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Slavko Manojlovich
Associate University Librarian Information Technology and
Manager, Digital Archives Initiative
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Digital Archives Initiative Staff

1. Project Manager: Slavko Manojlovich
2. Digitization Technician: Don Walsh
3. Metadata Specialists: Dean Seeman, Patrick Miskell
4. Systems Administrator: Casey Hilliard

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Digital Preservation Planning for the Digital Archives Initiative (last updated April 7, 2011)

This space is dedicated to the documentation of the processes and procedures associated with the implementation of a long-term digital preservation strategy which will insure long-term meaningful access to the digital content in the DAI. In 2010, Slavko Manojlovich, Manager, DAI, completed a one year sabbatical in the United Kingdom conducting research on digital preservation best practices. A recent presentation at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2011 by Slavko Manojlovich and Michael J. Bennett (University of Connecticut) on "Digital Preservation Best Practices: Lessons Learned From Across the Pond" provides a summary of the current digital preservation landscape along with guidance in the next steps associated with implementing a sound digital preservation plan.

The preservation plan is based on the Open Archives Information System (OAIS) reference model and is designed to satisfy the minimum Trusted Repository Access and Control (TRAC) requirements for a trusted digital repository.

Digitization Standards

Draft - For Review

Please review the documents below and send your feedback to Slavko Please note that all of these documents are in PDF format. You will need the Adobe Reader (available at to view these documents.

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