfoundland Regiment Royal Newfoundland Regiment This collection consists of copies of photographs taken of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment from 1917 to1918, while the Regiment served in France during World War One. The photographs depict various aspects of the soldiers' daily lives including inspection by senior officers and the awarding of medals to several officers. COLL-314

2. McGrath, James McGrath, James The James A. McGrath political papers are a record of the political career of Newfoundland's longest serving Member of the Canadian House of Commons. McGrath, a Progressive Conservative, served in the House for almost twenty-five years, in two separate terms: 1957-1963; 1968-1986. Most of that time, except for 1957-1963, 1979-1980 and 1984-1986, was spent on the Opposition side. He had brief stints as a Parliamentary Secretary (1962-1963) and as a Cabinet Minister (1979-1980), but gained considerable experience as a front-bench critic, as a member of the shadow cabinet and as a member of various parliamentary committees. As a senior member of the Progressive Conservative caucus during the 1970s he chaired a number of caucus committees and task forces, and subsequently contributed to the shaping of party policy. - - These papers are primarily from McGrath's second period in the House of Commons, 1968 to 1986, although there is some material from his early years in Ottawa. There is also material related to personal matters, to his family, to some aspects of his business dealings and to his years as Lieutenant-Governor of Newfoundland, 1986-1991. Generically, these are mainly textual documents, but there are also photographs, maps, audio and video tapes and film, scrapbooks and clippings and various artifacts and ephemera. - - The papers present a fairly complete picture of McGrath's career as a Member of the House of Commons, particularly after his re-election in 1968. They will be of interest to historians of Newfoundland and Canadian politics and political systems. One large series relates to McGrath's tenure as chair of a special parliamentary committee charged with Reform of the House of Commons. Another documents his tenure as Canada's Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. The papers also reflect his special interests, ranging from children's rights to the need for improved search and rescue facilities off Newfoundland. A major portion of the papers consist of correspondence: with his constituents; with other Newfoundlanders and Canadians; with organizations and special interests, business leaders and trade unions; and with parliamentarians from all parties and from many countries. The papers are a major source of primary material on the political activities of one politician and they provide insight into the changing role of a Member of Canada's Parliament in the closing decades of the Twentieth Century. - - COLL-156

3. Frecker, G.A. Frecker, G.A. The papers of George Alain Frecker were generated during the years 1934 to 1979 when Frecker worked with the Newfoundland Government as a public servant or served as an elected representative. Frecker had a long and distinguished career in the field of education as university lecturer, senior civil servant, Minister of Education and university chancellor. His papers reflect this long association with Newfoundland educational institutions and policy makers. - - The collection consists mainly of papers, correspondence and other material relating to the development of education in Newfoundland. There is a large collection of speeches (some of which he wrote for others), lectures and essays written by Frecker covering a variety of topics from events of the day to the dominant themes and issues in education. He wrote forewords and articles for many school yearbooks and journals and delivered numerous graduation addresses. As an educator he was a member of many education associations both locally and nationally. - - Two important educational influences are found throughout these papers: Frecker's adherence to the Roman Catholic faith and his affinity with the French islands of St. Pierre et Miquelon. Both Catholicism and bilingualism are evident in much of his work. Predominant themes which re-occur in his writings are the development of vocational education, audio visual education (especially the introduction of radio and television in the 1950s), and the role of religion in the Newfoundland school system. - - From 1964 to 1971 Frecker was Minister of Provincial Affairs. Here he was able to put into effect several projects that had long been of interest to him. The papers from this period reflect his involvement in developing several historic properties including Castle Hill in Placentia, the Newman Building in St. John's and the Norse site in L'Anse aux Meadows. There is correspondence with Burnham Gill, the provincial archivist, who supplied Frecker with copies of historical documents relating to the history of Newfoundland. - - There is a small amount of material related to the Liberal Party, mainly provincial party conventions and Frecker's three election campaigns. There is a small amount of personal material, photographs and blueprints. - - Frecker was essentially dedicated to the serenity of academe rather than the turmoil of politics: this is evident in his papers. They present a fairly complete picture of his career as an educator. They will be of interest to historians of the Newfoundland education system especially during the change from Commission of Government to Canadian province. - COLL-193

4. Lord Taylor of Harlow Lord Taylor of Harlow In 1985 Lord Taylor of Harlow offered his papers to Memorial University and the gift was welcomed - despite the fact that only a minor portion of the collection relates to his tenure as University President, - from 1967-1973. - - The significance of this collection rests in its integrity, spanning as it does a full life-time, and representing - all facets of Taylor's varied career, from his school days, through his medical training at St. Thomas's - Hospital, and his early clinical and psychiatric work. His wartime career with the Home Intelligence - Division of the Ministry of Information and the Wartime Social Survey generated two boxes of reports - which provide a wealth of material on conditions in wartime Britain. - - In political life he held advisory roles in the fields of health, housing, education and commonwealth - relations. - - Specifically these papers chronicle the life of a 'man and his times'. As a Labour M.P., an administrator - and a doctor, Taylor was in the fore-front of much of the social and political reform which took place in - post war Britain, and it is to the biographer and social historian of this era that the collection will prove its - value. - - Of particular interest are the Commonplace Books, a carefully annotated collection of medical, political - and social notes, and news cuttings including many of his Parliamentary speeches, in scrap-book form, - from 1954 to 1974. - - The collection includes personal papers from his career as Director of Home Intelligence and Wartime Social Survey in the British Ministry of Information (1940-1944), as Labour M.P. and policy advisor on National Health, as Medical Director of Harlow Industrial Health Service, as conciliator of the Saskatchewan Medicare debate (1962), and as President and Vice-Chancellor of Memorial University of Newfoundland (1967-1972). Manuscripts of his published writing, principally omedical subjects, and of his autobiography. Commonplace books, 1950-1976, personal correspondence. - COLL-085

5. Chichester, Charles Chichester, Charles MF-026

6. Great Eastern (Radio) Great Eastern (Radio) COLL-268

7. Gustav Anderson Photograph Album Gustav Anderson Photograph Album "Newfoundland Contact Prints" taken by Anderson for the Newfoundland Tourist Development Board, 1950. Coll-429

8. Hortons Plantation Hortons Plantation 'Deed of Release of a certain plantation and premises situate in the Town of Saint John's, Newfoundland, known by the name of Hortons Plantation', signed 13 August 1819 by John Bell, Nathaniel Stevenson, David Graham, James Crawford, John Cunningham, John Tweedie, Archibald Falconer, Alexander Watson, William McNaught, Walter Bain, Jr., William Lang, William Johnston. OMF-051

9. Templeton, Dorothy Templeton, Dorothy 'Diary of Current Events' kept by Templeton as an eleventh grade student at Bishop Spencer College, St. John's. MF-225

10. Chimmo, William Chimmo, William 'Journal of a Voyage to Labrador in H.M. Ship Gannett by Commander Chimmo', holograph, illustrated, 42 leaves and appended materials, half-leather bound, 32.5 x 40.5 cm. In carrying out a hydrographic survey of the Labrador coast between Indian Harbour and Hopedale Commander Chimmo kept this narrative account, a unique record of social and economic significance. OMF-040

11. Sir Richard Goodwin Keats: Memorial, 1813 Sir Richard Goodwin Keats: Memorial, 1813 'Memorial of the Merchants and principal resident inhabitants interested in the trade and fisheries of Newfoundland' concerning the French and American intrusion upon the Labrador and South Coast fisheries. Signed by J. MacBraire, Chairman, October 27, 1813. MF-069

12. Wentworth, Sir Charles Wentworth. Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke collection Wentworth, Sir Charles Wentworth. Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke collection French shore (N.L.); French--Newfoundland and Labrador 'Newfoundland', annotated proof sheets of a manuscript by Dilke. Perhaps an early draft of Chapter IV of 'The British Empire', London, 1899, entitled 'Newfoundland and France', concerning the French Shore question in the 1890s. Dilke was a Member of British House of Commons. MF-023

13. Slade and Company, Moss Slade and Company, Moss 'Remarks at Battle Harbour from May 9th, 1832 until Sept. 7th, 1832'. MF-071 MF-071

14. Great Britain. Board of Customs and Excise: 'Licence to import produce from the U.S. to Newfoundland', Great Britain. Board of Customs and Excise: 'Licence to import produce from the U.S. to Newfoundland', 1804 A blank form 'Licence to import produce from the U.S. to Newfoundland' to be issued by the Governor to the shipowner. Watermark 1804. MF-075

15. France. Commissaire du Departement. France. Commissaire du Departement. A blank form, in three parts, used to record authority granted to French naval captains to occupy certain Newfoundland ports for the purpose of fishing. MF-120

16. Honeygold, Thomas. Honeygold, Thomas. A cancelled British (Newfoundland) passport issued by Governor Sir David Murray Anderson, May 17, 1933. Clergyman. MF-249

17. Steer, Michael Steer, Michael A draft typescript of an article entitled "A New Logo for the Memorial University of Newfoundland", published in 'Heraldry in Canada' in 1982. MF-178

18. Newfoundland Stamp Exchange Newfoundland Stamp Exchange A folder of materials (glassine envelopes, approval booklets, ordering blanks) used in stamp collecting. MF-254

19. Willson, Alexander Willson, Alexander A handwritten biography and genealogy of Sir Alexander Willson bound together in an album containing original documents, copies of correspondence, and an account of his estate in 1833. Documents include commissions and appointments, civil and military, in Newfoundland, 1778-1787. There is a verbatim report of a speech by HRH Prince William of Clarence in his capacity as Surrogate of Placentia, 1786, and later copies of correspondence on medical matters. OMF-004

20. Hiscock, Arthur Hiscock, Arthur A handwritten memorial, 38.5 x 49.8 cm., presented to Arthur Hiscock by members of the St. John's Regatta Committee on the occasion of his marriage and his election as President of the Regatta Committee, with water-coloured lettering and decorative scenes from the Regatta. Contains the names of 53 subscribers. OMF-046
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